15Chalky Whiteness

When it comes to the world of baby poop, there is really only one color that is worrisome - and that is white. All other colors of the rainbow - lime green, mustard yellow, tangerine orange, midnight black - receive an enthusiastic thumbs up. But chalky white or gray

poop should stop a parent cold. Consider it an alert that all is not as it should be concerning an infant’s digestive tract.

White poop suggests that there is no bile from the liver present in order to help with digestion. In turn, it may indicate a possible problem regarding a newborn’s bile ducts including a cyst, tumor or inflammation. It can also be symptomatic of a liver infection or even gallstones.

For caregivers concerned about white spots within a newborn’s poop, this may be the handiwork of certain medications and antibiotics. Prescribed antacids (for babies suffering from reflux) can particularly have a whitening effect on poop.

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