15 Activities to Enjoy While Pregnant Without Getting Tired

Super tired lately? Feel like you are missing out on activities because you just want to lie down and sleep?! Many pregnant women feel this way. Your energy level while carrying a baby can dip, especially if other things are zapping that energy, like work, other children, sleep deprivation, morning sickness, and not being able to drink as much coffee as you used to be able to drink!

Sometimes pushing yourself to do things in which you find enjoyment can help you overcome that sleepy feeling. You certainly do not have to run a marathon (but you can if you want!), however, there are many activities that you can partake in that will not make you feel like you just want a nice soft pillow.

Being pregnant does not mean you have to limit your activities. You can, and should do things that you enjoyed before becoming pregnant. However, pregnancy can make you exhausted, especially as that belly grows to be bigger and bigger! Chances are, you are not sleeping very well either, which certainly does not help. You do not have to lie around all day, there is plenty of things you can enjoy doing while pregnant that will not make you even more tired than you already are!

Check out the list below of 15 activities that you can enjoy while you are pregnant without getting tired (or more tired than you already are!). Pick one (or two, or ten!) off the list and go have fun.

15 A Carnival or Amusement Park

Sure, you can't go on most of the rides, but no reason you can't go to a carnival and amusement park just for the, well, amusement! There are tons of other things to do, from games to shows to cotton candy. These places are not off limits those of us who are pregnant, we can have fun too without getting too tired, either.

Carnivals and amusement parks are more than thrill seeking rides. They can be an experience, and one a pregnant lady can definitely partake in without feeling too overwhelmed. Walking around may be tiring, but plan for breaks. Sit down for a snack or lunch, watch a crazy roller coaster ride, enjoy some ice cream, or sit and enjoy a show. There is bound to be an array of things you can do while sitting at a carnival or amusement park!

14 Read a Book

Now is your chance! If you enjoy settling down with a best selling novel, do it now. Once baby arrives, you will probably have less time to read. Pick up some best sellers that you have been dying to read, sip on some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and just relax in the pleasure of reading a novel that truly peaks your interest. Reading is a wonderful activity to do while pregnant since it will stimulate your mind and not tire you out at all!

Of course once baby is born you can still read, but it will be different, and probably not nearly as relaxing as it was before she arrived! Heck, you will be lucky to finish a book in a month, you might even have to reread pages from when you were interrupted the last time you picked up your book!

13 Hobby Class

Working on a hobby that gives you joy can put you in a relaxing mood that does not make you more tired out than you already are. Some great hobbies to pick up or try out while pregnant include knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, painting, or whatever else you are interested in. There are places such as your local library or craft store that offers classes designed around your hobby of choice from beginner levels to advanced.

Getting yourself engrossed in a hobby class is a fantastic way to learn something new, or refresh a task that you already enjoy. This is special, as it will provide a fun outlet while pregnant to take your mind off of all your aches and pains. You may find it is something you want to continue after your baby is born as well.

12 Catch a Show

You can definitely sit back and relax by taking in a show! Browse your local city and see what is being offered. Whether it is a Broadway play, comedy show, or even a concert, it is certainly something you can accomplish without getting too tired.

Watching a show is a great way to do something a little different when you are pregnant too. You can make a great night of it by grabbing dinner beforehand as well, as long as you think you will be able to stay awake for the show!

11 Spa Day

Ever hear of a prenatal massage? The aches and pains of pregnancy, which probably stress you out and make you just feel like sleeping (or trying to sleep) all day can be washed away (at least temporarily) through a nice, comforting prenatal massage. Locate a spa nearby to help relax you.

Get together a group of your girlfriends (whether they are also pregnant or not) and head over to a spa that can accommodate all of you. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day, catching up with friends and getting a massage!

10 Prenatal Exercise Class

If the word exercise makes you want to throw on pj's and lie down on the couch, reconsider! Prenatal exercise classes, while it may seem tiring, can actually help to give you energy and stamina. Plus, you will get to meet some new pregnant friends, and maybe will not put on as much baby weight!

There are tons of different exercise classes offered to pregnant women. If you always loved working out, continue! If certain exercise routines worry you, ask a trainer or your doctor for the best way you can exercise while safely carrying your baby. If you need to be pushed to even leave the house- sign yourself up for something fun, like prenatal yoga, you will thank yourself later when you realize you are enjoying it!

