15 Astonishing Facts About C-Sections

Caeserean surgery, scorned by many, but loved by even more are becoming more and more common nowadays with many healthy mothers opting to go for c sections instead of natural labour ( read; a certain Spice that is very Posh).

These women are okay with forking out extra cash and therefore can choose not to go through the arduous task of huffing and puffing to push the little ones out. All they have to do is lie on the operating table while the surgeon does his or her job. Others do it for medical reasons that are beneficial for both mother and child in the long run.

Whatever it is, no one can deny that c-sections are here to stay. In fact, it is becoming more and more of an in thing these days.

But do we really know anything about what it is besides it's fancy name, the fact that it costs a heck lot more and that one will most likely get a permanent scar? Well for those who are in the dark about this wonderful (and sometimes scary procedure), why not read on and discover some interesting and mind blowing facts about this caeserean surgery?

It might help enlighten some moms who are making a decision on whether to opt for a c-section or to go for an au natural birth instead.

15 Some Women Have Performed Their Own C Secs, And Lived

Did you know that there have been cases where women performed their own c-sections and survived? Yes! They survived! This is just like that creepy scene from Prometheus where Naomi Rapace carried out her own surgery to pull the freaking alien out. Ewww!

But self inflicted c-sections do exist with the most prominent successful procedure being carried out in 2000 by Inez Ramirez Perez of Mexico. This was one woman who had absolutely no medical experience.

Driven by pain for the past 12 hours (imagine having all those agonizing contractions but no way of getting the baby out), she finally drowned herself in hard liquor (presumably to numb her body and give her an extra boost of bravery), and used a kitchen knife to cut open her belly. It took one hour and three attempts to eventually make a 17cm incision (vertical incision) before she finally managed to reach inside her uterus to pull her baby out.

Right after that she severed the umbilical cord using a pair of scissors. (Eyes and jaws worldwide popping out and dropping down). This remarkable lady then passed out for a few minutes before regaining conscious to wrap her little bundle of miracle and then sending her eldest child to find help.

A village health assistant finally came a few hours later (talk about delays) to sew her up with a thread and needle. Phew! Talk about girl power.

14 C-Sections Are More Than One Thousand Years Old

Besides the surgery performed on the late Indian princess, history points out that c-sections were also performed in many other regions (though probably sometime after 300BC). There have been countless references to surgeries that seemingly describe c-sections in ancient Hindu, Egyptian and Roman folklore (on women who had died trying to give birth naturally).

Meanwhile, Chinese history claims to have had performed c-sections on women who were very much alive and kicking. In fact one of the ancient emperors had six sons, all of whom were supposedly delivered by cutting open the mother's womb. Not exactly living the glamorous life eh, concubines?

Most records indicate that the surgeries ended up with the death of the mothers. Er....Erm....okay. Not exactly a very exciting finding here people.

The first woman to have possibly survived a c section was said the be a young French lady who later became the Queen of Bohemia ( she was seventeen at that time). It was in the year 1337 when medical science was just starting to improve ( lucky girl).

13 There Are Some Risks Involved

As with every surgery, there will be risks. But are the risks associated with caeserean sections life threatening? Well you're about to find out.

First and foremost, before the surgery, your doctor will have you sign a form of agreement saying you won't sue them in case anything bad happens ( Eg. Spinal injury due to the epidural, baby gets scarred from the incision, stillbirth, and other complications).

And now (drumroll...), the risks are...

Risk of death (Gasp! No!) Well yes. C-sections are a surgery after all and as with all surgeries, there is always a possibility one might end up a cold carcass on the hospital bed. Research has shown that the possibility of fatality for mothers undergoing c-sections is three times higher compared to those who opt for natural birth.

Another of the many risks is bladder infection. Sometimes when the catheter is inserted, it can scrape the bladder tube, therefore resulting in infection of your bladder. This might cause great discomfort for a week or two while the doctor gives your tons and tons of antibiotics to clear up the infection.

And once in a blue moon, a baby might get accidentally nicked resulting in a slight scar on their body. But this is usually the most minor of concerns as scars can heal over time. Worse comes to worst, you can spend extra money on plastic surgery. What fun! Not.

12 Any Woman Is A Potential Caesarean Candidate

While the modern woman can opt to go for c-sections by choice, it was originally only meant for those who had high risk or complicated pregnancies. By high risk or complicated pregnancies we mean those who carry breeched babies (imagine trying to push out a baby by his or her elbow through that little hole of yours...oh my gawd...how much pain would that generate?).

