15 Acts Of Kindness That Will Make Tears Flow

The majority of people get their news on the internet (that's pretty much why most people are reading this article). They’ll know that it’s now teeming with all kinds of news, some good and some bad. After all, so many issues that are important to us have been brought to light, and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what, exactly where things went wrong and who's to blame.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We believe that some discourse can be productive. But sometimes we just have to look the other direction to maintain faith in the goodness of humanity. Some might prefer looking at pictures of cute cats (which are abundant on the internet), or watching YouTube videos of people eating everything from exotic desserts to duck embryos to bull unmentionables.

And while these will definitely help with bringing on the laughter and the smiles, there are times when people just need a different kind of feel entirely. Might we suggest, therefore, a heaping serving of little acts of kindness that will bring more than a smile to the face. They’ll also trigger tears in the eyes. But they’re definitely happy tears. We promise!

After all, no matter what our beliefs and opinions, we’re still all human. And it’s inherently human to be kind to others and there’s definitely no shortage of kind acts. So while we’re only talking about 15 acts of kindness, be sure that they’re also happening across the globe. Make sure to look out for more of these gems in the local news. We might be surprised.

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15 A Mother And Son Dance

Via: i2.mirror.co.uk

Raising a child with a disability can be tough. After all, sometimes he just can’t do the things that other children do. Some kids can’t walk, let alone dance. Which was exactly the case for 13-year-old Alex Dieterle, who was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy. That did not stop him, however, from dancing with his mom, Jo Atrill on her wedding day!

Knowing that both his future wife and future son would enjoy this special moment together, Jo’s bridegroom Martin surprised them with a hand-made harness to help support Alex. Jo and Alex were all-tears during the dance, as were all their wedding guests! After all, Martin didn’t just marry a woman. He married a family.

And if spending weeks secretly creating this harness isn’t commitment, we don’t know what is! If you want to see Jo’s tear-jerking reaction and the heartfelt dance, we highly recommend looking the video up on YouTube. And don’t forget to bring some tissue.

14 Passing On Blessings

Via: Google images

According to the UK Mirror, 26-year-old Daniel Black was paralyzed in a cycling accident back in 2009. Wanting to regain the use of his legs, he raised £22,000 to get surgery. But he never made it to the operating table. In fact, it was his own choice not to get the operation after all. He had found out the plight of 6-year-old Brecon Vaughan, who suffered from cerebral palsy.

Because of damage in the child’s spinal cord, he could only walk with a special frame. Surgery, however, could fix the problem. Touched by the young boy’s spirit, Black gave all his savings to him so that he could have the surgery instead.

Vaughan and his parents flew to the United States to get the surgery. Months later, the boy can now walk! Black was given the Pride of Britain award for his exceptional kindness.

Now, who’s cutting onions around here?

13 Thanks For Being A Friend

Via: Facebook

It’s tough to be a kid in middle school. Granted, it may not be as bad as high school. But still, since everyone is on their way there anyway, they probably figure they might was well get some practice. Which was partially why Leah Paske was nervous about sending her autistic son to middle school. The boy usually sat alone during lunch time.

This often made Paske feel bad, because she remembered what it was like to be lonesome in middle school. One day, Florida State University wide receiver Travis Rudolph, who was visiting, noticed the boy sitting by himself. And he decided to go over eat lunch with him.

Rudolph said that the boy was a cool person he’d love to hang out with again. A friend snapped a photo of the pair eating together and sent it to Paske. The mom was so touched that she posted a heartfelt thank you to Rudolph on Facebook, which will make your eyes more than a little bit moist.

12 Saving A Life

Via: Google images

Shortly after Carolyn Cook picked up her 6-year-old grandson, Karter, from school and they went to the local Lowe’s parking lot because she had missed a turn. Suddenly, Karter, began begging her to stop the car and go back. At first, she was convinced that he was just imagining things. However, Karter persisted, telling Cook that there was a man on the ground who needed help.

When she turned and went back the other way, she indeed found a man lying on the ground, clutching his chest.

Recognizing that the man was having a heart attack, she immediately called for help and began CPR. She continued to do so until the ambulance arrived. Karter’s persistence and Cook’s action likely saved the man’s life, keeping blood pumping through his veins until he got medical help.

