15 Baby Names Inspired By The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has pretty much proven itself as way more than yet another, “OMG, a virus breaks out, destroys the world, turns all of your friends and family into zombies and leaves behind a handful of survivors to fend for themselves/reclaim the planet/destroy everyone else/figure out why the whole zombie virus started” TV show.

We get it. It’s hardly a new formula. For decades, sci-fi fans have been getting their cinematic selves on by watching zombie flicks on the big and small screens. But, this show has bred an entirely new type of fan.

Yeah, you’ve got the typical cosplay types who are all about TWD. Then you’ve got everyone else. And, that might just literally mean everyone else (as in we don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan). That includes plenty of us mamas.

Okay, some of you might totally turn in every Sunday night just to watch Daryl’s arms pulse under that crossbow. But, let’s face it – you got hooked and realized that the show didn’t end where the post-apocalyptic hottie’s biceps began.

Whether you’re the show’s number one fan or you just kind of are into it, you’ll find some stellar baby names there. The world of The Walking Dead is super-harsh. That leaves behind a carousel of characters who are regularly being snuffed out on the show.

What does that have to do with baby names? Well, it gives mamas and papas-to-be plenty of naming options. Um, so not all of TWD characters have magnificent monikers. Even though Daryl might be a feast for the eyes, his name doesn’t exactly do if for the ears. Hey, that’s okay. There are more than enough other characters with rad, and completely baby-worthy, names to pick from!

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15 Judith

You can’t really have a Walking Dead baby names list without including THE baby of the show. Even though her momma is no longer with us, Judith is still a staple character. Mom, Lori, was a fan favorite who dies during childbirth (making the ultimate mama sacrifice and giving her life for her daughter’s). When Judith’s big bro Carl had to say goodbye to mom, it was in a truly TWD way (he had to shoot her in the head to prevent her zombifaction).

So, we all thought Judith’s dad was the leader of the pack – Rick Grimes. Or, at least we kind of sort of thought that might be the case. As it turns out, Rick was not so much Judith’s father as Shane was. Shocker! But, not really. Yeah, we secretly hoped it was Rick. But, had already guessed it could have been Shane.

Regardless of who her father is, Judith is always adorable and one of the few bright spots of the zombified world. The name itself has a Hebrew origin, meaning “Woman from Judea.”

14 Rick

Survivor. Sheriff. Dad. Leader. Rick’s the kind of ah-shucks good guy that you could never imagine viciously stabbing, shooting or otherwise killing anyone. But, he has – and he continues to. He’s the leader of the pack and considered an “unkillable” by many (that is, one of the characters the show just can’t kill off, no matter what).

When it comes to the name, Rick is a simple pick. It’s easy to say, no one will mispronounce it (making it easier for your child) and pairs well with both short and long last names. It’s not too fussy. Actually, it’s not fussy at all. Most likely, your “Rick” will be a Richard or an Eric to start. Or, you can take the name for an interesting twist and give it to your daughter. Huh? Turn Rick into Ricki, and you’ve got a cute girls name! If you do go with Richard, the name is German and (not surprisingly based on the character) means “dominant ruler.”

13 Sasha

Fans of the show probably aren’t thrilled that Sasha’s kind of kamikaze mission to kill Negan got her thrown into lock-up. While we all wait to see if she’ll make it out of this sticky situation, it doesn’t really help that the actress (Sonequa Martin-Green) has signed on as a lead of the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series.

Well, whether she makes it out of the Savior’s compound or not, we’re still totally into her name. And, that’s both her name on the show and the actress's real-life moniker!

The name Sasha has Russian origins, meaning “defender of mankind.” Of course. Could that be more perfect for this character? She’s one of the good ones, and definitely a defender of men (and women too!). Not only is this name a Walking Dead favorite, but it’s also very presidential. Obviously, it’s the first name of President Obama’s younger daughter.

12 Negan

Yeah, yeah, We know, He’s the big bad of The Walking Dead. There’s absolutely nothing redeemable about Negan. Um, except for his bad boy good looks. But, with Lucille in hand Negan is a bit more than ‘just a villain’.

Okay, we’ll get this out of the way – he killed Glenn. And, that’s unforgivable. Taking Lucille to the nicest guy left in the world’s head was an unthinkable act. Even though we don’t ‘like’ Negan, he’s still pretty interesting. Admit it, you might not hate join his harem of wives.

Whatever you think about the character, the name is pretty cool. Right? It’s not your traditional John, Bob or Jake. Chances are that when your little Negan goes off to kindergarten he won’t be one of the many. Of course, his teacher may be thrown a bit (especially if they’re a Walking Dead fan).