Other reasons for caesarean include those who have had prolonged labour and therefore resulting in a fetal distress (for example, that hole just refuses to open even though the sac has broken), extremely large babies or large quantity of babies at a time (would you like to push out a group of quantuplets?), those who had unfortunately contracted sexually transmitted diesases such as genital herpes right before labor (no shame in that ladies) and various other reasons.

11 The Caesarean Was Named After Julius Caesar

Legend has it that the great Julius Caesar was born via caeserean section hence his name. But history has shown that to be untrue and that the very first c section dates back to around 300BC when an Indian princess who consumed poison by accident died before she could give birth to her child.

Her husband the prince, could not stand losing both mother and child decided to have his great teacher cut up his beloved's belly to try and save the child. Suffice to say the child lived and became the first ever c-section child.

So how did the term c section come about? Well, Caesar did have a hand in coining the name. Under his jurisdiction and law, any attempt to cut open a women's womb could only be applied to a dead or dying mother whose family's wish is to save the child, hence the name Caesarean Surgery. There you go. Hail Caesar!

10 There's a Certain Procedure To Follow

Once mom-to-be has signer herself into the hospital, she's taken up to the L&D ward where she will be prepped for surgery. Part of this preparation is to have IV drugs administered if she needs them and any other type of medication she may need prior to the surgery. Then she'll have her pubic hair shaved (if she hasn't done so herself already) and her baby's heartbeat monitored.

Once all is done, she'll then be wheeled into this really cold room where the anaesthetist will give her an epidural to numb her body waist down. Once the epidural kicks in, she won't feel any pain at all even though she might be able to feel a slight pressure if she's being cut or pressed on when the doctor digs out her placenta.

The rest will happen in a breeze, she'll be wheeled into the operating theatre where the doctor will (or will not) give her a rundown of what will happen. Then an incision will be made on her belly right before her baby pops out. She'll be given a chance to cuddle her child for a little while before they whisk her little one off for cleaning and checking.

The doctor will then checks her womb before sewing her up. Many have mentioned to getting a whiff of barbecued meat (sans the marinade and herbs) during the operation. Well that's the skin is being lasered during the operation. But no worries, she'll be more overwhelming with the thought of being a mummy to even care about the smell.

And then once sewn up, she'll be wheeled back to her room to recuperate and bond with her child.

9 You May Be Bed Ridden For 24 Hours After Surgery

It's a freaking surgery where they literally slice you open like a subway sandwich before stapling you back, so no, you won't be able to hop around the hospital bed or go wheeling down the aisle right after surgery.

In fact, some women won't even be able to move their legs for the first two days, after which there will be the struggle to learn how to get out of the bed, stand and walk while holding in the pain from the surgery. That would probably be day 3 after the surgery. A few days after that you'll be able to start walking normally again (like how any normal ninety year old gal would walk).

Running, hopping, exercises like planking or zumba or hip hop should come only one month (preferably two months) after surgery for fear of popping up your stitches. So take it slow and steady okay?

8 There's Always The Chance To Have A VBAC

In the past (as in way back in the past), most women did not survive c sections so no, they never did get to do a round two. But these days with medicine and technology being much more advanced, a woman will still be able to give birth after having a child via c section.

A few years back, one might have had to wait at least 3 years before being able to deliver again for fear that the incision from the former operation would tear as the fetus in the womb grew. But nowadays, your gynaecologist might tell you to go ahead and try for another baby just slightly a year after your surgery. No biggie they would say.

Also, back in the past, once you had c sec, then it would be c sec for life. Meaning the following babies that you might have would all have to be delivered via caesarean. But again, now that mankind has evolved into slightly more intelligent beings, a mother can opt to go for natural births even if they have had c sections before.

7 The Scaring Depends On DNA

Ahhhhh the battle scar. The annoying swollen little 'line' that always just pops up above that sexy bikini pants of yours. Will it ever fade?

Well the answer actually depends on your body. Some women have God given skin and heal fabulously even after being cut and scratched and poked, leaving behind little to no scar to prove that they had in fact undergone surgery before.

But for the rest of us poor souls, we will have to live with it. Sure, creams and lotions and so called miracle oils might help slightly but those unsightly rugged bumpy lines will always be there to remind you of the time you went under the knife.

And if your child pokes at your scar and asks 'what that ugly worm is' then you can launch into your emotional speech of how much your suffered to bring them into this world and ramble so much that they would never dare ask you the question again.

6 Couples Have To Wait 2 Months To Be Intimate

Technically there should be no hanky panky a month or two after the surgery for fear that the stitches might pop. But anytime after that (and when the lady feels up to it), there should not be a problem.

However, many have claimed to losing the sense of touch at areas surrounding the incision. Meaning even if your partner were to give you an erotic lick around that area, you wouldn't feel a thing. What a put off. Others claim to have tingling sensations that make the area around the wound extra sensitive.

