15High Fever That Does Not Go Down

Yes, fevers in little ones will spike up and down. Often, hospitals don’t even want to see you and baby unless fever has been high for three days. However, if the fever is not breaking even under pain relief medication, it is time to call your pediatrician and express concern.


the pediatrician is not available, trying a walk-in-clinic, or even the hospital to rule out anything more serious is a good option. Better safe than sorry. Just make sure you and baby don’t touch too many surfaces, and wash hands frequently to prevent more germs to compromise an already weakened immune system.

A lot of times baby may just need stronger pain medication or even antibiotics for a tough virus. But if it’s something more sinister, you are in the right place to get medical attention ASAP. Baby will fare better and you will know what steps to take in the future.

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