15 Babies Discovered In The Most Mysterious Places

Many children have rough childhoods. Growing up in unhappy households were mom and dad are constantly fighting, growing up in rough neighbourhoods were drugs and crime are a common sight, or even living in an abusive home. While we can all easily say these are awful situations, some children have it rough right from the very beginning.

When a woman who has been planning a pregnancy, she is so delighted to see those two pink lines come up on a pregnancy test. When a woman is young or just not equipped to handle a baby, they are un-pleasantly surprised when they see those two pink lines. These women have many options, they can have an abortion, they can place the baby up for adoption, or they can power through and raise the baby with help and support. Some women, feel like none of these are great options for them so they carry the baby to term and labour in secret and abandon the infant in dangerous situations.

Some women will leave their infant unanimously at a fire station, hospital and church. While some would think this awful, it really is the kindest option. Some women have left their defenceless infants in dangerous places, not really showing care or thought to the location. I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that these women are more than likely suffering from mental illness, and while their acts may be seen as monstrous, it doesn’t mean that they are monstrous.

Consider this your warning before you read on, these stories may make your skin crawl and blood boil. Here are the stories of 15 babies left in the most mysterious places.

15An Airplane Bathroom

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I am sure a lot of us have used an airplane bathroom once or twice in our life. They are small and really only designed for one to do their business and leave. One woman used it for other activities. It happened on a Pacific Blue airplane that had flown from Auckland to Samoa. Staff were cleaning the plane on its arrival and discovered a 7-pound baby boy in the washroom trash bag. Staff were able to locate the mother as they noticed a woman with bloodied clothes. The newborns mother claimed that she was afraid of her mother’s reaction to the baby as she was unmarried and saw this is as the only option.

This is apparently quite common as a similar incident occurred in a Manila airport, when another infant was left in a trash bag. Staff became alerted when the trash bag started moving. They were unable to locate the mother in this incident, and many couple’s came forward to adopt this baby.

What I find even more surprising, is that no one on board these planes noticed that the two women were in labour.

14A Trash Compactor

Image result for baby found in trash compactor

It is a heartbreaking thought to think that a lot of newborns are found in trash bags. As if they are thrown away like garbage. Our next story took place on March 25th, 2016 on Good Friday (fitting for this little miracle). Paula Andrews, who was a maintenance supervisor at an apartment complex was completing her normal rounds like any other day. Andrews was just about to activate the trash compactor (which if anyone doesn’t know is at the bottom of a garbage chute) when she thought she heard a baby crying. She thought she must be hearing things (as anyone would) so she called her boyfriend over to investigate.

They then found a baby boy, covered in blood and fluid with his umbilical cord still attached buried underneath almost 20 bags of garbage. Despite all the trash on top, and the fall through the chute the baby was still alive. Andrews and her boyfriend called the police who took the newborn to the hospital in stable condition. No information could be found pertaining to if they found the baby’s mother.

13A Toilet

A toilet is somewhere we leave … well, waste. It is not somewhere someone would usually think to leave their newborn. Sadly, newborns being left in toilets is more common than we would like to think. A Californian woman decided to leave her newborn inside a toilet at a restaurant washroom. Staff at the local restaurant were horrified when they saw an umbilical cord sticking out form under one of the stall doors. When they looked inside, they were horrified to see a baby inside the toilet bowl. They called police in time and the baby was taken to the hospital.

The 38 year old mother was found hiding, discovered by following a bloody trail. She was arrested and charged with child abandonment. On the other side of the world a baby was also found in a Beijing toilet. This baby was fully pushed into the drain with only her little feet barely visible. She was discovered when residents heard her crying form inside the pipes and alerted police. What can only be described as a miracle, a police officer was able to pull the newborn out with no visible injuries. They later located the mother who stated she was abandoned by the baby’s father and that she did give birth in the toilet.

12A Storm Drain

What started off as a family bike ride, turned into a nightmare for a father and daughter in Sydney. On the morning of November 24, 2014, David Otte and his daughter were out on their bikes enjoying the day when they head a baby crying. The sound was coming from underneath a heavy concrete slab covering a storm drain. Otte could not lift the slab himself and called on other passerby’s to assist him. With the assistance of others, they were able to lift the slab and reveal a newborn baby still wrapped in his hospital blanket. The baby was at the bottom of an 8 foot drain, and everyone was amazed that the baby was still alive, considering the long drop and extrememly hot weather.