Don’t worry though – just because the show’s Negan is a total sociopath doesn’t mean your child will follow in his footsteps.

While the name itself seems kind of made up, it’s an extremely rare pick that has actually shown up before (in the general public, not on TV) as a girl’s first name.

11 Maggie

Like the other characters on TWD, Maggie has had her fair share of hardships. After all, what else could you expect from a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world? It’s not going to be all unicorns and rainbows. But, poor Maggie, we do feel so terribly bad for her. She thought she lost her sweet, sweet husband Glenn.

Oh, wait. He was alive. And, then – nope, no he’s not. She already knew his baby was in her belly when nasty Negan took his life for good. Now she’s on the single mom track, fending off attacks and trying to stay out of trouble at the Hilltop.

The name Maggie is traditionally the shortened form of Margaret. Hey, no one is saying that you can’t just go with Maggie on its own. The cute name’s meaning is “pearl.” Whether your daughter is your little “pearl” or you have visions of her being a brave, caring woman like TWD character, this is a top pick for fans of the show.

10 Glenn

Who couldn’t love Glenn? Well, apparently Negan couldn’t. But, we all sure did. TWD faked us out, making us think that Glenn was dead under a pile of zombies back in 2015. Of course, he was fine (the same can’t be said for Nicholas). Yeah, he came back to his friends. And, was then killed by Negan and his barbed bat Lucille.

The name Glenn has Scottish origins and means “valley.” If you want to get super-fancy, switch up the spelling and go with Glyn or Glynn. Or, you can really flip the name around and use it for your daughter. That’s right, Glenn is a girl's name too. Think about Glenn Close.

Even though the name typically sounds boyish to most of us, no one bats an eye (ugh, no pun included TWD fans) when we hear it used in reference to Close. Whether you’re using the name for a boy or a girl, it’s simple, sweet and kind of like it’s Walking Dead namesake.

9 Alexandria

If you’re sifting through The Walking Dead cast lists trying to find this character, don’t bother. This baby name pick isn’t from a person, it’s from a place. Obviously! When the gang arrived in Alexandria they seemed to have found the last untouched safe-haven. If anyone in the zombied out world missed the ‘burbs, this was the place to go.

The planned community went from upscale to upheaval when Rick took the party to the walled-in space.

Yes, it’s a place on the TV show. But, it’s also a place in real-life. The Virginia version of Alexandria is nearby where the fictional community would be. Then there’s the Egyptian one. The people variety of this place pick comes from the Greek “Alexandra,” meaning defending men.

If you’re looking for a shorter name, go with the nickname Alex, Lexi or even Alexa. Or, if you’ve got a baby boy on the way – try Alexander or just Alex.

8 Noah

Noah came on board when he befriended Beth. Even though she sadly didn’t make it, he joined the group and went on with them to Alexandria. But, he didn’t last long. During a supply run he was ripped apart by walkers (courtesy of Nicholas’s douchey behavior). Things may have not gone so well for young Noah, but the name is a winner.

Seriously. Just a few short years ago Noah topped the popular baby names list at number one.

In 2017 Noah fell all the way to – well, not that far, it was the second most popular baby name for boys. The name comes from the Hebrew words for “rest” and “comfort.” Of course, along with being a famous TWD character, this name belongs to an even more famous “Noah.” The biblical story of Noah features the man and his awesome ark.

Just because Noah is almost always used as a boy's name doesn’t mean you can’t pick it for your little princess. Billy Ray Cyrus chose this name for his daughter. Obviously, the one who isn’t Miley.

7 Enid

After her parents were eaten by walkers, Enid was all on her own. That is, until she ended up in Alexandria. She’s probably best known as Carl’s kind of girlfriend. Or, at least his intended love interest. Aww, what a cute little teenage couple.

Enid as a name is somewhat controversial. There are plenty of show fans who aren’t exactly giving the name praise. Yeah, it kind of sounds like your great aunt’s name or the noise your rain boots make when your squish them against a linoleum floor. But, it’s also sort of super-cool. It’s definitely different and will stand out from the pack of Emma’s and Emily’s that your little one will eventually go to school with.

The name is Welsh for “life, spirit.” So, even though it may not be the most popular moniker, it’s got an entirely ethereal meaning. And, Enid is also a Celtic goddess!

6 Heath

The character Heath showed up when the gang got to Alexandria. He was a supply runner and an obvious ‘good guy’. Not only did he have rad hair, but he took on a hoard of walkers to save Tara.

