15 Amazing Things SOs Have Done For Their Pregnant Wives

Pregnancy is not an easy experience. She may be feeling tired, nauseous, hormonal, stressed, hungry, angry, weepy, or really any combination of said emotions. She is physically being challenged more each day as baby grows and takes up a bigger residence inside her, while still having to carry on with the day to day tasks of work and housekeeping.

It is not easy. It is also not easy for her husband or partner who is going through the experience alongside her. Not to take away from Mom-to-be, but sometimes it is even harder for Dad-to-be as he watches his partner do all of the physical strain of bearing the child and feel almost helpless in what he can do to ease his partner’s burden. Yes, there are many men who have not only helped, but gone beyond what is expected to make pregnancy an extraordinarily positive experience for their wives, and done it with a finesse that was just incredible.

These are everyday men who just took it upon themselves to go that extra mile in helping their SO’s take care of themselves and baby while not having to worry about anything else domestic or home related. This was not something their SO’s expected them to do. They just did it on their own to help ease the woman’s burden in some way. This makes them super hubbies and amazing in most books. What are some ways that husbands have done this? Here are 15 amazing things SO’s have done for their pregnant wives:

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15 Surprises Her With A Nursery 

This is a fun but daunting task for all parents, whether they are first timers or it is their second, third for more child. It takes time, money, effort and lots of love and energy to set up a baby room. If it’s a theme room, add on even more effort. This is where when my friend’s husband surprised her by setting up the entire baby theme room one day while she was out for a rare day of pampering. She came back to everything in place, including the blankets and sheets ready to go!

The painting of the room had been a joint effort as well as deciding on the theme and colors, but in the end seeing how tired his wife was and how this one pampering day away had been her only break up until that point, he took it upon himself to start and finish this awesome project. She cried when she walked in and saw not only what an amazing job the hubby did, but told him how amazing he was!

14 Runs Her A Bath Every Night

Another friend of mine’s husband did something else extra special that she had never counted on. As she wanted to be a part of all the decorating and physical baby prep even though he told her she could take a break if she wanted, he decided that the least he could do to show his gratitude for her carrying their baby, was to take over the cooking and cleaning completely on his own.

She had been having a rough time with nausea and exhaustion and though she was not told to go on bed rest, he did not want her worrying about anything else other than hers and their baby’s health. On top of that, it got better. He even ran nightly baths for her. She had always loved bathing to unwind after a tough day at the office. This became her solace during her pregnancy, and her husband loved doing this to help in whatever way he could. Wow, is all most of us can say!

13 Stays Up To Date On Everything Pregnancy

Then there are the husbands (and I do know a few here), who sat with their wife and looked on the laptop at site after site of baby equipment of all shapes, sizes and prices. They perused the best quality baby clothing, looked at the pros/cons of cloth versus disposable diapers, as well as breastfeeding versus bottle feeding and attachment parenting versus other styles. We all get the picture. A few of the hubbies did ALL the research with their ladies to be able to say that they took part and then could go into the store and buy the stuff without needing her there if she wanted to rest and take it easy that day.

One can imagine how much this was appreciated, particularly if Mom-to-be was not feeling up to going to buy the equipment. He would happily go and know what they were looking for. Though most things can be ordered online, sometimes we need to go see it in person to see the real fit.

12 Helps Her Become A Labor Expert

Most husbands hated or were a little embarrassed going to prenatal classes. Then there was my best friend’s husband who not only went to the classes, but became such an expert in doing the breathing exercises that he was the one reminding her what to do when she got discouraged over her VERY long labor. When it ended up going into an emergency C-Section, he held her hand and continued to encourage her telling her what an awesome job she had done and what an awesome Mom she would be.

He was as excited as her to meet their first child and then was able to expertly transfer over the other skills from the class in bonding and cuddling with baby. He even surprised the nurse with how he walked up and down the corridor with baby as if he had done it forever. His wife and the nurse stared off in shock and amazement. That was a first for the nurse seeing how well that husband was adjusting to fatherhood!

