15 Baby Sitting Horror Stories that Make You Cringe

In order to keep up with the fast pace of busy life at work, a lot of today’s parents don’t really have a choice but to hire babysitters. Good thing there are kind-hearted people who are considerate enough to look after somebody else’s kids. However, God only knows what COULD happen while your child is in the care of a sitter. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not pretty.

So, brace yourselves as we share with you these 15 horrific stories about babysitting.

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15 The “Best” Lullaby Ever

My brother and his family moved in to their new pre-owned house. One night, he asked me to babysit for him. He told me to keep an extra eye on their boy since he’s fond of going down into the basement. After putting him to bed, I was startled to see my nephew up and beside me, handing me an old tape recorder.

“Here,” he said. “She taught me how to play this thing. Helps ‘us’ go to sleep.” Then came out the sound of a baby crying, while a woman was humming a very eerie lullaby. Then, two gunshots went off. That was all. “Where did you get this?” I asked him. Then he said, “The woman with her baby gave me this, she said it was the best lullaby ever.”

  • Taylor S

14 Brokeback Babysitter

One night, I babysat for a wealthy couple’s newly born daughter. I had to watch the baby while monitoring the surveillance from inside her room. Suddenly, I saw a figure from downstairs and realized it was a burglar! I got scared so I hurriedly tied a very long blanket (thank God they had one) from the balcony and carried the baby in front of me.

While treading down halfway, the blanket tore in half (it was one of those cloth blankets)! I fell down into the garden, flat on my back. Good thing, the baby was safe and still fast asleep. The burglar got away.

And as luck would have it, the couple arrived just a few seconds later, and was shocked to see me lying in the garden with their babe sleeping soundly right beside me on the grass.

  • Karen H

13 Me, the Child “Abuser”

My mom asked me to babysit for our new neighbor’s 4-year-old daughter since they were all going out for a day-trip. So, I did what I was told although she was really loud and irritating, but I kept my cool.

When her folks arrived, the girl started screaming. They asked her why and she cried, “Evvy was mean, mom!” and then those 3 dreaded words that no baby sitter wants to ever hear “SHE HIT ME!” I was so angry, I really would have hit her if it weren’t for all the people present.

Thankfully, mum bailed me out of the situation.

  • Evilynn J

12 The Drunk Child

I was asked by my boss to look after his 6-year old boy while he gave a speech and an event he was hosting at his house. While the speech went on and on (it was a rather long speech), I realized that the boy had disappeared from my sight.

I found him in the kitchen, though, and he’d devoured a glass of some fancy wine in my boss’ kitchen. Minutes after, the kid was knocked out. I never told my boss about it. Just told him that the kid probably got exhausted from running around.

So I’m a bad baby sitter, sue me.

  • Neelesh H

11 When There was Blood All Over

I just had my septum pierced when my aunt asked me if I could look after my one-year-old cousin. She was adorable so I thought I’d give it a shot. Hours later, she became really cranky and started crying. So, I took her out from her pen. But she caught me off guard and pulled out my septum piercing. There was blood gushing from my nose down to my neck, and eventually, onto the baby

Now try explaining that to a new mother. And eventually, I got nicknamed the “bloody babysitter” and basically lost all jobs in my area, thanks to that little piece of $#!+ baby.

  • Roger M

10 My 1st and Only Free Haircut

I happened to fall asleep on the couch while babysitting my sister’s twins. With my long, long hair dangling over the sides of the couch, the twins decided to become barbers. And guess who had to attend school in a stupid ass boy-cut? You guessed it, me.

  • Nicola K

9 The Poopy Piñata

My first clients turned out to be my dad’s boss. I had to look after his two kids: one was 9 and the other one was 2. I took the job because the money was good, and I immediately understood why they paid so much money. Gosh, the children were mean bullies!

They started hitting me everywhere like I was some stupid piñata. The older one went one step ahead – he got his little brother’s dirty diapers and threw it right on my face. Poop was all over my mouth; it had me throwing up all over the place. The worst part? I couldn’t complain about the kids because, after all, they were the children of my dad's boss.

  • Michael F

8 The Cliché

I once babysat for a friend’s 2 year-old boy since she often comes home late because of work. Her husband was recently in an accident, injured from the hips down so he couldn’t walk. Their maid was hands-full taking care of her disabled husband so I just had to help with the baby, she said.

After 2 weeks of babysitting, I got up one late night to get a glass of water, something I don’t usually do. I was shocked by what I saw in the kitchen – my friend’s husband up on his toes, doing the maid! I told my friend about it, but she never believed me. And guess what? We’re friends no more.

  • Martha W

7 The Little Grinder

Babysitting is not for the weak hearted. I babysat my neighbour’s 7-year-old devil spawn one day when the family called the plumber in just before they left. I was watching while he was fixing the kitchen sink garbage disposal with one hand stuck inside. Suddenly, he’s screaming and blood’s spattering up his sleeves!

That monster flipped the switch! I had to fight passing out while I drove the guy to the hospital. With the boy at the backseat, laughing.

  • Janette A

6 Mirror, Mirror

My two-year old niece always laughs when I carry her in my arms and make faces in front of the mirror. Then, one day we did this again, but she wasn’t laughing anymore; she’d just stare. It took me 3 weeks to realize she wasn’t staring at her reflection (or mine), but at something that was always behind us. We never did it again.

  • Jeesha S

5 Bullied by Babies

I was an intern at the time and had to look after a room-full of day-care tots. Then they started to ask me questions about my fat legs and arms and they all started to laugh at me. I told them to stop, but they just laughed harder. I cried like a baby in front of the class and yeah, that was the end of my internship.

Because being bullied is always the victim’s fault...

  • Anthea A

4 I Swear It Was an Accident

Once I accidentally hit my girlfriend’s 4-year old autistic son in the face while we were playing baseball. He wouldn’t stop crying that day and would always start to cry whenever I came over. My girlfriend broke up with me after that.

I regret that day, of course, but it always made me angry why she’d never listen to my side. I was really frustrated that she wouldn't listen to me. I mean, accidents do happen. Guess we should’ve played chess instead.

  • Jeremiah V

3 Hot Sauce ‘Gun’ Bad

One summer, I thought it would be a good idea to play water-gun wars with my niece and my nephew. I guess nobody can beat the innovativeness of children’s minds today. The girl played naughty and put some heavy-duty hot sauce in her water gun.

She shot me and her brother right in the eyes. Both of us ended up in the hospital for two days. The worst part? She didn’t get punished.

  • Anuba K.

2 Scarred for Life

Once I had to look after some 6-year-old kid who was the son of a cop. One day, he disappeared while I was making him a snack. I went out to their backyard and saw him opening the cage of his dad’s trained canine.

Then he said, “Sick ‘em, boy!” and the dog went after me. I ran for 3 blocks straight. The dad turned out to be a dick because instead of apologizing for his son’s behaviour, told me to “man the F up.” Wow.

  • Joshua G

1 My Vampire Neighbours

My neighbours asked me to babysit for a couple of hours one Saturday night. Their kid came up to me and asked if I could cook some meat pie for him. I said I didn’t know how, but I’ll see what I can whip up.

When I opened their fridge, my jaw dropped upon seeing blood bags and human parts like eyeballs and fingers, all neatly pickled in several jars. I waited by the porch until they came back then scurried home and told my mom about it. When my mom asked the couple about it, they feigned ignorance.

Guess who’s never ever visiting them again?

  • Renette G

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