15 Baby Names If You Have Expensive Taste

Whether a Kardashian or a deep-down diva, Mom knows what and who you wear is everything. From a polished mane down to perfectly pedicured toes, the whole ensemble must be mint and speak volumes about your exquisite taste.

Just like purchasing a new Hermès handbag, having a baby can be equally exciting and expensive. And since you’ll also be wearing your tiny tot, there’s no reason why your latest accessory shouldn’t adorn your sense of style, or a name fit for a king (or queen)!

If you’re all about the glitz, glam, and high-ticket labels, naming your new baby can be as challenging as choosing a nanny. You want your baby’s name to impress and be the crème de la crème of infant titles. Be it jewelry or juice boxes, this baby will be toting around much more than their gold-plated baby bottle. Choosing the right label for your most adored possession is sure to include many trips to Neiman Marcus and charges to your credit card.

But where do you start? There are so many brands - eh, hem - names, that appeal to you. Some of the most glamourous baby names are inspired by the most elegant and classy influencers and fashion gurus throughout history. If you covet the style of Audrey and scent of Coco, then these names will have you drooling over your silk pajamas.

So even though you’ll be moving from a Swarovski-crusted clutch to one filled with baby wipes, your newborn will be living a life of permanent luxury with a name that pairs extremely well with your Burberry Diaper Bag.

Now grab your newborn, FENDI stroller, and hit up 5th Avenue in style!

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15 Victoria

If you want your baby to reign in both taste and regality, than Victoria speaks to both. It has a classic flair in a modern world. Aside from being the name of a literal queen, Victoria is also the name of one of the most “posh” ladies of the 21st century; former Spice Girl turned fashion designer with three children, still managing to keep her style and elegance in check. To add weight to this statement-making name, it’s pretty af. Any name that rhymes with the Waldorf Astoria can carry itself among the elite and fabulous. Victoria may have originated from the word victory, but any girl with this name will already own her audience and the catwalk. She’ll be hired on the spot, instantly approved for a loan, and be given heavy discounts at all her favourite boutiques. Crown your baby girl with this name and watch her flourish under this legendary title.

14 Bentley

Vroom, vroom.

Move over, Lexus, this mama has bigger dreams in mind. Nothing speaks more highly of a lavish lifestyle than owning and traveling with a Bentley. With its English origins, it’s a name that is as bold as James Bond, packs an equally impactful punch, and makes no apologies for double parking along Rodeo Drive. Bring your little man to the summer house, park, or for a walk along Avenue des Champs Elysées, and this little Bentley is sure to turn heads. Rest assured, no one will be taking your main man for a ride. With a name like Bentley, he’ll be admired for his strength, confidence, and loyalty. It may be a little pretentious and la-dee-da, but at least it’s impressionable. And you can’t forget about the dependability of his namesake. “Bentley, ma dear, bring mommy some wine.” You might have to consult the ultra-luxury car manufacturer for naming rights.

13 Kate

Dainty and delightful.

If you want your child’s name to make an impact and represent your chic palate, Kate should do the trick. A name which means clarity and purity, Kate may as well be describing your daughter’s diamond-laced lunch box. As a lover for all things sparkly and pricey, your baby gal should be graced with a name that’s fit for a princess! Be sure to choose Kate if castles and Prince Charming is what’s in store for your little one. Adding to this regal and influential name is the cute and upscale tribute to one of New York’s most beloved brands, Kate Spade. If you drool over the bold colours and sophisticated, frisky styles of Miss Spade, then why not tag your newborn with an equally high-ticket label such as Kate? So simple, yet so dainty and dear. Plus, some of the most fashion-forward women of Hollywood, such as Kate Moss, Kate Winslet, and Kate Hepburn, have worn this name and exorbitant fashions very well, bringing an air of independence and intellect to its meaning.

12 William

Royal duds for a royal dude.

Balancing the baby girl name Kate, you can’t forget about Miss Middleton’s royal highness husband, William. Your little prince is nothing short of deserving of this traditional and strapping title. Historically, the name combines meanings of “desire” and “protection”, which means if you desire a palace with 15 bedrooms, a waterfall, and 24-hour security, William may be the answer to the question, “What name shall I dub thee, Prince Newborn?” As a counter to the royal connection, there’s no name more upscale than one that speaks to your favourite retailer, Williams Sonoma. Sure, they’ve pluralized and capitalized upon the name, but why can’t you? Pay homage to the place that introduced you to your new Skybar Wine System and Porcelain tea cups. Who knows? Maybe they’ll give you a lifelong discount, branded swag, and free shipping! And let’s not forget about Mr. Shakespeare. If you don’t want your baby boy stealing hearts a la Romeo, call him William: the original trend-setter.