9 Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is not meant to sharpen your putting skills, it is meant to have fun! On a nice day, have your hubby, friends, kids, etc, join you in playing this fun activity. Try your best, laugh at your belly getting in the way, and keep score- whoever loses can treat the others to some ice cream!

It is perfectly safe to go play a game or two of mini golf. If you begin to feel tired from standing for too long, take a little break. And if you will be out in the sun, make sure to drink plenty of water, as well.

8 Shopping Spree

No pregnant lady is ever too tired for a shopping spree! Hit up the mall and get yourself and baby some new stuff. You can buy some maternity clothes, or clothes for after you lose the baby weight (hello, motivation). Go over the baby section and get some adorable outfits for your little one (babies can never have too many onesies).

Make it fun for yourself and not a chore. Shop along with friends and family if you want, or go solo for some alone time. And do not forget to pick up one of those delicious pretzels they sell as most malls!

7 Baby's Nursery

Expecting mamas often feel the desire to nest. Setting up the nursery for your baby is a memorable experience. From funny stories of the father struggling to put together the crib, to the tears you get saving wall space for a that sweet first baby photo and/or future family portraits, you will definitely look back on this time with fond memories.

Slowly putting baby's nursery together is a great way to reduce any stress or tiredness from waiting until the last minute. Stress makes us tired too, so do a little bit at a time to get ready for baby's arrival.

6 Pack a Picnic

Grab the cooler and pack lunch to take for a picnic. Or better yet, you might be too tired for that- have your partner or friend make lunch! Find your favorite throw or blanket and head out on a beautiful day for an enjoyable picnic. Bring healthy food, but feel free to indulge a bit, too. And do not forget to take along plenty of drinks.

There are tons of places to settle down and picnic. You can do it outside at a park, in your own backyard, or even outside! If it is wintertime, set up a blanket on the living room floor, turn the TV off, and enjoy your little picnic.

5 Dip in the Pool

Swimming is actually a fantastic activity for pregnant women. The main reason- it makes you feel weightless. If you are looking for an activity that will not tire you out, but gives you some form of stimulation and something a bit different to do perhaps, take a dip in the pool.

If you are not lucky enough to have your own pool (or if it is wintertime), look around, many places offer free swim time to the community at various rates. So, when you go on your shopping spree, make sure you pick up some cute maternity bathing suits!

4 Go on a Casual Stroll

While you may not feel like walking around, taking a nice stroll around the block can be just what you need to feel a little less tired. If baby is in a position that is bothering you, walking around may make him change is position and give you a little relief.

If you do not feel comfortable walking around alone, especially if you are near the end, enlist your partner or friend to join you on this casual stroll. And don't forget to bring some water.

3 Host a Movie Marathon

In need of a relaxing night, but want to do something? Load up some favorite movies, invite over family and friends, buy lots of fun snacks, and have a movie marathon! Make it a theme night if you want, get some pregnancy related movies (a good one is What to Expect When You're Expecting), make some finger foods, and drink fun baby-named drinks.

This is a fun idea for a stormy night, or just a night you do not feel like leaving the house! Just make sure you keep interacting- do not get too cozy that you doze off!

2 Take a (Relaxing) Trip

Many couples like to take a trip before the baby is born, which is often referred to as a babymoon. Taking a trip may seem totally exhausting for you, but it does not have to be. Whether you hop on an airplane or take a drive to somewhere, the point is for it to be relaxing for you. Those around you will help out to make this trip a special one... you are the pregnant one so you can tell them what you want and need!

If you have other children, this is fun for them too. Getting them out of the house can help you, and by providing different activities for them, they are distracted and perhaps will not bother you as much! And if they do, tell them to go bother their dad or grandma!

1 Throw a Party

People love to celebrate babies. Whether you have a baby shower, sprinkle, or just a plain ole party, you deserve the chance to have some fun. And by convincing someone else to have the party for you (at, ahem, their house), it will save you the exhaustion of having to clean up.

Don't forget to serve plenty of mock-tails, which are cocktails free from alcohol. There are a ton of fun recipes to try, such as the Water Baby- a watermelon mock-tail martini made from watermelon, tonic water, and grape juice. Go ahead and make the party themed! Go crazy for decorations and fun food. Then sit back and enjoy your party, you deserve it and everyone is bound to have a terrific time.

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