15 Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Will Actually Use

Baby showers are great for a few different reasons: We get to share the news of our impending bundle of joy with our family and friends, we get to eat cupcakes and play fun games, and we get gifts. Let's be honest, we love getting baby gifts, and we can't wait to see what our beloved friends and relatives have picked out for us.

The truth is that sometimes, the people around us mean super well but they buy us baby products that we might not actually use once the baby is here, and we feel bad about it because we know that wasn't their intention. Maybe they got really excited about the fun patterns on a certain product but it's not easy to use, or too many people got us toys (and while those are cute and welcome, there is definitely such a thing as too many stuffed animals... yes, even if they're super soft and cuddly).

We all want to have baby products that we will find useful when we're adjusting to new motherhood. Thankfully, there are many available that will make the first few months as happy as they should be.

Here are 15 baby shower gifts mom will actually use when the baby arrives.

15 Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy


The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy, which is only $11.75, is definitely a baby shower gift that you will actually use. For one thing, as you're getting ready for your baby to arrive, you might not think of a teether toy right away. (Your mind is on diapers...) And second of all, this is a really fun product that you will be so happy to be gifted.

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The product is BPA-free, and because your baby will be able to touch this toy and spin it around, your little one will find it really fascinating. As one mom shared in a review, "When he was born I had it hanging above the changing table... not really on purpose, just as a place to store it. Well, he loved staring at it from day 2! Around 8 weeks he started to swing at it so I got it down for him."

14 Hudson Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits, 3 Pack


Onesies are a perfect baby shower gift. Like diapers, it's not really possible to be given too many onesies, so you can definitely give your family and friends a heads up before the baby shower.

The Hudson Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits are awesome. They come in a set of three for $6.37-$22.99 and they look really cute. Even better, they have a "snap crotch for easy diapering" as the description says. (Phew, right?!)

You can find the pack of bodysuits on Amazon

According to one mom's review, "Great design, great quality and an amazing value compared to other brand names whose quality is far inferior. They also hold up very well to front-load 'normal' cycle washes and drying. Will definitely be buying more from this brand."

13 Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Diapers Size 3, 160 Count, Bears Print (4 packs of 40)

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Yup, you know that you want to be gifted diapers at your baby shower, and you will be so thrilled with these Mama Bear Diapers. They come in four packs of 40 for $32.29 and have no scent, plus they're hypoallergenic. The diapers have bears on them, which means that your baby is going to look totally adorable.

You can find the diapers on Amazon

One mom shared in a review that they work well and are also affordable: "We suspect that our baby might have the MTHFR gene so we are adamant about getting him non-toxic diapers. Also, we are not Kardashians so we needed something affordable to the middle class. Wa are kind of crunchy, but cloth diapers are where we draw the line." She wrote that her baby was still wearing these diapers at a year old.

12 Baby Gift Set by Tickle & Main


It's really fun to buy someone a gift set, maybe because you're hoping that someone will return the favor down the line (because it's definitely even more fun to receive a gift set). This Baby Gift Set by Tickle & Main is amazing because it comes with a book, three toys, and a towel with an elephant hood. (And you know that you want that towel since babies look so cute in them.)

The gift set is $28.99 which is affordable. According to one review, it's a set that is making people really happy: "What a cute gift for a great price! Everything is neatly packaged together making it easy to give a child a complete set for the tub. The book that comes with it helps to really make a child feel excited to take a bath."

You can find the set on Amazon

11 The Honest Company Twinning Moments Gift Set, Teal Tribal


Are you hoping that your family and friends will buy you a baby shower gift from The Honest Company? If you are, then you should definitely drop some hints now about The Honest Company Twinning Moments Gift Set in Teal Tribal. It's $24.68 and has diapers and diaper wipes, making this a useful product once the baby arrives (and also a really cute one).

As one woman shared in a review, "Oh and these wipes! Holy moly! They are more like towels! Best thing for moms EVER! Need to wipe hands and face-yes! Need to wipe the counter and floor- yes! Need to clean makeup off moms face- yes! Oh ya, and they clean baby’s bottom too. I’m in love."

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10 Exemaba Baby Footed Pajamas Sleeper


Footie pajamas are super cute, so you're wishing that your baby shower guests will buy you some, right? You won't have to wish any longer if you ask them for this Exemaba Baby Footed Pajamas Sleeper. It's priced nicely too at $22.99-$26.99.

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The patterns are beautiful: one looks like animals have been painted on in a creative way, another has stripes, and the other has tiny moustaches. As a parent shared in a review, they look awesome on newborns: "The little guy looked sharp for a few weeks in these." This is a product that is both useful and really artistic-looking.

9 The Children's Place Baby Girls 3 Pack Leggings


These leggings from The Children's Place are another baby shower gift that moms will actually use once the baby arrives. They couldn't be cuter: one is gray, one has pink flowers, and the other one has designs like little spaceships on it. They're priced at $15.91-$18.75. You can also put them in the washing machine, which is really good to know, and which you'll be thankful for.

You can buy the leggings on Amazon

One mom wrote in a review that she would totally wear them herself: "Love these patterns. Love the quality. Wish I had these in my size. My daughter always gets compliments on these cuties."

