15 Baby Names Inspired By Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast, by Jeanne-Marie LePrince Beaumont, is one of the most iconic love stories in our storytelling, fairy tale history with twists and turns that allow us to search deep within the story for tangled webs and deeper thoughts. It is an enchanting tale with sweeping romance and beautiful lessons learned by the two main characters, Belle and the Beast. Lessons we ourselves can easily learn from also.

I have always been drawn to stories that have a deeper meaning and ones that go beyond the simple idea of boy meets girl. Beauty and the Beast certainly delivers in these stakes with themes of isolation, bitterness, regret and misfortune lying in amongst the storylines of friendship, love and compassion. The tale can be, and has been, analyzed in depth to reveal a deep rooted sense of feminism, issues regarding gender, patriarchy and masculinity. We question moral virtues and break the stigmas of bestiality, beauty and seek out a thirst for knowledge just like Belle. We simply fall in love with these characters who offer us so much.

With such a deep and rich texture to the story line which is so much greater than the love story it initially comes across as, it's a perfect place to find inspiration for your little one's name. We've gathered fifteen names inspired by the classic Beauty and the Beast for you to consider which, I think we can agree, have a fantastic story behind them.


As a young pampered Prince who is transformed into a hideous beast at a young age by the Enchantress, Prince Adam is taught some vital life lessons during his time as the Beast. As a young man, he was a cold-hearted and selfish individual, acting and thinking in ways that were not suitable for someone of royalty, or any person for that matter. In order to save himself from remaining a beast for the rest of his life, he must earn the love and respect of the beautiful young woman, Belle, who he traps in his castle. This must be done before the last petal falls from the Rose before his twenty first birthday.

There is still a question mark over whether the Prince's name is Adam or not, but the majority believe it is. Regardless, it's a beautiful, longstanding name with a rich history and a fantastic character to be called after. The gentle side of the Beast, his real and true self as Prince Adam, can be seen and heard under the fur despite being prone to the characteristics of the hot tempered animal he has become. He is a kind and gentle-hearted character with a beautiful soul.

Adam could be ultimately derived from Hebrew meaning "to be red", referring to the ruddy colour of human skin, or from Akkadian adamu meaning "to make". According to Genesis in the Old Testament Adam was created from the earth by God. 


Babette is a maid in the castle and is also Lumiere's girlfriend. She is slowly transformed into one of the enchanted objects, the feather duster, in the stage musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast rather than instantly being transformed into one. Babette is still a wonderfully, delightful and feisty character who flirts with Belle's father in an attempt to make Lumiere jealous. Completely in love with Lumiere, Babette and her boyfriend have a very envious relationship however they argue a lot and often come across as being insecure in their relationship, making small jibes at one and other. When they are transformed back into their human selves, they are happy to be back to normal and prefer each other as human than their enchanted counterparts.

Babette is a beautiful traditional French name and a wonderful choice for your baby if you are looking for a classic and sophisticated name. Saying that your baby is named after feather duster of the stage musical version of Beauty and the Beast adds an extra sense of worldliness

A French, Hebrew name, Babette, means "My God is plentiful" and is now frequently used as an independent name.


Belle is one of the most beautiful Disney characters. She suffers a loneliness and isolation much like the Beast who she eventually falls in love with. She yearns for more than the life she has been given and is a lot different to the other girls in her small provincial town who seem to only have marriage to look forward and aspire to. Belle is educated, open-minded, smart, loving and kind. Her confidence and lack of fear is inspiring and she is most certainly more than just a beautiful face. Her biggest and most important feature is that she can see past others' many physical and characteristic flaws. If she was unable to do this, she would never have fallen in love with Beast, finding her Prince.

If you are searching for a strong name with a beautiful feminine sound then you can go no further than Beauty and the Beast's Belle. She is the epitome of what we want our daughters to grow up as - headstrong, resolute, charismatic and educated.

Short form of Isabella or names ending in belle. It is also associated with the French word belle meaning "beautiful". Isabella is a variation of Isabel, itself a variation of Elizabeth, meaning "devoted to God" in Hebrew. 


Chip is an adorable supporting character in Beauty and the Beast. As a human, Chip works with his mother, Mrs Potts, in the castle kitchens. On the night of the enchantment, he is turned into a dainty china tea cup. A wonderfully, delightful character, Chip is adventurous as any young boy would be and is inquisitive about everything and anything, often seen asking questions. He is, as the rest of the characters are, frightened of the Beast's anger but also has a brave element to his character as he saves Belle and Maurice in order for them to rescue the Beast. A daring and sprightly little thing, Chip has great admiration and love for Belle and sees her as a big sister and loyal companion.

While Chip is probably not the first name you'd think of for your newborn son, it is a cute and affectionate nickname and what a gorgeous little character to be named after.

