Wells is an English name that means spring. It is up 202% in popularity in 2016. Rosie Pope is an entrepenuer and business woman who specializes in all things pregnancy and baby. She chose the name Wellington for her son born in 2011, but calls him Wells for short.

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reason the name Wells has made such a jump? The boyish yet sexy Wells Adams, who works as a radio DJ in Nashville, Tenesee, was one of the men who attempted to capture the heart of Jojo Flethcer on the most recent season of The Bachelorette. He didn't get the final rose, but he did stick around long enough to garner many fans on Twitter and Instagram. He appeared on televisions across the nation once again this summer on Bachelor In Paradise where he was quite the hot commodity among the ladies. His wit, charm and heart-melting grin may have inspired a few moms-to-be to use his name.

Wells is currently 2,408th most popular name choice for little boys, and has been assigned to just under 100 boys so far in 2016. This creative, classic and dapper name may be one we see much more of in 2017.

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