15 Baby Boy Names That Have The Best Nicknames

From the time you find out that your expecting there is probably a crazy list of names that run through your head at all times. Along with the thoughts are questions like what names do I like? Is it a boy or girl? Do I want it to be a common name or unique? I really love my grandpa, should it be a family name? Some people just name their youngin due too a nickname that comes with it. Although plenty of nicknames come from certain situations, attitudes, and habits, here are some baby boy names that come with cute nicknames and there meanings and origins.

15 Benjamin

Benjamin is definitely a more common name than not. Benjamin comes from the Hebrew name "Binyamin" meaning son of the south or son of the right hand. In the Old Testament, Benjamin is the twelfth and youngest son of Jacob, also the founder of a southern Hebrew tribe.  There are a few little nicknames that come with this one. "Ben", "Benny", and "Benji" are all cute substitutes for the strong name.

14 Augustus

Augustus is a Latin name that means "great magnificent" or "venerable" (accorded a great deal of respect). It was the title given to the first Roman emperor, Octavian. The name was also given to three powerful kings in Poland. The German and American meaning of Augustus is "majestic dignity" or "grandeur" (splendor and impressiveness). In Biblical terms it means "increased" or "augmented" (having been made in greater size or value). A lot of people go after this name, not so much because it is powerful but more so because of the adorable nickname that comes with it "Gus"." Angus"and "August" are alternative names to get the nickname "Gus" as well.

13 Ezekiel

Originated from the Hebrew name "Yechezqel", meaning "God Strengthens" Ezekiel is a major prophet from the Old Testament. He is also the author of the book titled "Ezekiel" that describes his captivity and symbolic visions that predict the restoration of Israel. Modern parents embrace the name for its power and dignity. Also for the cute nickname "Zeke".

12 Remington

This one is all English, meaning "From the Raven". But lets be real its also a hunting brand and a cosmetic brand. Its an adorable name for the hick or for the prissy folk haha. Remington was the most popular name in 2015. You cant hardly go wrong with this one. Its great for a boy or a girl. The spelling can be played with also, "Remyngtun" isn't that uncommon as an alternative to the spelling. The beautiful nickname is "Remi" or "Remmi" for girls and "Remy" or "Rem" for boys. If your not too thrilled about the name Remington but like the nickname, Jeremy could also work for "Remy".

11 David

Much like "Ben", there is a lot of them. But if your ok with a name that is pretty popular this will work just fine ! It comes from the Hebrew name "Dawid" derived from "dwd" meaning "beloved". Several stories are told about David in the Old Testament including his defeating of Goliath the giant. David was the name of the greatest Israel king ruling in the 10th century B.C. David is a serious and likable name with a lot of roots to it. An alternative for this one would be "Dave" or "Davey".  ADORABLE !

10 Alexander

Comes from the Greek name (Alexandros) meaning "defending men" (alexo) meaning "to defend, help". Paris, in Greek mythology, began the Trojan War and managed to slay the hero Achilles therefore the name Alexander was given to him. This name belongs to several characters in the New Testament but the most famous was the Great King of Macedon. He built an empire out of Greece, Egypt, Persia and parts of India. His fame and medieval tales caused his name "Alexander" to spread throughout Europe. The nicknames "Alex" or Alec" are pretty obvious but they are powerful ones.

9 Montgomery

Montgomery has the French meaning "mountain belonging to the ruler". Montgomery is quickly transforming from a formal name to an adorable name. There's not a whole lot of history with this one though. Sir Bernard Montgomery was an army commander in WWII and Roger de Montgomery was a nobleman who was highly known for his invasion of England. Its a beautiful name that has the cutest nickname "Monty" or "Monte" perfect.

8 Oliver

Also a French baby name meaning "the olive tree". This name was used because the Biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. This name lost favor in the medieval times due to the seventeenth century ruler Oliver Cromwell. However, Oliver is now the most popular name in England, Austria and New Zealand and is becoming more popular in the United States. Its good natured and energetic, and lets face it "Olli" is just too cute to pass up.

7 Vincent

Came from the Roman name "Vincentius"  which came from the Latin word "Vincere" meaning "to conquer".  After being rare for years Vincent is starting make a come back. The name was mostly used by the French who took it to England . The most popular Vincent was St. Vincent de Paul who was a seventeenth century French priest. He organized groups to help out the poor. There are a few options for a charming nickname with Vincent. "Vinnie" "Vin" and "Vince".

6 Peter

This name is masculine all on its own. The enchanting nickname "Pete" makes this a good choice, but what about "Rocky"? Most people don't associate the name Peter with the nickname Rocky, but why. The given nicknames come from a part of the actual name itself. But I bet you didn't know, Peter came from Latin "Petra" which came from the Greek word "petros" which means "stone" or "rock". Cute huh?

5 Gabriel

A given name that came from the Hebrew name "Gabriel" which means "God is my strength". Its Biblical reference makes it a great name anyways. But "Gabe" is such a winsome name, don't you agree? Gabriel is present in both the New Testament and Old Testament where he is the announcer for the births of John to Zechariah and Jesus to Mary. This name was pretty uncommon in England since the twelfth century. But in the English speaking world it became pretty popular in the twentieth century.

4 Andrew

Andrew is the English from of the Greek name "Andreas" which came from "Andreios" meaning "manly, masculine". "Anderson", "Andy", and "Drew" are three adorable nicknames that pertain to Andrew. In the New Testament Andrew is the brother of Simon Peter and first disciple to join Jesus. This name has always been pretty common but it became very popular in the middle ages. The name was given to five public figures, three of which were kings of Hungary, another to the American president Andrew Jackson, and more recently the English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

3 Elijah

Comes from the Hebrew name "Eliyyahu" meaning "my God is YAHWEH" (name of Hebrew God). Elijah was a Hebrew prophet of the nineteenth century BC during the reign of King Ahab. Since Elijah was a name given to a few early saints and one of the more popular figures in medieval stories, it became quite popular in the middle ages. It started to fade by the sixteenth century but made a come back by the puritans after the protestant reformation. "Eli" is such a cute nickname for the beautiful name Elijah. "Elliot" is another name that can be used for the short and to the point "Eli".

2 Nathan

You probably know a fair share of "Nates". Nate is a great nickname to the name Nathan, which has a lot of meaning to it. It is a masculine name derived from the Hebrew word "natan" meaning "to give" which is obviously a beautiful thing and quality. In Jewish it means "He (God) has given"  or "He will give" think about it, its perfect considering the incredible miracle that children are. They are such a beautiful blessing.

1 Daniel

Another amazing Hebrew name coming from the name "Daniyyel" meaning "God is my judge". Very powerful and strong. Daniel was present in the Old Testament who lived during the Jewish captivity where he served in the court of the King. He rose to prominence (became famous) because he ruined the King's dreams. "Dan" or "Danny" are fetching nicknames to the strong and meaningful  "Daniel".








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