Your partner's light touch might send a jolt of pain to your brain's nervous system and poof, there goes another night of playing nooky.

But other than being extra sensitive or having no sensations at all, one should not have any issues with wanting to get down and dirty (except for the many nights of being tired from taking care of the little one so much so that having fun with your partner would be the last thing on your mind).

5 Caesareans Don't Interfere With Bonding

Some people claim that a mother and child bond is stronger if the child is delivered naturally. Heck, there are even theorists and studies conducted in higher institutions to prove this argument. But honestly, yours truly thinks that while a mother might feel more connected to a child if she had to squeeze every last ounce of strength to push the baby out, it is actually the quality of time spent with the child in the future that will ensure a strong bond.

After all it is a fact that some adopted children are more attached to their foster parents than biological children are to their parents. So go figure.

And if anyone were to tell you otherwise, ignore them. So long as you do your best as a parent, who cares if your baby didn't go through the rite if passage through that little canal of yours. Your baby will always be your baby irregardless of how he or she popped into the world.

4 Caesareans Aren't Cheap!

In 2015, a parental website reported that a planned c section typically cost around $5,000. This included the epidural and hospital stay. However, the price has been reported to have doubled as of 2017. However different hospitals have slightly different charges.

Say you go to a government hospital, the charges will definitely be slightly cheaper compared to the posh 5 star hospitals that celebrities go to. Also, different countries have different rates too. But on average, couples would need to fork out around 5 to 10 grand for the surgery (assuming no complications arise during the c sec).

So if you're one of the many who are planning for a c section, make sure to take out your piggy bank and start saving. No more impulsive shopping sprees or expensive getaways with your spouse. You gotta pay bills, bills and more bills!

If you have insurance coverage then good for you, but if you don't (especially now that a certain president *cough* blonde dude who loves to tweet *cough* has been elected), you might want to dig out all the extra cash you can find.

3 It's Not Recommended To Have More Than 3 C Secs

To be honest, there are no rules as to how many c sections a woman can have. But currently the world record is lucky number six. Still studies have shown that in general (yes there are exceptions), each c section will be slightly more complicated than the last, with each recovery being deemed slower.

However, there have been many women who have had similar healing rates to their previous c-sections. Some women even tend to heal faster compared to their last c-sections. So it actually depends on the woman's body and health.

Still the general consensus agrees that a woman should have no more than three  c-sections ( just to be on the safe side). Hot mama Posh Spice and her four c-sections not withstanding. So if you have had a c-section before and are comfortable with the complications that come after it, then do not stress yourself out on whether it is okay for you to have another go at c-section for your next child.

So long as your gynaecologist gives you the green light and you are happy with it then why not? Haters gonna be haters. Its your body after all.

2 Some Women Feel A Caesarean Isn't A Real Birth

While mankind have moved towards the 21st century, the subject of c sections remains very much a taboo to many people. C-sections are usually scorned at, and women who have elective c sections are usually coined 'too posh to push'. Ouch.

Why is that so? What is it that drives people mad about c-sections? Why is a woman less a mother if she has a baby without pushing? Before we all start getting hot headed here, let's be logical. There will be women who prefer natural birth and those who prefer elective c sections. To reach her own.

That being said, worries about c-sections are legit. The death toll for c-sections are still higher compared to natural births and the recovery rate is undeniably slower with a lot more complications thrown in. Plus it is a lot more expensive.

And to add oil to the fuel, some women (a minority) who have not had c sections do not understand the beauty of it (beauty as in one does not need to fear for 9 months whether she can push or not and only to end up living her worst nightmare to not being able to push and losing excessive amounts of blood and then going through an emergency c-section that would finally save her life and get baby's).

Eh, got that out of my system.

1 Major Celebrities Have Had C Secs

While many have identified Posh Spice as the official c-section ambassador, there are countless other celebrities who have had c-sections too. These range from the lead singer of the smash hit 'No Doubt'; the one and only fabulous German Stefani. This multitalented singer has had three c-sections peacefully and is happily parenting all three of her healthy kids.

Former mouse letter and  'The Voice ' judge, Christina Aguilera had also admitted to having planned c-sections for both her children. She reasoned that she did not want any surprises like tearing or cervix refusing to open.

Superstar and superhuman Angelina Jolie is also another celebrity who underwent c-sections citing that she did not see it any less a sacrifice and that she had found the procedures to be 'fascinating'.

Former Beverly Hills star Tori Spelling initially opted for a natural birth but almost died due to complications after developing placenta previa. The starlet has since been an avid supporter of c-section citing that the surgery saved her life.

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