The baby was a week old at the time and was found dehydrated. He was removed and taken to the nearest children’s hospital. By checking hospital records, they were able to locate the baby’s mother who did go to court.

This came at a time in Australia’s history where they were in the process of starting baby hatches. A safe place where mothers can leave their unwanted babies who will be cared for and adopted out. I think this is a practice that should be in place all around the world.

11Buried Alive

An elderly woman in China dug up more than just herbs when she was outside gardening. The women was at a local cemetery doing some gardening when she heard a baby crying from inside a grave. The woman presumed she was hearing a ghost and fled to the closest temple. A 75 year-old priest heard what the woman had to say and called the local police. The police found a baby boy with a cleft lip buried alive inside a cardboard box in a shallow grave. The baby was in serious condition and was taken to the local hospital.

They estimated that the baby was 3 or 4 days old, but it was unclear on how long he had been buried. They were able to track down the parents and 5 other people who aided in the burial; whom were all arrested. The baby was left due to him being born with a cleft lip. Something that can be easily fixed with surgery.

10On The Beach

Most of us go to the beach looking to relax and escape for a while. We expect sand, hot sun and lots of sunscreen. We don’t expect to find an abandoned newborn baby. In April 2013 in Honolulu, a young woman named Keala Simeona approached police and stated that she had found a newborn baby girl on the beach. Simeona stated that she had parked at the beach and heard people shouting and a baby crying. She stated that she took the baby to hospital and reported the issue later.

Another man who was also at the same beach said he had seen a woman screaming near the water. He approached the woman to offer assistance, and the woman brushed him off stating she had just cut her foot on the reef. He went on his way and said he later saw a woman coming from the beach with the baby.

The police launched an investigation and determined that the woman who took the baby to the hospital and reported it to police was in fact the baby’s mother. The baby was put up for adoption and Simeona was charged.

9On The Street

Market places and shops are quite popular around the world. Most people and tourist enjoy wandering around buying merchandise or fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. In South Africa, a street vendor by the name of Paulos Manisa was selling belts and wallets and the day was going as any other day does. Manisa noticed a black shopping bag left on an empty vendors table. He didn’t see anyone near the bag and decided to investigate the bags’ contents. Manisa was shocked when he saw the face of a little baby girl staring up at him. He said that the baby girl was playfully waving her hands. He searched to see if he could find the baby’s mother, but they were unable to locate her. The baby was then taken to a safe place.

Unfortunately, a similar incident happened in Ireland in May of 2015 when a baby girl was found in a Marks & Spencer bag on the outskirts of Dublin. The baby girl was wrapped in a blanked and was a day old. She appeared to have been well-cared for up until she was left alone.

8In A Nativity Scene

The Christmas season is usually filled with joy and wonder. One mother took the Christmas season too far and too accurately. In November 2015, Jose Moran who was the custodian of the Holy Church of Jesus in New York was setting up the nativity scene frequently used by places of worship to celebrate the Christmas season. He decided to take his lunch break, when he returned to work in the afternoon he noticed that in the place of baby Jesus there was a real baby. A real baby with the umbilical cord still attached, crying and wrapped in a towel. He then proceeded to call the priest, who in turn called the police. The baby was transported to the hospital.

Upon review of the surveillance videos, they noticed a woman go into the church with a child, but proceeded to leave alone. Safe-haven laws do state that an unwanted infant can be left at a church, however the mother needs to inform someone that there is a baby there, which can be hard for some women as they know they will be heavily judged. The little baby was adopted by a member of the church’s congregation.

7Under A Bus


India is known for beautiful scenery, hot weather and lots of insane traffic. An Indian couple that had been married for a few years were arrested after they left their 10-day-old baby under a parked bus. Thankfully, the baby was found before the parked bus started its journey. The police had a hard time locating the couple, as there wasn’t any information given to them from nearby hospitals.

They finally got a lead when a local resident told them that a baby had recently come into the world at a nearby house. When the residents of the house were questioned, they revealed the names of the new parents. The father, Jagannath Sahu said that he felt disturbed because he did not think he was the father of the baby. He also stated that since the baby was born his in-laws had been mocking him. He somehow managed to convince his wife to get rid of the baby. Both parents were arrested for abandoning and endangering the life of a newborn.

6With Unsuspecting Strangers

Most mothers will never leave their baby with a stranger, and are often nervous when leaving a baby with a family or friend. This was not the problem for the mother in our next story. It happened in February 2010 in Kenya. An elderly woman was traveling on bus from Nairobi to Malindi and didn’t think anything about the woman who sat beside her with a baby. The bus ride was quite long, so she engaged in some friendly conversation with the woman to pass the time. By the time the bus had arrived at a pit stop the two were familiar with each other.