11 Plans The Perfect Baby Shower

Then there was my ex-colleague whose husband went above and beyond the call of duty and actually sat in on the planning, set up, and later clean up of his wife's surprise baby shower. Yes, it’s true! He planned, helped decorate, and then cleaned up! Wow! Talk about going the extra mile. Her friends were as shocked as the other ladies in the group, but hey, he had such great ideas and knew exactly where to put the centerpiece that they realized that it would be a crazy missed opportunity to give their friend the baby shower of her dreams if they did not enlist the help of her husband/event planner.

And what a party it was! There was talk about this in her circles for months and some joked about hiring him for other events and him making a sideline income from it. But alas, he said no. This was all a labor of love!

10 Makes Sure She Never Goes Hungry

The doting husband? Yes, he exists. Just like the doting wife. He is concerned about her every move and not because of how it will affect him. He actually, genuinely wants to know she is healthy with her diet. This is not some neurosis on his part. It is pure love as he tells her and others around her how she is carrying their child and he wants nothing but the best for both of the people he loves most in the world.

He will never force her to eat, but will make sure she is eating, snacks, meals, and having ample liquids in between. He will make sure the cupboards and fridge are stocked with healthy foods that will nourish her to a wonderful pregnancy and an easy delivery. He will join her in healthy eating. After all, he will need all his energy to help her now and once baby comes on to the scene. He is a true gem and one she is appreciative of everyday.

9 Checks Up On Her Regularly

Another good friend I had met in university married a man who was so attentive to her emotional state during pregnancy that he would regularly check in with her throughout the day. He would call her on her cell at lunch and text her throughout the day to make sure she was feeling alright. He was sensitive if she didn’t want to watch any violent movies or wanted to turn in early. He would turn in early too, and use this time to do some extra couple cuddling. This was only if she was in the mood, of course.

If she wanted to be alone, he would not only respect that, but do his own thing AND stay nearby if she changed her mind and wanted to talk or share anything. Incredible. Most men don’t know what to do about emotions. Though men today have an easier time than the generations of men before them who were taught it was unmanly; there were still challenges. We laughed about how this guy’s a keeper for sure!

8 Runs All The Errands For Her

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Ok. Then there was my husband who pretty much took over running all the outside errands so I could come home from work, put my feet up and relax. All I had to do was call or text and let him know what we needed for groceries, household products, and he took it upon himself to either cook the meal or pick up my favorite takeout of the night. We knew with baby there would not be too much ordering in afterwards, so if I wanted Indian he’d pick some up. Another night was Lebanese or Greek food.

It was wonderful being spoiled in this way. Whenever I would mention I didn’t mind, he would insist I rest. I’d had a difficult few months with nausea and an ultrasound scare, so this was more than ever appreciated. Still, most men would do this once a week, not every day. I truly felt blessed to have him as my partner then as I still do now.

7 Dotes On Her Any Hour Of The Night

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My neighbor’s husband was the type of all around amazing guy who actually went out at any hour of the day or night to buy whatever crazy food craving his lady love wanted. One night it was a strange cold cut. Another night she just had to have fried chicken. We get the picture. Another night she was craving a certain ice cream. The grocery store closest to her house was the only one that carried that brand and they were closed. He found another chain of that particular store that was over twenty minutes away and went, yes, he drove after 9pm at night to get her that flavor and brand of ice cream. Crazy. Maybe. But she still talks today with amazement and love of this sacrifice he made. She was telling him it’s ok. She’ll get over it. But his love was that big.

6 Plans The Perfect Romantic Date

She is feeling frumpy, unattractive with a bigger size than she is used to being (though the rest of the world thinks she looks beautiful), blotchy with some blemishes on her skin or overly hot body temperature wise, and thinks to herself, I am done and will never feel beautiful again. Her husband comes in that very evening and announces that they are going on a romantic date to that new Italian restaurant where the guitar player comes up to each table and serenades the guests while they enjoy delicious antipasto, fresh garlic bread, and every other delicacy under the planet.

