From Best To Worst: 15 Baby-Proofing Products Ranked On Amazon

Accidental injury is the leading problem for children over a year old. This is the time when kids become more mobile and quickly get into things all over the house. In the blink of an eye, a child can get into a dangerous situation. It's impossible to watch them every second of the day. That's why it's so critical to childproof any home with kids in it.

Many accidents in the home are avoidable. Proper baby proofing can go a long way to keep a house safe. Parents looking to baby proof want to find the best products. No one wants to waste time and money on a product that isn't safe. Amazon reviews have brought to light the very best and very worst products to baby proof a home. Some products end up being durable and doing the job intended. Others are cheaply made and can be dangerous. One product even turned into a choking hazard for a small child. Some parents were surprised when the knob covers on their stove melted. No parent wants to miss this review of the best and worst baby proofing products on Amazon.

Keep reading to find out which products to opt for and which ones to skip over when baby proofing the home.

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15 Best: Cabinet Locks

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Proofing-Cabinet-Magnetic-Protectors-Required/dp/B079KB8L5K/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525372912&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=baby+proofing&psc=1

This set of magnetic cabinet locks, clear corner covers, outlet plugs and safety locks in this drill-less child safety kit seem to be just about everything mom and dad need to baby proof the house.

Parents have noticed this and are raving about the product on Amazon. With 5 star ratings, it's worth taking a look.

The set has 43 pieces and is made with extra durable magnets and nontoxic plastic. Plus it comes with a 120-day money back guarantee which will make any parent happy.

Mary J said, " Definitely a 5-star product! There is every kind of kid safety locks. They all work great as described! My favorite one is the magnetic lock. Because I don’t see the lock on the cabinet door or handle. Which is awesome! I love keeping my kitchen cabinets are safe and secure. Especially they look exactly the same with out without the magnetic locks. I don’t like visible locks. They annoy me when I look at them."

"Back to the locks! The adhesive sticks so good. You might need a little time to put the locks on the right spot but that’s not an issue. It’s easy. Other locks work perfect! I recommend!"

14 Best: Finger Pinch Guard

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Wittle-Finger-Pinch-Guard-Proofing/dp/B0199JMET2/ref=sr_1_26_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525372971&sr=1-26&keywords=baby+proofing

The finger pinch guard is a newer product to the baby proofing line. Parents love this as little ones are known for getting their little fingers shut indoors. These types of accidents can do nasty damage to adorable little fingers.

The Finger Pincher Guard is a simple product made of flexible foam. Mom and dad just put the guard around the door above where their child will be able to reach it.

It will also keep drafts out and stop the door from slamming shut in a breeze. Another plus is that parents don't have to worry about kids or pets getting shut into a room with the Finger Pincher on. It takes no time to install and slips right over the edge of the door.

Dangerous Darcy said, "Hello! I teach 4 year olds as a pre-school program in an Elementary school in Los Ángeles. While these are on the expensive side, they perform the job they were intended for: keeping tiny fingers from getting squished in fast closing doors in my classroom. Very sturdy and well made. Certainly, it would seem that 4 of these door stops for ten buckaroos appears more costly than the cutesy ones made by competitors. However, the quality of these large foam door stoppers is superior! My children's safety is important to their parents and to me, their very first teacher. I'm assured with this product that there will be no tiny fingers pinched on my watch. I would buy these again."

13 Best: Door Knob Covers

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Door-Knob-Covers-Child-Safety/dp/B071GWJX4D/ref=sr_1_37_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525373042&sr=1-37&keywords=baby+proofing

Want to keep a child out of a room? Doorknob covers are the way to go. They are perfect for keeping them inside the house. Most kids can't figure out how to open the basement door or back door with these door knob covers in place. The good news is that mom and dad can quickly open the doors with the covers in place.

These plastic covers fit right over round door knobs. They are easy to install and don't require any tools. Plus they come with a lifetime guarantee.

If for any reason mom and dad don't love these anymore, they'll get a full refund.