Heath is English for “the heathland dweller.” It also means “untended land where flowering shrubs grow.” Hmm. Maybe it’s not the name with the best meaning out there. Compared to names that have powerfully strong meanings, Health sounds a bit – well, odd. That’s okay. Even though the meaning is kind of different, the name itself is melodic and even a bit manly.

Not that TWD character was the picture of masculinity (he’s not Daryl), but he’s still a favorite.

Don’t count on every other kiddo in your child’s kindergarten class having this name. Even though it’s popularity is on the rise, it just broke 1,000 (it’s number 927) in 2017.

5 Jadis

She’s new-ish on the show, and majorly mysterious. Yeah, she’s kind of an emo amazon. She’s also a super-tough, strong woman. Okay, we could probably do without the pageboy haircut. But, then again you probably can’t be picky when it comes to hair stylists in the post-apocalyptic zombie world. We don’t know a whole lot about Jadis.

Other than she’s the leader of a junkyard-dwelling militia type group. And, she’ll help Rick as long as she brings guns – so many guns.

So, now let’s get to her name. Jadis. That’s – a name. Right? Seriously, it’s different. And, it’s pretty awesome. No one will confuse your baby with the other five Jadis’s. Why not? That’s because the name is so purely unique that we’re fairly certain you won’t find an entire class of kids with it.

Not only is Jadis a cool character on TWD, but she’s also a noteworthy literary figure. If the name sounds familiar, you might be a C.S. Lewis fan. Jadis is the birth name of the White Witch from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

4 Shane

He was Rick’s partner (not the romantic kind, but the law enforcement type) and his BFF. But, that was before he got all into Lori and apparently impregnated her. He was a leader, and basically took over Rick’s life in his absence. Eventually Rick kills him, and Carl kills him again (because you have to do that in the land of walkers).

Shane is an Irish name, meaning “God is gracious” or “gift from God.” Pretty good for your baby, right? That’s what your baby is – a gift. It’s also the Anglicized version of Sean. The name sounds a bit like Sean, but has more pizazz. Even though the name falls in the upper 200’s on the popular baby name list in the U.S., it’s much higher up in its native Ireland.

If you’re also a Western fan, you might recognize this name as Alan Ladd’s character from the movie with the same name.

3 Lizzie

Okay, so Lizzie might be every mama’s nightmare. She’s the child you definitely don’t want your kiddo to become. She’s clearly got issues. And, that’s putting it nicely. The world of The Walking Dead was too much for the young girl. Instead of fearing the dead, she grew an entirely unhealthy obsession with them.

With a skewed view of the world, Lizzie looked at the zombies as people who were “different.” She truly thought she was befriending the walkers, and even fed them mice. Yuck!

Her ultimate crazy moment came when she killed her sister, believing she would come back – of course, in walker form. In the end Carol had to put the girl out of her misery. It was scary. It was sad. And it showed just how messed up the world had become.

The shortened form of Elizabeth, Lizzie is a cute alternative for a young girl. From the Hebrew, “pledged to God” Elizabeth is a top performer on the most popular baby names list. In 2017 it ranked at number 28.

2 Tara

She may have seemed cold at one point, but Tara is now a warm, welcoming character. She’s tough and soft at the same time, and fell for Denise. But, like all relationships on The Walking Dead, their love was totally doomed. Denise was killed and Tara was alone again. If you can consider being part of the group alone.

Tara comes from the Irish for “rocky hill.” If you’re looking for another meaning, the name has plenty of other origins. Tara is a Hindu goddess, whose name means “one who protects.” Along with that, the name also means “star” in Sanskrit.

Movie-lovers may think of Tara as a place, not a person. The plantation from Gone With the Wind, Tara is an iconic name when it comes to cinematic history. So, if you’re a fan of the movie and aren’t into “Scarlett,” Tara may be a top pick for your baby’s name.

1 Morgan

Morgan has had his fair share of problems, But, who on TWD really hasn’t? He started the show along with Rick, but eventually took off on his own journey. He returned to the group, wooden staff in hand, a changed man. With a resolve to not kill (humans, that is) Morgan seemed to want peace. Of course, this wouldn’t last and he eventually strangled Richard (from the Kingdom) in a surprise move.

Morgan is an interesting name and can be used for both boys and girls. The name comes from the Welsh for “circle;sea” or “sea-born” and is growing in popularity. It’s got a somewhat sophisticated sound, but is still playful enough to be an appropriate name for a baby.

The name isn’t completely common, but isn’t so strange that people will say, “What? Huh?” when they hear it. If you’re looking for a name that has style, but simplicity, this pick might be the one.

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