15 Baby Products Kim Kardashian Swears By (And 5 That Are Actually Affordable)

All moms want the best baby products for their little ones. When they are pregnant and making that baby shower wish list, there are a lot of items they want to get their hands on! Often, we look toward our favorite celebrities for what items are hot- including those we can afford, and those we will never, ever be able to afford (but a mom-to-be can always wish!).

Kim Kardashian is a mom three times over. She must know her stuff, right? In fact, lots of the baby items Kim uses are very smart, and are actually affordable! Others, though, may be a bit out of our price range, but it doesn’t hurt to look them over and hope that one rich relative wants to gift us the same item that a Kardashian used for her babies!

These expensive items may do the job. They may even be worth the money. It is always fun to see what is out there in baby land. Especially when it is our first baby, or if time has passed between baby one and two, it is also interesting to check out new products, no matter how pricey they may end up being. Are you in the market for some baby items? Read on for 15 Baby Products Kim Kardashian Swears By (And 5 That Are Actually Affordable)!

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20 The Orbit Travel System

One of the best baby product inventions are the travel systems. The strollers that attach the car seat that transform as the baby ages and so on. For many moms, these travel system car seats and strollers make life much easier. The Orbit Travel System is one with a big price tag, but boy, does this travel system do a lot! If you want to spend $1,000 bucks on a stroller car seat combo, you will get one that can transform into a double stroller, has a side kickboard for older kids, and is apparently quite easy to use. Costs a pretty penny, but this is one travel system you’ll be able to use for years.

19 The Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Most of us find that when we are about to have a baby or have our baby, baby blankets are gifted to us left and right. Still, sometimes us moms like to pick out the best one we can find, and it is no surprise some come with quite the price tag! The Barefoot Dreams Blanket is super soft, so cozy and cute, and comes in fun designs for both boys and girls. Just looking at this blanket may want you to wrap yourself up in it (okay, and the baby, too!). Only thing is, this baby blanket costs close to $70.

18 Hands-Free Pump

For breastfeeding mamas, many times a pump is a big necessity, especially if you have to be away from baby or can’t get baby to latch. However, those pumps are anything but cheap. If you want extra bells and whistles, that will cost you more, too. The Medela Freestyle Hands Free Double Electric Breast Pump is one that is considered at the top of the line. With a price point of well over $300, it will cost you. This pump has great features though, such as being hands free and electric. That would leave your hands free to do just about anything else you needed to get done!

17 Designer Diaper Bag

New moms need diaper bags! You know that you have to cart around all that stuff, from diapers to wipes to toys to pacifiers to just about anything and everything. Diaper bags are way better than they were in previous years, too. They look like large purses, but with all the fun stuff that you need in a diaper bag, like extra compartments and the like. If you really want to splurge, the Prada Diaper bag is one that many of us can only dream of! It is a huge favorite among some of our favorite celebs. The that price tag is hefty. The Prada label is what you really pay of! The cost? Almost $1,500!!!

16 Modern Baby Lounger

There are all kinds of seats out there for baby to sit in. They are important, because baby can be safe all strapped in, while being able to watch what is going on. These may be vital to a baby’s growth. The Bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby Lounger is truly modern. It has a sleek look that allows baby to truly lounge in style! The cushion is made from organic materials and sits atop pressed wood. It rocks and has a padded five point safety harness. It comes in a variety of colors, as well. However with a price point of over $200, it may be just a bit too fancy!

15 That’s One Fancy Bassinet

Have you heard how the new thinking is that all newborn’s need to sleep is a cardboard box? Well, this is one pricey cardboard box! We all want our newborn baby to have a positive sleep experience right from the get-go. Bassinets are quite popular, because you can set them up right next to your bed, or wherever baby sleeps best. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is one that will cost you a pretty penny, though. It is smart for a reason- it provides rumbling and sound rocking for your baby, to mimic the sounds and movement in the womb, it has cry sensitivity, and you can program it to fit baby’s needs. Not to mention it is a nice looking bassinet. Only thing is, this smart sleeper requires you to have some smart money. It costs around $1,200!

14 A Kind Of Keurig For Babies

If you are willing to shell out around $200 for a formula mixer, than go ahead and throw away that spoon! That is right, no more mixing formula with a spoon or by shaking it up by hand- there is a machine that can do that for you! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro takes all the work out of formula feeding. It truly is a Keurig for babies! It measures the formula and even heats it up just right so it is not too cold and not too hot. If your baby wants to live a life of luxury, this product is a must-have.

13 Serenity Now

One of the best parts of expecting a little bundle of joy is getting to shop around for all the cool and trendy baby items out there on the market now. We all plan for the essentials, of course, but many of us wish for some extra, adorable stuff just to make baby’s nursery sweet and dream like. Aden + Anais is a very popular brand, best known for those super soft blankets. Well, they make other stuff, too! The Serenity Star is super sweet and does so many things, like keep a feeding diary, room temperature indicator, nightlight, clock, sound machine, and more. For $70, though, it may be a bit pricey for what it offers.

12 Exclusive Baby Leggings

A certain celebrity could not live without her kids wearing a particular brand of baby leggings, and was even quoted as saying all her kids lived in these leggings for the first six months of their lives. KicKee is the brand, and they make all sort of super soft baby clothing, which vary in price, but for one pair you can expect to pay at least $30 (and as baby grows, those costs will certainly rack up!). These leggings, typically in natural tones, are made with viscose from bamboo, making them ultra soft. Who knows, maybe they are worth the price!

