15 Baby Items Moms Want You To Stop Buying

First time moms love to go crazy when it comes to buying all of the latest and trendy baby items on the market for their little ones. We go to baby stores and our eyes light up like a kid in a toy store, but with so many option to choose from who could blame us. There are so many things out there for our little babies to use such as, walkers, special baby tubs, baby bedding, rattles, swings, slings, you name it, but how do we know which items are actually safe and which could potentially harm our babies? Our homes and nurseries are supposed to be the safest place for our babies to be and we parents work hard to baby proof everything, because we would never want anything bad to happen to them.

There are so many things that can pose as real hazards to our children, and toys and furniture are being recalled all of the time for unfortunate accidents that occur. In 2015, there were about 1,600 deaths due to SIDS, 1,200 deaths due to unknown causes, and about 900 to breathing. It is scary to think of much harm could come to our children from items that are supposed to be meant specifically for them. In this list we are going to go over 15 baby items that can pose serious risks to our children, some of which could just be totally avoided if we learn to use the items properly and always supervise our children when they are using the following items.

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15 Seats For The Bathtub

Infant bath seats seem like a genius and easy way to bathe our newborn babies in the tub, but it turns out that they actually pose a serious risk. Not only can the suction cups on the bottom of the seats detach, but they can also very easily tip over leaving the baby trapped under the water. The CPSC reports that there have been at least 300 injuries and 174 deaths as a result of bath seats tipping over. This usually happens more so when parents become too confident in the seat and take their eyes off of their babies for a moment or two, thinking that they will be find because they are strapped into the seat. Parents should never, ever leave children of any age unattended in a bathtub, regardless of whether they are in a seat or not, it is never safe.

14 Car Seat Toys

Car seats have come a long way over the years, and they are designed to keep our babies safe in the case of an accident. From birth to around the age of two, our children are supposed to be in rear facing car seats and this can get to be pretty boring for them, not having anything to look at or play with for the entire length of a car ride. It was for this reason that toy companies such as, fisher price, to start making toys that are designed specifically to attach to and sit across the handlebars of car seats, to give our children something to play with in order to remain entertained during long car rides. This, however, can be very dangerous and possibly even deadly if an accident does occur. One thing wrong with car seat toys is that in order to use them we need to have the bar to the car seat down while driving, when it is supposed to be up while in the car. The other, more obvious issue is that, if we get into an accident while using these toys they could hit our children's faces at a high impact and depending how bad the crash is, this could be fatal.

13 Be Cautious With Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors have come a very long way over the years, from just being little things that we could hear sound on, to being video recorders, temperature gauges, 2 way walkies, and wifi enabled, they sound like a great way to keep an eye on our little ones as they rest. No surprise here though, they too can be dangerous. There is two reasons behind this, the first being that baby monitors with cords could end up strangling our babies. The other having to do with the wifi. Anything that is wifi enabled has the ability to be hacked and we wouldn't want some strange creep peeking in on our little ones or whispering things to them through the monitor. This was the case for one mother, who heard a man's voice on her baby's monitor yelling at her baby to wake up and moving the camera around remotely. The very creeped out mom has since removed the monitor, and who could blame her?

12 Sleeping Positioners

Sleep Positioners are a pillow like wedge that are said to help keeps infants on their backs at night, although with little proof to support that claim it remains unfounded. What has been proven though, is that it poses a serious risk of suffocation to infants. Furthermore, the FDA has never approved this product as safe to use to prevent SIDS, as it so claims that it does. Health professionals say that the sleep positioner is totally unnecessary and that baby will eventually learn to turn his or her head or roll on their own, so if they wind up sleeping on their bellies at night, it is okay. There have been at least 12 recorded deaths of infants who were using a positioner and the FDA has since put out a warning that parents should not ever use this product.

11 Bumbo Seats

The popular bumbo seat, almost every mom has owned one. It is supposed to be a “snug and cozy environment” for our babies to sit in, when they are still able to sit up by themselves. It is recommended for babies ages 2 to 14 months old, so you would think that it has safety features. You would be wrong if you thought that though, because the bumbo contains absolutely no safety straps or harnesses to keep babies in place. This can be especially dangerous if a baby who is seated in the bumbo arches their backs because this will cause the seat to topple over and baby to fall backwards onto their heads. There have been reported cases where babies were sitting in a bumbo seat on a counter top and the falls wound up being deadly. The was a huge national recall on bumbos in the year, 2012, because the company wanted to add straps to hopefully help avoid such accidents, but it still does not help with the tipping over issue.

10 Co-Sleepers

Co-Sleeping remains a controversial topic to talk about today because while a lot of parents feel that it makes them closer to their babies, others parents see potential risks in it. A co-sleeper is a type of bassinet that attaches onto parents beds so that they can have their babies sleeping right by their sides at night. While many people do this and see no harm in it, there are some serious risks involved with co-sleeping. When parents co-sleep their babies become dependant upon sleeping in the same room as their parents and it can be nearly impossible to break them of this cycle. The bigger risk with co-sleeping, however is suffocation and other serious injuries. When we sleep we are not aware of what we are doing and many of us roll over in our sleep without realizing it, so the problem with co-sleeping is that, a parent could very easily roll over onto their baby or hit or kick them in their sleep without knowing it, until they wake up the next morning, when it is already too late.

