15Sweet Kisses

A kiss is a common way to show affection and that includes when it comes to showing your love to your baby. One kiss, two kisses, three kisses or more, as a mother you cannot help but go overboard with the smooches and who could blame you? That soft baby

skin an that adorable smile are just irresistible and trigger your mothering need to give some sweet kisses.

From those tiny toes and feet right up to their chubby cheeks, you better make sure you've wiped off your lipstick (or not, because that would make one adorable picture). Some of the mothers I talked to about what they thought about giving their baby sweet kisses and why they thought they had to do it responded with phrases such as, "because they are just so cute", "I'm just overcome with love for them" and "I want to get the kisses in while I can, before they are big enough to think it's embarrassing".

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