15 Amazon Products Moms Should Pack In Their Hospital Bag (And 5 That Will Take Up Space)

Many moms and moms-to-be love buying products from Amazon. People can find just about anything on that website! From baby products to food to new shoes, the possibilities are endless. Amazon can be super helpful when it comes time to pack the hospital bag! But beware, there are items that may sound tempting to pack, but will be a huge waste of space (and money!)

Below we have compiled a list of 15 Amazon products that every mom needs to pack in her hospital bag and 5 products that are not worth buying. Some of these products will come as a total shock to you while others are probably expected. The goal when packing the hospital bag is to not overpack or under pack, which means bringing the essentials. It can be hard to know what to buy, and what to leave behind in your Amazon cart, but trust us, we have found the goods. From head to toe, we have the scoop on it all. With Amazon’s two day free shipping (for Amazon Prime members) you can get these products in a flash and get them packed away and ready for the big day!

Which of these items are you going to purchase?

20 An Actual Hospital Bag!

Some mama’s over pack while others bring the bare minimum, either way, you will need a good-sized bag to pack your stuff in. A bag (like the one shown above) that is not too big and not too small is perfect for your hospital stay. Getting something with a zipper is the way to ensure that items do not get lost and spilled out during your hospital stay and on the way to the car. You may be coming home with more items than you originally came with (gifts, paperwork, etc.) so it is a clever idea to have a bag that has some extra space in it.

19 Heavy Protection Adult Diapers

After birth, your nurses will give you mesh underwear with a giant pad attached to the inside. Although these are great (and free!), they can be uncomfortable and not as absorbent as an adult diaper. Adult diapers are more comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about a pad coming loose, as many leaks, and bunching up pads. An adult diaper is handy to have for the ride home from the hospital, so you do not get the seats of the car bloody. If you are not against trying the mesh underwear, it is still safe to bring some adult diapers with you, just in case.

18 Flip Flop Slippers

There will be times when you have to get out of the bed during your hospital stay, like when you have to use the bathroom or visit your baby in the nursery. You may not want to get your socks dirty, so purchasing a pair of sandals or slippers can be helpful during your hospital stay. You probably will not want to be lacing sneakers or pulling on shoes, so something you can slip into quickly and comfortably is key. Comfort and convenience are two things that you should aim for when purchasing items for the hospital bag. It is a bonus if you purchase something that you can wear once you get home as well!

17 Phone Charger

Packing a phone charger in the diaper bag ahead of time can be a great idea just in case you have to get to the hospital ASAP. There are some items moms leave out of the bag until they must leave (like a phone charger) but in the midst of running around and getting ready, this is something that can be easily left behind. That is why purchasing a second one and pre-packing it is not a bad idea. This will not go to waste because you can leave this in your purse or put it in a different room of your home.

16 Sturdy Headphones

Purchasing a pair of earphones can be a great addition to getting through labor. On one hand, playing slow songs can help relax a mama during those contractions while on the other hand, playing fun songs can get mama motivated to start pushing. Earphones are also a great idea if mama wants to watch Netflix on her phone during her hospital stay. You may not think you will need earphones, but it is something that is absolutely worth packing, just in case! Creating a labor playlist can be beneficial for mama in all stages of labor!

15 Lightweight Head Bands

Delivering a baby is hard work, and having your hair falling in your face can become annoying really quickly. Buying a nonslip headband can ensure that your hair is the least of your problems. A headband can be good in recovery as well while you are trying to feed and bond with your baby. You will probably want to keep your sweaty hair out of your way until it is time to shower. As a woman, you can never go wrong with having headbands laying around, just in case! You will thank us later for suggesting this headband, it will save you!

14 Natural Lanolin Cream For Breastfeeding

If you plan on nursing your newborn, then we suggest purchasing nipple cream! Nipple cream is a must during breastfeeding, especially during those first few days/weeks. Your baby has to adjust to breastfeeding just like your nipples have to get used to being sucked on by baby. You will most likely have to deal with tears, dryness, and cracks along the way. Breastfeeding can be painful, and nipple cream can be a life saver. Even if you are not sure if you want to breastfeed, it is a good idea to pack this anyway. Nipple cream will make your breastfeeding journey much easier!

13 Dr. Fresh Dental Travel Kit

Buying a travel size tooth paste and toothbrush can not only help reduce space in your bag but can be a good idea if you do not want to misplace or leave your expensive electric toothbrush at the hospital. Pre-made travel sized items can be more convenient than buying empty travel sized bottles and filling it up with products from home. There is a risk of items spilling in your bag, which is one of the last things you want to happen. Purchasing ready to go travel size items is quick, easy, and convenient! These small items can fit in a side pocket, so you can fill your bag up with other things!

12 Smallshow Women's Nursing Clothes

Post-baby, many mamas do not feel their best. It is important to pack comfortable clothes to come home from the hospital in. Depending on the time of year, either a short sleeved or long sleeved breezy nursing top can be a great option. This kind of shirt does not hug your body and allows you to nurse your new little one if you choose to. It may not be a good idea to pack your pre-pregnancy clothing since you do not know what your body will look like post-baby. Aim for comfortable and convenient to make your first day home easier!