9 Baby Slings

Strollers seem to be a thing of the past now that baby slings are around. A baby sling is a neat pouch like cloth that gets wrapped around mom's body and the baby lays inside of it, almost like a kangaroo pouch, but on mom's chest. This makes it much easier to do our daily cleaning and cooking all while holding our babies and keeping them calm. So what could possibly be wrong with such an amazing invention? Well, skull injuries and suffocation are exactly what is wrong with product. There have been 14 reported deaths that were a direct result of moms wearing baby slings. So while it may seem like a super neat thing to have, its really very dangerous especially if not used properly. Not to mention, what if mom falls while wearing the sling and lands on baby?

8 Blankets And Pillows

Everyone buys baby blankets for their little ones cribs, after all, babies get cold too and no one can pass up those adorable little blankets. In babies under one year of age however, parents are not supposed to have any type of bedding in their babies cribs because it all could lead to suffocation. Doctors say that instead of giving a baby blankets when it is cold that parents should instead just make sure that they are wearing some nice warm pajamas in order to avoid the baby getting caught up in the blankets and not being able to breath or free themselves. If a parent does plan on using blankets they should probably wait until after their child's first birthday, just to be safe.

7 Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers sound like a great idea for moms who do not really get any time away from their babies, but want to get their exercise in to get back their pre pregnancy bodies. However, women who use jogging strollers, for jogging, should wait until their baby is at least one year old to take them jogging in a jogging stroller. This is because infants do not have the power to lift their heads themselves that well and their heads could very easily fall forward leading to asphyxiation. Something else that could be dangerous is all of the jostling around that occurs when jogging, it could leads to head injuries or possibly even shaken baby syndrome if mom is going fast enough. Make sure, when using such strollers, to frequently check on your baby and make sure that he or she is ok.

6 Humidifier

Humidifiers a great way to help a congested baby since there is not yet any medicine that they can take for it, some of them even have slots for vicks vapo pads to help open our babies passageways. These type of humidifiers can be dangerous because they get very hot and if baby gets close enough to them, he or she could end up with some bad burns. Instead, doctors urge parents to use a cool mist humidifier to avoid the chance of this happening. Another thing that parents can do with a baby who is congested, is to sit in their bathroom with them and turn the shower on high and allow the bathroom to fill with steam for a while. If you are going to use a warm mist humidifier then it is best to keep it out of baby's reach.

5 Crib Bumpers

Many women, when buying bedding for their new babies crib, get matching bumpers to go along with the decorative sheets and blankets. The reasoning behind buying baby crib bumpers, yes there are reasons other than them looking pretty, is that they help prevent baby from hitting their heads on the hard crib rails and that they also prevent the baby's extremities from getting stuck between the rails. However, according the AAP, there is no real evidence that crib bumpers protect against injury. In fact, they actually increase the risk of SIDS. Crib Bumpers pose a very real risk of strangulation and entrapment as well as suffocation. This is because infants do not have the strength to turn their heads or roll over when something may be blocking their breathing. New mothers are urged to do away with crib bumpers since they can be so dangerous, although it may be confusing as to why exactly something that could be so dangerous for a baby is still sold in baby stores all over to this day.

4 Baby Walkers

As our babies start sitting up on their own and are finally supporting their own heads with ease, a product that a lot of parents like to buy for their little ones is, a baby walker. Baby walkers come in many different shapes and designs with fun toys that we parents just can't wait to see our little ones play with. The reasoning behind baby walkers is that, not only do they look super fun for our babies to play in, they help our babies slowly learn to walk, this is however not proven. Research has actually shown that walkers do not benefit our babies in any way, but that they do have serious risks of injury. Most of the accidents that occur in walkers are from baby falling down stairs in them, which could easily have been avoided had their parents been closely watching them while they were in it. Baby walkers, although sold in most stores in the USA, have been banned in Canada because they are believed to actually delay a baby learning to walk.

3 Car Seats

It may actually come as a shocker that car seats, the one thing that is specifically designed to keep our kids safe, would end up on a list of dangerous baby items. The problem we face with carseats is that the seat itself is not safe, but rather that improper use and installation can lead to deadly consequences. Not everyone may know this, but both police and fire stations offer for parents to come in and have a police or fireman properly install their car seats into their cars for free, to assure that it is done right. Yet, so many car seats are installed improperly and way too loose. Another issue is when parents do not strap their children into the car seats tight enough, professionals say that you should only be able to get about two fingers snugly between the carseat and your child. Car seats are made to keep our kids safe, but if we do the above mentioned things, then they might as well not even be in a car seat at all because it renders them pointless.

2 Changing Tables

Most nurseries today contain changing tables, a super convenient way for us parents to change our babies diapers in their room. Changing tables sit high enough that a standing parent can comfortably place their child on top of it and change their diapers with ease. The issue with these is obvious, the risk of falls. Many times babies who are on changing tables do not get strapped in and they could very easily roll off when mom or dad goes to reach for the diapers or wipes and with how high of a fall that is this could be fatal. Often times incidents of babies falling off of changing tables is a result of carelessness on the adults part, as they should always be sure to have one hand on the baby at all times, but accidents do happen and it would be best to just change them on the floor or in their crib safely.

1 Crib Tents

What was once thought to be a nifty little invention to keep active babies and toddlers inside of their cribs, has since been looked at a possible strangulation hazard. Crib tents became popular among parents whose kids discovered how to escape their cribs and wanted a way to keep them in. It might have sounded like a great idea at the time, but in 2008 a two year old boy was strangled to death by the mesh netting of his crib tent. This was just one of ten incidents where children were strangled by their tents. The CPSC has been issuing recalls for the tents because they also pose a serious suffocation risk. Pediatricians recommend that if your child has learned how to get out of their crib that they should be switched to a low lying toddler bed instead of using products like this.

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