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Paige makes our list because it’s pretty, simple and sweet, and certainly isn’t overly common. From humble beginnings as an English surname meaning servant, the name Paige came in at #140 in the U.S. in the most recent rankings.

This pretty girl’s name was actually more popular in the 1990s and

early 2000s. Its most popular year was 2003 when it rose to baby girl name #47. Since then, it’s been slowly loosing favor.

Paige is a particularly great name because it goes well with almost any two-syllable middle name – think Paige Marie, Paige Ellen, Paige Suzanne… We could go on of course.

We love that it’s quite beautiful in its simplicity and doesn’t come with any baggage. It’s a great choice for parents who want something less run-of-the-mill while not entering bizarro-land.

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