15 Baby Names Inspired By Survivor

Come on in, guys! For Survivor fans, there is nothing like watching this reality television show, which has been on since year 2000, where players compete to outwit, outlast, and outplay in order to win $1 million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

All kinds of personalities have been on the show.

All types of athletic ability as well as intellectual ability have made appearances on this famous show. There has even been a Brains vs. Brawns theme. For all those true Survivor fans out there, they know the contestants like the route to work and back. They are familiar with many of the winners. And we certainly know the heroes and the villains.

Survivor is known to bring back contestants, even former winners. They may be fan favorites, or are just crazy enough to get us to want to tune in week after week, and season after season. Survivor is hugely successful, and may be one of the only true reality shows out there (well, at least partially true reality!)

Watching Survivor, the audience gets to learn all about the contestants. We find ones we admire, or ones we can't wait to watch every Wednesday night. Any Survivor fan out there who is expecting a baby may even find themselves looking at the names of the Survivor contestants as they inspire the parents-to-be to choose a name for their little one. Read on for some of the best baby names that come from our favorite show, Survivor. We'll go tally the votes!

15 Twila

Twila Tanner, a contestant on Survivor: Vanuatu, certainly made a name for herself by playing a bit of a rough game that involved rubbing her fellow contestants the wrong way. However, she became part of an all female alliance, and was able to make it all the way to the final two. Despite not being a favorite, she sure played the game like a true Survivor.

Twila is a pretty baby girl name that is of English origin. The name means woven from a double thread. Kind of interesting, right? Twila reminds many of a cool twilight day, where you see the moon in all its glory. Twila is a gorgeous name that definitely stands out among the rest, just as Twila from Survivor did!

14 Jeffrey

No Survivor list is complete without Jeffrey- or for short- Jeff. The long time host of the popular reality show, Survivor, is Jeff Probst. Almost everyone knows him, wouldn't you say?! He is an Emmy award winning host. We really think he adds an important element to the game of Survivor. He is known for making some plain old regular lines, sayings that we have loved and expected during each episode, such as, “I'll go tally the votes!”

The name Jeffrey can also be spelled Geoffrey, with the nicknames being Jeff or Geoff. It is a relatively popular name for baby boys, although it used to be much more popular. It means pledge of peace. The name Jeffrey gives off a cool vibe, just like the host of Survivor!

13 Sandra

If you are a regular Survivor fan, then you known Sandra, or better yet, as she likes to refer to herself- The Queen! Sandra is a two time winner of Survivor, and was brought back for a third shot at victory (she didn't last, though). She can absolutely be described as a tough woman and amazing game player. There is a reason why the title of Queen may belong to her- she knows how to run a tribe, that is for sure!

The name Sandra has lost popularity over the years, yet it is a recognizable name. The name actually means defending men, and comes from the diminutive of Alessandra in Italian and Greek origins. Sandra is a powerful name for any baby girl who you would like to grow up to be like a queen!

12 Malcolm

Malcolm is a fan favorite of the game Survivor. He has appeared on the show twice, and both times, fans have been quite upset seeing this handsome and rugged player get voted out. Malcolm was a very strong player, and unfortunately that may be what sealed his fate both times. He often won challenges as he was great at playing the game.

The name Malcolm is of old Scottish origin, like during the times of kings. Malcolm means, "devotee of St. Colomba." Not really the most appealing meaning for most of us, but many of us can agree Malcolm is a cute name for a baby boy, that works perfectly, as it is the kind of name he can grow up with and be proud of.

Malcolm is a timeless name that fits from birth to beyond. It's such a great classic name its no wonder the name ranks in the top 500 names of 2017.

11 Parvati

The name Parvati is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It is also the name of one of Survivor's notably prettiest contestant. Parvati on Survivor was able to use her good looks to her advantage. While she began the game as just a flirt, she soon discovered she could use to charmingly pretty looks to wield power in the game- and she did.

Even Jeff Probst has commented on how Parvati grew as a person and a woman.

Parvati is a gorgeous baby girl name, and one many of us are not familiar with. Yet, don't you feel drawn to this name? There is something special about the name Parvati. It means the daughter of the mountain, and is of Sanskrit origin. This goddess name in Hindu is popular in India. It is the perfect name for a strong and pretty baby girl.

10 Rob

Just about everyone has heard of Boston Rob, even if you are not a regular Survivor fan! Rob is one of the classic and most popular players in the game of Survivor. Almost everyone likes him, including host Jeff Probst, who has admitted that he couldn't help by favor this player.

Rob is full of charm, and used it to his advantage by basically convincing his opponents to never vote him out, despite how strong and likable of a player he was.

The baby boy name of Rob is typically short for Robert, which means bright fame. How fitting is that of our favorite Survivor player, Rob?! Rob is so cute for boys too, you can call him Robbie, and then he can decide if he wants to be a Rob or Robert (or hey, even Bob!) when he gets older. It is a nice and well rounded name.

9 Jerri

Jerri was certainly a fiery player in the game of Survivor! Dubbed the very first villainess. She certainly played an interesting game, even if she made some not so popular moves. She is a memorable character of the game, as most Survivor fans know exactly who she is and how she played! Though on her third attempt at the game, she did not really live up to her villainess title.

