15 Baby Shower Cakes That Got Way Too Personal

Baby showers always call for celebration. When a woman is expecting a baby, she wants to bring all her friends and family together to celebrate the wonderful news of bringing a sweet baby boy or baby girl into this world. A baby shower is the ultimate party for your unborn little one.

No baby shower is complete without a cake. Should you go simple or go all out? Some moms to be decided (or were given a huge surprise) to have a baby shower cake that, well, may just be inappropriate for some members of the audience! Some cakes make you question whether you should actually take a bite.

These cakes are spectacular, to say the least. They definitely stay true to the theme- a baby who is soon to be born. They also remind us how babies are created and what happens after baby is born. Some cakes really show us that birthing process. Each cake tells a story, some more crazier than others! Read on and take a peek at some hilariously inappropriate baby shower cakes that just got way too personal! Then ask yourself the important question- do you want a slice???

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15 Make It Realistic

Is this cake too good to eat? Or is it too graphic too eat?! There is no denying what this cake represents. You have to have a good laugh at this one, because someone took the time and energy to make this cake as realistic as possible, complete with the baby’s head coming out!

This cake really tops of the list of funny, yet inappropriate, baby shower cakes. From the frosting to the sprinkles to the strawberries “inside”, it really does remind us of giving birth. Whoever made this cake wanted people to laugh and to show the expecting mama just what it's going to look like once it's time for baby to be delivered! Too funny, but we gotta wonder, who refused to eat a slice of this crazy cake?!

14 An Explosive Good Time

So what was the goal with this hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake? Perhaps it was to make it as gross and unappetizing as humanly possible! We are not sure if we could eat a slice of this funny, yet kind of disgusting, baby shower cake.

Clearly, the cake maker’s goal was to be funny, and that she achieved with ease. The diaper cake is one thing, but to have a poop explosion is not only downright gross but also very funny. This was well done, too. It looks like the poop coming out of the diaper is some chocolate, maybe m+ms, with some peanut butter in there it looks like. All things we would love to eat, but not if it is representing poop! Funny but, yuck!

13 A Perfect Scene

If you want to know what really goes on in the delivery room, this cake is just the one for you! This cake tells the complete story of giving birth, and it is absolutely hilariously inappropriate. Whoever created this amazing baby shower cake truly knows what happens during delivery!

You have the soon to be mom, trying her best to push out that little baby, while the doctor is ready to catch that sweet newborn. Then you have the dad-to-be, who, like lots of soon-to-be new dads, is having some difficulty with watching his wife giving birth. The added detail of the expecting father on the floor with an oxygen tank while his wife is pulling his hair is just sheer perfection! Give us a slice of this realistic cake, please!

12 If Anyone Was Curious...

This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake definitely is not like the others! In fact, this may be the only baby shower cake of its kind that has ever been made! Perhaps someone likes to be a bit scientific, and likes to showcase true meaning behind baby in a baby shower!

In case anyone forgot what a woman’s reproductive organs look like, this cake will set things straight! Sure, it is a bit graphic. Just take a closer look, perhaps upon first inspection you did not notice that this funny, yet inappropriate baby shower cake is actually showing the making of a baby. That’s right, go ahead and view those little swimmers traveling up to the egg. Someone clearly had fun making this cake! Would you want a slice of it?

11 The Time Has Come

This baby shower cake is already cheering the mom to be on when it comes to her upcoming delivery of her baby. Push Katie Push will probably be ringing in her ears when the day does arrive for baby to be born. Not sure what Katie actually thought of this lifelike cake depiction of her giving birth, but there is no denying it is hilariously inappropriate, and may be kind of tasty as well (we’ll take a side slice!).

We all know that after the celebration of a baby shower, it is not much longer before what is depicted in this cake becomes a reality. But to put it on a cake is just a little bit odd, while at the same time being laugh out loud funny. Good luck to Katie and her pushing!

10 Where Do You Start Cutting?

What do you think about this baby shower cake? Perhaps it is a little bit too realistic for your taste?! This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake is sure to give guests, and maybe even the mom-to-be, some nightmares. First of all, way too real looking. Secondly, that blue tinge to it just does not sit very well with us!

Someone certainly took some time to create this somewhat scary yet kind of funny cake masterpiece. We do not think we could cut into this cake, much less even have a taste. It looks too much like a baby on the sterilized table. Even the umbilical cord is still attached! This is some crazy cake that is for sure. Which part of this cake do you want a slice of???

9 This Cake Doesn't Lie

Yummy? Or maybe not. Who wants a slice of this perhaps less than appetizing, yet true to the realities of pregnancy and babies? This hilariously inappropriate cake does make us laugh, because we all know it is the truth. First you get the baby bump, and then once the baby is born, well, there will be lots of dumps. Especially in those newborn days! A new mom (and dads, too!) change a lot of diapers in the first few weeks!