Javed said, " Honestly at first I thought it was too big, but the size is actually pretty good. It fits both my smaller door handles and the slightly bigger ones. I always wait a couple of days before I review and going on over a week now. Still holding up. Prevents my 22 month old baby boy from getting in and out of rooms. So all in all does it jobs.Just clip on and if you need to move it to another door (comes with only 4) just press in the middle it comes apart and there you go. The plastic looks fragile but the quality is good. None of the clips have even looked like they are going to break any time soon"

12 Best: Furniture Anchor

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Adoric-Anti-Tip-Furniture-Adjustable-Bookshelf/dp/B078PHYZLT/ref=sr_1_38_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525373073&sr=1-38&keywords=baby+proofing

Falling and tipping furniture is a significant hazard for small children. From bookshelves to dressers, large pieces of furniture need to be anchored to the wall to keep kids safe. This set is made up of straps that are made from the same material as car seat straps. They are adjustable to create the perfect fit from the furniture to the wall.

They can also be used to strap down TVs. 96% of customers gave the Adoric 4 pack a 5-star rating. The rest gave them a 4-star rating. That's impressive for any Amazon product.

One parent said, "...I have two children under the age of 10. I also have a lot of bookshelves that don't exactly rest flush against the wall. Every time I acquired one of these bookshelves, they came with a cheap little wall mounting bracket that was little more than a plastic clip with a hole for a nail. Not exactly secure in case one of my kids decides to climb a bookshelf to see what is on the top shelf!

That is why I decided it was time for something stronger. I tell my kids do not ever try to climb a bookcase, but I get worried at night thinking about what would happen if they did. The Adoric Anti-Tip Straps is what I needed..."

11 Best: Outlet Covers

Via: http://www.scarymommy.com/baby-proofing-expert-guide-parent/

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make any house safer is to add outlet covers. Kids can get seriously injured very quickly by sticking things into outlets. It takes a long time before they're old enough to be safe around outlets. To a little one, an outlet is a hole that should have something shoved into it.

Parents love the 50 pack of outlet covers by Wappa Baby on Amazon. The manufacturer stated that these are made with a new design and a stronger plastic. Parents reviewing the product agreed.

Plus, these outlet covers are covered by a 90-day product guarantee.

Dawn Crowell reported, "We were having issues with my 18 month old pulling out outlet covers that we had purchased somewhere else. These ones are small in size and seem to be made of a thicker plastic material and are very tight fit in the outlet and he has not been able to get them out! These are exactly what we needed."

Andrea CG said, "These outlet covers are round, flat and impossible for our baby to remove - without them being impossible for the ADULTS to remove. Perfect solution for a house full of adults and one baby. They also blend in with the outlet covers so they don't make the house look odd when you add them to the landscape. 50 at this price is quite a value also. I really like these."

10 Best: Edge and Corner Guards

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Edge-Corner-Guard-Set-Protectors/dp/B00U77TL3S/ref=sr_1_70_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525373760&sr=1-70&keywords=baby%2Bproofing&th=1

Babies and tots learning to walk can take a fall anywhere. Most of the time, they tumble in the worse places possible. Sharp corners and edges on furniture and fireplaces pose some of the greatest risks. By baby proofing, these areas of the home, mom and dad can rest assured that their little one won't need stitches from these types of falls.

The pre-taped edge and corner guard set from Bebe Earth is a top-rated product on Amazon.

Elaine L. said, "Loved this product! Really soft and the double sided tape is THE BEST double sided tape I've ever found/used! It seems to really adhere well to the foam and to surfaces. I used the continuous long edge around our dining table (didn't use the corners) and our son doesn't even notice that this is on around our glass table edge! With the corner edge pieces (especially from other brands) he usually will find it because it obviously stands out, and will rip it off. With this product, I used it on our counter corners, and he can't rip it off at all and now has just given up trying. I also used it over our cabinet handles (which jut out rather dangerously). I had spent a lot of time sewing and making my own handle covers (see photos with polkadot flannel handle covers, stuffed inside with tissue paper and bubble paper), but after many hours of doing this, I decided to finish off the job with this foam , and it again has been inconspicuous and our son doesn't notice and he's very safely protected. This has been a very useful product for protecting my son from many objects around the home!"

