15 Baby Names That Will Make You Binge Supernatural

I am an absolute self confessed Supernatural addict! I started watching the hit CW show on a whim when it first came to our screens all those years again. I love everything and anything to do with the creepy, supernatural and spectral elements of our world, be they real or not (hopefully not), so Supernatural seemed right up my street. Like most Supernatural fans, I was sucked in as the Winchester brothers took on a crusade to find the father who was out to settle an old and horrifying score. I've been lost on the Winchester journey ever since.

Ok, so Supernatural is not the best show in the world. The acting can be a little dubious and there are some woeful moments of bro-love which although cringeworthy, I secretly love. And, of course, some seasons have been tedious to watch but no long running show is faultless. It's the characters, who are incredibly likeable that keep us watching. My personal favourites are Castiel and Crowley who both have a dry but sophisticated wit and humour about them. They keep me tuned in. Best of all, the show likes to hit the fourth wall and cross over between the fictional world of the Winchesters and our world and plays up the super fan element with the Prophet, Chuck, who writes the ever popular novel series 'Supernatural' which has it's own popular convention and following. Of course Sam and Dean never know what to make of this stardom and find the whole thing unnerving, making for some funny, feel good TV in amongst the war between the angels and demons.

Supernatural has spanned twelve seasons and has a very dedicated fan base, much to do with the characters who we have seen battle demons, become demons, save the world or jeopardise it. In all, if you're obsessed with Supernatural, like me, you may consider naming your first born after some of these characters, minus selling their souls, of course.

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15 Sam

Sam, the younger of the Winchester brothers, was almost out of the Hunter Lifestyle when his brother Dean gate crashed his seemingly perfect life in Season 1. After leaving the hunting life and pursing a college education in Law, Sam was happy. In fact, he was in love with his college sweetheart, Jessica. Everything was just as it should have been and our tall, handsome hero was heading towards a happily married life and a career he was enthusiastic about. Of course, brotherly love intervenes and when Dean drags Sam back into the world of demons, ghosts and other unearthly threats, he loses the dream in a devastating way. It appears that once you're a hunter, you're always a hunter. Always doubting and questioning the direction his life could or should take, Sam, who, along with his brother, shares a bloodline with Cain and Abel, is always pulled back into saving the world and shows us his truly selfless nature.

He was born Samuel William Winchester. What a defining and strong name for someone who also carries the nickname Moose, affectionately given to him by the King of Hell, Crowley.

14 Dean

Dean, the burger and pie loving, older of the two brothers, has fulfilled his destiny a hundred times over. Being a loving and protective brother, his prime destiny is to keep Sam safe. A role he took on as soon as their mother died and their father became entrenched with enacting revenge on her killer. As they have have gotten older, the relationship between the brothers has wandered down many paths, sometimes different paths as they attempt to strike a balance between what they want in life and how the Hunter Lifestyle brings them back to the fold. More often than not, their paths find their way back to each other as they are intrinsically tied together in more ways than one. Unlike his brother, who struggles with the Hunter life, Dean embraced his calling at the tender age of sixteen when he hunted with his father and realised he had witnessed things someone his age should never see. Knowing that there was no way out for him, he settled down and learnt everything he could about hunting.

He is the eldest child of Mary and John Winchester and over the years developed a sarcastic but humorous wit that has endeared him to a legion of fans. His self sacrificing and protective nature is his best quality and he always looks out for his brother. He is affectionately referred to as Squirrel by Crowley who is an on-off ally of the Winchesters.

13 Mary

Mary Catherine Winchester (née Campbell) is the loving mother of Sam and Dean who was taken from them far too early in life. A faithful and caring wife to John Winchester, she was raised a hunter by her parents, Samuel and Deanna Campbell. After marrying John, against her fathers wishes who saw him as a unworldly man since he was not a hunter, and after their children were born, she retired from the hunter's lifestyle as she wished to take her boys as far away as possible from the danger and life of the hunter.

Having been raised by her parents as a fierce warrior, she was routinely brought back into the realm of hunting to help her father or other hunters. Her destiny was fulfilled six months after Sam was born and she was killed by the demon Azazel who she had made a pact with ten years previously to save her family. Her death forced John Winchester into the world of hunting as he strived to take retaliation on the demon who took his wife and his children's mother. Of course, this meant that Sam and Dean were raised in the ways of being a hunter, much against their mother's wishes.

12 John

John Edward Winchester is the son of Henry and Millie Winchester and a Vietnam Veteran. He had an ordinary upbringing and was not involved in the dangerous world of hunting, oblivious to everything that happens from Heaven to Hell and everything in between. However, after his wife's death he discovered the truth about her past and began to understand the world of hunting and the supernatural. He made it his calling to enact revenge on the demon, Azazel, who murdered Mary. John was not aware that he did, in fact, have connections to the supernatural world already as his father Henry was a Men of Letters.

