15 Baby Names You Didn't Know Started With 'X'

Parents regularly feel some regret for giving their baby a name that's too trendy. A sure fire way of avoiding this happening is by picking one that's edgy and distinctive. Going for names starting with the letter X immediately creates a modern head turner.

When I think of baby names starting with X the first that pops to mind is Xander. This shortened version of Alexander first came into the spotlight via cult TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Appropriate because Xander means 'defender of men,' and that's pretty much what the geeky Xander Harris was trying his best to be all those years ago in Sundaydale, California.

The second one is Xena. But before we talk about the Warrior Princess, I should mention the name Xena had an important role in Greek mythology.

Xena was an immortal horse that belonged to Achilles - the hero of the Trojan War - and was given the power of speech by Zeus's wife Hera so that he could warn Achilles he was about to die. But most of us know the name better from 90's fantasy TV show Xena the Warrior Princess staring Lucy Lawless as the formidable warrior Xena.

When Brad and Angelina broadcasted the names of their boys Maddox, Pax, and Knox it couldn't help but be picked up that every name had an X in it.

While Xander and Xena are relatively common, we're going to introduce you to fifteen names which have probably never crossed your radar.


Origin: Greek

I have thought, on numerous occasions, 'would I give my baby a name starting with the letter X?'One thing that's put me off even considering X names is the pronunciation. But when I found out just how easy it was to pronounce Xylona, it broadened my mind, and I found myself no longer ruling out names starting with X for my future offspring.

I think the Greek name Xylona is a beautiful choice. And it's meaning is just as lovely, translating to 'from the forest.' Pronounced Ze-Lo-Na it not only looks but sounds uber unique, too. It's an uncommon name for little girls, so uncommon that it isn't ranked in US births!

The translation of the name Xylona pretty much gives away what girls with this name need in their lives to be happy - quiet and the ability to understand as well as analyze the world they live in.


Origin: American

When I was researching into this article, learning about the meaning of the name Xhaiden and how it came about made me sit up and pay attention. There was something different about this name's beginning. Xhaiden doesn't have ancient origins in Greek or Latin, nor did it belong to a mythological warrior.

It was actually created by parent Brian N. Godfrey who said 'A Xhaiden is a beam of cleansing light. This describes what it was like for me to become a Father, when my son was born - his birth changed my life instantly.' I'm in love with the meaning of this name - cleansing beam of light - can your child really be anything but that? It's perfect.

Xhaiden is a combination of the names Jayden and Xavier and is pronounced Zay-den. While I've never been fond of these two names, I think combining them really works.


Origin: Chinese

The first thing I thought when I saw the name Xue was 'this looks like the sort of name Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would give to their offspring.' While it's a unisex name - and a name that can be used as a surname - I think it's a gorgeous choice for a little girl.

I was actually really taken with Xue even before I knew the meaning meant snow. (Let it be known I go weak at the knees for wintery names.)

I've read different pronunciations for this name, including SHWAY and SOO-EH. The initial consonant is very soft and can be a bit tricky for someone who only speaks English.

While tracking down well known people holding the name Xue, I discovered Xue Jinghua, a Chinese prima ballerina who entertained the 37th president of the United States Richard Nixon during his visit to China in 1972.


Origin: Greek

I have found multiple meanings attached to the name Xenon, including 'host,' 'guest' and 'stranger.' Though the most interesting one is 'receiver of life from Zeus. '

When I say the name Xenon - pronounced ZEE-non - I can't help but think of old movies where film directors tried their best to envisage what our future in space would look like.

Boys given this name have a tendency to be passionate, empathetic and romantic. They're the sort of people with magnetic personalities. Due to their broad-mindedness and generosity, you want to be around them all the time.

They're known for following professions where they're able to do something for the good of others. However, because they're so affectionate and giving in their actions, their good nature may be taken advantage of. They are a romantic sort and fall in love at the drop of a hat leaving them somewhat vulnerable.


Origin: Greek

If you're looking for a strong but distinctive name for your little boy, you can't get much better than Xerxes which means 'ruler over heroes.'

