15 Baby Names Everyone Associated With Fun

When naming a child is it most important for the name to say "I'm a serious job candidate," or "I'm a lot of fun." The right answer for this one is the second answer. That is what this article is centered around.

There is no reason that a name can't be both fun and good for a serious job interview. We all remember Stan the Man who was a ton of fun. Stan worked in accounting too, so obviously he didn't have trouble being taken seriously. When he cut loose though, well he was the man.

You may not have thought of names in terms of what sounds "fun" yet. However is it really much different than thinking of all the names that of the mean girls in high school and mentally checking them off your list? This one is way more healthy than reliving those traumatic events and thoughts.

This list is not very scientific. You may know many fun names that didn't make the list. Please share those names. Do you think your name is the funnest? Do you think giving your kid a "fun" name is a bad idea? Let us know in the comments.

15 Alvin (Pronunciation: AL-vin)

That's right we are starting with Alvin. You may remember him from Alvin and the chipmunks. He was the fun one. The one in the red dress length shirt. You know, the one with the large A on it? He also liked to wear the red ball cap. Alvin was so fun in fact, that it doesn't appear that anyone noticed him or his brother are not humans. That's crazy right? I want to be that fun.

Alvin means friend of the elves. It's Old English. If you are thinking "Old English" doesn't exactly scream good times, I don't blame you. In this instance you are wrong. Some nickname options are Al, Alvie, or Vinnie. The name seems to have peaked in the 1920's. You can bet that there was an Alvin who knew where all the best Speakeasy's were and he could get you in.

14 Bruce (Pronunciation: BROOS)

Hear me out on this one. Bruce is a macho guy name. Macho guys have their place in the fun circles. The name meaning is "thick brush" in English. Don't let this deter you from the name. Here are things to consider Bruce is a solid manly name and it is unlikely to be used as a female name any time soon. You can use "Brucie" as a nickname, but I wouldn't recommend it lest Bruce not like it.

There are many, many famous Bruce's out there. Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen, and Bruce Wayne. It's almost to pick a favorite Bruce. This name peaked in the 1950's. That kind of make sense for what I'm picturing. Bruce was likely the guy with the cigarette behind his ear and the comb in his back pocket. His idea of a good time was drag racing.

13 Mickey (Pronunciation: MIK-ee)

Mickey is a mouse. I'm not going to try to deny that, but he is so much more. For example: Mickey, yeah Mickey. He's so fine, he's so fine he blows our mind. It's Mickey. In addition to that Mickey is a name that can be used for a girl too. Usually when I have heard the female version of the name it is as a nickname for something else, but I'm sure it can be used on it's own.

This name means "Gift from God" or "who is like God." It's origins are Hebrew, Irish or American.

If you are looking for anyone famous who is associated with this name you don't have to look far. Mickey Rooney (actor), Mickey Rourke (actor), and Mickey Mantle (baseball player.) Also there is the relatively well known mouse from cartoons, theme parks, and movies.

12 Skipper (Pronunciation: SKIP-per)

When you hear the name Skipper you may think of Barbie's little sister. Frankly Skipper never had her moment to shine, and that's why she was a little more fun than Barbie. She didn't have the 100's of careers to keep track of and that freed her up for fun. Who can blame her for taking advantage of that and having a good time. I certainly can not.

Skipper is an English name. You may not be surprised to learn that the meaning is "Captain." If you are wondering about some other famous people with that name there was Skipper from Gilligan's Island. A more recent Skipper is the leader of the group of penguins in the Madagascar movies. Funny. So funny. If you haven't seen them yet, I think you should.

Skipper has not seen it's day in the sun when it comes to hitting any naming lists. Maybe we can do it this year guys.

11 Felicity (Pronunciation: feh-LIS-i-tee)

By it's very nature Felicity is a pretty fun name. I mean it's happiness all rolled into one little name. Try to say Felicity without smiling. You can't do it. You didn't do it right? Oh, you did? There goes that theory. Still, I'm sticking with this as a fun name for a little girl.

I've never met a Felicity in real life, but had many imaginary friends by that name. They were super fun. Felicity means "good fortune" and "happiness." This name is french, American, and Latin.

If you are looking for some famous ladies with this name I can help with that. Felicity Huffman was the one that sprang to mind first for me. She is an American actress. There was a show in the 90's that was name Felicity. I think most of us that remember the show wanted her hair more than anything. Also the men in on the show. Don't make me pick which I wanted more.

10 Marley (Pronunciation: MAHR-lee)

Marley can be a boy or a girls name. If I'm being honest Marley sounds like a fun name to me because I hear Bob Marley in my head and it makes me feel relaxed. It also makes me think of the dog in Marley & Me. These two things together are what happiness is made of. Or close to it.

Let's get to the facts here. Marley means "from the march meadow." Not a totally fun kind of meaning, but few names are going to mean "kick butt partier." It wouldn't be appropriate. This name so far has peaked in the year 2009. So let's see that makes Marley's about 8 years old if my math is right. We shall see how much fun they are in the future. Don't let me down Marley's and even if you do "every little thing is gonna be all right."

9 Candy (Pronunciation: CAN-dee)

Well yeah. Fun and Candy go together like winter and soup. They are what the world needs together. Therefore it's no surprise that this name needed to be on the list.

Candy stems from some latin meaning "white, pure or sincere." There is nothing better than a little good clean fun, am I right? Candace is sometimes shortened to the name Candy. The name reached it's highest US Popularity in the 1970's.

If you are wondering if there are any famous Candy's out there, there are some. The best real life example I can think of is Candy Spelling. She was the wife of the TV mogul Aaron Spelling. John Candy was a famous actor that passed away. The most famous Candy's are probably types of actual candies that you actually eat. There is nothing wrong with that though. Candyland is a favorite game and is a ton of fun.

