15 Baby Accidents Parents Didn't Know Could Happen

The little creature that would suddenly invade the lives and homes of naïve mother and father to be can be quite annoying and even disturbing at times. From their little cries of hunger to the fits of unexplained, mind numbing screams that at times would seem to go on and on endlessly. Some parents grow into the habit of not jumping instantly to their feet at the first cry or lack of, for that matter, assuming that there’s nothing around to hurt them as they go around their usual play. However, everything is to be expected with these miniature people, demanding the parents to roam in the land of the almost impossible just to be on the safer side of things. The possibility of having something that could at some point be “dangerous” is endless, even with the highest level of preparation and precaution.

It can be quite worrisome for the parent to have to keep an eye on their child for every second of every hour throughout the day and night. But this is just the case with all babies, especially the ones starting to crawl or walk around, for they cannot be kept in one place for more than two seconds at best. Their surprises are to be expected at any time and any place, even when the parent had not foreseen the possibility of any danger coming. Kids are more creative and driven at discovery by nature, giving them more opportunities for harming themselves, even in the most unexpected ways.

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15 Weird Things To Swallow

Everyone knows that kids just love to put things in their mouth and swallow all kinds of weird stuff, but the extent of that confession can sometimes be horrifying. It is quite common for a mother to announce that her child has swallowed a penny, a doll’s eye, or any other part of a toy in hand. But the weird and scary part comes in when the swallowed object is a straight pin, or a shard of glass. Sharp objects such as these can pose a great threat to the tissue of the mouth and the esophagus of the child, especially if it is not taken out.

Swallowing things is the kids’ way of getting to know the world around them, by tasting and trying to figure out the things and objects around them. They seem to never establish the distinction between an object that is soft enough to be swallowed and a sharp object such as a pin, for example. A parent can only guess at how in the world their kid had managed to pick up, let alone eat, a solid, sharp edged piece of glass without getting themselves even cut.

14 Up The Nose

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Another common way for many kids to explore things around them is to stick things up their nostrils. One would not expect the amount or size of the objects babies would be able to fit in the storage rooms of their nostrils, and still be able to breathe. It is quite difficult to manage a screaming, wiggling child long enough as to get the object out, but it is crucial that this be done. If not, the airways of the child could be blocked by a larger object making its way into the windpipe, causing a life-threatening situation.

A mother by the name of Amanda Green tells the story of when her child, aged about a year and a half, had stored her sister’s beads in her nostrils. The mother recalls the story with some humor as she remembers the doctors pulling out three beads, before she pulled another one out herself. She says that the only way they had known about the situation was by the looks of her daughter’s nose, having one side look bigger than the other.

13 The Ears, Too

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The third place that would make perfect sense for the kids to explore things through is by shoving objects into the holes of their ears. Now this can be a quite challenging situation for a parent to figure out that their baby has stuffed something up their ear canals. It can also have multiple side effects on the child’s hearing in the future if the situation was not handled correctly by a professional pediatrician, such as damage to the eardrum or an infection in the ear canal.

Mother Tammy Forest recalls that her daughter’s habit of sticking things in her ear had started when she learned to use the phone-toy to make her endless series of oh-so-important calls. The habit soon escalated to involve more than just a toy near her ears. She says that even food had started to make its way into her ears while the mother suffered with getting raisins and cookie crumbs out of there.

12 Getting Locked In

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When kids learn to stand and walk freely around the house, they are able to reach up to things more than one can expect. A valid example of that is the doorknobs and locks of just about any room or bathroom in the house. Countless mothers have complained of turning their heads away from their kids for just a moment to find that they have locked themselves into one room or another. It can be quite dangerous for kids to stay alone in a room with no supervision, especially for long periods of time.

One mom recalls having her toddler lock his baby brother inside the bedroom, while he walked away in total innocence. Of course, mothers tend to start freaking out and imagining the worst case scenarios, while fathers would be more practical in figuring out the best way to mend the situation. In this case, all it took was a screwdriver and about five minutes of their time to unlock the door and ensure the safety of their baby boy awaiting inside.

