15 Baby Products That Will Be Everywhere In 2019 (And 5 Moms Can Use During Pregnancy)

Those who raised their kids in the eighties are often in awe at the sleek and cool new baby products that have sprung up in recent years. Year in and year out, the manufacturers seem to come up with new inventions meant to make the mother's life a lot easier and comfortable. These nifty new innovations are not only meant to save the working mothers, as well as the overworked stay at home mom, precious time, they also save on space considering the tiny houses we live in this days.

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Being a parent is hard and no woman is more tired, overwhelmed and irritable than the new mom. With the new inventions in town, the new mom can at least catch some shut-eye and hope that her nifty new baby monitor will alert her when her little angel is in distress and that she can even wash the slippery hard to hold a newborn without accidentally dropping him in the bath.

The best thing about these new items is that even the busy mom and the mom on the go gets to enjoy being a parent and go about life without any hindrance. While some of these products are still quite pricey, by the year 2019, these 15 new baby products will be everywhere, while five of these baby products can be used by mom while still pregnant.

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20 Detachable Co-Sleeper

Co-sleeping is frowned upon by everyone from doctors to fellow parents as it is said to increase the chances of SIDs. The inconveniences that come with separate sleeping, especially waking up to feed and soothe the babies in the middle of the night can be quite daunting. This is why many women find themselves flaunting the no co-sleeping rule.

Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with the perfect solution that solves this problem. The detachable co-sleeper. This nifty new invention can be attached to the bed so the two or you are not sleeping on the same bed but are next to each other. The best co-sleeper is lower than the bed so lifting the baby up is easier.

19 Suds In The Sink

Filling the tub with water for a newborn is unnecessary as he does not need that much water to take a bath. With full tubs, chances of dropping and having the baby drown are increased. To reduce these seemingly far-fetched accidents, in comes the suds in a sink. This can give the jittery new mom, who has never washed an infant before some confidence during those hard to achieve baths.

Since time immemorial, mothers have washed babies in the bathtub. Spongy inserts that go in the sink are perfect as they cushion and cradle the baby so that the mother can wash the baby in peace. The best part, it takes no space.

18 Diaper Changing Pad

Newborns enjoy leaving us accidental gifts and this can translate into a lot of work for the new mom. Changing a diaper and having the child soil the changing cloth as one tries to get a replacement diaper is a normal occurrence. The best gift that we now have comes in the form of a wipeable changing pad that comes in a molded shape.

This convenient changing pad will serve the woman perfectly as its cushy peanut shape keeps the baby in place and can sit comfortably on the floor or the dresser. This is by far the best product that will be in every home in 2019.

17 Munch Mitt

Teething comes with unique challenges, from fever to diarrhea to lack of appetite. A teething baby can be quite stressful to the mother and even to him as new teeth come with swelling that is quite uncomfortable. Even though powders and teething gels like Ashton teethers help alleviate some of this discomfort, the teething baby still finds chewing on something relieving.

This is why teething babies put everything in their mouth. There are teethers on the market but these too keep dropping to the floor and can bring germs to the child causing diarrhea. To prevent this, in comes this new invention in the name of a munch mitt. This is a mitten that is ambidextrous and the child can chew on through the day. The mitten is perfect as it can be machine washed as long as care is taken to dry it under low heat.

16 Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Sudden infant death syndrome has always been every mother's nightmare. When a child is sick and succumbs to the illness, there are some elements of closure for the mother as she watched him get sick and eventually give out. Unfortunately, when it comes to SIDs, that small courtesy is never extended to the mother and she is left wondering whether she caused it or if there was something she could have done to help save her child.

The smart sock baby monitor is a sock that is placed on the baby where it monitors the heart rate and oxygen levels just like they do in hospitals. It alerts you any time the child stops breathing via your smartphone or an alarm.

15 The Do-It-All Car Seat

Carrying a baby around as one shops can be quite hard, especially if the baby is a bit heavy. Carrying the baby in the car seat/baby carrier has always been a tradition, but this can be tiring too as one has to balance it on one arm and carry luggage on the other.

