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This recall actually involves a Walt Disney Parks and Recreation product aimed at making everyone's night a little brighter!

The Happy Holidays! Mickey Mouse Night Light with a Mickey Mouse face and a red and white Santa Clause hat, is filled with a liquid glitter that can leak from the nightlight into

the electrical outlet, posing a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, about 3000 night lights were sold throughout the different Disney Parks and shops in North America, as well as through online Disney Stores in 2016. As is the case with recalled products, customers only realize the consequences after the official recall, or once an accident has occurred.

The night light was only recalled in February of 2017, and although the company received two reports of incidents, including one electrical fire, fortunately no injuries were reported.

What you should do if you have one at home: Take immediate note of the  date code (FAC # 019808-16150) printed on the bottom of the night light. Stop using it immediately to avoid any chance of a fire hazard in your child's room. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US is known to be a responsible company that gives great value to its customers, so there should be no issue  on returning the night light for a full refund.

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