15 Baby Photoshoots Gone Wrong

Having a photo shoot of your sweet baby is all the rage right now. Stars from Kim K to Beyonce go all out, hiring the best photographers, dressing their kids up in the finest clothes, and capturing all those perfect moments to share with the world.

For those of us without a Hollywood budget, there’s Pinterest to make our photo shoot dreams a reality. But what Pinterest doesn’t show you is how to get your kiddo to behave properly. Or keep their bowel movements to themselves. We think that we’re going to capture our tiny angel in all her giggly perfection, but instead we end up with a small demon glaring down the lens of the camera.

Never fear, mama, you are not alone. As you’ll see in this list of babies who set out to ruin their photo shoots, there are many moms and dads in the same boat as you! Instead of getting upset about your failed attempts at star quality photography, grab a glass of wine and laugh at all the other parents who are completely embarrassed by their children’s lack of photogenic qualities. Because there’s nothing better than realizing that someone else’s kid is worse than yours. Cheers to you, mom.

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15 Say Cheese

You go shopping for hours to find the perfect little dress. You search meticulously through various shops to buy just the right matching headband. You research photographers so that you know you’ll get only the very best photos. You even Google ideas for how to pose your baby to get the cutest shots. When you arrive at the photo shoot appointment, you are completely prepared to showcase every cute angle that your kiddo has.

And then she turns into the spawn of Satan. Ok, not really. It’s probably just a case of bad timing, but this kid has definitely set out to ruin any chances of catching her good side, wasting all of mom’s efforts. It’s probably a little sad for mom, but it’s absolutely hilarious for us.

14 Tank In A Wagon

Have you ever met that mom? The one that swears up and down that her kid still fits in a 6-9 month onesie, but you’re positive the buttons on that thing are going to pop off any second and gouge an eye out?? Well, if you haven’t, you’re looking at the picture of a kid belonging to one of those moms. But this chunky monkey isn’t going to let mom get away with stuffing him into something way too small for his blossoming frame. He’s going to make sure everyone knows just how much he hates this and the entire photo shoot. He’s going to make sure there’s no doubt as to his feelings.

Maybe next time mom will give him a more.. fitting prop.

13 The Back-Flip Baby

Nothing screams failed photo shoot more than a concussion. Except a concussion with a side of dislocated arm, which is apparently what this kid was hoping to achieve. Not only has he backflipped out of mom’s grasp, but he’s caused her to go off balance in an attempt to catch him, thus yanking his brother out of dad’s grasp. As dad tries to keep hold, big brother’s arm is getting pulled at a nice painful angle.

But it’s their faces that tell the real story here. Mom is both terrified and embarrassed that this is happening to her photo shoot, dad is slightly amused (and maybe a little proud?) at his son’s killer tumbling skills, and the big brother really just looks like he wants his feet back on solid ground.

12 Beach H8ter

Brothers and sisters have been irritating each other since the beginning of humanity (I assume. I wasn’t actually there at the beginning). This picture perfectly captures a pair of siblings that mom would like to portray as happy friends, but can’t help themselves and have to show people how they really feel. The little brother is obviously shocked at the fact that he’s expected to sit nicely with his big sister. And she’s disgusted at the idea that she’ll be seen on this fake beach with her annoying sibling. Maybe their faces are coincidence. Maybe it’s bad timing. Maybe they’re doing it on purpose to teach mom not to dress them up together for silly photo shoots with way too much fake sand than can be comfortable for anyone.

11 Code Brown

I love it when parents try to take newborn photos, especially when they try to take ones with the newborn in their birthday suit. I’m not a genius or anything, but I know that babies poo, and they poo when they need to, where they need to. It seems that many of these parents forget that simple fact, and they end up with a “code brown” situation. Which is really funny for the rest of us.

The mom holding her newborn here is not finding any humor in the ruined photo shoot, but luckily her partner has attempted to catch the brown liquid, which we can only assume she’s doing to try to help save the situation. We can all see how well that’s working out. Better luck next time, mom!

10 Trying To Control Mom's Mind

We all think our baby is the smartest one around, and we unashamedly show videos and pictures of them to prove that our kid has the brains to rival Einstein himself. No one can convince us any differently, and we feel justified whenever our little one does something that other babies around them aren’t doing yet.

I’m sure this mom thought that her little one was very clever and talented, but she had no idea that her baby girl would try to use her brain powers against the photographer. Was it hypnosis? Was she moving objects with her mind? Did she just have a ton of gas that took her by surprise? We may never know. What we do know is that her little double chin is adorable, and she totally ruined this photo shoot for her parents.

9 Joy To The... Never Mind!

As the holidays approach, parents begin planning their ideal post card pictures, complete with outfits and props. As always, they’re super proud of their munchkins and can’t wait for everyone to ooh and ahh over how big the kids are, how smart they look, how they get along so well, how put together mom and dad must be to have achieved all this.

Cue the “no joy” clan. These guys are keeping it real and don’t care what the sign says that they’re holding. If they are feeling something, they’re letting you know, even if that happens right in the middle of the holiday card shoot.