However things didn't work out so well for Xerxes the 5th-century BC king of Persia. He made an attempt to invade Greece, but it ended disastrously at the battle of Salamis.

But Xerxes has something so appealing about it. It's incredibly masculine...even Peter Griffin thought so. In one episode he named a falcon Xerxes. I suppose the one downside with the name is that backwards is sexreX.

For all of you expectant moms who were watching the Aladdin TV series back in the 90's (every Saturday morning for me with a bowl of Coco Pops...) you might remember the character Xerxes. He was the loyal, devious, vicious and sadistic eel-like sidekick of the sorcerer Mozenrath that had the tendency to always say the wrong thing.


Origin: Chinese

You know what? When I first started out with this article I thought 'oh yeah, well, I bet I'm not going to find a name that I really love, a name I would actually give to my baby. But I've been proved so wrong time and again.

I have to say that I think the Chinese really have a knack for names. I've fallen completely and utterly under the spell of Xia, especially its meaning - 'glow of the sunrise.' Doesn't it just make your heart melt into a puddle? I've also read it can mean 'summer,' 'great,' and 'grand.' I later found it's also a name found in Greece, though it has just as many positive connotations there too and means 'welcoming,' or 'hospitable.'

People with this name Xia are superb analyzers. They're extremely capable of understanding and learning which has them leaning towards careers as philosophers, scholars, and teachers.


Origin: Spanish

'Blind of self beauty' is the meaning behind this Spanish name. It can be left to interpretation as to whether that's a good thing or not! Pronounced Zih-GZLY-ah it certainly is not the easiest name to pronounce. It might actually be easier to pronounce when spelt backwards as Ailixex! Names that sounds like Xexilia include Xesus, Xerxes and Xeno.

Many parents like to look into numerology when they're deciding on the name they may give to their baby. Those who believe in numerology assert that numbers govern much of what happens in our relationships, health and life in general. Interestingly, while the origins of numerology are thought to date back to approximately one thousand BCE, the word 'numerology' wasn't actually recorded in English before 1907.

In the case of the name Xexilia, it's numerological value is the number 3, which means expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.


Origin: Spanish

While Xandra isn't a name I'd choose myself, I'm overly enthusiastic about the meaning behind it which is 'protector.'

You might think 'hold on a second, this sounds a little bit familiar. Where have I heard it before?' Well, you might have heard it used as a nickname for Alexandra, though with the alternative spelling of Zandra. If you like the name Alexandra but think that it's a bit long winded, then Zandra - pronounced ZAN-dra - is a quirky and quicker-to-say alternative.

I've read about people who know some Xandras. I can't say that I was surprised to discover that one was cool, funny and punkish. However one mom discovered, after calling her daughter Xandra, that there are very few ready-made monogrammed items with the letter X. It's sort of a big deal for fashion-conscious little girls nowadays. The same mom said her daughter now prefers her nickname, 'Xanzie'.


Origin: Greek

While it's said that this Greek name means 'hospitality,' there's a little bit more to it than that. Xenia is actually the ancient Greek concept of hospitality and is consisted of two rules: the respect from host to guest, and the respect from guest to host.

Xenia has some really interesting alternative spellings in other languages. Some of my favourites include Senja in Finnish, Zenia in English and Aksinja in Russian. While it's edgy and spunky, there's also an element of glamour about it too - so your daughter can have the best of both!

I actually love the pronunciation of this name more than I love how it looks. I've seen it pronounced Ka-sain-yuh (which is my favourite) and also Zen-ya.

Famke Janssen's renowned Bond girl in Golden Eye was called Xenia Onatopp - she was the former officer and fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force turned assassin.


Origin: Vietnamese 

I thought that there was something light and airy about this name from the moment I saw it...and my presumptions were correct! This name of Vietnamese origin actually means 'spring' though it can also mean 'youthful,' 'a piece of jade offered to heaven' or 'waterlily,' all of which are still lovely! I've also heard that it comes from the Chinese word for 'pristine jade.'

In China, you will find Xuan is pronounced a bit like 'Shwen.' However in Vietnam, where the name is more common, it's pronounced more like 'Soon.'