The new invention that solves all these hassles is the do it all car seat. The car seat will move from being a car seat to a baby stroller at the push of a button. Not having to carry the car seat every time the woman goes out will conveniently save time and money as one gets two in one item.

14 The Baby Cook

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Preparing baby’s food is not easy as for some reason they seem to always demand attention at that moment when one wants to prepare her meals. A new mom can, therefore, get quite harassed, especially with the lungs that these little tyrants come endowed with. So what does a new mom do to make mealtimes run smoothly? Get herself the 4-in-1 food maker.

This food maker comes with the capability to blend, steam, reheat and defrost baby food in less than 15 minutes. If the tiny tyrant is screaming her lungs out, her puree will be cooked and ready in well under fifteen minutes. The food maker is easy to clean after the cooking, saving the mother precious food preparation time. Those who have kids know that saving five minutes is a lifetime in baby care terms.

13 Simple Swaddle

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Swaddling comes with a lot of controversy with some people deeply opposed to it. Mothers, however, have continued to swaddle their babies, arguing that a swaddled baby sleeps better. The jury is still out on this one and it appears that the truth about this will always be something ‘swaddled’ in mystery.

Swaddling, even for those who are into it, is not an easy thing to do and that is why most of them wind up doing it wrong. The simple swaddle is here to solve all this, coming in a pre-prepared swaddle that is safe to use on babies of any age.

12 Baby Wrap

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Babywearing is something that women who have born children preterm are well aware of and have always done. The trend popularly known as kangaroo care has morphed into an everyday wrap that is easy to tie and easy on the mothers back, as well as her chest while keeping baby snuggled up on her chest.

This wrap is a great way to travel with the baby as he stays warm and secured on the mother's chest. This long strip of cloth is easy on the pocket and can be folded easy to fit in the courier bag when not in use.

11 Newborn Lounger

Babies love to be carried around in their mother’s arms but as much as this position is fulfilling for the mother too, she sometimes requires freeing up her arms to fulfill other duties around the house. The newest invention is the newborn lounger that can be placed in a convenient place where the mom can see her little one relax as she works.

The lounger offers comfort and support and is machine washable in case there are accidents. These loungers are ideal for children under six months as they can only support 16 pounds of weight, but the short time it is used will make the mom's life easier and less stressful.

10 Cradle 'N Swing

New moms are always overwhelmed and if one has no help, the new mom can literally go crazy with fatigue. The new cradle and swing is the solution that some moms have found to help them free up their arms as they perform other duties around the house. This perfect, fussy infant soother, is truly one that helps put baby to sleep quicker than a woman's rocking arms ever could.

The cradle comes with different swinging motions as well as music and can be adjusted to whatever position one feels the baby is more comfortable. Those who have used this cradle and swing will attest to the fact that it is one of a kind.

9 Bumbo Floor Seat

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When the baby is a bit older, a baby seat becomes a necessary item as holding him up becomes harder as he gains more weight and gets fussier. The baby at this time wants to sit upright more than he wants to lie down. The best gift to give such a baby is to buy him a floor seat.

Most parents realize the importance of this seat and it is bound to be in every household soon. The seat helps the child sit upright as he plays, eats or as he listens to you read his favorite story. The seat is easy to wipe so it stays clean even after accidental spills.

8 Formula Pro

Most of us swear by our coffee machines. According to Baby List, the Formula Pro works just like a coffee machine and is perfect for the busy mom, especially a mother who has other toddlers to take care of. It is able to make a nicely warmed formula in less than thirty seconds. All one needs to do is select the size of formula bottle, press the start button and it delivers formula in an instant.

For midnight feeds, the fussy baby will not have to wait and the mother will not lose too much sleep as she prepares a bottle. The formula pro is able to store 20 bottles of formula, which means the mother is set for the day. This one is clearly a lifesaver set to be in each home.