Alan Winn, the 52-year-old man who was saved that day, and his family have since sent their thanks to the grandmother and grandson guardian angels.

11 No Generation Gap

Via: 1.darkroom.stylist.co.uk

Most people will tell you that the generation gap is real. After all, old folks often have trouble understanding young’uns, and vice versa. Times are different, they’ll say. It turns out, however, that that’s not always the case. Eighteen-year-old Mahri Smith and her friends were taking selfies in the bathroom of a casino.

An elderly woman offered to take their pictures telling them that she remembered how she and her friends used to go out and have fun like they were. The woman said that she missed those times.

Smith, touched by her positivity and openness, responded by asking her to join in the fun. She said that they were all out, after all, so they might as well be friends! What a heartwarming reminder that you don’t have to be young to go out and have fun! And, also, that people of all ages can get along smashingly well. What generation gap?

10 Coming Home

Via: upload.wikimedia.org

While stationed in Iraq, Cadence Davies of the US Army found out that her mother had just passed away. Devastated, she wanted to make the trip back home to Rhode Island to bid her mom goodbye. However, Cadence and her family could only afford to send her as far as North Carolina. She still had to drive 950 miles to get to Rhode Island. At that point, she could afford neither a rental car nor gas for the trip.

Davies then wrote to Boots for Troops, a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to soldiers to help boost their morale. After reading the letter, the Boots for Troops staff immediately rented a van so that Davies could make the trip. They also sent her a bunch of gas cards for good measure and regularly checked on her along the way.

For Davies, this was an immense blessing during a difficult time. After all, losing a mom is devastating. She needed all the support she could get.

9 Angel On The Road

Via: Google images

Em Snave recalls as she was taking her kids on a long-distance shopping trip, everyone began feeling carsick halfway to their destination. Some of the kids threw up in the car, which was a bit of a shock for her as they had never before gotten carsick. They pulled over and tried to clean it all up. Realizing that they needed a few trash bags to get the job done, she decided to knock on the door of a nearby house.

The young lady who answered did more than just give them trash bags, however. Learning of their predicament, the stranger also offered paper towels and wipes, and even let them wash up in her sink. Snave and her family were so grateful that they were sure to drop replacements, chocolates and a sweet thank you card on their way back from their trip. Kindness, it seems, goes both ways!

8 Birthday Treat

Via: Google images

Most single mothers have it hard, considering they have to do plenty of work and take care of all the expenses. Still, Marjolaine Sirois wanted to give her little girl a treat for her birthday. She took her two daughters to the local Swiss Chalet restaurant in Sudbury.

There, they managed to have a pleasant conversation with two young men at the next table. The men, Mike and Dustin, left the restaurant before Sirois and her girls.

When Sirois asked for the bill, however, the server brought them a receipt that had a little note from Mike and Dustin wishing her daughter a happy birthday! It turns out that the two had paid for their meal! They didn’t even leave their number so Sirois had no way of reaching out to them to thank them for the wonderful birthday gift.

Their gesture, however, was fully appreciated. It’s not every day that someone gets such a thoughtful gift from complete strangers!

7 Don’t Judge A Book

Via: pixabay.com

Firdaus Sabri describes a random act of kindness he witnessed while he and his family were out for dinner. Near their table, he saw two young men sitting on the pavement, smoking, each lost in their own thoughts and doing nothing in particular. They weren’t talking to each other at all and at first appearances, it seemed like the two were good-for-nothing loafers.

A poor child selling balloons approached them, however, which seemed to cheer them both up.

The pair bought the child ice cream and started chatting animatedly with the him. Sabri noted that nobody else seemed to notice the kindness they did for the little one. He says that it was a shame since it would teach all of us so much about how we shouldn’t take people at face value. After all, people are capable of doing wonderful things, far more than we give them credit for!

6 A Heartfelt Treat

The internet is known for dank memes, heated debates and trolls. For some, it’s not necessarily a pleasant place to be. One day, however, a Reddit user offhandedly mentioned that she was having a difficult time financially. The person had to take care of her kids, not to mention that she hadn’t had either chocolate or coke in ages to her fellow Reddit user, token_bastard, this was “unacceptable.” A woman should never be without chocolate.