The mother asked the friendly lady to hold her daughter while she ran in to use the washroom. When the bus was about to leave, the elderly woman asked the driver to go look for the mother as she had left her daughter. The bus crew went and searched but could not find the mother anywhere. It became quite clear that this mother had abandoned her baby. The lady took the baby to the local police station. The law in Kenya states that if a woman has an abandoned child she is asked to care for it until the mother is found. The mother was never found, they found a growth on the back of the child’s head which required medical attention. This may have been the reason the baby was abandoned.

5In The Bushes … Freezing

Image result for baby found in bushes calgary

If anyone reading this is from Canada, like I am, you will know that our winters get pretty darn cold. Especially in provinces such as Alberta. This didn’t seem to matter to one woman. The new mother has been charged with child abandonment and failing to provide the necessaries of life and her three-month-old baby was discovered outside in the freezing temperatures.

Officers were called to an address at 2:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a woman standing outside in the cold, screaming and holding a baby. When police arrived, the woman did not have the baby anymore. They began a search for the baby and found it 10 minutes later in some bushes. The baby boy was rushed to the hospital in serious condition with concerns regarding hypothermia. The medical team was very concerned as the weather at the time was around – 15 degrees Celsius. There is currently an investigation going on. As far as we know, the baby is going to be fine.

4Another Baby Found In Garbage

Image result for baby found in garbage

One morning in Kearns, Utah neighbours found a newborn baby girl who had been abandoned in a garbage can. They head something that they thought sounded like a cat, but upon further inspection discovered that it was a newborn baby. They were shocked. The baby was born on a Sunday and had been found the following Tuesday, during this time the baby had not had anything to eat.

After investigating, the police found the 24 year old mother. The mother was afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy. She stated that she had discarded the baby in hopes that it would die and solve her problems. While this is incredibly shocking, to hear a mother talk like this about her baby, it is important to remember that mental health has played a part in this case. The woman has not been charged at this point, but instead is receiving medical treatment for an unnamed disability.

3In A Cardboard Box

Baby abandoned in cardboard box on side of road

A baby was discovered outside a government office when they workers heard crying. The baby was left in a cardboard box, on the side of the road. Surveillance footage showed the baby’s mother arrive in a taxi, dump the baby and then drove away again. Luckily for this little one, the father was searching for his son, and arrived a few hours later. The father stated that he had been arguing with the baby’s mother when she all of a sudden disappeared with the baby.

Police were able to identify and locate the mother who told them that she had abandoned the baby in the hopes of getting back at her husband. Workers inside the building fell immediately in love with the little baby boy and were amazed by him. They stated that he only cried for a short time before cheering up again. Babies sure have strength we could never imagine.

2In The Parking Lot

Sarah Shibley and Gary Collins.

Dee Griggin-Stevens got more than he bargained for when he was out running some errands in Texas. Griffin-Stevens found the 8-week-old infant in his car seat, in the middle of the parking lot. He held the baby boy tight and kept him warm until first responders could arrive. He was overcome with emotions and continued to cry because he could not believe what was happening. He stated “I’m holding him and I’m thinking ‘where’s your mom?’”

Authorities estimate that the 8-week-old had been alone for 45 minutes in the parking lot before being found. Sarah Shibley and Gary Collins, the baby’s parents, were located and charged with endangering a child. We wish we knew what went through people’s minds when they abandoned a child, especially when there are safe-haven laws that protect the identity of mothers or fathers who wish to leave their child at a safe space.


The unidentified baby was found at this tip in Yorkshire six years after passing through a shredder

This last entry is probably the most horrific thing I have ever read about, so consider this your warning to exit now. On May 19, 2011, workers at Associate Waste Management, in Yorkshire made a grisly discovery, a mutilated body of a baby girl that had gone through the shredder. The body parts were discovered as a worker was going through the items on a conveyor belt.

Due to the state of the infant, there are a lot of unanswered questions. They do not know if the baby went in alive or if it had previously passed away (we hope for the latter). What they have been able to find out is that the baby was carried to full term and was found approximately 2 to 3 days after birth.

Police have been unable to find the mother and are urging the mother to come forward, as it is not too late to do the right thing. A note to all mothers or expectant mothers, if you find yourself with child and unable to care for them, you have so many better options then leaving them.


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