11 Madison 

Fresh from a shopping trip.

If you find yourself on the streets of New York and entering the doors of Vera Wang, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo more often than entering Bloomingdales, then Madison is a unique baby name that indicates your big-ticket taste. As a well-known Manhattan Avenue and popular destination for tourists with no credit card limits, Madison is a name that is uber-feminine. You just know that with a name like Madison, your baby girl will be jet-setting the globe in search of the next best trend, and you can bet that she’ll be setting them. If you really want to add more meaning to the name, you can think back to one of the classic movies, Splash. One of pop culture’s most infamous mermaids (aside from Ariel), is named Madison. How luxurious is that? Be sure to name your baby girl Madison if you dream of swimming in pearls and bringing home treasures of the sea.

10 Giorgio

Be it fitted sheets or fitted suits, Giorgio will get the job done when it comes to “fitting” your new baby boy. As you know, there is no better fit when it comes to the likes of Armani. If your favourite sunglasses had anything to say about it, they’d nudge you towards this statement-making name. Let’s face it. With a hook of a name like Giorgio, this little boy will soften the roughest of edges and have every daycare and private school whispering in his ear enticing him to join. “Oh Giooooooorgio. We have down duvets for naptime, endless cookies, and fresh-pressed apple juice.” You, hot mama, will have some decisions to make as you become the subject of stares. These stolen glances won’t be for your Christian Louboutin shoes, but for your bow-tie and loafer-clad toddler. He’ll not only be the epitome of suave behaviour, he’ll be stealing the spotlight.

9 Sophia

If modern television DIDN’T have an affect on baby names, we’d be seeing a lot less Rachel’s, Emma’s, and Carrie’s. So take a page out of history and cultural influence and go ahead and crown your little princess Sophia. If you wanted to pay tribute to a Hollywood icon and actual beauty pageant contestant, Sophia Loren is elegance personified. But, there is another Sophia that’s captured the hearts of young ladies nationwide. Okay, Sophia the First may be a cartoon, but she’s got jewels and an opulent wardrobe, and that speaks directly to you, mama. Sophia is oh-so delicate, graceful, and is the ideal accompaniment for your Italian home’s facade. A name that’s well-suited to golden locks and golden frocks, we bet that Sophia will be met with more than praise towards your excellent naming ability. This girl may be admired for her gentle aura, but more so for her perfectly polished hairstyles, epically crafted by the hands of the mommy with the $200 bottle of mousse and sapphire-rimmed tiara.

8 Calvin

Just because you live a life filled with dozens of pairs of Manolo Blahnik’s and steep credit card bills, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun! Especially when it comes to naming your new baby boy. You may not be found taking shots along the bar anymore, but you’re no doubt taking time to groove to your favourite dance tracks by the infinity pool or in your Range Rover. America’s favourite dance companion, Calvin Harris, is no stranger to luxurious living. Toasting Cristal and eating caviar in penthouse suites is only the beginning. While Calvin may not be a fierce or powerful name, it’s certainly fun and will have your friends thinking back to the days of VIP clubs and limo rides. If your baby is due in June, you’ll be able to sing to him to sleep with, “When I met you in the summer…” And okay, the name MAY mean “bald”, but just think of all the money you’ll save on haircuts that will be better spent on the Polo shirts he’ll want when he’s older.

7 Tiffany

All you're missing is the diamond ring.

*Sigh*. Tiffany. Is there any other name that makes both men and women drool, albeit for very different reasons? While men may think of the Tiffany who was out of their league in high school, women worldwide will be whimsically thinking about pristine jewelry designs, robin egg blue boxes, and white ribbons. Since you want the very best for your baby girl, there’s no name that compares to Tiffany. While she may be envied by other girls, she’ll never be without a best friend. This special little girl will be put on a pedestal and will be gifted with expensive goods more often than you can buy them for yourself. You might be influenced by her own sense of style and could even be caught borrowing from her accessories. With a name like Tiffany, your baby’s first bite of birthday cake could literally be eaten from a silver spoon.

6 Louis

Reining in cuteness.

