14She Talked Continuously About Her Kid’s #2

Ok we all are worried about our kid’s poop. Either it’s not enough poop, too much poop, the wrong color, shape, smell etc. But to keep talking about it continuously pretty much equals an obsession. Moms who can’t let it go (cue in song), need to take a Mommy break.

Leave the kid with someone else for the morning, afternoon or day. And if she can’t think of what to talk about, it's better to stay quiet and observe the cues around her. She may be able to get in some appropriate poop talk, but it needs to end there ladies. Other Moms deal with this stuff all day and night too, but the Mom/Tot group is a chance to ask other questions too, compare notes, and maybe share a laugh about motherhood so she sees she is not alone. If there is that Mom droning on about that other thing, well, it kind of takes away from that.

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