15 Baby Items That You Think You Need but Don't!

There are so many baby product suggestions floating around out there that it can sometimes become overwhelming when deciding what is necessary and what is not. If you aren't having a baby shower or you just want to avoid selling your organs to afford your new precious bundle, check out this list of 15 items you may think you need but really do not!

15 A Wipe Warmer

Unless you are raising the next Prince or Princess of England, and even if you are, your little doll baby's bum can handle a cold wipe!

While wipe warmers are a good idea in retrospect, they start to lose their appeal when the bags under your eyes have begun to unpack themselves because you are so exhausted. It is probably near that point in your sleep deprivation when you do not even feel like getting out of bed, let alone feel like replacing the wipes in the warmer.

The truth is, you might use a wipe warmer one time before you realize that it is totally not worth it. You will also probably realize that you do not want your little one getting a spoiled bottom! What happens when you do not have access to a wipe warmer and you have to wipe your baby using,*GASP* a cold wipe!? If you are that worried about having warmer wipes, just rub a cold one in between your hands for a few seconds to warm it up a bit.

14 Baby Bathtub

Bathing a small baby is like trying to pick up a bar of soap that fell in the tub water! It is hard work! The baby slides up and down constantly, and it is nearly impossible to reach all the cracks and crevices that need cleaning.

A baby bath that keeps the baby in place and allows access to everything that needs washing, is nearly impossible to find and extremely expensive if you do find one.

A simple alternative would be to use your very own bathroom or kitchen sink! Line the sink edge with a fluffy towel so that your baby doesn't bump his head, then start scrubbing!

13 A Wearable Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is very similar to a sleeper outfit, but there are no separate openings for the baby's legs, so it is basically a wearable blanket. While these do provide a good alternative to blankets, you will most likely NEVER use one!

Try to swaddle your young one instead. If your baby is big enough to escape the swaddle, and you are worried about him suffocating in the blankets or being cold, dress him in a t-shirt onesie and a fleece sleeper over the top, and he should stay warm and cozy all night without a blanket.

12 Frilly, Expensive Outfits

Guess what? Your little bundle is going to spit up...a lot. Plus, he is going to have about a bazillion diaper blowouts, so do not go and spend an outrageous amount of money on an outfit that is going to make your baby look like Little Lord Fauntleroy because chances are, as soon as you get him dressed, some type of bodily function will occur and that pricey little outfit will be done for.

Honestly, unless someone just wants to buy your baby an expensive garb, you are better off just sticking with t-shirt onesies and sleepers!

11 A Diaper Changing Table

You have probably been conditioned to think that you will need an expensive and glamorous changing table for your baby’s nursery, unfortunately, you have been led in the wrong direction. While they do offer a small element of usability, changing tables are completely unnecessary, especially when you factor in how expensive they could be. Do you need an optional place to change the baby's diaper? Throw a towel down on the couch or bed and, voilà! Instant changing table!

10 A Moses Basket

Moses baskets are one of the most top rated baby items that parents regret shelling out money for. These baskets are meant to act as portable beds for the baby so that you can take him or her with you as you move from room to room.

If you decide to buy a Moses basket, be warned that your baby will most likely outgrow it in about three or four months, and while there are some beautiful Moses baskets on the market, they are not very useful or practical.  The only other possible benefit of one of these baskets would be to use it as a storage area for stuffed animals or other baby related items in the nursery.

9 Hooded Baby Towels

Yes, babies are super cute when they are fresh out of the bath and wrapped in a sweet little, hooded towel, but once that baby is about four months old, that hooded towel just is not going to cut it. These particular towels are usually small, which in turn means that they cannot completely cover up a growing baby. A regular towel that you already own will work just fine for your little one. If your friends or family want to buy these hooded towels for your baby, then do not turn them down, by any means. Just keep in mind if you are the one making the purchase, then this is one you can afford to skip.

8 Bath Water Thermometer

Water thermometers can range anywhere from ten all the way up to a hundred bucks! When you have a temperature tester attached to your body, your elbow, it seems a bit frivolous to spend any amount of money on a fancy device to do a job you can easily handle on your own. This is another luxury item that should be left up to shower guests or kind family members to buy. If you do not get one as a gift, there's no reason you should go out and spend your own money on one!