9 Best: Super Wide Adjustable Gate

Via: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media/vc/7e7b6b23-0f5f-4247-8ac8-c86a7184915a.jpg

The Regalo super wide adjustable gate and play yard have wowed parents online.

It's even rated as Amazon's Choice for baby gates. It has 21% fewer returns than other gate products and over 80% of buyers rated it with four stars or higher.

The gate is super easy to use and can convert into a play yard without the use of any tools.

One parent reported, "Would give 10 stars if i could! Best deal and well made! I like that 95% of this is metal and the small plastic parts can be replaced if needs be. Super easy to use. It does weight more than i had hoped for at 15-20lb and is taller than the descriptions. It stands at 28 1/2in high. The gate is 16 1/2 wide, each panel is 25 1/2in wide counting the joints. The spaces between the bars are small at only 2 1/4in gap. remember to read directions before pulling the gate apart as the plastic joints need to be loosened first. You can remove panels, which i like in under 1 minute!. The wall connectors are attached to the gate when you get it, so don't think they forgot them. You can make this into an octagon/circle, square, or a rectangle, L- shape, and probable a triangle! The gates opening is a little small it you are blessed with nice size hips, but it is workable for me and my family that range from 125lb to 230lb. This will work great for my puppy! please check out my photos! This is the best deal you will find online!"

8 Worst: Dream Baby Safety Catches

Via: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003NSAY7U/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stppvp_2_s_it?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=3534659762&pd_rd_wg=ZSViF&pf_rd_r=CYRCCMGNGJ31N6S0DHKT&pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-bottom-slot&pf_rd_t=301&pd_rd_i=B003NSAY7U&pd_rd_w=lXoX3&pf_rd_i=baby%2Bproofing&pd_rd_r=8365ca35-b49e-4ac3-bb7f-00542db9c1d6&ie=UTF8&qid=1525373073&sr=2&th=1

The Dream Baby Safety Catches hasn't been very popular with parents on Amazon. With only 36% of reviewers giving this product a 5-star rating, it's made a list of worst baby proofing products on Amazon. This 12 pack is supposed to be easy to install to keep kids out of drawers and cabinets.

Parent's didn't agree that they were easy to install or that they worked very well keeping kids out. Another major complaint was that they don't work on all cabinet types. 437 reviewers gave these safety catches a critical review.

Parents might want to think twice before trying this type of cabinet and drawer locks.

One parent said, "Who knew that cabinet locks are not created equal? Purchased some at toysrus soome 8 years ago and honestly, that kid never needed them. But they stayed on the house and never broke, worked well, easy and smooth use when unlatching.Had to buy new ones for my little monster who loves anything he shouldn't have. Wow what a difference. One already broke after opening the cabinet a couple times. The latch itself doesn't come down smoothly. Which I know makes no sense but if you had regular ones, you'll understand. I hate these. Absolutely hate."

7 Worst: Clear Corner Guards

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Proofing-Willceal-12-PACK-Children-Injuries/dp/B06XYS89HP/ref=sr_1_58_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1525373152&sr=1-58&keywords=baby+proofing

Willceal's baby proofing corner guards haven't won the love of most parents on Amazon. These corner guards are meant to cover sharp corners on tables and furniture to prevent head injuries and accidents. They are clear so they won't mess up mom and dad's color scheme. The corner guards are supposed to be easy to install and remove and high quality.

The most significant problem seems to be the ability for these corner guards to stick and stay on. According to reviews, they don't stay on long and can even turn into choking hazards if children pull them off.

Miss L.'s Class wrote, "I cannot return these bc they are used at this point but these are terrible. I bought a set prior to this one and they worked great. They came with peel off tabs and stuck really well. Then I bought a second set and you had to add your own glue dots that came with it separately. They do not stay stuck to furniture. I constantly picking them up off the floor. Such a choking hazard."