Diminutive of Charles or Christopher. It can also be from a nickname given in reference to the phrase "a chip off the old block", used of a son who is similar to his father.


Claudette is one of three sisters known as, The Bimbettes, in Beauty and the Beast. They are identical blonde triplets who have developed an obsession with Gaston and advantageously chase him . Claudette is no different to her sisters who fawn over Gaston and blatantly ignore his bullish and macho man ways, which are neither endearing nor lovable. The Bimbettes is quite a funny name for these three sisters who are essentially lovestruck women who work at the local tavern. Claudette and her sisters have all been raised in a manner which is directly opposite to Belle. They are seeking men to settle down with and raise a family. In truth, one, if not all, of the Bimbettes are ideal for Gaston who is looking for a woman to bear his six or seven sons, clean the house and cater to his needs!

Claudette is a fun name from a beautiful childhood movie and lends itself to many shortened versions for your newborn Claud, Claudia, Dette, Ette.

Claudette is a diminutive form of Claudia, which is derived from the Latin Claudius, an old Roman family name, which is from claudus meaning "lame."


In Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World, the feather duster is known as Fifi. She was magically transformed with the other inhabitants of the castle into household objects and now resides as a feather duster until the spell is broken. She remains a wonderfully flirtatious character with long eyelashes perfect for batting at love stuck men.

Throughout the story, she flirts and teases Lumiere, who enjoys the attention from her. However, Lumiere can often come across as being a womanizer who enjoys the attention of any woman. This enrages Fifi sending her jealousy through the roof which can be her downfall. In return, she attempts to make Lumiere jealous however by the end of the story they stop their silly games and are seen holding hands in a manner that shows us they have rekindled their romance.

Fifi is an adorable name and can be used as a nickname for Fiona.

Fifi is the French, diminutive of Josephine meaning "Jehovah increases".


Gaston is the town hero and hunter of the small provincial town. He knows that he is the most handsome and eagerly sought after man which makes him incredibly chauvinistic, pompous and conceited. He believes it is his destiny to marry the most beautiful woman in the town who he says is Belle. He will let no one stand in his way, and is even prepared to kill Belle's one true love to win her hand in marriage.

Despite being strong and handsome, Gaston holds no other qualities which endear him to Belle. She can see his true personality and is horrified of the thought of becoming his wife. The complete opposite to the Beast, Gaston is the real brute. He is sexist, arrogant, juvenile and conniving. Not the type of character destined for Belle.

Despite all of these negatives, Gaston is most certainly a strong name for your little boy!

Gaston is a French name from the Old French oblique case of a Germanic personal name, originally probably a byname from gasti "stranger", "guest","host".  The surname is also found in England and Ireland, where it is probably a Huguenot importation.


Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont is credited for creating the best known version of Beauty and the Beast which the original Disney movie and this year's current adaptation is based on. Born in 1711, de Beaumont was a French author who left France to become a governess in London. It was there that she wrote fairy tales and created an abridged version of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's original Beauty and the Beast in 1757.

Throughout her career she published over seventy volumes including collections she referred to as "magazines". They were instructional booklets for parents and educators where she included folks tales as a way to teach morals to children and adolescents through her writings. de Beaumont gave no credit to the original creator of Beauty and the Beast, de Villeneuve, and so is often deemed to be the original creator of the classic fairy tale.

The meaning of the name Jeanne is "God is Gracious".  From the name Jane it is an English used in English speaking countries and French speaking countries.



Laurette is another sister from The Bimbette Trio who follow Gaston around like a lovesick animal. Like her sisters, she envisages a happily married life and that is what she is striving for. The Bimbettes are provocative, naive, silly at times, but despite being simple minded they are fun, energetic and emotional women.

Although not book smart, Laurette and her sisters have a natural instinct when it comes to being clever and portray this instinct in a number of occasions throughout the Beauty and the Beast franchise. Laurette disguised herself as Belle in the Marvel Comics to trick Gaston to bid on her at an auction. This attempt to win Gaston's love by any means necessary, shows how daring and smart she is. It also shows that the Bimbettes are just as beautiful as Belle, as Gaston did not notice that it was not Belle until she was revealed by her sisters.

The name Laurette is a French baby name meaning "Little laurel". "The laurel tree" or "sweet bay tree" and symbolises honor and victory.


The ever popular feather duster had a name change yet again for The New Adventures of Beauty and the Beast, a two issue mini series of comics released by the Disney Comics brand. Marie is the name used for the feisty and flirtatious duster in this adaptation. Her character doesn't sway much from her namesakes Babette and Fifi. She is flirtatious and provocative with a touch a sass about her. Marie brings a lively and cheerful atmosphere to the castle that has lost its charm and care. While she is innately jealous and vain, she has a great deal of pride about her.

