15 Adorable (and FREE) Knitting and Crochet Patterns For Creative Moms

Knitting and crocheting can be fun! What’s not fun is sorting through ridiculous patterns to find some good ones, and keeping them free. If you’re a crafty mom, or are flexing your old-lady muscles and thinking about getting into knitting or crocheting, these 15 free patterns will be sure to start your fire! This old-timey sport that was mocked for generations is now becoming cool and hip (much like anything that has to do with a hipster, simpler lifestyle), and there are so many creations that you can make out there!

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15 Little Milly Had A Sheep!

Super adorable sheep for you to make! It’s easy to make, soft and cuddy to boot. Why would you buy store bought? This little guy even has an adorable name: Milly. There are tons of toys you can choose from, and making this little sheep will be received with much love and adoration.

Download here.

14 Toys, Galore!

This crochet pattern will be a hit at any baby shower or for your own kids. A cuddly and soft toy with a blanket built-in. Who doesn’t want a cuddly teddy bear or animal to snuggle with while kept warm under a soft and cozy blanket? Pick your colors, pick your animal and set to work! You may have to start making some for the adult crowd too.

Download here.

13 What Says Cute Like A Polar Bear On Christmas?

Seriously. Look into this bear’s adorable button eyes and say he’s not cute. This style is for the intermediate of the crochet-world, and will be a hit around Christmas-time. Perfect as a stocking stuffer, an ornamental bear for the couch or chair, or as your little one’s main present. You can use as soft as yarn as you would like, keeping it with the baby yarns (the softest of the bunch) if this project will be played with. Looking to use as an ornament? Use coarser, cheaper yarn to save a few bucks and still have a project that looks great!

Download here.

12 Baby Hats For All

For those who are just beginning to learn how to knit and want to stray away from the straight, basic lines of scarves and blankets this one’s for you. Catering to the beginners, this pattern is easy to make and incredibly soft to baby’s touch! Perfect for newborns or for smaller toddlers to keep warm in the winter months.Choose from a variety of colors and wool to cater specifically to each baby/toddler.

Download here.

11 Cardigans For Babies!

What’s cuter than a little baby dressed up in a smart and sophisticated cardigan? Babies and children dressed up like full-grown adults is one of the most adorable things on this planet. This is a perfect pattern for beginners and the sizing can go up to 6 years old! Make one for every year for your child, or pick the perfect size for a friends’ baby shower or birthday party. Bonus: you can shorten the sleeves for those who don’t love to be warm all the time.

Download here.

10 Hats And Booties

Every newborn gets a hat and booties, right? Impress your friends by making up this cute hat with a pom-pom and booties to match. Pattern is easy for beginners, so get knitting! Pick from any colors, using baby wool for the best soft-to-touch ratio.

Download here.

9 Slippers For The Whole Family

What’s not to love about snuggly, soft and warm slippers that are easy to make and easy to wash? No one likes how yucky slippers can get after a few months, or weeks, of wear. The smell, the grim (especially for those that forget to take them off to head outside), it’s nauseating. Knitting these slippers will be a fun project for you to work on, and can easily be thrown into the washer when it’s time to freshen them up!

Download here.

8 Fruit-Shaped Potholders, Anyone?

Now, the good stuff comes out. Everyone needs a potholder, so why not make your own? These cute fruit-shaped ones are perfect for beginners, or intermediate crocheters and will brighten up any kitchen! Kitchen supplies are in all kinds of colors nowadays, from fridges to mixers to rolling pins and glassware. Why stop at the gadgets? Whip up some fun potholders to add to your kitchen collection!

Download here.

7 Chick Booties

These chick booties are seriously chic. Giving a little spin to the classic booties for newborns, these little booties in shape of chicks will be a hit for sure. This intermediate pattern comes in various sizes and is recommended to use incredibly soft wool! But, that’s a no-brainer, because who wouldn’t want super soft slippers, anyways?

Download here.

6 Soft And Snuggly Cardigans

Moms don’t have to knit just for their family! Take advantage of this great free pattern and knit yourself a great sweater to curl up in. Picture it: cuddled up in front of the fire, out for a crisp walk on a fall evening, a pumpkin spiced latte warming your hands. You can even make one for your daughter(s), or nieces!

Download here.

5 Hipster Paradise

Will floppy hats ever go out of style? Worn on those ‘in the know’ and in the ironic fashion of hipsters and hippies everywhere. Now, you can use this beginners pattern to knit up a hat for the teenager of your family, or even a chic new hat for yourself to keep warm in the fall and winter months. Try a cream wool with gold specks for a more sophisticated look for yourself.

Download here.

4 Two-Toned Scarves

Chunky scarves are the perfect project for beginners in knitting. This cute two-toned scarf would look great in mom’s, or daughters’ closets. Use colors to match your winter or fall jackets, or go with soft creams, greys or blues like in the photo that matches nicely with everything. Perfect to try out your knitting skills as the stitches are bigger and easy to loop.

Download here.

3 Everyone Needs a Pair of Mittens

When you think of knitting your mind automatically wanders to scarves and mittens handed down from your grandma. Now, you can make your own mittens for you and your whole family! The best part about knitting up a batch of mittens is that they can be any color you choose; from multi to green to blue to hot pink to yellow! Colored-coded means that no one will be mixing up their mittens with anyone else in the family, either!

Download here.

2 Easy-To-Make Blankets

Blankets are the easiest to make for knitters and will always get used. This patchwork, brightly colored pattern would look great draped over the couch or a chair, or folded on a guest bed! Soft and snuggly, this pattern is one that your whole family can enjoy.

Download here.

1 Look At This Pea Coat, Tell Me He’s Broke!

Sure, it’s not a pea coat, but it’s pretty darn adorable. This plumpton coat is a perfect project to work on for your little girl. The bright buttons pop against the cheery red, keeping the classiness in mix with the fun that portrays children.

Download here.

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