15 Adorable Pets Welcome Home Their New Human

Having a pet is like having a baby. They're like the first baby. So how does a furry child handle the arrival of a newborn baby? As a pet parent, couples hope the animals are just as thrilled as mom and dad are, but mom and dad might also be nervous as to how the fur baby will react when mom and dad arrive back home with a tiny human being in their arms.

There might be nothing cuter than mom and dad's favorite animal snuggling with a newborn baby as if that baby was their own. The innocence of both the animal and the baby is abundantly clear. Babies and animals can connect with each other through unspoken terms. It is truly extraordinary- this bond between an animal and a baby human.

All types of pets, from dogs to cats, bunnies to birds, and more often welcome their newborn baby human with open paws (or wings!) Sometimes, these animals- our pets- see the human baby almost like their own. They vow to protect that little being. And they do. It is amazing how our pets are there for us. Even if they may seem a little stand offish at first, typically our pets will come around and welcome the new member of the family.

There might be nothing cuter or more adorable than a sweet picture of a loving pet with their baby human. Especially, those moments soon after birth, when our babies are more vulnerable than ever, our pets are there to comfort them, play with them, and just keep them company.

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15 Best Buddies

There are all kinds of pets, and as this picture shows, your pet does not need to be a dog or a cat to show its love for your baby! Bunnies may not be able to show as much affection as a dog would, but they can still greatly care for your baby and want to be around him.

This picture is proof that friends can come in all shapes, sizes, and fur!

Of course, it is important to watch your baby around any pet, no matter dog, cat, or bunny. Never leave your baby alone with an animal, even if it is as small as a bunny. Our pets may show love, but always keep in the back of your mind that they are animals, they can get jealous, they can have reactions that are unexplainable.

For safety's safe, always keep an eye on baby when your pets are around.

14 I Will Always Protect You

The main thing we hope from our pets, whether they are cats, dogs, and more, is infinite love and a built in protector. Look at this beautiful canine holding a wrapped up infant- her little baby. It is not just the way the photograph was taken, but the simple fact of how the dog is looking at her baby. That is not a pose. No one made the dog look at that baby. She is looking at her with pure love.

Your dog (and other pets) will look out for your baby as he grows up. They will be their protector. But only if you start things off on the right foot. Be sure to share baby's scent, ensure that your dog knows you are still the leader of the pack, establish boundaries, and encourage love. In turn, you will have a happy family- both human and furry.

13 Is This For Me?!

This ultra cute picture of a sweet, wide eyed dog leaning on her newborn baby human provides us with not only an adorable snapshot, but a wide range of emotions. We can almost see into the cute dog's soul. We feel her thinking, what is this thing? Is it mine? I'm scared!

Dogs may not always know just how to react when suddenly there is a new teeny, tiny person in the house. Especially, if this is your first baby and your furry baby has gotten all the attention for awhile. It can be tough for a dog to understand why she is getting less attention. Dogs can get jealous, and we do not want them to feel that way.

Welcome in baby with your dog at your side. Show them you love them, too.

12 I'm Here For This Little Guy

Look at the way the dog is looking at this newborn baby. Have you ever seen a being filled with that much love?! This dog is seeing this adorable, sweet, innocent newborn baby as if it were her own. The look in her eyes tells it all. I will protect you. I will love you. This is what we hope our pets see when we bring home our newborn babies.

One way to teach your dog to love your newborn baby as much as you is to introduce your baby in a safe and careful manner. In other words, first impressions are everything! When you bring baby home, find a quiet place to sit with your newborn baby and your pet. Your dog, especially, is in tune with you and your feelings. Set the tone, and if you are lucky, all else will follow naturally.

11 Let Me Check This Out!

This adorable dog really needs to check out his new baby! Poor baby probably does not know what is happening. It is important to allow your pet, no matter what it is, to retrieve the scent of your baby. Your pet already has your scent down. But these new smells are something to take into consideration.

A great way to prepare your dog, especially, for the arrival of your newborn baby is to bring home the smells from your infant before baby actually comes home. How can you do this? Have a friend or family member bring home a blanket, clothing, or even a burp cloth that belongs to your newborn baby.

Have your pet smell these items, with an understanding that you are allowing him to take in the new scent. When baby comes home, your pet will recognize the scent, your reaction to when he first experienced it, and understand that baby is not a threat.

10 This Little Guy Smells Great!

Dogs may be one thing, but cats can be a whole other game! In this picture, the cat is trying to smell and take in the scent of this newborn baby. It is a cute picture. Perhaps the cat is thinking, I love this little guy! Or maybe he is wondering, why is this in my house?! With cats, let's face it, we never know what they are really thinking!

However, despite the attitudes and territorial nature that is stereotypical for our lovely felines, they can and do love their new babies when we bring them home. They may need time to warm up to the new addition to the household. They may need to figure out with the baby is worthy of their affection. Bottom line is that a cat can love a baby just as much as a dog can.