Staci C. said, "Don’t waste your money! These are garbage. Not worth the cheap price. I’ve tried them on all different surfaces (wood,granite etc) and they all fall off. SUPER FRUSTRATING! They lasted maybe a day before they all started falling off. TRASH!"

6 Worst: Stove Knob Covers

Via: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794TN131/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B0794TN131&pd_rd_wg=vG9go&pd_rd_r=3JPK5WJMQ9HA6YZFCYFT&pd_rd_w=Sk717

Buenavo has a set of universal kitchen stove knob covers for childproofing the kitchen. This seems like it would be a great safety product for kitchens with little ones but it doesn't look like the reviewers were in love with the product only 31% gave this set a 5-star rating and no one gave the product a 4-star rating.

46%, though, thought it deserved a 1 star review. Some of the products actually MELTED because they were on the stove. That's a scary idea.

It seems that other parents found the knob covers broke easily or the children could remove them.

Jeremy Blanchard said, "They worked, for about 2 weeks. These not only broke within 2 weeks of having them on, one of them also melted due to the burner heat. I would just recommend pulling off the dials (if possible) so the child cand turn them."

Patricia wrote, "Do not BUY my 20 month grandson opened then 1st day."

Candice reported, "These melted when I used my oven. I don’t know if my oven is getting too hot but honestly why are these made out of plastic that can melt so easily if they are for a hot appliance?"

5 Worst: Refrigerator Locks

Via: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y2YX79R/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B06Y2YX79R&pd_rd_wg=w98db&pd_rd_r=ARXJRQA9QZMP3KC1P0GZ&pd_rd_w=Uw9Fc

Yihao refrigerator and freezer baby safety locks are a great idea but this brand doesn't leave parents raving about the product.

With an average of 2.7 stars on Amazon, many more parents think this is a 3 star or less product than believe it's worth 4 or 5 stars.

It's supposed to be a durable and stylish product that will work on fridges and freezers as well as cabinets and drawers. The product description says that its easy for adults to open but very difficult for children. Parents leaving reviews didn't have the same opinion. Many said that they were way too easy for kids or that they fell off or broke quickly.

Mik wrote, "Very poor quality. I wanted to use it on the freezer door. It did not hold for more than a couple of seconds. Waste of time and money."

Ella commented, "I'm surprised at all the positive feedback here. Yes, they are easy to install, yes, your two year old won't be able to open the latch. However, my two year old just pulls the fridge door a bit harder and pulls the latch right off the door. We have gone through all 5 locks that this came with in the last week and a half"

4 Worst: Dorel Safety Outlet Cover

Via: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RJ3SFLW/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00RJ3SFLW&pd_rd_wg=w98db&pd_rd_r=ARXJRQA9QZMP3KC1P0GZ&pd_rd_w=Uw9Fc

Apparently, not all outlet covers are made equally. An essential home safety product for homes with children, outlet covers keep kids from accidentally getting electrocuted when they shove something into the outlet.

The Dorel safety outlet cover doesn't just cover the hole, they cover plugs in the outlet too. A great idea, but reviewers don't love this product. It's only received an average of 2.6 stars from reviewers and none of them left a 5-star review.

Some complained that it was just too big. Others thought it was too hard to open. Outlet covers can be difficult because they have to be difficult enough that kids can't get them out but still easy enough for the adults who use them to remove the outlet cover. Some of the reviewers did state that they worked for their needs. One person reported that her 4 pack arrived with only 2 in it.

One person wrote, "It is a nice idea having this. However, I am still trying to find a plug that could fit inside of it. My cell phone cable and other things were to big to fit."

Leslie B. shared, "Although it keeps my mother from getting to the outlets (she has Alzheimer's), it's also very difficult for me to remove the cover. You can't just squeeze the tabs and pull; you have to pry the cover off."