We can guess this funny baby shower cake serves as a reminder that yep, babies are work and they are not going to poop flowers! As cute as babies are, they are destined to make a mess in their pants. No doubt about that. So enjoy the bump before baby is born and takes a dump!

8 Here They Come...

All hail the egg! This crazy yet funny cupcake to cake creation is definitely one of a kind. And it is absolutely a hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake masterpiece that is one we will probably never forget! Someone certainly put some thought into putting this one together. We wonder what the mom-to-be thought about this one!

One little guy made it all the way to the top of the egg cake, while the rest of the swimmers, each as their own cupcake and even on the cake itself, followed along. So this cake does have some realistic baby making potential, it is still quite funny and definitely not the most appropriate cake one may envision for a baby shower. But we think it works just fine, and will give everyone a nice laugh!

7 Here's Baby!

Someone tried with this baby shower cake, but we do not think they really hit the mark, do you? Sure, we understand what they were trying to achieve. This cake is meant to represent a baby being born. It is meant to depict a pregnant woman’s body with baby coming out, essentially announcing, I’m here!

This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake is funny because it is so ridiculous. And we can see how hard the person who made it tried, making it even more laughable. Because, seriously, what baby comes out with that kind of look on his face, eyes wide open and tongue hanging out?! That is one seriously crazy cake. We just hope when the expecting mama gives birth that her baby is not born with this expression on his face!

6 More Than Just A Bun In The Oven

Well, this is one interesting baby shower cake? Do you understand it, because we are having a bit of trouble with that part! Is it just supposed to be a well rounded baby or is the baby meant to be in the mom-to-be’s belly, even though the arms, legs, and head are sticking out? Maybe the cake maker just wanted to make a cake like this. It is a bit of a mystery!

This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake takes the term bun in the oven to an entirely new level. Yes, by bun we all know that means baby. But with this funny yet odd baby shower cake, it is as if the baby totally took over the bun and is almost like a monster baby! It is funny. We think we will just have a side slice.

5 Which One Made It?

A hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake is one thing, but how about cupcakes?! This baby shower wanted to give proper representation to the baby-making process from both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be. Going the cupcake route just made it more fun and way more cute. Even if it is borderlining on inappropriate!

What is cute and funny about these cupcakes is that someone took the time to put the little egg on each, with a pink and a blue swimmer aiming for the cake. This tells us the parents-to-be do not know if they are having a boy or a girl. Or perhaps they are having both! These are fun cupcakes, even if grandma is rolling her eyes! We would like one, and we vote for the pink one to win!

4 He Has Arrived- Almost

So is this mom-to-be going to end up having a c-section you think? At least this hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake is implying that the baby boy will be born via c-section. The cake baby is popping right out of the cake mom’s belly, just as if he is being born that way. Oh boy!

This cake is a little strange not only for that reason (which may not be very odd if indeed the mom-to-be knows she is having a c-section) but also for the outfit choice on the mom in this cake. We can guess the cake maker wanted to make it look like this pretty blue sweater just popped open so baby could be born. Okay, could happen we suppose. Not sure which part of this cake we would want to eat!

3 That's All Folks!

While the candy around the border of this cake looks elegant and appetizing, looking into the middle of the cake may just make you gasp. This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake tells it like it is. Once baby is born, that is all folks. All the craziness surrounding pregnancy is over once baby arrives.

This cake maker wanted to give a bit of shock value, as we see with the red frosting surrounding where the cake baby’s arm is coming out. It is meant to be a c-section kind of cake, but it is a bit too graphic for us. We hope the expecting mama’s baby is not born that way! We would like a corner piece with that delicious candy, so everyone can admire the arm coming out of the cake announcing his final arrival!

2 Slam Dunk, Dad

Well, if you did not know how babies were made, this cake will certainly make you question some things! Gotta love this hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake. It provides a different side to the typical baby shower cake, even the other inappropriate ones. It gives dad the credit he is due, don’t you think?!

Not only did this cake maker perfect a cartoonish version of the what males provide to the baby making process, but they also added in the super funny line of, “He Shoots... He Scores!” It definitely makes us laugh out loud, because, well, it is the truth! Perhaps dad to be is a big sports fan, as well. Everyone must have given a big chuckle when they got a look at this baby shower cake, we know we did!

1 Wrong Kind Of Attention?

This looks like a sweet baby shower cake. Look at that little hand pressing through the mom-to-be’s belly. You wonder how the cake maker got it to look so perfect and so precious. The belly of on this cake looks so realistic you have to do a double take to realize, yes, it is a cake!

While that part may be super sweet, as you look up the cake body, you quickly discover some that the womanly parts are, well, shall we say a big unproportionate to that pregnant cake belly! Okay, we all know that when you are pregnant, everything grows, and a certain womanly regions fill with milk and can get quite large in size. This hilariously inappropriate baby shower cake surely shows that part of the pregnancy!

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