15 Adorable Out Of This World Baby Names For Girls

The moment mom finds out the gender of her little one, the search for the perfect name begins. Most parents report directly to the nearest baby names list they can find. Internet searches, book purchases, sometimes a Q&A with close relatives to maybe borrow a family name that holds meaning. Rarely do we look to religion or even the cosmos for names.

Well, we’re here to tell you, you are missing out.

Among the stars, planets, goddesses and gods may be the name that you’ve been searching for. A name with meaning and beauty that you and other parents-to-be like you have forgotten all about.

Or maybe you never even heard of them. Literally, out-of-this-world amazing names are the types of names that will make others do a double take when they see it written on paper. They are also the type of names a person could never forget even if they tried.

These name meanings are so powerful they lend beauty to that person’s personality and makes them shine just as bright.

Are you looking for a name that has the potential to be a showstopper because it was destined to be? We’ve got 15 of them for you to choose from. Keep reading to discover your new favorite pick.

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15 Phoenix

If you’re looking for a name with meaning and that sounds like no other name that’s popular today, you’ve found it. Phoenix has rich meaning and sounds authentic. It has Greek origins and is inspired by a bird. But not just any bird. The long meaning of Phoenix is,

“a bird that built its own pyre and then was reborn from the ashes.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the Phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit. It’s a bird with a colorful plumage and a tail made of gold and scarlet. Other legends claim the tail is purple, blue and green. What makes Phoenix an appealing name is what the phoenix bird represents new beginnings. According to legend, near the end of the phoenix’s life, the bird builds a nest of twigs and ignites. Both the Phoenix and the nest are reduced to ashes in which a new young phoenix or egg arises and is reborn into a new life again. A name that has such beautiful meaning and is awesome-sounding is a win for any little girl named Phoenix.

14 Janus

You’ve probably heard this name in passing, especially today where the need for a diverse and unique name is craved by most parents on the search for beautiful baby girl names. Janus here has Latin origins and means, “God of beginnings.” Janus took on unisex origins since as of late it has been given to little girls.

Many feel it sounds a lot like Janice - which might be really annoying if you grew up watching Friends. But in mythology, Janus was originally a male name as it was the name of a Roman God. Janus in Latin was the Roman God of gateways and beginnings. The Roman God represents transitions, doorways, and time. And according to astrologers, Janus is the perfect name for people born in January.

13 Starla

It’s a wonder how a name so beautiful isn’t at the top of most baby name lists for girls. Starla is feminine and mystical sounding while still adhering to the modern appeal.

It has English origins and many believe the name means goddess of the stars.

Starla is a variation of 'star' and first appeared on charts in 1947. It later peaked in 1966.

This is the perfect name for parents who are looking for a spin on the lovely Star. As mentioned, it has modern appeal and is rare enough where you won’t have to worry about your little one sharing the same name with one of their peers in class. Because it doesn’t appear on many baby name charts in the top 100s makes this name ideal for baby girls.

12 Gia

Gia is one of those names that are short and sweet. It sounds like a nickname because that’s how it originated. It has Italian origins and is a short form of Gianna which is a diminutive of Giovanna. The meaning of Gia varies but all are relative to meaning “gift.” Because of its variation, many believe that Gia means, “God’s gracious gift.”

Gia saw a rise in popularity in 2000. Coincidentally enough, actress Angelina Jolie starred in a biographical film named Gia. And because pop culture plays such a big role in what most parents deem to be popular names, we believe the impact of the movie had something to do with Gia’s rise in fame. Astrologers believe that girls with this name have an inner desire to be leaders. They love personal independence and would rather focus on important issues while telling others what to do. Gia’s are known to be philosophical and soul-searching.

11 Celeste


That naturally good feeling you get when you read the name Celeste is warranted. It’s a light-sounding, not too feminine but still mystical enough to make you do a double take.

Celeste has French origins and means, “heavenly” or “from the heavens.”

Galileo’s daughter took the name of Maria Celeste when she entered a convent. Some believe that her decision to take Celeste as a name was inspired by her father’s love of astronomy.

Besides celestial originations, in Christian context, Celeste is used in relation to the Virgin Mary. The wonderful thing about names is how others adopt it. A name like Celeste may seem very feminine while in other cultures people find it appropriate for boys. In France for instance, Celeste is considered to be a unisex name but it’s common for the name to be given to little girls elsewhere. According to astrologers, the letters in Celeste add up to six making little girls named Celeste nurturing, caring people. This name is rare. It has never made an appearance on the top 200 baby name charts in the US but has been in the top 1000 every year since 1880.

10 Venus

Surely, the first thing that comes to mind when you see this name is the planet. But Venus has even deeper meaning and significance than that. The name has Latin origins and means, “loved one, beloved.” Venus originated from Roman mythology by the goddess of love, beauty, and the springtime. Some even believe that Venus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

In astronomy, Venus is a planet that rules the Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. This name stands out in a lineup and for good reason. It’s different than many other names and as a planet, you can’t miss it. Venus is considered to be the brightest and most stunning planet or star in the heavens. Some parents may be intimidated by the strength of this name since it’s rare and very uncommon but it is slowly growing in popularity.

9 Bianca

Bianca is one of the names on this list that has been around for a while and because of its vintage presence, it now takes on an out-of-this-world meaning. Bianca has Italian origins and means, “white; shining.” This name has appeared in everything from pop culture to a Shakespeare play. It was so popular at one time that its name was given to a moon.