7 Rocking Glider for the Nursery

Do you have a recliner in your living room? Then there is no need to purchase an expensive glider just for the baby's nursery.

You must remember that if you do purchase a glider, it will most likely stay in the baby's nursery. But if you use a piece of furniture in the main living space instead, then you will not be confined to the baby's nursery just because that is where the glider is!

A great alternative to a glider would be a baby swing. While these can cost a pretty penny as well, they are still more affordable and will give you lots of opportunities to be hands-free! Babies absolutely love to swing and are comforted by that particular motion, so when it is nap time, you can just place your baby in the swing, and the soothing movement will help your baby fall asleep. This will also benefit you, in that the baby will not rely on being held and rocked in order to fall asleep.

6 A Diaper Pail

Does pulling out a long, smelly, plastic bag filled with week-old soiled diapers sound like a good time to you? It doesn't!? Yeah, I did not think so.

Diaper pails seem like a great idea, but why would you want to keep all those nasty smelling diapers in a pail for days on end? No matter how much baking soda is packed into the liners nor how thick the plastic coating of the pail is, you are going to get a whiff of that poop and pee whether you like it or not!

Instead of continuing to shove your little one's used diapers into a pail, place dirty diapers into an old grocery bag, tie it off, and then put the bag into your main garbage can. Your "everyday" trash will be taken out much more often than your diaper pail bag and you will not have to smell that "nose-hair singeing" aroma for as long either!

5 Diaper Bag

While it may seem completely asinine to suggest that you do not really need an enormous sack of pockets also known as a diaper bag, keep in mind how very expensive they can be! Plus, they are a pain in the butt to carry! Once you get them filled with all the things you need, they will not zip, therefore, the straps will not stay on your shoulder because they are being pushed apart by all the items stuffed down into the bag.

Some diaper bags are just not pretty and they are always cumbersome. Do you have an old backpack or knapsack lying around? Use one of those instead because they are much more practical and easy on the wallet.

4 Baby Shoes

How fun it is to go shopping for new baby clothes and shoes! There is so much merchandise out there, and so much to choose from, that it is nearly impossible to resist buying at least some of it for your little love...

But, baby shoes, while they are very cute and relatively inexpensive (depending on the brand), they are not quite necessary. Once you have put the same shoe back on a squirmy 3-month-old's foot for the fifteenth time in a row, the "cute factor" you once saw in those precious shoes starts to fade. If you want to save a few bucks, skip the shoes and put your money towards something more practical like socks or extra footed sleepers.

3 Nursing Pillows

It is true that many women think nursing pillows are the best thing to happen since sliced bread, but others may argue that they are an expensive and unnecessary accessory to a nursing mama. Name brand nursing pillows can cost you anywhere from thirty to seventy dollars! Plus, you will probably want one of those cute little covers to go with it, so you will need to tack on another ten bucks.

If you want a nursing pillow, then that is great! If you do not want to spend your money on one, then consider this alternative: Use a regular pillow or a couple of baby blankets when nursing. Both are much more pliable and easier to get into a comfortable position than an expensive nursing pillow.

2 Carseat Covers

Car seat covers are available in every shape, size, color, and price. There is a huge variety of covers and because of that, it can be really difficult to pick just one! However, here is a bit of advice that might help you pick out the perfect cover for your baby's car seat: Don't buy one at all!

These things really are a great idea, but they are so cumbersome that they sometimes get in the way of adjusting the handle on the car seat.

Keeping your baby shielded from the elements, as well as from germs in the air, is super important, but instead of using an expensive car seat cover, just throw a baby blanket over the top of the seat to save yourself time and money!

1 Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping cart covers are very much like car seat covers in that there are so many patterns and styles out there for moms to choose from. However, when you are rushing to get into the grocery store, it is oftentimes difficult to remember to bring the shopping cart cover in with you. Most moms leave them in the car or do not even remember to put them in the car to begin with.

If you do not want to purchase a shopping cart cover or you simply always forget yours, just grab some sanitizing wipes as you go into the store, wipe the buggy down, then make sure your little one keeps his or her mouth off the buckle and handle of the cart and you will be good to go!


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