9 Just Need To Check On Her One More Time

If you are a dog owner, you know your dog is a member of your family. Your dog cares about you just as much as you care about him! In this sweet picture, we see the love and worry on the puppy's face. This nice pup just wants to make sure his newborn baby is safe and sound! This dog may feel the need to check on baby just as much as we feel the need to!

Dogs, and perhaps all pets, do learn to grow to love a new baby as if it were their own. They sense the delicate nature that a baby brings. It is almost like a natural instinct, to take care of a helpless infant. It is amazing how our dogs can be there for us, no matter what.

8 I Can't Sleep, I'm Too Busy Watching Over My New Best Friend

How sweet is this kitty cuddling up to new newborn baby human?! We know how cats can be notorious for not showing their true love, but as this picture shows, cats love their tiny babies as if they were their own. Even if they are trying to not show how much they care, we can tell they do really care.

Just as dogs, cats can be jealous of when you bring home the new baby. They need to figure out the smells, and watch you to see how you act towards the baby. Continue showing your kitty cat as much love as you can, even if she pushes it away. She knows you still care, and in turn, she will do surprising things, like lying down sweetly next to the baby!

7 Nothing But Cuddles

Babies and pets. Tanq took to Max right away!

There may be nothing sweeter than watching your favorite pooch curl up next to your new baby. You want them to get along. You want them to love each other. This adorable snapshot tells us a hundred words- the infinite love between man and beast- or in this case, baby and puppy!

You may worry about giving your dog, or any pet, the proper amount of attention after baby is born. It can be a difficult transition. After all, you do not want to neglect your baby. Continue to do the things you normally do with your pet, such as daily walks. Keep the normal routine going and your pet should be just fine.

There is no need to go above and beyond by purchasing new pet toys or anything extra. Pets just need their regular routine to stay on track after baby arrives.

6 Sharing Is Caring

As this cute picture shows, once your baby can maneuver around, all is fair game, even the things that belong to your pet. This cat may be thinking get away, she may not want baby around, but it looks like she is tolerating all that cuteness and mischievousness because she loves her baby human!

Pets can react in different ways once baby is moving around. And it happens sooner than you think. Before long your baby will be rolling over. It is never too early to show your baby how to properly touch your pet, and not to do certain things, like throw toys at her or pull her tail.

As you instill respect in your baby towards your pet, your pet will learn to respect that adorable baby as well.

5 Built In Playmate

This picture shows it all! It shows us just how our babies and pets can get along as if they were siblings and best friends! We must wonder of course, did the dog jump in or did mom or dad place the dog in the playpen with that cute baby?! Either way, they both seem content to be in there with each other and all their (probably shared) stuffed toys.

While seeing your baby playing with your pet is likely to make your swoon with happiness, always keep an eye out. Always remember in the back of your mind that your pet is an animal. No matter species or breed, pets have been known to suddenly lash out at an unsuspecting baby. Just in case, remain only a few steps away.

4 This Is Great!

The side eye this cute newborn baby is giving that crazy cat is too much! That cute baby is looking over like, who is here joining me?! Meanwhile, the cat is having a great time. If you are a cat owner or know anything about felines, you know that they only go on their back if they feel 100% safe and trust who they are around.

This sweet cat obviously trusts and loves her little human.

It is so sweet to see our favorite felines cozying up to our babies. Cats are capable of getting into places that dogs may have trouble with, such as babies crib, the changing table, playpen, and more. While it may be funny to see kitty climbing into join your baby, just make sure she is doing it out of love and not looking for a scratch post!

3 Time For A Smooch!

Creatures great and small can show love for each other in extraordinary ways. As this picture shows, our large pup is giving that teeny tiny, newborn baby a sweet kiss. That dog's head alone is probably bigger than baby's entire body! It certainly is nothing but cuteness to see our favorite big pet friends show love towards our little ones.

That dog will likely love and protect that sweet baby girl for her entire childhood. You can see it in his eyes, it is like he is telling his new baby human, I love you, I am here for you. What an honor to bestow upon our loving pets! Just be sure to watch you pet's energy around a new baby. A large, yet happy, dog can do a lot of damage with only a simple tail wag!

2 We Have You Covered!

While this photograph is clearly a set up, there is not denying that those two pets- that bunny and bird- have their eye out for their new baby human. There are all kinds of pets out there, and no matter what species you own, they may feel immense love and a motherly or fatherly instinct over their new baby human when she arrives home.

That bunny is not hopping away. That bird is not flying away. Well trained or do they feel the need to stick around? Bunny may wish to be close to her little human baby. The bird may want to be perched up there keeping a lookout for any predators, just as she would do with her babies in her nest in the wild.

1 We're The Same Size!

As we can see in this picture, our favorite kitty cats can be just as playful as any puppy! This cat looks like she is enjoying her baby's company, even if it seems baby is ready to let out a scream. That cute cat is thinking, here is a new best friend for me, we are the same size!

Cats can snuggle and be playful. Sometimes pet cats can show more love to your newborn baby than they have ever showed to you as long as you have owned them! Cats are funny that way. They may even play around with your baby in a loving manner, but never glance your way except when you have a treat in your hand.

Encourage your kitty to be loving, and cat and baby can grow up to be best buds.

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