Most important of all, he had been instrumental in helping her feel sexy, beautiful, and attractive once again. They have a chance to bond, catch up, and talk about other things besides baby. That is important to keep their marriage strong now more than ever. They will remember what brought them together when they look at their beautiful baby together afterwards.

5 Surprises Her With A Much Needed Vacation

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My good friend did a surprise vacation trip with her husband. She was off on preventative leave and he whisked her off to an unknown location that ended up being an all-inclusive resort where they were both able to kick back, relax and sleep. She’d been having a relatively easy pregnancy, but it still felt good to get away, and she was so touched that he had surprised her and arranged all of this without her knowledge, including taking time off from his very busy job.

She did not think this would have been possible due to a big project happening at the time. The power of love was strong in this man and in this relationship. It was beautiful to see. Those of us who had yet to get pregnant were happy for her and hoping our hubbies would take the hint and do the same when we got pregnant one day. It is one of those gestures when the thought AND the actual event end up being super special.

4 Surprises Her With Gifts

Remember the Mom friend whose lower self-esteem was affecting how she looked at herself and felt about her body? Well, another friend had that some issue. Her husband tried the techniques above. It helped a lot but she still was so hard on herself. She felt unattractive and fretted about her love life going down the toilet. She thought her husband was not being romantic towards her due to her appearance.

Really, he was so wanting to be intimate but was afraid to hurt the baby. With time he figured out what the secret was, tell her he wanted more intimacy between them and that he thought she was very sexy and beautiful, and then to show her how hot he thought her pregnant body was, he would offer to go shopping with her so they could pick together some sexier form fitting maternity clothes. He took the time to make her feel sexy before they even set foot in the store. WOW.

3 Two Words: Foot Massage

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What women would say no to a massage from her husband? Most love all kinds of massages, but when a woman is on her feet all day long, pregnant or not, the guy who wants to massage her feet is a keeper! So when another colleague and friend’s husband told her he would massage her feet nightly after a long day at work, where she was up on her feet all day, she not only took him up on it, she bought the lavender oil, picked the candles, and selected the music for the backdrop to this beautiful way of showing love and appreciation. It also actually ended up being a form of foreplay for them sometimes. Wow. Double wow. After when baby was born and her movement was back to normal, she even reciprocated a few times for the foot massage.

2 Even Better: Back Massage

Ohhh. Another good friend from high school’s hubby was into giving his wife back massages every night or several times a week whenever she needed it. He was almost as good as her massotherapist, and she treasured the intimacy of  his touch when he would gently caress her back. The release of tension in her muscles was terrific. They bonded, talked and laughed during the massage, and then both of them actually had a better nights’ sleep in releasing all the tensions of the day. She loved that this was her husband’s idea, and he loved that this was something intimate and simple that he could do for his wife that helped her with muscular and emotional tension.

1 Becomes A Personal Chauffeur

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What a wonderful husband! This guy did not want his wife having to walk more than she had to when in her advanced stage of pregnancy, so what did he do? He would make sure to drop her off at the door of every store or appointment that she had so she wouldn’t strain herself or baby. She’d had a lot of physical discomfort in the last few months, so though she was a little embarrassed by his fussing, she was also touched by the fact that he cared so much about hers and baby’s physical health, that he would go beyond the usual kind of care and help her out even more.

Family and friends were impressed and happy for her. They also told her that he was a keeper, and those that were single asked the usual corny, does he have any single friends or brothers?

There are probably many other special men out there, but here were 15 examples of amazing things SO's have done to make life a little easier for their pregnant wives. These women surely agree on their fortune, and are happy to share with the world how men can be sexy, caring, and supportive all at the same time. Here’s to all the amazing husbands and Dads-to-be out there who go that extra mile!

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