11 Head-bound

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One of the most extraordinary incidents that any parent would have to face is for their child to get his/her head stuck in the spindles of a staircase railing. It can be quite scary for a mother to see her child in such a situation, especially when they start to fuss around and cry from being bound in. However, if the mother knew how to handle that situation, less than one minute would be enough time to get all matters solved.

Once the mother gets over the questioning phase of the situation as to “why did you do this?” or more like “how in the world did you do that?” the mother should be careful with how she handles the body and head of the child. A child should never be pulled back from the legs or rest of the body as the pulling of the weight of the baby might cause severe spine, neck, and skull injuries. Rather, the child’s body should be directed sideways and pulled through from the other side. The head can make it past the railings, being the largest part of the baby’s body, then the rest of the body will come through easily.

10 Fingers In A Can, Anyone?

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Another way of kids to get themselves into trouble is to stuff their fingers in any bottle or can that you hand over to them. Mothers usually would not be expecting this simply because how dangerous can a bottle of juice be? Well, children will always find a way. Children might try to crowd multiple fingers, or their whole hand, in the opening of a bottle, trying to figure out what’s in there that they might be missing.

As is the case with getting a limb stuck in anything, it is quite uncomfortable, making the child fuss and cry more for need of freedom. This can be irritating for a mother, especially if she had never experienced this before with any other kids around her. The obvious thing to do would be to use Vaseline or some lotion or oil to soften the skin of the hand of the baby to make it easier to be pulled out without causing much pain to the child.

9 Put A Ring On It!

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Mothers should be careful as to where they place their jewelry at all times, for they can be quite dangerous. If the child is a little younger, his/her first instinct would be to stuff a ring or a necklace in their mouth. But if the child is an older girl, she might have another way of handling things to suit her interest. Namely, she might try to wear the ring much like mommy does, but in more than one finger all at once.

This can be quite painful. After all, it is painful even for an adult to wear a ring only to find out that it is ill fitting. The same thing would happen to the tenderer skin of the child; swelling of the fingers, redness, and painful pressure. Again, the first thing a mom should do is to soak the baby’s hand in some lotion or Vaseline or oil of any kind, making the ordeal of pulling off the tiny ring out a little bit easier, but not enough to spare all the struggle and cries.

8 Hair Snacks

Children often try to find one way or another of comforting and soothing themselves by sucking on their thumb or anything that they find around them. Some parents complain about their child’s habit of pulling on his/her own hair or their mother’s. This is not the end of it; some might even try to swallow the hairs over and over again. Aside from being rather disturbing, it is pretty harmful to the child as hair cannot be digested (it’s why cats cough up hairballs).

A trichobezoar, or a hairball that is found in the digestive tract of the child can pose some serious threats to the health of the child. This may act as a blockage to the gastrointestinal tract, preventing food from finding its natural way through to be absorbed by the body. In severe cases, surgery must be performed to safely remove the ball of hair from the baby’s stomach, if it does not come out in the baby’s diaper at some point soon.

7 TV Tip-Over

Baby proofing the house can only go so far as some things are a part of the everyday life of parents all around the world, but still pose threats to their children. An example is the all too familiar TV that comes in all shapes and sizes, especially the modern large sized TVs. Anchoring the screen to a wall becomes a necessity when having children around is inevitable. In the US, a child is sent to the hospital due to a TV tip-over accident happens every half hour, making it more common than one would think.

Sixty-four percent of the cases reported are with kids under the age of five, being mostly boys. The age issue is related to how fast the baby can dodge a falling object, which is not fast enough for babies. Mostly, the injuries occur in the region of the head and neck of the body of the child, which is often the most dangerous. These incidents can be well avoided through minor precautions and a little bit of extra care.