He promptly sent her a package of treats, including a gift card to Walmart, an eight-pack of coke and a big bag of Snickers mini bars. She messaged him back as soon as she got the package, saying that her kids were over the moon about his gift to them. It just goes to show that kind hearts lurk everywhere.

And though we don’t necessarily expect to get kindness from random strangers on the internet, it’s still something that happens.

5 Love Matters

A couple of years ago, The Guardian asked its readers to tell about a random act of kindness they witnessed. Lynette Kennedy tells of the time she had to rush to the hospital to visit one of her daughters. When the receptionist called for her, she says a nurse approached her and thanked her for making a difference in her (the nurse’s) daughter’s life. Initially, Kennedy was confused.

Kennedy’s own daughter, however, helped refresh her memory. Several years prior, Kennedy and her daughter found a high schooler, crying and sitting on the footpath. They approached her and talked to her, eventually finding out that she was bullied in school. Kennedy then asked her where she lived and drove her home, all while giving her a little pep talk.

She also gave the teen her name and number. Just in case. The nurse then told her that the then-teenager was now grown up and doing fine, also married with kids. Kennedy’s little act of kindness had helped worlds.

4 Comfort Coffee

Via: Google images

Also in the same Guardian thread, a user with the handle Claire710 recalls a stranger who gave her simple, but remarkable kindness. At the time, her best friend was in the hospital. And Claire had just received the news that she wasn’t likely to survive. It was heartbreaking for her to have to go through another loss, considering that her own father had passed away not too long before.

After visiting her best friend at the hospital, Claire and her mother proceeded to the train. Claire decided to get them some food.

In her distress, however, she misread the amount that she had to pay and realized that she didn’t have enough. Being already emotional at the time, this triggered her to burst into tears as she stood at the head of the line. A woman, however, came up to her and offered to pay for the food.

Claire regrets that she wasn’t able to thank the woman properly, even though she had shown her such kindness at the lowest point in her life.

3 A New Mum And A Parking Ticket

Via: 4.darkroom.stylist.co.uk

All of us here know just how difficult it is to be a new mom with a sick infant. After all, such a mom has got to deal with the new responsibilities of motherhood, plus worrying about a sick baby, plus having to recover from all the crazy changes during pregnancy. This was the case for an anonymous woman who posted on the Canberra Mums Facebook page.

She had just gone through a stressful week, with her 9-week-old son needing a hospital admission. After her son was discharged, she went over to her car and found a parking ticket. Which is probably one of the things that could make any moms day just a little bit worse.

But inside the envelope, she also found a note from a woman named Laura. Laura wrote that she knew that having to be in a hospital was tough enough so she had paid the parking ticket!

2 Art For All

Via: pixabay.com

One man tells a story of a dinner out with his wife, son and friends. After a while, he notices that there’s another man at the other side of the room staring at them. This made him apprehensive, since the friends he was with were gay. He thought that the man was offended by their openness, hence all the staring. He was therefore on his guard for the rest of the meal.

When the staring man was ready to leave, he approached them with a piece of paper. Thinking it would be a hate message or something, the storyteller says that he immediately says that he didn’t want it. But the other man puts it on the table, anyway, saying that it was for them. Turning it over, they find that it’s a beautiful sketch of them all.

The storyteller runs after the man and thanks him profusely, also apologizing for assuming the worst of him!

1 Kindness Multiplied

Via: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

While waiting at a train station, Ankit Anand decided to go to a nearby stall to buy some juice. It was a hot day and he needed to quench his thirst, badly. As he neared the stall, a small child about six-years old tugged at his pants and asked for money. Anand asked him if he’d rather have some juice instead of money and the child happily agreed.

Anand also called one of the boy’s friends and, soon, the three were sitting down drinking juice together. He began to chat with them, asking them about their families.

The child’s elder sister, who lived nearby, soon came to take the child back. Anand offered her a glass of juice, but she declined, shyly. He insisted, anyway, and asked the stall owner for another glass. The stall owner, who had been watching the whole time, said that he wanted to mirror Anand’s generosity and offered the sister a glass of juice for free!

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