11 One Super Cool Baby Monitor

We all know that baby monitors can range from affordable to crazy expensive. There are all kinds of ways to watch your baby as they sleep, and it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor does it all. Not only is there audio of your baby, but also video. You can both hear and see your little one as they sleep! Not only that, this smart monitor is equipped with a night light, night vision, live HD streaming, a temperature and humidity sensor, and even will send you notifications. This is truly a technologically advanced baby monitor! The cost? Just under 300 bucks.

10 Not Your Mama’s Diaper Pail

The Ubbi Diaper Pail is like a Diaper Genie. It is supposed to make those stinky baby diapers smell like, well, nothing! You know that newborns do one of three things- eat, sleep, and poop. It can really be crazy how often a newborn baby poops! Diaper pails are usually on a mom-to-be’s wish list, and ones that say they can eliminate odors seem to make it to the top, including the top of the price range. This particular diaper pail runs for around $80 or more. Hey, to us, just throw it in a baggie and bring it to the outside garbage! That will eliminate your smell, and it costs a lot less!

9 Cooking Up Yums For The Baby

Raise your hand if you make or plan to make your own baby food. Good for you if you do, since many of us may have high hopes of achieving this goal, but fall short pretty quickly! However, if you have around $200 or so to spare, you may consider purchasing the Beaba Babycook Plus 4 in 1 Cooker and Blender. This thing can do it all, and it is dishwasher safe! It can prepare raw vegetables, fruits, meats, and more, at all baby food stages, from completely pureed for babies starting out to a little chunky for the more advanced eater. This is one item that can really make mom’s job way easier!

8 Activity Gym Made From Trees

Those activity gyms that you put above baby while he is on the floor are great. They help to strengthen neck muscles and can help with tummy time. If you are looking for something simple, yet expensive, we have one activity gym for you! Your little one will feel at home in the trees with the Birch Activity Gym which is essentially a wooden bar that dangles other wooden toys, while some versions dangle stuffed toys. This activity gym varies in price from $75-$135 depending on style. No bright colors or things that make sounds. Just something very simple.

7 Soft Lit Night Light

Night lights are an essential part of a baby’s room. For many reasons too, so baby does not get scared, so mom or dad can easily see while getting them when they wake during the night, and so on. One very popular night light is the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, which retails for around $60 (a bit more expensive than our cheap, usual night lights!). It has many more features than our typical night lights as well, you can program it, use it as a sound machine also, and even control it all with your phone. Plus, it emits a very soft, blue toned night, which is calming.

6 Time To Co-Sleep

The DockATot Deluxe makes it possible for you to safely co-sleep with your infant. We all know that co sleeping is dangerous if not done correctly. This item makes it possible for you to be able to sleep safely next to your little one, making it much easier to feed your newborn every couple of hours! The DockATot is hugely popular. It usually receives very positive reviews, and moms love how it “reinvents the womb” so to speak. This baby sleeper creates a safe and welcoming environment for baby that makes her feel all cozy like she is still in the womb. As great as this product is, it is a bit on the expensive side. This cosleeper retails for around $175.

5 Affordable: My Brest Friend

If you are planning to breastfeed, then you likely need a best friend, or ahem, a brest friend, that is! A very popular, yet affordable breastfeeding item on the market is the My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow. Many nursing moms swear by these pillows, and this brand seems to be one of the top ones out there. For around $40, you can’t really go wrong with the price, which is competitive with similar nursing pillows. It does two main things- helps to support your back, neck, and arms while you are breastfeeding and it helps to prevent baby from rolling during nursing sessions. It is also made from organic materials, which is important to many new moms.

4 Affordable: A Special Kind Of Baby Tub

Puj founder Katie Richardson holds an infant bath gift set as she looks over a soft infant bathtub Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 2, 2016 at the Puj showroom in downtown Vancouver. Both items are currently on sale. (Amanda Cowan/The Columbian)

Okay, this tub is sort of revolutionary! It may even make you want to shell out the $45 or so that it costs, which is double, if not triple, the cost of newborn baby bathtubs (unless you count the kitchen sink- which is free!), yet still can make it on the affordable list. The Puj Tub is foldable. You can give baby a bath just about anywhere, and she can be super comfy. It appears to be made more for kitchen sinks, so if you don’t want to just plop your babe in the sink without some cushion, this pricey, yet baby conforming bathtub may be right for you.

3 Affordable: Hi Mr. Elephant 

Nothing is cuter than a sweet baby toy! The Cheengoo Organic Crocheted Elephant Ring Rattle is a super adorable, and perfect for newborn babies since it is nice and soft and has a rattle sound ideal with little ears. It is shaped like a ring, too, so baby can learn how to grasp it and eventually shake this rattle himself. The animal face of an elephant makes it appealing to little eyes, as well! One of the best parts is that it is nice and soft, so you know the baby cannot accidentally hurt himself. For around $14, is it affordable, too!

2 Affordable: Chew On This

You have to give our favorite celebrity some credit here, could there be anything cuter than a baby chewing on broccoli?! A toy broccoli that is! The Oily and Carol Brucy The Broccoli is a natural rubber teething toy that is perfect for your little one to gnaw on. Not to mention that everyone will ask, where did you get that?! It goes for around $17 which is well worth it, because this teether has great reviews, people, celebrities and the everyday mom seem to love it. It is nice because it is something a bit different than what we usually see in the teething toys aisle!

1 Affordable: A Sweet Story

We all look for that perfect story to share with our baby. A story that can be passed down from generation to generation. One that has meaning and just makes us want to cry with happiness when we look at our little one. Leave to a celebrity to guide us to a book that is a winner, and not to mention, affordable! On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman is a beautifully sweet baby book. You are bound to love it. And for only $6, you’ll love it even more! This book is actually quite popular, so you may already know of it!

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