15 Adorable Ways Moms Are Obsessed With Their Babies

From the second a woman takes that pregnancy test and sees the positive result, her mind is automatically filled with images of what the little baby will look like and all the amazing times ahead. Throughout the pregnancy, a mom-to-be is counting down the weeks to the due date and is getting more and more excited for her bundle of joy to come into the world with each passing trimester. The baby clothes are in the closet, nappies are at the ready and the hospital bags are packed, all in anticipation of the newborn's arrival.

After all that waiting, it is no wonder that when baby boy or girl finally does get here, a mother is overcome with love and adoration to the point of obsession. They want to spend every single minute with their little one and are scared to even blink, just in case they miss a new facial expression. Mothers do some adorable things to show just how obsessed they are with their perfect baby and in this article, we will highlight just a few.

From snapping thousands of pictures and covering them in sweet kisses to watching them while they sleep and spending lots of money on them, some of these can seem wacky, but as a mom you mean well and it all comes from a loving place. Whether you can relate to the actions in this article or are obsessed with your baby in a completely different way, this article will be worth a read.

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15 Sweet Kisses

A kiss is a common way to show affection and that includes when it comes to showing your love to your baby. One kiss, two kisses, three kisses or more, as a mother you cannot help but go overboard with the smooches and who could blame you? That soft baby skin an that adorable smile are just irresistible and trigger your mothering need to give some sweet kisses.

From those tiny toes and feet right up to their chubby cheeks, you better make sure you've wiped off your lipstick (or not, because that would make one adorable picture). Some of the mothers I talked to about what they thought about giving their baby sweet kisses and why they thought they had to do it responded with phrases such as, "because they are just so cute", "I'm just overcome with love for them" and "I want to get the kisses in while I can, before they are big enough to think it's embarrassing".

14 Funny Mommy

Is there anything better than the sound of a baby's laugh? I think not. A baby's laugh, specifically your own baby's, is THE most endearing and adorable sound in the world, it is music to a mother's ears that she wants to hear on constant repeat.

After weeks of hearing only cries coming from your baby, when they let out that first chuckle, it is mind-blowing and the obsession with your little bundle of joy increases - just when you thought it couldn't get any higher.  I remember my daughter's first laugh, it was so out of the blue. Now she is 11-months-old, and I am still running around like an idiot, making the ugliest facial expressions and the craziest sounds to make my little girl laugh every day, and honestly, it is what keeps us moms going. This is probably one of the most common things that a mother does that shows us how obsessed she is with her baby. We just hope no one is pointing the camera at us.

13 Breathe In And Out

Breathing. The simple act of taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide is what keeps us alive and this is one of the reasons a mother is so obsessed with watching their child do just that. Staring at their little chest going up and down, breathing in and out, we love our little ones and we want them alive and well, so the need to focus on their breathing is very normal.

On top of this, many moms feel in complete amazement of the fact that their body actually managed to grow, create and birth a living, breathing human being, This makes the intake of oxygen even more fascinating and as the title of this article says, us mothers really do obsess over it. What they say is so very true, their first breath takes yours away.

12 No More Storage Space

I am not going to lie, I take way too many photos. My daughter is now 11-months-old and I have taken at least one photo (probably more like fifteen though) every single day since she was born and that is not an exaggeration, I am completely serious. So I am no stranger to the 'No More Storage Space' or 'You Cannot Take Another Photo' notifications on my phone and if I couldn't transfer the photos over to my laptop or get my photos printed,  I have no idea how I would sort it, as there is no way I am deleting those precious memories. I know so many of my fellow mothers join me in my photo taking and hoarding problem.

Whether it be selfies with the baby, videos of them laughing, pictures of them during messy play or well pretty much anything your baby does, I bet you will have caught it all on camera to keep forever. So who cares if you have to delete a few apps to make space, I bet they were never used anyways.

11 Sound Asleep

Similar to the second entry on this list (watching the baby breathe) I think it's safe to say that all mothers do this next thing that shows just how obsessed with their baby they are. The advice you always get when you become a mother is 'sleep when baby is sleeping'. You hear this from your mom, mother-in-law, nurses, midwives and even strangers, but many mothers ignore this message and push through the exhaustion just so they can enjoy the sweet image of their sleeping little one.

Sure, when the baby is sleeping, a lot of mothers try to sneak a shower or grab something to eat, but you can bet that at some point, they do sit and stare at their sleeping beauty. The crazy thing is that you try for so long to get them to sleep and when you finally do, all you want to do is wake them up because you miss them. Motherhood is weird.

10 Look At My Baby

Recognize the image above? It is from the 2016 movie 'Bad Moms' starring Mila Kunis. In the film it shows how being a perfect mother is impossible and sometimes you just need to go crazy with your fellow moms and be 'bad moms'. Whether your mom group enjoys a drink, a movie or a meal, you can bet that at some point, one or all of you will take out your phone and start gushing over pictures of your little baby and make everyone else there look at the pictures as well.

Now when this is with fellow moms, they are probably doing the same thing and so they will happily look at your pictures or videos and enthusiastically 'aw' with you, but when you start showing your baby off to strangers or childless friends, you should know that they are not always as keen.

9 Even In Your Dreams

For months during and maybe even before your pregnancy, you are literally dreaming about a little baby (day and night); dreaming of how your life will change, what joy this new baby will bring, what the new baby will do and the good times ahead. You think this dreaming would stop when your baby arrives and reality hits, but that is not the case and mothers often find themselves still dreaming of the future with their little one.