If you’re looking for a name that can be a conversation starter for your little one, this is one of them. It’s common enough that people can annunciate it with ease while having a new association they can be proud of. In astronomy, Bianca is an inner satellite (inner moon) of Uranus. Bianca was the name given after the inner moon was discovered in 1986. It’s also known as Uranus VIII.

8 Aurora

Aurora is a name that you may have heard a few times. You might have even associated the name with the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. But this name has been in existence long before its use and holds even more beautiful meaning than you may have originally perceived.

Aurora has Latin origins and was the name of the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn.

Some believe Aurora is the Greek equivalent to Eos. The name alone sounds magical and highly mystical. Besides its association with a Roman Goddess and a princess, it shares its name with one of the most beautiful occurrences in nature. Northern lights, a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, is often referred to as Aurora borealis. It's quickly picking up in popularity too; this year, it's #35 on the baby name charts, up ten spots from last year!

7 Ariel

This is a name that is common enough that it is easily recognizable but rare enough where your little one won’t share with many of their peers. Not surprisingly the first thought that comes to mind when you see the name Ariel is Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Ariel was the name of their lovable main character. But surely this name has been around long before this movie and has a beautiful meaning.

Ariel has Hebrew origins and means, “sprite, light or lion of God.”

Ariel is also the name of the Archangel of healing and new beginnings. It’s a biblical alternate name for Jerusalem and is considered to be a unisex name although most parents favor this name for little girls. This is a name that can be spelled in a variety of ways. Most popularly today, it is spelled Arielle for a more feminine touch.

6 Luna

This is one of the most beautiful names on this list. It’s feminine, simple, and has a lovely meaning. Luna has Latin origins and simple means, “the moon.” Planetary names are cool because they are unique and hold deeper meanings than most other names. And Luna is one of those names that have significant meaning. It’s an elegant name that is different from other little girl names. Very feminine in nature and just really pretty. In mythology, Luna is one of the names of Artemis who is known as the moon goddess.

Ask any astrologer and they’ll tell you lovely things about what the moon represents. The moon is considered to be a source of rebirth and renewal. Little girls with this name, according to numerologists, are said to grow up to be people with happy-go-lucky and upbeat personalities.

5 Alya

This is a name that has been spelled in many different ways but still has the same meaning. If you’re looking for a name that is ideal and adds a wonderful meaning to match your little one's personality this is what you’re looking for. Alya has several origins, one of which is Arabic.

In Arabic, Alya means, “sky, heaven.” Other meanings include, “heavens, highborn, and exalted.” In Hebrew, Alya means, “to ascend, to go-up.”

Names that lend their meanings to being gifts or relative to the heavens are significant for those whose religions preach similar teachings. This is a name that is perfect for first born little girls or little girls entering a family with the same first initial.

4 Nova

If you’ve been looking for a magical name, you’ve found it. You’d find it difficult to find many little girls with a name like Nova. For one it’s rarely chosen by parents searching for baby names as made clear by its absence on most baby name lists. Another reason is that it’s very different from the norm. Nova has Latin origins and is originally spelled Novae and is also known as Supernovae. In Latin, Nova means, “new.” In Native American, it means, “chases butterfly.”

In astronomy, Nova represents a beautiful natural occurrence. Parents are always looking for a cool meaning for their baby’s name and this one will make your little one proud to be called Nova. Nova is a star that suddenly brightens a thousand times more and then gradually fades back to its original intensity. This usually happens over several weeks or many months. Nova is an explosion from the surface of a star in a binary star system.

3 Chara

Chara is a great name for parents who are looking for some variation to the usual Cara or Charlotte. Chara has Latin origins and as mentioned is derived from the name Cara which means beloved.

Charas represent joy and peace.

Besides its beautiful meaning, it has a lovely ring to it.

This is a name you choose for your little one when you want something that is easy enough to read and pronounce by others while still having a unique presence. It has the girly “a” ending for parents who prefer this name sound for their little girl. It may not have appeared on many baby name lists but it is different which is the goal most parents have in an effort to have their little one stand out from their peers.

2 Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a baby girl name that has been around for some time now. It isn’t an unusual sounding name and it’s commonly used today. As evident by the sound of this name, it has French origins. It is the feminine form of Gabriel which means, “God is my strength.”

Elaborating more on the origination of Gabrielle, the masculine version of Gabrielle, Gabriel, in the bible, was borne by one of the seven archangels and is the herald of good news and was used by God to send messages of importance to mankind. Gabriel was who came to Mary to announce her pregnancy and future birth of the Christ child. If you’re into fashion it will please you to know that one of the most popular and beloved fashion designers, Coco Chanel’s, birth name was Gabrielle.

1 Nashira

Nashira is a beautiful authentic name. It’s different, space-like, and unlike a name you’ve ever seen before. The goal of most parents is to find a name with meaning and that is nice on the eyes. Names that share similarities with more common names can help with others recognizing it and being able to pronounce it. Nashira is one of those names that offer the best of both worlds, originality and a modern sound.

Nashira has Arabic origins and means, “the bearer of good news.”

It’s feminine enough to appeal to parents of little girls and has a lovely meaning to boot. If you’re in search of a name that has out of this world meaning, this should be your pick. Nashira is also known as Gamma Capricorni. It is a bright giant star in the constellation of Capricornus which is one of the constellations of the zodiac. We know it as Capricorn.

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