15 Babies Escaping The Craziest Situations

 Safety for babies becomes a major concern for every parent. All parents want their baby to be happy but within the confines of a safe environment. Even before the baby arrives parents start working on making their homes baby-proof. When a baby starts to crawl then it is time to put up the protective fences. Babies are placed inside cribs and barriers are put up everywhere. However, this is not the idea of fun that babies have in mind.

Babies want to explore and see the world like any other person. They will go to any length to escape from barriers set up by their parents. Showing ingenuity and determination, babies can escape from cribs, crawl under gates and climb barriers that are more than twice their height.

Then there are some babies born under the luckiest of stars who seem to be able to escape from anything. They will escape car crash, survive burning buildings, gunshot wounds and even being hit by trains. Below are 15 babies who have escaped the craziest of situations.

15 Leo Westlake-The Escapology Star

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Leo Westlake becomes famous three months shy of his second birthday for showing that a baby will go to any length to get his freedom. In their home in Falmouth, Leo’s mom, Alice, wanted to keep him confined to the safe environment of his room. She made a gate that would keep him from going beyond his designated safe area. This proved futile as Leo managed to climb over the barrier easily.

Deciding to up the ante, Alice put up a second gate above the other. But she was in for a surprise. Hardly ten minutes had passed when Leo was already scaling the gate that was twice his height. Like he was born to it, Leo used his hands and feet to climb with ease. He landed safely on his feet at the other side of the barrier with a big smile on his face.

14 The Lannings Brothers Jail Break

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Ollie Lanning is a bright and cheerful 3-year-old baby. Like any other baby, he wants to play with someone, like his 1-year-old brother Finn. The problem is that Finn is not allowed much freedom as his parents kept him confined inside a crib that he could not escape from. But this did not deter Ollie from playing with him. He devised a plan to help Finn escape from his ‘jail’.

The Lannings have a camera in their nursery which recorded every step that Ollie made to help his brother. First, he took a small chair and put it inside his brother’s crib. Then he showed Finn how to climb up the chair and crawl over the railings of the crib. After his demonstration, Ollie stood outside the crib and spoke words of encouragement to his brother. Finally, the toddler succumbed to his brother’s coaxing and ‘break’ out of his ‘jail’.

13 Toddlers Want To Party

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Everyone wants to party, toddlers included. This was evident when the parents of Andrew and Ryan, who had set up cameras inside the nursery, saw their twin toddlers escape from their crib to hang out together at night. The two came out of their beds and began moving the cushions around. They sat down to chat for a short while before they began stacking the pillows and rolling around in them.

Their father, Jonathan, heard the commotion and put the twins back to bed after having a talk with them. But the twins from New York City were at it again after their parents left. They began piling pillows again and must have made a racket when their parents barged in. Once again, the twins were put to bed. Not to be balked down the duo got together for a third time to chat before calling it a night.

12 Baby And Mom Escapes Sinking Car

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Sonya Ledeboer was traveling with her two-month-old baby to visit her husband in RAF Lakenheath. She was driving along the English road when she was forced to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Sonya found herself careered into a water-filled ditch landing upside down. All around the water started coming in as she struggled to free herself.

After Sonya had got free of her seatbelt and unclip Aiden, her baby, the car began sinking. She forced open a door and swam to safety. The water was freezing cold and it made her numb. Luckily someone saw the incident and took them to the hospital. Sonya had only a few minor bruises while Aiden escaped without any injury. Police said that it was incredible that both the baby and his mother could survive such a crash without any major injury. Perhaps the force is strong with babies.

11 Dayne-The Stunt Baby Escapes From The Crib

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What would Baby Dayne and Gandhi have in common? They both know that freedom comes at a cost. While Gandhi was fighting against colonialism, Baby Dayne is trying to fight the cot restriction he shares with his twin brother. His mother finds him constantly playing outside the crib every time she puts him inside for a nap. Not knowing how he was able to escape she set up a camera and was shocked to find out the truth.

As soon as the mother left the room the twins look at each other already knowing what would come next. Dayne quickly glanced around the room, hoist his body over the top of the railings and landed with a bump on the carpet. Like a stuntman, Dayne seems to accept the pain, the cost of freedom. Then he toddles over and grabs the camera filming his antics, apparently to destroy the evidence.

10 Toddler In China Run Over By Two Cars Escapes Unscathed

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Babies show ingenuity in escaping not only within the confined spaces of their home but they can also escape from faces of grave risk and peril. In a video that has gone viral, a baby escapes death and major injury after being run over by two cars. The incident occurred on a busy road in China. For anyone seeing the video, it appears nothing short of a miracle for the baby to survive the incident.

The little girl was captured on video running into a busy street trying to cross the road. As an SUV came zooming forward, the girl manages to duck. She remained in that position as another SUV passed over her. Immediately after that, her grandmother with another woman rushed to her side and rescued her amidst the heavy traffic. She was taken to a hospital where doctors said she had only a few minor bruises.

9 Another Baby Escapes After Being Hit By Train

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The sloping platform in Melbourne Railway station is proving to be worrisome for women and their babies in pushchairs. In what is the second such incident, a 15-month-old baby in a pushchair rolled off the platform as a train was pulling into the station. The train was slowing down while entering the platform and the train drivers also applied the emergency brakes. But the pushchair was still dragged along the tracks for about ten yards before the train came to a halt.

The grandmother accompanying the baby said she had just turned her back for a moment when the pushchair rolled off the platform. When paramedics rushed in to rescue the baby, they expect the worst. However, they were surprised to find the baby escaping any major injury. He had only some minor facial injuries and bruises to his head.