3 Worst: Oven Door Lock

Via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX4AKDoNkGA

The Safety 1st oven door lock is made to keep kiddos out of the dangerous oven. This is supposed to have a new design that will withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit but states it shouldn't be on the oven when using the self-cleaning mode. It should fit most oven models with its universal design.

This product has received an average 2.9-star rating. A whopping 34% of reviews came in at just 1 star. 536 reviews of the product were critical in some way. Many reviewers noted that the adhesive became sticky when it warmed up.

Jacob Mather wrote in his review, "Terrible product. The adhesive just doesn't work. An oven gets warm and apparently the adhesive tape can't take it. I't not talking hot, I mean just slightly warm. This is the second one I have purchased that came right off. On top of that, they come off when you'r not expecting it (when you need it). My daughter (18 months old) just walked over to the oven door the other day and just opened it. Not only did the oven door open but the lock fell right off and hit her. Luckily we were there and she was fine, but come on???"

2 Worst: Toilet Lock

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Safety-1st-OutSmart-Toilet-White/dp/B071VK7N2L/ref=pd_sim_75_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071VK7N2L&pd_rd_r=X5M64T9H7XENMM8MS73Y&pd_rd_w=gx8Ng&pd_rd_wg=MJrTf&psc=1&refRID=X5M64T9H7XENMM8MS73Y

The Safety 1st Outsmart Toilet Lock is made to keep baby out of the toilet. Children can drown in just a small amount of water, less than 2 inches according to KidsHealth. Keeping them out of the toilet is essential to their safety. The manufacturer says it's easy to install and fits most toilet styles.

The Outsmart toilet lock comes with a big, decoy button that is supposed to distract kids from getting the straps off the correct way. 45% of reviewers left a 1-star rating for this product. Overall, it received a 2.6-star rating.

Matthew Morse wrote, "Meh... I had a hard time getting this system to work with my toilet. Our bowl is quite curved on the underside so getting this to stick and stay stuck was a pain. The top surface actually stuck quite well. Also, while I think the decoy button is cute (especially for curious little ones that learn about buttons very quickly), it confused my house guests more than it entertained or disinterested my little one. I had to explain to people how to open the toilet lid, usually after they awkwardly came out of the bathroom after far too long and said, "I'm sorry, but can someone show me how to operate the toilet lid lock?"

After the adhesive detached for about the 10th time on the bottom of the bowl, we just scrapped the whole thing. I'll find another way to keep the lid closed. Or we'll just develop a great relationship with our plumber!"

1 Worst: Wooden Gate

Via: https://www.amazon.com/Safety-1st-OutSmart-Toilet-White/dp/B071VK7N2L/ref=pd_sim_75_8?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071VK7N2L&pd_rd_r=X5M64T9H7XENMM8MS73Y&pd_rd_w=gx8Ng&pd_rd_wg=MJrTf&psc=1&refRID=X5M64T9H7XENMM8MS73Y

The Evenflo Position and Lock Wooden gate is one of Amazon's best sellers but it also is one of the lowest rated gates. The great price of $9.99 probably helps to make it a best seller. Reviewers though, only give it a 3.5-star rating.

Jonathon Guthrie wrote, "What the heck Evenflo? You've gone way to far in the "cheapening the brand" rabbit hole.

...These are complete garbage! The wood is so light and thin. The lock bar flexes so badly that it pops back up and falls over. In the next setting down the gate won't latch at all, it's too loose. I am no mechanical engineer by trade but I followed all instructions. Even placed them above my baseboards (which a mini dachshund puppy can slip under easily) so in the few hours I've had them, I've zip tied cardboard to the bottom to stop her.

...My ~10 year old wooden gate, also an evenflow, is much sturdier and I will be keeping it and using it, but I will be finding a better product from a company that actually hasn't cheapened their brand so much.

Do NOT buy if you are buying this to protect your child, or even a dog with a little bit of "umph" in them. It'll be worthless to you."

Sources: KidsHealth, Amazon, Your Md

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