15An Infinite Number Of Infant Formulas


If a mother is not able to breastfeed, or if she feels she needs some extra help to nourish her baby, infant formulas are certainly a big help. We use them trusting the food safety industry has fulfilled its responsibilities in protecting its most fragile consumers, but has it really?


is alarming to learn that out of 86 infant formulas tested by The Clean Label Project, 80% of them tested positive for arsenic. In addition, some certified organic baby food products had more than twice the amount of arsenic found in the conventional baby foods tested.

Although arsenic was the most common chemical found, cadmium, often used in batteries and as a plastic stabilizer, was also detected.

The research also discovered that soy-based infant formulas had about  seven times more cadmium than other types of baby formula.

Some of the most popular brands included in the findings, Gerber, Enfamil, Mom-to-Mom, Parent's Choice and Similac, scored a 1 or 2  out of 5 ratings, with the highest level of contaminants.

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