Day-dreaming about how they will grow and what it will be like when they reach the next milestone, you are never not thinking about your little bundle of joy. Let's just hope that when you have a bad day, it doesn't trigger any nightmares or night terrors of baby screams, poop explosions or any other negatives of mum life- not that they aren't worth it.

8 Tears Of Joy

Crying is usually associated with sadness, anger or despair but there are times that the tears are of joy. It is common to cry when your baby is born, of course, you just went through 9 months of pregnancy, a painful labor and finally have your newborn in your arms - you have earned a good cry.

As with many other actions on this list, the crying does not stop there and there are plenty of opportunities for happy tears as your baby boy or girl grows up. First smiles makes you cry, first steps makes you cry, baby sneezes, yawns or even (yes I am serious) poops and you are in floods of tears. Some would say that it's the hormones, others would say it is just natural human emotion, but whatever the reason, those tears of joy are also tears of love and they show just how much your child means to you.

7 Money Is No Issue

I could not resist this picture, I mean a giant teddy with a tiny baby on top, making said baby look even smaller? I don't think there could be a cuter sight or a better way to show you exactly what I mean by money being no issue. I know from personal experience that when you become a mother, what you want to buy for yourself goes out the window and when you spot a top for only a few dollars, you either feel guilty about buying it for yourself (which you shouldn't), or you leave it and then you spot something- such as a giant teddy - for your baby and spend 10 times as much as you would have on that top.

Money obviously doesn't show love and you do not need it to show someone how much you care about them, but the gesture of wanting to give your baby everything that you can is lovely.

6 Playing Dress Up

Yes, this image might be a bit over the top and, of course, not every mother in the world has the urge to dress their baby in a fluffy bunny rabbit costume, but you get the idea (and it is just so cute!).

Not all, but many young girls grow up playing with baby dolls who they love to dress up, dreaming of the day when they can have their own real-life baby to look after. So when that day finally arrives, many years later, it is no shock that many mothers go all out and give their child the wardrobe of a movie star. Bows, hats, jeans, dresses, sleep suits, costumes and more, the list of things you want to put on your baby is endless as are the opportunities for adorable pictures. You know that clothes don't matter and that your little one will not care in the slightest what you put them in- as long as they are comfortable- but being their mom, you just feel like you have to fulfill all those outfit ideas you have been dreaming of and why not, no harm done, even if your baby is a bit embarrassed by the pictures when they are older.

5 Just Stare

"I can't help it, I just want to stare at them all the time", one mother shared with me, "I am still in complete amazement that I made a tiny person". Many women feel this way when they become mothers and so they should because the miracle of pregnancy and birth is such a magical thing that in a way you don't even believe, until it happens to you personally. That is when you truly appreciate how outstanding a woman's body is.

This staring bug can seem to be contagious and before you know it, your little baby has a lot more than just your eyes looking at them, when other friends, family or even sometimes strangers getting involved in this love glare. It's when the baby starts staring back at you and smiling when the real magic comes through. When you can really see them responding to you, there is no better feeling than that right there.

4 Show Them Off

You are having a lazy day and staying home - which you do a lot especially in the early days of having a baby- but you have dressed your bundle of joy in a fancy outfit which you do not want to waste, so what can you do? Well, it is always nice to show off your baby and get some adult interaction, so maybe a little walk is a good idea.

Taking your baby over to the local shop and smiling at passing strangers with your baby dressed as if they were going to the Oscars or another important event is something that people may say is pointless, but to every mother their baby is the best person alive and they just want to show off how amazing and cute they are to everyone, every day, even if that means that you have to go over to your local shop for no reason.

3 Birthday Bash

It's an emotional time when your child is turning 1 because your little one is no longer your tiny baby - they are becoming more independent and are en route to becoming a toddler. For a lot of mums, this is almost traumatic in a way, but there is something that gets them through, which is planning the birthday celebrations. From the birthday cake to the party itself, there is something about planning a party to celebrate your little one's life that is so satisfying, and from that first party onward it is almost addicting.

From the day your little one is born, they are the center of your world (as they should be) and so when it comes to their birthday and celebrating the amount of time that they have been on earth, you want to make it a big occasion because this baby is your everything and you want to make sure that they never forget that.

2 Matchy-Matchy

Guilty as charged, I dress my darling daughter and myself in matching outfits as often as I possibly can and our whole family wore matching Christmas sweaters! In the past, many people thought that putting yourself and your child in matching outfits was awkward, weird or even wrong, but it's 2018 and mommy&baby matching clothes are in.

Apart from the fact that this trend is completely adorable, and you can't help but get a warm feeling in your heart when you see a family in matching clothes, it also makes many mothers feel a lot closer to their little one. "I love matching with my little girl, she is my best friend in the whole world and it is a great photo opportunity", one mom revealed to me about her matching clothes habits.

1 Stay Close And Never Leave

The last entry on our list is one that you will relate to, even if you didn't to any of the other things mothers to when they are obsessed with their babies. This one is guaranteed to bring back some memories. A woman gets pregnant, carries the child for 9 months and goes through a painful labor and delivery process all to become a mother and have a little baby to call her own. So, of course, you want to keep that baby close.

Even as they grow out of their slings and prams, we really take advantage of those times that they need a cuddle or want to climb into our beds, because as mothers we know that we can only borrow our children, and they will ultimately grow up, move out and have their own lives, no matter how much we wish they would stay our babies forever. So, we keep them close while we can and make memories that will always last.

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