Before this modern era where boy names such as Hunter and Chase exist, there was a time that an abundance of Louis’ roamed the Earth. Now, it’s important to pronounce this one with the accuracy it deserves. Avoid saying loo-iss, and instead pronounce it en Francais; Loo-ee. It’s a name that has been around for centuries and many kings from France have donned the moniker. In fact, it seems the majority of French kings have been named Louis. Aside from it being another accolade to regal association, we can’t forget about your truest Louis love: Vuitton. All of your expensive and worldly possessions would not be possible if it were not for having your trusty and uniquely-printed suitcase by your side. The harmony between those chocolate-brown and latte-coloured symbols alone would make you want to name your first born after this extravagant designer. Which brings me to another key point: Louis Armstrong. He aptly sang about “what a wonderful world” we live in. Wonderfully stacked with life’s greatest luxuries.

5 Portia

Just try to keep up.

Let’s put your love for haute couture and expensive wines on the back-burner for a moment while we consider how super unique and breathtaking this name is. With a more elegant and ladylike spelling than the Italian car’s harsh and male-ish composition, it definitely stands out among the Sarah’s and Jane’s of the world. Power. If there were ever a word to describe what Portia brings to the person who wears this name it would be that. Your little girl will walk into any room and immediately captivate it. She’ll be the talking point at parties and capture the curiosities of everyone who walks by her. “Where did she come from? I wonder who her family is.” You’ll also love how well your baby girl pairs with your luxurious Italian collection of accessories, from your Prada gloves to your Dolce & Gabbana scarves. If you don’t want Portia to get away from you, now’s the time to grab the wheel.

4 Elizabeth 

Your little royal highness.

If you’re still drawn to the monarchy (‘cause let’s admit it, who isn’t?), you’ll love the class that the super sweet name of Elizabeth provides. Be it princess, duchess, heiress, or current Queen of England, Elizabeth is a time-honoured name that is as handed-down and beloved as your vintage trench coats. If your daughter is anything like you, she’ll adore the finely stitched linens, gold-plated flatware, and marble-carved statues that the royal existence bestows upon its own. Of course, Elizabeth is also one of the most trusted and magical brands known to man. If you can’t live without the youthful glow provided by Elizabeth Arden’s products, then maybe Elizabeth is calling your name. And if you’re one for short-forms, such as DKNY and YSL, then maybe you’d like to abbreviate it and name your little one Liz or Beth. Both are simple, first-rate, and twists a classic designation into a contemporary one.

3 Chanel (or Coco)

Oui, oui!

Chanel very well could be the ultimate way to speak of your taste for the overpriced. Whether your flair is for the sleek and sophisticated black and white garb and accessories, or the coveted No. 5 perfume, Ms. Coco’s sense of style never disappoints. If you’re all about high-end, timeless Parisian designs, Chanel’s beloved essence could be resurrected in your daughter. She’ll carry with her a sense of poise, practicality, and sensibility that rivals that of any globetrotting supermodel. Chanel is no doubt a bold choice that demands attention, but you can't deny that it carries with it a je ne sais quoi. She’ll be perfectly suited to lounge daintily next to the Seine River or take a leisurely promenade through Monte Carlo. She may even be mistaken for a celebrity by international paparazzi! You can table getting those French manicures, your daughter will have enough Ooh La La for the both of you.

2 Vivienne

Dreams do come true.

The name that emerged from where true dreams are made of has got to be Vivienne. Before there was a baby to name there may have been a wedding. And for you, where there’s a wedding, there’s a hint of Westwood. From the dress to the jewelry, Vivienne was part of your life before you were thinking bassinets and rhinestoned rattles. But now that little miss newborn is on the way, and your dreams have taken on new meaning, it’s an ideal time to rejuvenate the name of London’s most renowned fashion designer. A name that means “full of life”, Vivienne will be a pure romantic with a spontaneous side you just won’t be able to tame. Just like your online shopping habit, she’ll be checking out before you even knew what happened. And you can be sure that she’ll own the French origins behind her name, living via the joie de vivre mindset.

1 Ruby

No name dares to compare.

No life is complete without a few gems to polish off your outfit, or your family. Even if your precious stone of choice is a diamond, you have to admit that naming your little girl after your 24 carat rock doesn’t bring justice to your beautiful baby girl and most treasured possession. While any gem that sets your heart on fire will do, Ruby is a simple and adorable modern name that both you and your daughter will adore. Just like your brilliant showroom of sparklers, your little Ruby will surface among other generations. This name breathes new life into old trends, becoming a muse to designers and expert craftsman alike. If you dig the ferocity of the city and dare to take risks, bite the bullet and go for Ruby. She may be a little firecracker, but her assertive confidence will be her most alluring asset. Together, the two of you will stop hearts and be the primary influence behind taking a 180 towards red-hot style.

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