15 Baby Products New Moms Always Waste Money On

With babies comes lots of stuff. Like, way more than you likely need. If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be, you know that people left and right will tell you what you must get, but do they ever tell you what you probably should not waste your money on? As parents, we think we need to provide as much as possible for our little ones. But in reality, we do not need a lot of what is marketed towards new parents and babies.

There are all kinds of things lining the shelves at baby stores. You think you must grab each and every product, and add it to your baby registry. Wandering the stores easily makes you think you really do need all these fancy gadgets and stuff that just seems important.

However, quite often, the things you think you need, you likely do not. While certain products claim to make your life easier, you may end up finding you never used them at all, making it a total waste of money. Moms and dads everywhere have shared the baby products that they believe are a complete waste of money. Read on and start to cross some of these unneeded items off the list!

15 Diaper Genie

Babies pee and poop. That is what they do. And they do it quite often, especially newborn babies. You will go through many, many diapers during your baby’s first few weeks and months of life. You will be able to change a diaper with your eyes closed. So what do you do with all those dirty diapers?

Well, the obvious answer is to throw them away! But they start to stink, fast. Along comes the Diaper Genie. The Diaper Genie is made just for those stinky diapers. So what is this magical baby item? Well, all it really is, is a trash can with scented bags and a really good lid. The thing is, you have to continue buying the specific diaper genie bags and the filters, making it more expensive than say, just tossing your dirty diapers in the bag and putting it outside in the garbage.

14 Baby Food Makers

When it is finally time for your baby to try real food, it is exciting. We all want the best for our little ones, so many of us choose to not purchase those little jars of baby food, and instead, try to make some ourselves.

There are baby food makers out on the market. They seem perfect for the new parent who wants to make their own baby food! You can feel like a wonderful mother while you purchase this item, knowing you will not buy Gerber, but instead make baby food yourself. That is fantastic, but, guess what, all a baby food maker is, is a food processor. And you may already have one of those, making this product a total waste of money. By the way, there is also nothing wrong with opening a jar.

13 Pee-pee Teepee

Congratulations, you are having a boy! Uh oh, baby boys like to pee everywhere. At least, that is what the rumor out there is. You will definitely get sprayed as you try to change your baby boy.

Someone out there came up with a great idea to please all those moms and dads of little boys who are afraid of getting sprayed. Allow us to introduce you to the products by the names of Lil Squirt and Pee-pee Teepee. Yep. It is a little fabric or plastic piece that you put over your little one’s little one so you don’t get sprayed. Guess what else works just as well? Your hand, a tissue, a wipe, the diaper. Some moms report that their baby boys never pee while being changed. If you do it fast enough you may get lucky. There is no denying that getting sprayed is a possibility, and there is no denying this product is kind of a gimmick and a waste of money.

12 Shopping Cart Covers

There are germs everywhere!!! This is so true. There are germs everywhere. Better cover up your baby no matter where you put them, right? Well, the makers of baby shopping cart covers are counting on that. These covers fit over the seat of the shopping cart so baby can comfortably sit and not have to touch that disgusting cart at all.

The thing is, while many parents love this, others say it is annoying to carry around, you forget it in the car, or just never use it. And if you never wash it, well, it gets just as dirty as that cart. Nowadays, many stores have wipes so you can wipe down the cart. Sure, baby may chew on the bar and pick up some germs, but, well, that is life, isn’t it?

11 Pacifier Wipes

If you give your kid a pacifier, they will likely spit it out or toss it on the floor. That is just a reality. The problem is, your baby will probably want that dirty pacifier that fell on the gross, germy ground. So what in the world do you do now?!

Better grab your pacifier wipes! Or not. Pacifier wipes are basically wipes. They are just another thing a new mom has to carry around, as if we do not have enough things already in that overstuffed diaper bag. Pass on the pacifier wipes, because they are a waste of money. Just use a regular wipe, wipe it off on your shirt, put it in your mouth first (yes, we know that is gross, but some moms do that!), or just say sorry baby, pacifier has to go byebye. No need to waste your money on something you do not need at all!

10 Knee Pads

When baby gets ready to crawl, it is an exciting time. Your baby is going to find freedom in being able to move about. In the spring and summer months, you may worry about your little one when they crawl around in shorts or onesies. To think we would have knee pain crawling around makes us want to protect our little crawlers.

There is nothing wrong with this. Putting leg warmers on or long pants is an idea. Or having baby crawl on carpeting is also good (avoid the gravel and rocks, in other words!). The baby market wants you to get knee pads, but do you need those? Of course not! Baby is not rollerblading, they do not need knee pads! Waste of money. Also, need to remember that baby knees are not like our knees. They do not have knee caps yet! They are made to crawl around.

9 Hand Mittens

Should you get your baby mittens? No, we are not talking about mittens for the winter to use to play in the snow. We mean those mittens designed for newborn babies so they do not scratch their face. While you may think you really need this product, you actually don’t. Hand mittens for newborns are kind of a waste of money, trust us.