11 Chapstick Skin Protectant

You will be doing a lot of breathing, most likely through your mouth, during labor. Your lips can become dry and chapped very quickly, so packing Chapstick can make the process go much smoother. It is a good idea to have a second (or third!) Chapstick handy just in case one gets lost. This is another one of those items that does not go to waste because once you get home from the hospital you can throw one in the car, one in the diaper bag and one in your bathroom. Trust us, Chapstick will be a lifesaver, you will thank us later.

10 A Seamless Wear

If you plan on nursing your bundle of joy, then we suggest purchasing and packing some nursing bras. These bras will help you feel more comfortable during your hospital stay. They are also convenient for when you have visitors. Nursing bras give you the support and comfort you need while learning how to nurse your baby. A supportive bra can help elevate back pain by giving your breasts the support needed. Wearing a bra can help you feel somewhat normal while you are wearing a hospital gown and disposable underwear. This is something that will not go to waste once you get home.

9 Lansinoh Nursing Pads

There are women whose milk does not come in until they get home and some women whose milk comes in at the hospital. You may have an idea of how many days you’ll be staying, but you never know what will happen, so it is better to be safe than sorry. These nursing pads stick to the inside of your bra so that you will feel a little less gross and sticky. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, nipple pads will be something you will probably need at some point or another. These can be a life saver for many moms, so it is best to pack it just to be safe!

8 Yoga Non-Slip Socks

Hospital rooms can be cold, so wearing comfy socks can be super helpful. Leaving your old socks at home It is also important to try and wear socks that have grips at the bottom, so you are not taking a tumble. Falling with (or without!) baby in your arms is something that you do not want to go through. Hospital floors can be slick, so wearing socks with grips can ensure a safe hospital stay. You can never go wrong with having extra socks laying around. These are perfect to keep on during your stay because they will keep you warm, safe, and happy!

7 Fresh Energy Deodorant

This is something we promise you that you will not want to forget. The hospital stay can feel like a blur between the sleepless nights and the hectic days. You will most likely not partake in your normal morning and evening routine in the hospital, but deodorant is something you should make sure you have. You will feel gross between the leaky hospital gowns from your milk coming in and bleeding down there that deodorant will help you feel somewhat normal and clean. Whether you buy a mini sized or a full sized deodorant, it will get used in the hospital and once you get home, so you cant go wrong.

6 Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion

You may not think you will need lotion, but trust us, it may come in handy. Your hands may become very dry due to constant hand washing and be sanitized to keep baby safe from germs. In between hand washings, it is a good idea to use lotion to ensure your hands do not start to crack and become dry. Lotion can also be helpful for you during labor if you need a message from Dad. Your body goes through hormonal changes once having baby and drying of the skin is a common problem for many new moms. Trust us, lotion will be your friend.

5 Compact Travel Hair Dryer

We understand why you would want to pack a hair dryer, but we advise you not to. A shower goes a long way to help mama feel herself after having the baby but skipping drying her hair won’t hurt. The best bet is to let your hair air dry, so you do not risk waking up the baby once she is asleep. You will most likely want to spend your time bonding with your new baby instead of time blow drying your hair in the bathroom. There is a big chance that you won’t use it anyway, so leave the hair dryer at home!

4 Fruit Of The Loom

It may seem smart to pack underwear, but chances are you will not need them. You will spend your hospital stay rocking mesh underwear or adult diapers. If you are insistent on wearing underwear, it is best to bring old underwear that you do not care if you have to toss. Purchasing new underwear is a waste of money because you will be bleeding during those first few days. Many mama’s have to change their bedding, hospital gown, and adult diaper often, so we suggest not purchasing anything new that could get ruined or that you have to bring home and wash.

3 Spectra Baby Electric Pump Bundle

Some mama’s plan on trying out pumping, but the good news is that you don’t have to pack your pump in your hospital bag. Not only is it super bulky but it is unnecessary. Most hospitals will let you use their pumps, but is best to call in advanced just to be sure. Often, there is no immediate need to bring your pump with you since baby will begin breastfeeding right away. Breastfeeding from the start can help with the necessary bonding between mama and baby. Of course, things come up, like an unexpected NICU stay, and in that case, you may want your own pump. Dad can always head home and grab the pump if it is needed, but it is a good idea to use the hospitals pump.

2 Waterproof Eyeshadow Palette

Some mama’s love wearing makeup, but we can almost guarantee you that in the hospital, make up is the last thing on your mind. There is a time and place for makeup, and the hospital may be the time to leave your bronzers and eye shadows at home. You will be so busy between acatching up on sleep and not taking your eyes off your baby when you’re awake that you will forget all about the makeup in your bag. All it will do is take up unnecessary space. You just birthed a baby, so be proud and rock those dark circles!

1 Pinzon Terry Cotton Bathrobe

In theory, a nice comfortable robe sounds like a promising idea, but it is just a waste of space. The hospital gowns are not the most comfortable thing to wear, but it is more practical. After baby, mama will bleed…a lot. Your nurses will be in more often than you expect to change out your bedding and to give you new hospital gowns. The last thing you want to do is buy a nice bath robe for it to get stained with blood and covered in breast milk and baby throw up. The bath robe is a good idea for the first week home, when you have access to a washing machine, but in the meantime, leave it out of the hospital bag.

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