8 RATIVE Non-Skid Anti Slip Socks


Diapers may be generally considered to be the most popular and useful baby shower gift, but what about socks? Babies need socks, too, and these Rative Non Skid Anti Slip Socks are awesome at $12.99-$14.99.

These ones, in particular, are designed for boys since the colors are blue and green, among others, but they are so gorgeous that there's no reason why your baby girl couldn't wear them as well.

According to this mom's review, they work well for active babies: "I got 18-36 months sizes for my 12-month-old (he's the size of a two-year-old) and these have been perfect all winter. he started walking in the fall and I couldn't find any no slip socks for winter locally. he really likes wearing them and they stay on his feet all day no matter where he runs."

You can find the socks on Amazon

7 Puracy Organic Baby Care Gift Set, Travel Size Natural Lotion, Shampoo, Bubble Bath, Stain Remover


At $14.24, this Puracy Organic Baby Care Gift Set is a great baby shower gift. It's something that moms will actually use once the baby is here since it's such a great assortment of baby bath products.

You can find the product on Amazon

The bottles are small and four ounces, which means that they are perfect if you want to bring them with you on a trip, to a family member's house, or just keep some in your bathroom since it's nice to have smaller sized products. One mom wrote in a review, "Love that it’s safe for my kids (6 weeks and 21 months) while also doing a great job. Smells wonderful, too!"

6 Graco Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing by Graco

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While it's awesome to get diapers and other baby products like that at a baby shower, it's also nice to receive a larger object. Typically, a group of friends or family members will pool their resources and go in on a bigger gift together.

The Graco Glider Lite Gliding Swing is the perfect baby shower gift and it's $79.99 so would definitely be affordable if a group went in on it. It's not heavy so you could move it around, and there are six speeds for it, too.

One mom shared in a review: "My 2 month old (at the time of purchase) loved it!!! Now she is 4 months and still loves it so much. The only complaint that I have is that it now makes a loud clicking noise as it glides and it’s very annoying. But other than that it has been by far one of the best purchases we made. In fact I ordered a cheaper version for down stairs but she likes the original one the best. I recommend this product especially if you are having a tough time getting sleep!"

You can find the swing on Amazon

5 Stretchy Fitted Crib Sheets Set by BROLEX


These crib sheets are another baby shower gift that you will actually use once the baby arrives. These are so necessary and yet you want to make sure that you have a good product since, of course, this is what your sweet baby will be sleeping on.

The Stretchy Fitted Crib Sheets Set by Brolex is an awesome product and it's priced at $15.99. Since the material is jersey knit, it's meant to stop rashes, so that will ease your mind as well. According to this mom, it's worth it: "I just received this and I just wanna say THANK YOU! My baby was chewing his crib and getting paint off-didn’t want him to ingest any. This is adorable! It most importantly it’s incredibly well, made and gorgeous quality."

You can find the crib sheet set on Amazon

4 Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection


Dr. Seuss is, of course, a total classic, which is why you will be so happy to receive this book collection at your baby shower. Baby books are a popular gift at showers and for good reason since, like diapers, you can never have too many things to read to your little one.


This collection is $24.80 and comes with the five books that the author is known for: Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks, Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish Two Fish. Since these are classic stories that have been passed down over the years, this is a book collection that moms will actually use.

You can find the book collection on Amazon

3 Diaper Bag Backpack by RUVALINO


For $39.98, the Diaper Bag Backpack by Ruvalino is another baby product that moms will actually use if they're given it at a baby shower. It comes in a beautiful gray color and just looks great, period, since it has a cool design.


Chances are, you want a diaper bag that also looks like a regular purse or bag, and this one delivers on that front since it just looks like a chic backpack. As a mom shared in her review, she likes it because "it looks like a high-end bag, not a dumpy college backpack or one of those diaper bag backpacks that still scream 'I'm a mom!'" She continued that it's "so pretty in person, really pictures don't do it justice!"

You can find the diaper bag backpack on Amazon

2 HAHA Baby Toys for 0 3 6 to 12 Months


If you get the HAHA Baby Toys at your baby shower, you will be really thrilled, and what's more, you will actually use these when the baby arrives. These toys are $19.99 and look so soft and cozy. There is a monkey, dog, owl, and elephant, which will appeal to your little one, and the toys are all very colorful as well.


One mom was really happy with these toys and shared that her baby is, too: "We attach these to our baby gym and my two-month-old son LOVES playing with them. He’s been batting them with enthusiasm since he was less than a month old and so far they are the only “toy” he’s expressed interest in. They hold his attention for 10+ minutes at a time."

You can find the baby toys on Amazon

1 Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail


When it comes to baby shower gifts that you will actually use once your baby arrives, the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail is on the list for sure. It will make changing diapers much simpler and if you're a bit concerned about all of the diapers that you'll be changing with a newborn, this will ease your mind. It's $37.97 which is a good price.

One parent was pleased with it and also noted that it looks good in a baby's room: "SO -- not only does the nursery smell good, but it's hands-free which seems like a given, but not all diaper pales do this. The bag system is easy to use. I recommend double knotting the bottom bag and pulling it taught. It blends into a well-decorated nursery well."

You can see the diaper genie on Amazon

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