The important thing is for you to keep your newborn baby’s nails short. Babies go for their face, it is in their nature. Restricting their hands in mittens does not help their development. Instead, keep their nails short (ask your pediatrician for advice on how to best cut baby’s nails if you need it), but do not bother with getting those hand mittens. You probably would never use them, anyway!

8 Bath Thermometers

As you wander the bath aisle at the baby store, you will be bombarded with all these cute and not really needed bath products. Some parents claim you do not even need a baby bath (the sink works just fine for some parents!). But one thing many parents agree is a waste of money, is those bath thermometers designed just for baby, usually in the shape of a duck!

You might be thinking, why would these be a waste of money when it is so important to make sure the bath water is not too hot for baby? Well, because you already have a thermometer- your elbow. As a parent, you quickly learn what is the right temp for your little one’s bath. You will. You don’t need a thermometer to tell you that it is too hot!

7 Wipe Warmers

With babies comes lots of wiping. Diaper changes require wipes. But oh no, you do not want to wipe your baby with a cold wipe do you? This is why wipe warmers were invented. Parents worry that the wipe is too cold and lo and behold, here is a machine that will warm those moist wipes so that baby’s bottom gets wiped with warmth and love!

Guess what? If you wipe your baby’s bottom with a cold wipe, you still love them. Babies will be fine. In fact, you do not want them to get used to being wiped with only warm wipes. What if you are out and about? All your really have to do, if you believe the wipes are too cold, is to warm them up in your hand or blow on them for a second. Baby will be fine. No need to waste money on a wipe warmer!

6 Complete Bedding Sets

Credit: Startraks Photo

A beautiful baby nursery is what many new parents or parents-to-be dream about. They want the entire room to look magical, and who can blame them? Creating a gorgeous space for your baby is often a priority. The thing is, the crib does not, and should not, be too over done.

We all hear the warnings about where baby needs to sleep. Their crib should have a firm mattress with a fitted sheet, and that is it. Nothing else. So why do stores sell complete crib bedding sets with blankets, pillows, crib bumpers, stuff animals, and more? That is all a huge waste of money, and not to mention, dangerous. Your baby should not have any of that in their crib, no matter how cute you think it looks. It is not safe, so do not waste your money.

5 Baby Shoes

Believe it or not, baby shoes are a waste of money. You may find it cute to put on a pair of shoes on your infant, but it is certainly not necessary, and kind of a waste of money. Allow your baby’s foot to grow. All they need is socks, or barefoot if the weather allows!

Even when your baby starts crawling and walking, it is recommended for them to not wear shoes. They will learn best being barefoot. So don’t waste your money buying shoes that baby does not need to wear. Of course, once baby starts walking, and you go out of the house, certainly buy some shoes. Save your money on shoes when they are infants because once they get older, you will be buying lots of shoes as little feet grow fast!

4 Floor Mats

A baby flinging food from a high chair is adorable, don’t you think?! It is also quite messy. Out there on the baby things market are these floor mats that you put under the high chair or under where baby is seated so that the mess from when baby is eating lands on the mat, making it easy to clean up.

That is the goal, anyhow. The thing is, food will get everywhere. It is not as if this magical floor mat will attract each piece of food or drink. These are a waste of money. You will be cleaning the floor anyway, because unless you cover the entire room in these mats, food will land on other surfaces. Allow your baby to explore and learn to eat, and just know and plan that you need to clean the baby, the high chair, and the floor afterwards!

3 Floor Seats

One thing that many parents say they never really used was those floor seats designed for babies who cannot yet sit up on their own. They are kind of unnecessary, and can even hinder baby’s development (according to some experts). Do not waste your money on these things. Either you won’t use them at all, you’ll find baby doesn’t like it, or baby will not even fit!

What is recommended by many parents instead of this baby seat is the Boppy pillow. Almost all new moms have their pillow, and it can be used as a baby seat (under your supervision of course!). In other words, use what you have, and don’t bother buying a specific seat made for a skill your baby is not ready for yet.

2 Too Many Clothes In Newborn Size

There is no doubt that babies go through a few outfit changes throughout the day. They spit up, pee, poop through their clothes, so you need lots of outfits. However, many parents-to-be think they need a ton of newborn sized clothes. Buying too many outfits in newborn size is actually a huge waste of money.

Newborn sized clothing is small. Real small. Your baby will be out of that size in the blink of an eye, if they even fit into newborn sized outfits in the first place (some babies don’t!). Get some newborn sizes, of course, but also invest in larger sizes. You will need them before you know it, trust us! And if you get a lot of newborn sized clothing at your baby shower (and you likely will!), either exchange for a larger size or pass them to another new baby.

1 Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are adorable. You can perch them in baby’s nursery or have them next to your little one as they practice tummy time. But believe us when we say, it is a waste of money to buy lots of them. First of all, you will receive some as gifts. People seem to enjoy giving babies stuffed animals. Finally, you will get real sick of stuffed animals, real quick.

A few stuffed animals are cute. But it never stops at a few. Stuffed animals seem to have the ability to multiply. You will soon find them everywhere and not know what on earth to do with all of them. Get one sweet one to have for your newborn baby that you can save forever, but do not waste any more money and more!

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