8 Ace (Pronunciation: AYS)

Well let's start with the fact that Ace means "unity." What makes things the most fun? When you have a group of people unite. That is what Ace is going to do for the group. Ace is a good solid name. Though this is typically seen as a male name, it can be used for a female. For example Grace may use Ace as a nickname.

If you are trying to think where you have heard of some Aces, let me help you out. Ace Young was a singer on American Idol that many a lady swooned over. There is also the Ace of Cakes tv show. I'm sorry to do this to you, but there was also the Ace Ventura movies. He was a ton of fun, right? He got the job done.

Ace is an American English name. In addition to the meaning listed above you may hear the meaning as "one who excels."

7 Blanche (Pronunciation: BLANCH)

There is no way to get through this list without adding our favorite fun time Golden Girl name. Blanche proved to us that no matter your age, you can still have a good time and she put the name Blanche on the map.

Blanche means "to make white." The origins can be French, American, or Latin.

Shockingly Blanche hit the peak of it's popularity in the 1880's. Blanche seems like the type of fun lady that might loosen her girdle a tad and drink the boys under the table. She is a good time, but she remains classy.

Famous Blanches are obviously Blanche Devereaux from Gold Girls. There are a few Blanche actresses and an operatic singer that are listed, but I was not familiar with them. Blanche was a name featured in Jane Eyre, a novel by Charlotte Bronte.

6 Willy (Pronunciation: WI-lee)

Willy can be a nickname for someone with the full name William. Willy is a less stuffy version of that.The name itself means will and determination. The name is from German and English origins. When I think of Willy, i sing the song: "Little Willy, Willy Won't Go Home. You Can't Push Willy 'round. Willy won't go. Try tellin' Everybody, but Oh No..." And from the sounds of that song- Willy doesn't leave the party while there is any chance things are still hopping. That is someone that has fun oozing from the pores.

If you are looking for some famous Willy associations I can help you out. There is "Free Willy" the movie with the whale the Micheal Jackson wrote a song for. There is a little someone name Willy Wonka, maybe you've heard of him? He's kind of a big deal.

5 Elle (Pronunciation: EHL)

I'll level with you here. The reason this made the list is because of the movie Legally Blonde in which Elle Woods is the hero of the movie. She is likable, fun, smart and she needed to be on the list.

The origins of Elle are English or Norse. The meaning is something like "beautiful fairy." If you are looking for a name that can be abbreviated to Elle, Eleanor or Ellen could be good choices. In Norse the meaning is "Old Age." Age is just a number Norse people.

If you are looking for some additional famous links for the name Elle, look no further. We have Elle McPherson the model. There is that little fashion magazine by the name of Elle that you can find on news stands or on the interwebs.

4 Tony (Pronunciation: TOH-nee)

Hey, Tony! That is a name of a person that is going to help you find fun. That is the name of the person that can help you figure out the best places to eat and the best places in town to go out to.

Tony can be short for Anthony. I have also heard it (and loved it) as a girls' name spelled Toni. The name means "highly praise worthy." The origins or English, Latin and American fall pretty much in line with that meaning.

The 1960's saw the peak of popularity for Tony (so far.)

Let's discuss some of our favorite Tony's that prove this name is nothing, but a good time. Tony Stark from the Iron Man comics is fun with a dash of snark. Tony Romo was quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for awhile. If you are a football fan, I assume that means he's awesome.

3 Buddy (Pronunciation: BUH-dee)

I may or may not have just finished watching the movie Elf when this list was made. I may think that Buddy Elf is the funnest person on earth. And I may feel like I wish there were more Buddy's out there. You are going to have to make this happen. Please.

Buddy means "friend." That isn't all that surprising. The origin is American/English. Sadly this name so far peaked in the United States in the 1930's as a boy's name. I really hoped to see a resurgence from the Elf movie, but that didn't happen.

This name has a few famous origins. There was the famous American rock star Buddy Holly who tragically died in a plane crash. If you don't remember the rock star himself you may be familiar with the song "Buddy Holly' by Weezer. Buddy Elf that was previously mentioned. Buddy Hackett the American comedian and actor.

2 Axel (Pronunciation: AK-səl)

Well the meaning is a little bit of a buzz kill. It means "father of peace." I got nothing against fathers. I mean I am married to one, and I have one, but they aren't like the top of the fun pinnacle.

Axel has some roots in Danish, German, Swedish, and Hebrew. All generally have about the same meaning. The name reached it's peak in 2011, so far. that means that the little fun makers are about 6 at the moment. Hopefully some of the mom's will weigh in on how much fun they are right now.

If you are trying to think of some famous Axel's, don't drive yourself crazy we have a few for you. There is Axl Rose (slightly different spelling) from the band Guns N' Roses. There is Eddie Murphy's character Axel in the movies Beverly Hills Cop.

1 Ferris (Pronunciation: FEH-ris)

Maybe you haven't met a Ferris in the world yet, but you know that if or when you do- they are going to so great. There is no way that they are going to disappoint. Quick sidebar with the Ferris' out there- ok I'm sorry for the pressure, but you knew it was coming with the movie and everything.

Now down to the facts. Ferris is a Celtic or Scottish name. The meaning is "rock." That isn't exactly inspired and hugely fun sounding. Don't worry. Also, this may not be a surprise, but it hasn't been on any of the big lists in the United States.

Here is where you have heard this name before "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." You remember? "Bueller, Bueller..." Please tell me that I didn't just bust in and show everyone that I'm very old. I did, didn't I? That's ok. Let me know in the comments what names you whippersnappers think are the funnest these days.

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