With a name like Jerri, your little girl will be a true spitfire. Jerri is a form of Gerry, which is short for Geraldine, which means, "ruler with the spear." Sounds right to us! You want your baby girl to grow up to be full of passion for what she does, just like Jerri in Survivor. And if she happens to be a strong woman, there's nothing wrong with that.

8 John

John Cochran is perhaps the most unlikely contestant to be on the game Survivor, much less the one who was able to outwit, outlast, and outplay to get to the end and win the $1 million dollars! But he did. He is an inspiration to many, as his nerdy personality with quite a few weakness can overcome the most strongest player to make it all the way to the end as the Sole Survivor. John shows us all that there is no specific type of player (or winner) on the game Survivor.

The name John is common, usually as a nickname for Jonathan, but not always. John means God is gracious. It is of Hebrew origin. John is a name that has been around for hundreds of years, and we do not see it going anywhere anytime soon. Just like John from Survivor!

7 Michaela

Michaela is a feisty contestant on the game of Survivor. She certainly speaks her mind and always has a opinion. Not to mention she can be quite funny, as us at home literally laugh out loud to her saying exactly what everyone is thinking, but no one actually says. She is a strong player in the game, too.

The first time she appeared on the show, she did have a notable exit, typical Michaela style, where she cursed and told her fellow tribe members exactly how she felt about being blindsided!

Michaela means who is like God, and is the female version of Michael. We think the Michaela we know from Survivor definitely fits her name meaning, wouldn't you say?! Your baby girl can grow up to speak her mind with a beautiful name like Michaela.

6 Yul

Looking for a one of a kind name for your baby boy? We were introduced to the name Yul during the season 13: Cooke Island, of the popular show Survivor. Yul was one of the contestants who used his intelligence to outwit, outlast, and outplay his opponents all the way to victory, and that $1 million dollar prize. He is arguably one of the smartest players in Survivor history, hands down.

Yul is definitely a unique name for a baby boy. It is of Mongolian origin and means beyond the horizon. We know the love for your little bundle of joy will totally fit this name meaning! Yul is different, yet has that classic vibe. You might have a tiny smartie pants on your hands just like the Yul in Survivor.

5 Kimberly

One of the all time players, especially in the eyes of host Jeff Probst, is a player that surprised everyone with her incredible ability to dominate the entire game of Survivor, all the way up to the end, where she won to $1 million dollars. That would be Kim Spradlin. No other player in the history of Survivor has done what she did by making all the moves she wanted, for the whole game.

Kim is a cute name, and is usually short for Kimberly. Kimberly is a place in England, and that is its meaning. Kind of interesting, right? Kim is a strong female name, that is also lovely and feminine. Perfect for any well rounded young lady, just like the Sole Survivor Kim that we all know and love!

4 Denise

Denise essentially defied all odds in her season on Survivor by just making it past being voted out many times, and eventually, somehow, getting her way to the end to win that large sum of prize money. It could have been luck or just the way she played the game, that made her one of the oldest winners of Survivor.

Denise feels like the name of a powerful woman. Yet, it also has a nice and cute touch for a baby girl. The name Denise is French, and is the female version of Denis and means "to be devoted to Bacchus" who was an ancient god. It was once quite popular, but is now almost barely seen. We like that about Denise. It is the type of name of a girl who can accomplish anything, just like in Survivor!

3 Tom

Tom is the kind of name of a classic, stand up kind of guy, wouldn't you say? The Tom we know from the popular reality television show Survivor is Tom Westman, who undeniably won with honor. This fireman player of the game Survivor won with integrity. He even gave one of his opponents in the game a life lesson. Tom is, and will probably always be, a favorite of Survivor.

Tom is a nice name for any baby boy. It is typically a nickname of Thomas. The name means twin, and is of Aramaic origin. Tom has been on the popular name charts for years, and was once hugely popular, though not so much anymore. With a name like Tom, your little boy will certainly grow up to be a great guy!

2 Cirie

Despite her self proclamation as a couch potato, Cirie made a name for herself in the game of Survivor! Many fans of the popular reality show would easily say that despite appearances, Cirie may be one of the smartest players to ever compete on the game. Cirie noticed everything, as she was keenly observant of all that took place between the members of her tribe. That, and her social, likable nature, makes her a fan favorite.

Cirie can also be spelled Syrie. This baby girl name has no meaning! We are guessing someone just made it up! It is uber cute though, don't you think? Any baby girl would be absolutely lovely and adorable with the name Cirie, just like one of our all time favorite Survivor contestants. We like to think little girls with this name are fun loving and people are naturally drawn to them.

1 Zeke

Even if you are not a fan of Survivor, you likely know who Zeke is. Zeke is a great Survivor player. However, once his tribe mate Jeff Varner ousted him as transgender, the internet has had a field day, and Zeke may be more popular than he ever was before. Zeke is a lovable character, who handled this traumatic, mean spirited moment with absolute grace.

The name Zeke means "God strengthens." Such an appropriate name for our favorite Zeke on the reality show Survivor, right? Zeke is a cute name for a baby boy, and is a bit different, which we happen to like. It may be unlikely to run into another little Zeke, but it is likely that everyone will say what a cool and adorable name your baby boy has!

We think the name is perfect for little boys who love adventure and smile almost constantly.

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