Something I discovered when exploring this name is that in China, one syllable names are doubled in order to create a nickname. So, the nickname for Xuan is, quite brilliantly, Xuanxuan.

Five girls were given the name Xuan in the US in 2015, so it's unlikely your little one's name will double up with anyone in their class at school!


Origin: Latin

I was desperate to know what this name meant the moment I saw it. There's something just so, so different about it. It doesn't sound too futuristic like many names spelt with X have the tendency to do - I actually find names which sound a bit spacey quite off-putting.

I was hoping to find lots of juicy facts about this mystifying name, but they were short in supply. I did find out that it means 'queen' though! But the lack of info has an up makes it all the more unique a choice for your little one!

It appears that it's pronounced SHOO-sha, which isn't exactly what I was expecting, but I suppose we need to expect the unexpected when it comes to names starting with X! Xuxa is used as a nickname by Maria da Graça Meneghel a television presenter, film actress, singer and businesswoman from Brazil.


Origin: Aztec

You might have thought 'I'm going to go read ahead and skip over this one. No way that's even going to get a consideration!' I know this because it's probably what I would have done. It looks far too complicated a name to bother with. But hang on a mo. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Xochitl means 'flower' in Nahuatl, known historically as Aztec. Got your attention now haven't I? You don't see Aztec names come up every day! You'll find varieties of Nahuatl spoken by around 1.5 million people, most of whom live in central Mexico.

It's actually much easier to pronounce than you imagine it will be at first sight. It is usually pronounced SO-chee although correct Nahuatl pronunciation is shoh-cheetl. It's a name that sounds soft, is exotic to look at and was only given to 95 girls in the US in 2015.


Origin: Greek

Just adore this! (What's going on here? I never expected to fall head over heels for names beginning with X!) I adore the spelling and the pronunciation...every one of them - Zan-they, zan-thee, zan-tha, ksan-they, ksan-thee and ksan-tha. It's a striking, curious, cool and pretty name that I would certainly choose.

Xanthe means 'golden one' in ancient Greek. Just the meaning conjures up beautiful imagery, don't you think? The name is also related to the English word xanthic meaning 'yellow.' Xanthe is also a sea nymph in Greek mythology, one of the daughters of Oceanus.

While people are regularly going on about not giving your child an unusual name, look on the bright side: if it's not hard to pronounce then everyone will remember it! Xanthe is interesting, it's different, it's simple to pronounce but it's not so over the top that your child's self-esteem will be ruined because of it.


Origin: Spanish

While we've have some brilliantly unique names, this is, I think, one of the most unique and intriguing so far. Pronounced 'SEE-o-mara or 'ZEE-o-mara' again it's one of those names that looks much harder to pronounce than it actually is.

I had to laugh aloud when someone online said that this name reminded them of the words 'see you morrow,' and someone else said it would look more classy as simply 'Mara.' Yes, but then it would lose its uniqueness!

It's an exotic-sounding name which has a strong, feminine feel to it - and so it should as it means 'princess' and 'the first female warrior.' I actually didn't expect it to have been as popular as it was in the name charts, but in 2015 it was given to 220 girls. It was also the name of one of the models in Cycle 1 of America's Next Top Model.


Origin: French

Whenever I look at this name, my head says 'replace the X with a CH!' This French baby name means 'manly' or 'man,' and you have to admit it does have all of these manly vibes emanating from it, and that X really does give it a modern, quirky feel. I would say it's a hipper version of Charles. In my head, someone called Xarles would be wildly artistic, even as a little boy. Whereas the name Charles brings images of a calm young man wanting nothing more than to learn horseback riding.

The name Xarles is predominantly used in the Basque and French languages. So it's great if you're living on that side of the pond! However, elsewhere it's incredibly rare as a baby boy's name.

Names that sound like Xarles include Corles and Karlik (Czech), Carles (Catalan), Carless and Carlos (Spanish and Portuguese), Carlus (Irish), Carlys and (English).

Sources: She Knows, Behind The Name, Name Berry

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