French cognate of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished-for child," and "mistress or lady of the sea."


Maurice is one of the most beautiful characters of Beauty and the Beast. He is Belle's father who, ultimately, is the cause for her entrapment in the castle by the Beast. But it is her unwavering and beautiful love for the father and their caring and loving relationship that we admire the most. Maurice is incredibly supportive of his daughter and her hopes and wishes. He would never stand in her way and has always encouraged her to be the person she wants to be.

While he is an eccentric and comes across almost as a mad scientist, he is wonderfully humble and compassionate. He is a fairly unique individual and is often ridiculed by the townsfolk but this does not bother him. Ultimately, his sole aim, is to give his family the life he believes they deserve. He tries his hardest to do right by Belle and is encouraged by her to stay focused and carry on.

Derived from the Latin Mauritius (Moorish), a derivative of Maurus (a Moor). The Moors were a Muslim people of mixed Arab and Berber descent; thus the name came to mean "dark" or "swarthy" in reference to their coloring.


The last of our Bimbette sisters, Paulette is much like her sisters as she fawns over Gaston and tries to win him over. Gaston deliberately overlooks the sisters as he wants to marry the prettiest girl in the town, who he says is Belle. Despite Belle winning major advances from Gaston over Paulette and the sisters, none of them have any resentment towards her and it is often portrayed that they are in fact friends. Paulette and her sisters even attend the wedding of Belle and the Prince at the end of the story. The sisters also show a possible element of compassion as Gaston's deceptive plot is unveiled. It is unknown if they are in support of him or not but the answer is more than likely not.

Paulette is the French feminine given name which is a diminutive of the name Pauline. Also a derivative of the Latin Paulina, from the Roman family name Paulus, meaning "small" or "humble". 


As one of Maurice's only allies, Phillipe, his long serving and loyal Belgian draft horse, is a fiercely loyal beast. A beautiful dark brown horse, he comes across as nervous and attempts to encourage Maurice to take routes that are less daunting and scary. When Maurice and Phillipe are returning from a fair where Maurice was entering his invention into a contest, Phillipe tries to get Maurice to take a road at a crossroads which is bright, open and cheerful with birds singing. Maurice has other ideas and forces him to take the dark and foggy path which frightens Phillipe. Ultimately, Phillipe's choice would have been safer but also would not have ended up with the happy ending Beauty and the Beast was intended for. On this eerie route, Phillipe is startled by the sound of wolves and dashes away after throwing Maurice off him and leaving him behind. This results in Belle's father being captured by the Beast.

Always loyal, however, he returns to the road with Belle and her search for her father begins. Philippe, although easily frightened, will do anything for Belle and Maurice and attempts to fight off wolves in a moment of bravery. He is also shown to be compassionate towards the Beast when he is injured and carries him on his backto the castle.

Derived from the Latin Philippus, which is from the Greek Philippos meaning "lover of horses", Phillipe is composed of the elements philos meaning "loving" and hippos meaning "horse". 


The Prince in Beauty and the Beast learns one of the biggest life lessons of all the male characters in fairy tales. As a young prince he is arrogant, gruff, impatient, and selfish. He held characteristics of Gaston who we know is not the most likeable character. In comparison, when he is transformed into the Beast by the Enchantress, he becomes humble, kind, gentle, loving and selfless. His personality completely changes as he battles many issues relating to his appearance and his self control of his new found animal side. Belle is able to see past the animal he has become and unknowingly notices the compassionate human elements underneath the fur as the positive characteristics of his personality come through. Ultimately, she falls in love with him and breaks the curse.

Prince is an unusual name to use for a baby boy, but it is growing in popularity in the last ten years with an expected jump this year due to the loss of the artist, Prince in 2016. Michael Jackson also named one of his children Prince.

English and French nickname from Middle English and the Old French, presumably denoting someone who behaved in a regal manner or who had won the title in some contest of skill.


The Enchanted Rose in Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful way to hold a spell in a fairy tale. Beautifully poignant, the mystical flower acts as a countdown timer for the Beast who will forever remain as the Beast unless he can learn to love before his twenty first birthday, at which stage the spell will be broken and he will be returned to his true self. The Rose, which begins to wilt when he turns twenty, is a reminder to him about his old ways and his selfishness. He keeps it safe in his chambers where Belle encounters it and is enthralled by it. Her finding of the Rose, infuriates the Beast and he gets angry, frightening Belle.

The Rose is stunning, beautiful and enthralling. As it holds an element of magic, the name is perfect for your baby girl should you wish to name her after something in your favourite fairy tale.

Originally a Norman form of a Germanic name, which was composed of the elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort, type". The Normans introduced it to England in the forms Roese and Rohese. From an early date it was associated with the word for the fragrant flower rose (derived from Latin rosa).

Sources: Behind The Name, Disney Wikia

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