Sorry, mom. Maybe take note and next year just have them hold something that says “alive”. Because that’s a pretty awesome achievement, too.

8 Photo Bomb Baby

I love this kid. He’s not content with just ruining his own photo shoots. He’s gone a step further and started ruining pictures for other kids too. What an amazing over achiever!

He’s also a smarty pants, because he’s figured out how to get a two for one. He’s ruining photos AND embarrassing his mom. How do I know this? Because if you’ve ever gone to the shops with your little one, and they’ve started licking the window.. yeah, you’re pretty embarrassed.

I’m not even sure that mom can get annoyed at this little guy, because what he’s doing is hilarious and smart, whether he knows it or not. Besides, the little dude walking past and getting his picture taken has no idea he’s being photo bombed anyway.

7 No Kissing, Please!

Every kid is different, and their personalities are completely unique. Some babies are super affectionate, always wanting a cuddle or to be held. Others are independent and can’t stand even the tiniest display of love. This kiddo falls into the last category. Kissing? Absolutely not!

I’m sure mom and dad had seen pictures of other families posing in this cute way, and they probably thought that their friends would melt over the photos they’d get at this photo shoot. But this little guy doesn’t care what you find cute or what will make your friends melt. He hates your kisses and he wants the world to know. Thanks for telling us, buddy. Let your parents know we’re laughing at their failed photo shoot attempts.

6 Wait.. What?!

A picture says a thousand words, and this picture is telling us that the little fella here has seen something he did NOT want to see. He’s been posed so cutely, his outfit is adorable, everything is perfect. But then we look at that shocked little face and we know that there’s more here than meets the eye.

Perhaps the photographer accidentally squeezed the head right off the squeaky toy he was using to get baby to smile. Or maybe mom bent over to pick up a toy and showed a bit too much plumber’s crack. It could even be that he’s just realized he truly doesn’t know where babies come from. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a baby. Whatever it is, it’s ruining his little photo shoot and giving us the giggles.

5 The Berry Destroyer

“Alright, Sarah, you sit here with the blueberries while I get my camera. Now don’t touch any of them, ok?”

Yeah, this kid conquered every single one of those blueberries, and she’s very, very proud of it. My favorite part? The inside of her mouth is completely clean, which tells me that nothing actually made it INTO her mouth. But who wants berries inside the mouth anyway when you’re trying to give yourself a blueberry facial?

This cutie pie definitely ruined the nice food pic mom was hoping to capture, but with the amount of joy coming out of her eyes, I think it was worth the berry mess. Maybe next time, the little munchkin will even eat some of them.

4 Rub And Dub

Some moms end up “blessed” by a baby with a HUGE personality. It means lots of laughter and some pretty funny stories, but it also means that even a simple bath time photo turns into a big joke. Mom probably just wanted a few of those super cute “kid in the sink” photos that you save for when they’re older and use to embarrass them in front of their girlfriend or boyfriend. But this guy turned the tables on his mommy photographer and made the photo a complete joke. You can’t be embarrassed by such a funny photo! Way to go, kid.

I particularly love this photo because he looks like a grown human in a tiny body. Couple that with an adorable chunky gut, and you’ve got the cutest kid on the block!

3 The Diva

Many times a baby’s personality is a reflection of their parents’ personalities. Other times, a kid is completely their own person and will surprise you with the way they express themselves.

Maybe this girl’s mom is a diva, or maybe this baby girl is just one of those “big personality” types. Who knows, but what we do know is that she is not going to let this photo shoot happen. Could it be that she’s unimpressed by the way the red dress makes her complexion look? Could it be that she doesn’t like the way her 2 teeth look on film? Or possibly she just can’t work with the photographer. We could make guesses all day long, but I’d rather just laugh at the little diva and the way she ruined her mom’s plans for a lovely photo shoot.

2 The Negotiator

This kid looks like he knows how to make a deal. “I said THREE crackers or I’m walking!”

He knows what he wants and he knows exactly how to get it. I don’t know what the deal was that he made with mom before this photo shoot, but whatever it was, she obviously broke the agreement.

Now he’s making her pay buy ruining every picture she has taken of him. I’m sure she was just hoping to get a few cute little shots of him in his sweet button up shirt and bow tie. Maybe get him to pose nicely with the super hip background. Instead, her little business man has taken control and ensured that she’ll only get the photos he wants her to get.

1 "How Dare You"

I don’t know if this little guy is actually trying to ruin his photo shoot or if he’s genuinely puzzled by why mom thinks it’s ok to take the closeup. He’s a brand new baby but he’s already aware of what he likes and doesn’t like. Mom’s photography skills are on the “do not like” list.

His tiny little face is too young to be able to make any real facial expressions, but everything you need to know can be seen in those dark eyes.

Sorry, mom. I know you were super stoked to have your baby and so excited to share him with the world, but he’s just not into it. I’m sure he loves you, but he definitely doesn’t love your camera.

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