8 Baby Has Amazing Escape As Car Smashes Them into Fence

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In Essex, England, Mandy White and her two children, Poppy and Taylor, had a narrow escape when they were rammed into a fence by a car. She was walking them to school when they were caught in the midst of two cars colliding at a junction. One car clipped the back of another car, forcing it to spin 90 degrees and climb on the pavement. It careered into them and pinned them against a fence.

Mandy saw herself lying on the ground and saw Poppy was trapped under the front of the vehicle. The vehicle was still revving and she thought that they were all going to be crushed. Mandy could not remember how they got out but they were rushed to a hospital. She was treated for facial injuries while Poppy had a leg injury. Fortunately, Taylor, who was in a pram, escaped injury.

7 Sneaky Toddler Finds A Clever Way

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Toddlers are ready to do anything to get their way. Some climb over railings and scale gates twice their height, some endure bumps and pain just so they could play as they like. However, one toddler has taken the game to a whole new level. This little girl might not know who Houdini is, but the escape artist would have been proud to take such an enterprising pupil under his wings, no matter her age.

Unlike most toddlers, this little girl escapes from her baby gate with remarkable ingenuity by picking the lock of her baby gate. She uses a red necklace that she places delicately at the intersection between the lock and the gate door. The necklace ends keep the string in place as the little girl pulls and manages to release the lock. She then walks free to play with her favorite dolls.

6 Baby Escapes After Being Hit By Train

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In a suburban railway station in Melbourne Shweta Verma was with her baby on a pushchair waiting for a train. She took her hands off the pushchair for a second, to pull up her trousers, and the next instant she saw it rolling off the edge of the sloping platform. Though the train driver saw the pushchair and fought to stop the train, the baby and the pram were dragged along for 30 meters under the engine.

No one who saw the incident believed the baby could survive. Mother and bystanders rushed down the track to find the baby crying. The pushchair, which was smashed, had probably saved his life. The baby escaped with only a few minor cuts and bruises. It was nothing short of a miracle for a grateful mother who would never let go of her baby again.

5 Baby Escapes Bullet In Mother’s Womb 

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Babies, it seems, have guardian angels even inside the womb of a mother. Claudineia Dos Santos Melo was nine months pregnant when she got hit by a bullet during a shoot-out between drug traffickers and the police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The bullet pierced through Claudinéia’s hip before entering her womb and injuring her unborn son. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency cesarean section and took the baby out.

The bullet had entered Claudinéia’s womb and hit the lungs of the unborn baby. The bullet also tore off part of the baby’s ear and caused spinal cord injuries. Both the mother and her baby were put in intensive care. Though he might end up being a paraplegic the parents are thankful that their baby has survived. Doctors said that it’s a miracle the baby did not die.

4 Unborn Baby Survives Mom's Death In Crash

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A soon to be mother was eagerly waiting for the birth of her son when a car crash brought a tragic end to her life. Dulce Capetillo of San Jose, California and her fiancé, both working at Taco Bell had already planned their future together. They already had a baby shower and even given the name Christopher to their unborn child. She was in her 30th week of pregnancy when the incident occurred.

Dulce was being driven by her brother when their car hit a BMW parked by the roadside. She and her brother were seriously injured. The doctors could not do anything to save her but they managed to deliver the baby. The newborn baby, Christopher, will have to be monitored closely by doctors for some time as he is born early. However, he is the one consolation for his father, Pedro Cortes, who lost his fiancé.

3 Couple With A Baby Escapes Death

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A couple and their baby were involved in a minor collision in Shenyang, Capital of Liaoning province in north eastern China. The couple then got down from their car on the busy road to inspect the damage to their vehicle, with the baby in their arms. The sensible thing to do would have been to scamper to safety as cautious motorist swerved around to avoid them. However, not all of them were cautious enough.

A speeding white car saw too late that there was a car stranded in the middle of the road. The couple narrowly missed being smashed against their car as they flee to avoid the swerving car that rammed into the back of their car. Luckily the baby and both the parents escape the incident with no physical injury. It might have been baby luck that had saved them all.

2 Baby Escapes 10-story Fall Amidst Blazing Inferno

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In one of the most recent tragic incident, a raging inferno engulfed the Grenfell Tower in London on 14 June 2017. According to authorities, over 80 people lost their lives and more than 70 people were injured in the fire. But whenever the tragedy occurs, there also we come across miraculous stories of love, survival, and kindness. We find a mother’s determination knows no bounds when it comes to saving her baby.

The mother and her baby were trapped on the 10th floor of the high-rise building. As the flames were closing in on her, death seemed imminent. Not about to give up, she ran to the window and shouted that she was going to throw her baby down and asked someone to catch her baby. She then flung the baby down. Luckily, a bystander caught the baby in his chest like a rugby ball and the baby escaped unscathed.

1 Baby Survives Flipped Over Car

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A mother and her 11-month-old baby had near death experience after they survived a car crash. Tyla Mackie and her daughter Isabella were traveling in a taxi towards Durham train station when the incident happened. A car in front of them slowed down and the taxi driver was forced to apply the brakes. However, the car behind them did not slow down and hit them from behind.

Tyla saw Isabella strapped securely to her seat, suspended upside down, after the crash. The car had flipped over and rolled several times before landing on the roof. After being taken to a hospital Tyla found herself covered in bruises. She had injuries on her leg, pelvis, whiplash and also on her lower back. She had to use a crutch to walk. But the remarkable thing was that Isabella emerged from the accident completely unscathed. She had escaped even the littlest of injury.

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