7 Activity Centers

The budget-conscious mothers will be all over this one. The activity center grows with your child over three developmental stages. The activity center is meant to keep baby occupied as the mother goes around her tasks and it comes with beeping, blinking lights and songs, all meant to entertain the child.

The center is safe to use starting at four months as the child can swivel, sit and play in it and it comes with detachable toys, a snack bowl and a step on keyboard. The best thing is that it can be transformed into a cute feeding table for the young one when he is a toddler.

6 Play Yard

Being able to relax as your little one plays is every mom's dream. Babies can be hard to handle and sometimes all a mom wants is five minutes of rest to chat with friends. The new play yard will be seen in most houses has come to give a respite to the overworked mother looking for a safe place for the baby to entertain himself. According to Moms Got it Made, a big box can also serve for those who cannot afford one.

The playpen is attractive enough to be placed in ones living room and it contains the fast hands of babies who break anything in sight. Those who have used this play yard give great reviews and this is bound to be a staple in every home by 2019.

Can Be Used While Pregnant

5 Moms Can Use: A Rest Night Light And Sound Machine

This nifty device is meant to provide soothers so your munchkin can fall off to sleep. Kids are often scared of the dark and unless the child is sleep trained, chances are he cannot sleep without a light on. This sound machine comes with a night light and provides soothing music for when the child is dropping off to sleep.

The nifty part is that it gently alerts the child when it’s time to wake up so he doesn’t wake up when it is not time to wake up. When a woman is pregnant, she goes through phases of sleeplessness and despair. This soother meant for the child will work wonders for when mom when she cannot sleep.

4 Moms Can Use: Incognito Nursing Cover

The best nursing gear of all time is the nursing cover that serves as a scarf to compliment your chic outfit and later becomes a dazzling nursing cover. This will make feeding the little munchkin out in the open that much more private. According to MomLovesBest, a good nursing cover gives you the decency you need.

The cover comes in lots of colors and will do well as a compliment for your wardrobe. The best part is that it can also be used as a car seat cover as one changes the baby’s diaper as it is washable. This lovely scarf is clearly a winner as it does double duty while still looking chic.  This is one of the Best On-The-Go Products to keep around.

3 Moms Can Use: White Noise Machine

There is this myth that newborns sleep for twenty hours and that when a baby is sleepy he just drops asleep. The truth is, babies do not sleep for more than three hours without requiring a feed or cuddle. Sleepy babies can be quite terrible and sometimes a new mom feels like she will go crazy trying to get the baby to go to sleep.

A few tricks here and there help make the situation better, like a sound machine that comes with soothing sounds to help the child fall asleep. According to Wikipedia, a white noise machine produces sounds akin to a waterfall rushing or the blowing of wind through trees. For the pregnant mom who is finding it hard to sleep, the noise machine will serve her well and the baby in her will come out knowing the sound it makes, which is a plus.

2 Moms Can Use: Diaper Bag That Passes For A Cute Tote

via: sarahesh.com

Diaper bags can be quite cumbersome and at times they come in colors that are too loud. A mother traveling with her child carries a diaper bag, a purse and other paraphernalia making her look like one who is moving houses.

This cute tote diaper bag will replace all the other diaper bags as it comes with compartments for the diapers and other baby clothes and still leaves space for your valuables. The good thing is that this diaper bag can be used pre-pregnancy as a shopping bag or even as a traveling bag as it can pass as a normal tote.

1 Moms Can Use: Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow comes as the best gift to give a pregnant woman who cannot sleep and cannot sit well due to the huge bump. Pregnancy comes with fatigue and sometimes going to bed does not help as the woman cannot find the right position to sleep.

Even though nursing pillows are meant to help with the nursing, as it positions the baby comfortably for nursing, this pillow is great for pre-pregnancy stages as it helps ease the stress on mom’s back. Most people do not know the benefits brought by this pillows, but soon it will be in every home.

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