15 Baby Car Seats From The Past That Will Make You Gasp

One thing about having children and becoming parents that most generations have in common, is the desire to keep our babies safe to the best of our ability. This however, is certainly something that has been achieved on quite the sliding scale since the invention of the child car seat. Sure, we all want to keep our babies comfy and secure, but what that means to each generation of new mommies and daddies has changed drastically over the last 50 years or so.

A long time ago, in a land far away (not really,) generations of brand new babies were placed in their mother’s arms as they left the hospital, escorted into their waiting automobiles, wished well, and sent on their merry way. Not a seatbelt for Mom, nor a car seat for baby. For second and third children, no doubt there was a brother or sister or two bouncing around in the back as well (also with no belt or seat).

Somehow, perhaps through divine intervention, one day someone decided that infant and child seats were necessary for all children traveling in any motorized vehicle. As you will see over the following pages however, even once the movement toward baby seats was initiated, the safety factor still had a long way to go.

15 Riding In The Front Seat

Well, although this seat model looks to be following the initial trend for children to ride backwards, obviously this device still has a lot to be desired. Where do we start?

First of all, we all know that having babies and children riding in the front seat is no longer considered a safe option. Backwards, forwards, or sideways, the front seat is considered to be far more dangerous for little ones than riding along in the back. Secondly, look how far back this sweet girl is sitting from the back of the bench. The back of her head is right up against the dashboard and windshield. Oh my goodness.

Indeed, cars were certainly larger back in the day, and safety was given a higher priority during the engineering stage of building the vehicle, but still, in case of an accident, this poor little angel would be a sitting duck.

14 It's Too Nice To Stay Inside

Hey everybody?? Anybody? A little help over here would be nice!! Where did everybody go?? I find this one too adorable for words. This little guy does not look happy at all. In fact, I’m willing to guess that he was hoping for a roller skating car hop to come by with fries and a shake to put in his window. Instead, he’s the main attraction.

Not sure what this seat may have actually been intended for, but something tells me that hanging on the outside of a car was not in its initial design plans. Creative, nonetheless.

Maybe the family is enjoying an evening outside for a picnic? Or perhaps kiddo is out with a babysitter? Either way, this little guy looks like he’s going to get a good night’s sleep after his little adventure.

13 The Car Bed

Looking at this picture, it is clear that this car seat model was quite likely the first generation of carriers that wanted moms to be able to carry their sleeping bundles out of, or into the car, without waking them up. It also allowed Mom to have a comfy place for baby to hang out while joining the grown-ups on any type of outing that they may see fit.

Logistically, this car seat has more than a few vital flaws, but I can appreciate the concept, and the bit of an effort made to make things slightly safer for baby. At least part of this bed does indeed strap into the car by way of a seatbelt. That is certainly a plus. Also, baby is protected by softness on all four sides in the event of a quick stop or fender bender.

Of course the problem that still exists with this model is that baby will likely fly out of the little bed in any sort of real traffic accident. This of course, would be an unacceptable risk to the parents of today.

12 When The Baby Needs Extra Leg Room

This looks similar to today’s Boppy Pillows. The baby’s head can be cradled and supported while in a laying position. The difference? This kiddo is cruising along at 50plus miles an hour in the front seat of a very large moving vehicle! Mom seems confident in her child’s fate, but one can’t help but wonder what in the world these manufacturers were actually thinking!

Sure, we all want our kids to nap in the car, that’s a given. But what are the odds that they are going to remain in that position voluntarily for any more than a few minutes? Oh yeah…the seat belt across the tummy? That will do it, right? Doubtful at best.

Anyway, once again I do have to admit that the kiddo looks happy, but that by no means guarantees anyone’s safety. The things we do for love. Oy.

11 Travel With Comfort Is A Must

A travel platform??? Can you imagine?? What the heck in going on here?? This nifty little device is designed to cover the back seat and floor, giving baby a comfortable little area to roll around and play! Does this seem like a bad idea to anybody else? Oh my goodness!!

Here’s baby, just freely rolling around with every turn, start, and stop of the vehicle. Yes, at least they are in the back seat, but bouncing back and forth like a pinball does not seem like a viable solution to protecting the child.

Sure, I suppose it is a step up from letting the poor kiddo roll onto the floor repeatedly, but it seems to me that a baby may be better off sitting in a cardboard box!! Call me crazy, but sheesh!!

10 No Seatbelt Needed

This kid looks more like she’s a product that a baseball game vendor would be selling more than being tucked away safely in a car safety seat!! Whether selling peanuts or hotdogs, this little device does not seem to be the way to go in safe vehicle travel for an infant!

Not a seatbelt to be found on this number. Not one in the car, and from all appearances, not one on the baby seat either. This box is merely designed to keep baby in seated position instead of rolling around. That’s about the extent of it. Once again in the front seat, this poor little darling is in big trouble if Mom has any fender benders.

In any case, the little princess does look happy in her pretty throne, and hopefully both Mom and baby made it home safely.

9 One Size Fits None

Is it me or does this “safety device” look like a cross between a cat’s litter box and an odd piece of playground equipment? What the heck are you really supposed to do with this thing? Honestly, it does not look like the child nor the seat would be secured in the vehicle by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a look at the design to start. Ahh yes. The tunnel protector? The child sits in an odd tunnel that is supposed to hold them in case of a crash? And what about the location of the seatbelts? Are they going to secure that seat to anything whatsoever? I highly doubt it. It looks like those belts will slip right off in no time at all.