6 Falling From The Bed

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Although mothers would usually make extra sure that their child is fast asleep before leaving the room, some kids are just naughty enough to make mom think they’re asleep. A mother should never be absolutely positive that her child is still in her/his crib, even if she had just checked ten minutes earlier. It is common behavior among children who are learning to stand or walk, to climb over the edge of the crib trying to get down to the floor beneath. Usually the distance between the railing and the floor is just about three feet, and a fall this high could be quite dangerous.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to kids falling from their crib, although it is fairly common. From directly hitting the floor to their head hitting the edge of the crib itself or any other near object, the threats are quite dazzling. Mothers recall feeling all shades of horrible after having their baby fall, although most of the falls come out clean and harmless.

5 Toilet Discovery

It is among the obvious stunts in the mind of a toddler that they would try to pull off during their younger years under the guise of curiosity and discovery. Once toddlers learn about water play, when they find something that holds water, it’s automatically a spot to play. That, however, does not make the toilet any less disgusting for a parent to have to deal with. One mother recalls hearing a splashing noise as she’s cleaning the bedroom, only to find her daughter scooping water out of the toilet. The worst part yet, is that she put that water into her mouth and actually drank it.

Even if the toilet had just been cleaned, it is still as disgusting. It is of extreme importance in this case that the baby does not come down with any GI tract pains or any other symptoms such as throwing up, diarrhea, or abdominal pains. If that happens, the doctor should be immediately contacted and let in on the knowledge of the unfortunate incident that had taken place and that would most likely be related to the symptoms.

4 Bathtub Dangers

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When giving the baby a bath, it is extremely fun for them to be left in the middle of a bubble bath with a few of their favorite toys swimming around. However, mothers should be extremely cautious when having babies around water. Bath seats are a trend, but they are not as safe as one would like to believe they are. They could still tip over into the water, risking the child all the more.

Mothers who happen to have this sort of unfortunate incidents with their babies would usually express shock at how they had left the baby for only a minute. This may be the case, but that is all the time it takes the child to drown silently into the water of the bath tub. They might not even cry, scream, or make any other noise when slipping into the water of the tub, only to be discovered by horrified parents a few moments later.

3 Car Seat Issues

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Upon hearing the story of a mother who had forgotten her child in the backseat of the car while doing daily errands, one would think of how she could do that to her own child. But, being in the same shoes as the mother at the moment she got out of the car might clarify the situation a little bit more. When the child is in the first months of life, they usually aren’t making much noise and often fall asleep while in the car. Without a noisy reminder, it can be easy to forget that you had bound your baby into the carseat 10 or 15 minutes earlier, especially when one has a lot on their mind and a lot of errands to complete.

The dangers of this situation can be endless. If the temperatures are warm outside, the car with all its metal can heat up to over 120 ℉ in a matter of minutes. This can cause the baby to have trouble breathing, creating a real threat of suffocation, dehydration and heat stroke. Other risks related to car seats include the risk of being hit with the car’s air bag, even in the case of minor car accidents that otherwise would not have been risky, improperly installed car seats and those that are not secured to fit the child.

2 Tummy Time

In the past, it was believed that putting the child to sleep on their stomach or side is very beneficial for the baby. However, it is now well known to any mother that this is not true. Placing the child on their back during sleep is the safest position for sleep, reducing the risk of sudden death and choking. The pressure of the weight of the baby on their stomach, lungs, and heart is very dangerous to their breathing abilities and patterns and to the health of the heart.

There is, on the other hand, what is known as Tummy Time, which includes placing the baby on their stomach for short periods of time every day. This should be done with the undisturbed attention and supervision of a caregiver and only for very short periods. This would in fact strengthen the baby’s muscles, neck, and back, while still giving her enough room to breathe comfortably.

1 Older Siblings

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Some siblings tend to be more mature when it comes to the safety and well-being of their younger brothers and sisters. A ten year old may be extremely cautious and trustworthy as to be in charge of their younger siblings, while others are just not. This needs to be determined individually and assessed by the mother and father of the children in question. However, it is not recommended to leave a younger baby in the care of his or her siblings for long periods of time.

If the two children happen to be close of age to each other, it becomes all the more dangerous. Jealous siblings may try in one way or the other to harm the younger ones by pushing or hitting them at some point. The parents need to stay in a condition of caution when it comes to the two children playing together or being involved in some activity, while still keeping it all light and fun to all parties involved.

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