John turned out to be a very capable and adept hunter with natural skills and an impressive understanding of the lore that accompanies the monsters and demons he encountered on his cases. John has an interesting dynamic and relationship with his two sons, both of which are very different. He treated Dean like a soldier and developed him into a demon hunting warrior. Dean always followed orders and treated his father with commanding respect. Sam on the other hand was not as open to being treated like a soldier and questioned his father in more ways than one. However, John loved his sons very much and always sought to protect them by teaching them the skills they needed to survive.

11 Jody

Supernatural -- " Hibbing 911" -- Image SN1008a_ 0569 -- Pictured: Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jody Mills is the sheriff of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and is one of my favourite Supernatural characters. Her history with Bobby is unclear but she surprises Sam and Dean, while on a case, when they learn she knows him. Her initial appearance on Supernatural is the making of her character as she is forced to recognise the dangers of the world which are usually hidden from most people. She is also thrown into a severe double loss which creates an emptiness and a gap in her life she aims to fill.

Always on hand to help Bobby and the Winchester brothers, Jody acts as a maternal figure to the boys, sometimes using a mother-like voice on them. Hey, sometimes they need it! She is kind, compassionate and considerate but also strong and tough and doesn't despair from some of the events she has been witness to. In my opinion, we don't see enough of her.

10 Bobby

Ah Bobby, I could write a saga on the lovable but frustrating Bobby. Born Robert Steven Singer, Bobby is a surrogate father to Sam and Dean and is the closest thing they have to family. He is their backup and has pulled them out of some very tight spots along the way. Always a confidante to the brothers, he protects them as best he can, while they in turn protect him.

Bobby consoles himself of his dark and sad past by drinking to the end of the bottle. Despite being an alcoholic, he is well respected among the other hunters and Sam and Dean often look to him for answers. He is incredibly intuitive and has a connection to the supernatural world which makes him see it for what it really is. Never seeming to be afraid, Bobby tends to jump headfirst into dangerous situations but with his knowledge and history he is well capable to take on any demon, monster or ghoul that confronts him.

9 Bela

Bela Talbot, who's real name is Abby, is a supernatural whizzkid with quite a funky job. She basically acquires supernatural weapons and paraphenalia for speciality clients. But of course, Bela is not a straight-laced individual and is quite a good con artist who runs her fair share of scams including fake seances to make an extra buck. She runs on the edge of the supernatural world, knowing that it's there but not placing herself in any danger by risking dangerous liasons with it.

She meets the Winchester brothers while trying to acquire a magical rabbits foot for seances but runs into a bit of trouble and needs the help of Sam and Dean. She reappears in their lives several times after that and, of course, there is much more to our lovely Bela than the brothers originally thought. Bela, in fact, has made her bed and must now lie in it and accept the consequences.

8 Fergus

Fergus Roderick MacLeod aka Crowley aka The King of Hell, is possibly one of the best things to come out of Supernatural. Originally a human, son to Rowena, the ever powerful witch, Fergus became Crowley, a fierce demon who was the King of the Crossroads and subsequently the King of Hell. He is not necessarily popular or well liked by his minions considering he is arrogant, selfish, egotistical and narcisstic. He looks out for only himself, using and protecting the Winchester brothers when it benefits him.

There is a fine line between Crowley and the Winchesters being allies and enemies. Regardless of what side of the fence they are fighting on, the dynamic between the three is riveting to watch and because of Crowleys untrustworthyness, you simply don't know how an episode is going to pan out. Will Crowley help or will he throw the Winchesters to the wolves? Secretly, I imagine he is unable to see a world without Moose and Squirrel, as he so affectionately calls them. None the less, he is cunning, suave, and devious and the Winchesters know not to fully trust him.

7 Ellen

Ellen Harvelle is a retired hunter who runs a saloon called Harvelle's Roadhouse. It is often frequented by Hunters looking for a place to rest in shared company. Of course, when you've got a good thing going, it's not going to last very long, and Ellen is thrown back into the world of hunting after the Roadhouse is burnt down.

As an old acquaintance of John Winchester, Sam and Dean go to Ellen to try to piece together their fathers last few months. Of course, Ellen would never say no to helping out a Winchester and she feels a connection with the boys. Not a strictly maternal figure, Ellen does have a parental instinct over them and her daughter Jo, who eventually joins the hunting way of life. In fact, as owner of the Roadhouse, she took in hunter after hunter and gave them a protective environment. She is a strong and influential character, an absolute warrior among the supernatural world.

6 Castiel

Castiel is an incredibly powerful angel of the Lord, who is the closest friend and aly Sam and Dean have. Often referred to as Cas or Cassie, he is the glue that holds the brothers together when things get too difficult or danger threatens them. More often than not, he is their voice of reason and has pulled them out of some very sticky situations.