God forbid they do slip off….This design looks like they will strangle the poor kid when they least expect it. This one deserves some kind of goofy award if you ask me. My goodness!!

8 Another Front Seat Disaster

Check out this happy little guy!! He does appear to be enjoying his afternoon ride with Mom. Once again, we have a kiddo in the front seat of the vehicle, only this time, there does not appear to be a shoulder belt to get in the way!!

In the 50’s and 60’s, many cars didn’t have any seatbelts at all!! So this one is actually a bit safer than many due to the strategic placement of the lap belt. Not sure how Junior would stay inside of the seat in the event of a crash though. It does not appear that anything but attempted aerodynamics will be keeping this tot in place.

In any case, at least Mom and kiddo appear to be enjoying some quality time together. Hopefully both went on to live full and productive lives in spite of this ridiculous contraption.

7 The “Safer-Seat”

This ad boasts about a safer option for the youngsters when they want to sit up front. Part of the description on its safety reads, “Molded plywood with no straps” as if that is what makes this little gem in the front seat of a moving vehicle! Oh my goodness.

Check out this little princess. She isn’t even sitting on the bottom of the seat. She is perched and ready to go flying in the event of a quick stop. Not a seatbelt to be found! On the plus side, she can see out the windshield for literally minutes of entertainment, but if safety is what this manufacturer is after, they are seriously slacking.

Honestly, that little chair doesn’t even seem like something that would be safe for baby inside the house. Looking closer, I wouldn’t even use this device on a bed of soft grass outside on the ground. To each their own I guess.

6  Once Click = Good To Go

Check out this charming little contraption for baby! With what we know today, can you find a few things that may not be such a great idea in the design of this model?

Look at the baby’s shoulder position for one. The straps do not appear to adjust to the correct height, and it appears as though baby could go flying right out the top due to a gaping hole between his actual shoulders and the top of the restraining straps. Not good.

Next we have the sweet little one stop shopping on the fastener. Convenient? Sure!! Practical? Perhaps. Safe? I think it is probably not the best idea in the bunch. The hard plastic pressed against baby’s tummy, along with the seemingly nonadjustable lap restraint would make this a definite no go by today’s standards.

5 A High Chair In The Car

Safety is obviously not a top priority in this little doozy. The safety “hooks” draped over the back of the seat will surely keep your little one in place in the event of a crash. Umm…not really. This kiddo is up so high that his head is even taller than his mama!!

He does look happy though. I have to give them that! But why not? He is up front in all the action, he can probably scoot right out of that seat whenever he wants, and Mom seems to be pleased as punch to have Junior riding front and center.

In any case, car seats were indeed different in years passed. More intended to keep the baby happy than safe. Things sure have come a long way in that department.

4 For Baby Batman?

Wow that is certainly some piece of equipment we have here!! It is HUGE!! It kind of looks like a seat for a king doesn’t it? Ok maybe not. Perhaps a prince? Ok maybe a space alien or Batman?

Inspecting a little closer, we can see that this contraption is indeed resting on the front seat of a fairly large vehicle. Although there does appear to be a seat belt in the car, it appears that it is a lap belt only, and in no way covers the ground that would be required to fasten this monstrosity adequately to the seat underneath.

Buckles galore, at least the child will be (hypothetically) buckled in while mom is toting baby around, but what about the height on this sucker? I like the idea that our precious little angels can see out the window, but at what cost? Hovering high up in the air, with very little chance the chair staying put, all going down in the front seat of this car seems like a recipe for disaster to me.

3 Looks More Like A Carnival Ride

Whoa! This one even comes with its own steering wheel to allow baby to drive in style!! Seriously? This “portable” model is even worse than any other I’ve seen. Not only does it have the standard issue “hooks” draped over the back of the seat to secure the baby, but each and every part of this shoddy looking device folds for convenience!! Oh my.

In addition to the lovely way it folds, every spot that can potentially bump the baby’s face is made of metal, non-padded, finger pinching metal. Seems like a great idea doesn’t it?

In any case, the little toy sitting on the seat does nothing to reassure this mama that baby would be traveling safely in that hunk of junk. No thanks! That seat isn’t even strong enough for a little swing on an oak tree.

2 A Little More Comfy But…

At least this version is a bit more padded, but there are still no seatbelts or adequate security measures to be found for this little tike. There sure is a lot of trust placed on the tiny tot. This seat assumes that baby will stay put in her seat while Mom is driving around town. Big assumption of a tiny human if you ask me.

Yes, the padding is nice, just on the off chance that baby may indeed stay in place in the event of a fast stop or fender bender… but the design is still irrevocably flawed. No way this is going to end well.

Most likely, this kiddo had a great time riding around in this silly little seat, but as we have already stated, that is certainly not the most important factor to consider when one is parenting a child.

1 The Overhead Buckle

Well what do we have here? First we have the lovely elevated design, with four individual legs that assure that this seat will have anything but a secure fit onto the seat. On the plus side, baby may have a better view of the world going by their window, but safety does not seem to be top priority in this flawed design.

Next, let’s move on to the good old “safety bar”. Seriously? How in the world is that going to help baby in a crash? That little bar will definitely cause more injuries that it will prevent, including but not limited to head /face trauma and internal injuries. Not a great idea by any stretch of the imagination.

Lastly, we have the fact that this tiny little guy is indeed riding facing the front of the vehicle. As most parents these days can attest to, our little babies necks and backs are not strong enough to sustain them facing this direction in a crash. Interesting concept for safety however.

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