15 Amazing Kids Who Saved Their Siblings [Videos]

Every Mom knows she must have eyes in the back of her head. But even then, sometimes it’s impossible to catch everything that goes on in and around the house. While more kids mean more laundry, more money, more food, and less sleep, it also (fortunately) means an extra set of eyes keeping watch on things.

It’s daunting to think how differently some of these videos could have ended if there was no sibling to come to the rescue and save the day. From furniture collapsing, to helping brothers cross literal and figurative finish lines, these videos will make you cringe, cry, scream and sigh with relief.

15Toddler Saves Twin From Falling Dresser

14Siblings Save Brother From Playground Kidnapper

13Brother Saves Sister From Drowning

12Girl Saves Sister From Moving Vehicle

1117-Year-Old Drowns After Saving Little Sister

10Brother Rallies To Raise Money To Save Dying Sister

9Boy Saves Younger Brother From Choking

8Brother Saves 9-Year-Old Sister From Attempted Abduction

7Brother Protects Siblings From Home Invasion

610-Year-Old Boy Saves Sibling From House Fire

5Sister Donated Bone Marrow To Her 3 Younger Brothers

4Boy Suspended For Protecting Sister Against Sexual Harassment

3Man Helps Dehydrated Brother Run Across Finish Line

2Boy Saves Infant Brother From Fall Off Changing Table

1Sister Conceived To Save Her Sister’s Life

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