With some incredibly tense and satisfying story arcs, Castiel's history with the Winchester's is long and interesting, having saved the world more than once and protected the brothers on numerous occassions. As an angel he is possibly billions of years old and was frightened by the rebellion and uprising of Lucifer. He possessed the body of Jimmy Novak and is always seen in a suit and long tan trenchcoat. He comes across as emotionless but we see glimpses of his concern for the Winchesters and the sadness he feels as Jimmy's daughter, Claire is noticeably angry and upset at losing her father.

Even though Castiel maintains a strong and powerful demeanor, he comes across as being unknowingly witty as he fails to notice Dean's sarcasm or Crowleys jokes. His close relationship with Sam and Dean has created new characteristics in Castiel as he understands and learns more about human nature and life in general.

5 Ruby

Ruby is a powerful demon who conspired with Lillith to free Lucifer from the cage. Sam became embroiled in Ruby's plans as Dean inadvertently made a pact with a demon and she promised Sam she would rescue him from his deal. Clever boys aren't they, making pacts and working with demons! Of course, this is not where the story ends. It's only the beginning of a long story arc that sees Sam and Ruby develop a very complex relationship which haunts him to this day.

Without going into details of this incredible and well worth watching story arc, Sam has a difficult time tearing himself away from Ruby who manipulates him and uses his destitution against him. She is a shrewd and conniving character who is also incredibly clever. She insists she is different from other demons as she remembers being a human which the majority of demons don't. She uses this fact to her advantage but while possibly a lie, there appears to be some element of truth to it.

4 Kevin

Kevin Tran was thrown into the world of the supernatural when God called upon him to be one of his prophets on earth. Not an easy task if you ask me. Since the crossover between heaven and hell is constantly in flux and chaos, and angels as well as demons are not to be trusted, Sam and Dean take it upon themselves to protect the prophet who struggles to come to terms with his newfound position and knowledge.

As a prophet, Kevin has the ability to read and therefore translate the ever important Leviathan tablet. (Speaking of which, it was the season involving the Leviathan's as an enemy of the Winchesters and the world, which I found fairly tedious to watch - but that's just my fan opinion!) Kevin is subsequently used by Crowley to use his talents to translate the Demon Tablet which holds the answer to shutting the Gates of Hell permanently but, of course, events take a riveting twist.

Kevin, even before he became a prophet, is an intelligent young man who cares deeply for his mother. He is ever protective of her. As clever as he is, he is also cunning and uses the Winchester's to his advantage.

3 Rowena

Rowena MacLeod is another of my favourite characters since she is unpredictable, witty and has an incredible humorous love/hate (or rather hate/hate) relationship with Crowley, who is in fact her son, Fergus. She is a strong and hardened woman who takes absolute no grief from anyone, least of all her son, who has said in the past that he has no fond memories of his childhood or his mother. Ouch!

As an extremely powerful witch, Rowena, who was born with the gift of magic rather than learning it, is only out for herself and would throw anyone into the fire to get what she wants. She was a member of the Grand Coven before being dismissed due to the manner in which she used her power. She is a proud witch who enjoys being manipulative and devious and will do whatever is necessary to get ahead of the game. She is most certainly not to be trusted and the Winchesters have learned this the hard way.

2 Garth

Garth Fitzgerald IV is a most adorable and lovable hunter from Wisconsin who befriends Sam and Dean on their travels. They work numerous cases together and the brothers, while they find him a little insufferable, take a shine to Garth. He is clever enough to get by well enough with his intelligence and knowledge of the supernatural world however he is not physically adept to protect himself. His hunting skills could do with a bit more punch but what he lacks in his physical makeup he makes up for with his genuine understanding and intrigue of the world.

He effectively becomes another version of Bobby along the way, even taking to using Bobby's catchphrase, "idjit" and wearing one of his baseball caps. He works alone, as most hunters do, calling on fellow hunters when he needs their help. Regardless of his hunting abilities, Garth is a character we have not seen enough of.

1 Meg

Meg Masters is a demon like no other. She has a long history with the Winchester brothers being the daughter of the demon Azazel who killed their mother, spurring on their current never ending demon hunting travels. Being a loyal follower of Lucifer, she is an embittered enemy of the Winchesters and subsequently Crowley who conspired with Sam and Dean to trap Lucifer.

Meg is effectively an ordinary demon, of the black eyed variety, with no special powers. Her will and strength however are what set her apart from the other demons. She is sadistic and vengeful, and unafraid. In fact, she will question orders and had no problem in turning her back on the King of Hell despite the irreparable damage he could do to her. She is a mighty enemy to have and has challenged the Winchesters on more than one occassion.

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