14Sucks His Hands Constantly

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A baby is born with an innate need to suckle, after all, it is what will keep him alive. As the weeks pass, you may notice baby beginning to put his hands in his mouth and sucking on them, all the while drooling all over himself.

A baby sucking on his

hands may be a sign of teething, or perhaps he is just discovering his surroundings. Babies can begin teething at around 3-4 months, and the relief he may get from sucking his fingers can be comforting to him.

In fact, a baby's mouth has more nerve endings per square millimetre than any other part of its body. It is no wonder he is so interested in the new sensations this action can bring.

Why it is damaging: 

As baby grows, the hand sucking can develop into thumb sucking, which many dental experts advise to limit as much as possible. In fact, as baby's teeth start to come in, prolonged sucking of the hand or fingers, can cause the teeth to be pushed around, causing an overbite or an under-bite as the child develops.

Also, if baby gets bored of his fingers, he will quickly start looking for other things to put in his mouth, and this can be much more dangerous.

What you can do: 

  • satisfy baby's need to suck in a different way (ie soother, or a collapsing bottle nipple- at least these can be removed as he grows)
  • breastfeed on cue as long as possible
  • allow baby to suck your fingers
  •  use other soothing alternatives (rocking baby, patting baby's back)
  • when baby is old enough, distract and redirect those little hands with another activity

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