15 Worst Parent Tattoos The Internet Has Ever Seen

We all want to hold on to every precious moments of our baby’s babyhood right? Of course we do!! Well, as with any other important moment in one’s life, many decide to have these precious memories permanently tattooed onto their skin. The concept is great, but sometimes the reality is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Our little ones are beautiful beings, and we may indeed memorialize the moments with thousands of breathtaking pictures. There’s one particular shot, however, that everyone agrees is the “money shot”. The photo that shows off that contagious smile and stunning eyes. That pic that finally catches the light shining on those perfect little cheeks. That one curl that is in a perfect twist without any muss or fuss. Yep!! That is the one!!

Time to visit the local tattoo artist to forever remember this adorable age. Precious baby pictures that will be seen by everyone for as long as you shall walk this earth. What could possibly go wrong? Well, apparently plenty!! While the concept is appealing to many, the final product may leave one scratching their own head.

Over the following pages, there are many hilarious examples of baby tattoos gone wrong. I am fairly certain that Mom and Dad had other images in their heads, but alas, they are now documented for our entertainment, so enjoy!

15 Call The Tattoo Police

These just keep getting better and better don’t they? Holy moly!! That tattoo looks like a picture of something out of a scary movie! I’m sorry but there is nothing about that beautiful baby girl that comes across in that hideous tattoo!! It’s not small either! What is this poor mom going to do? That thing would give any mother nightmares!

First of all, it is waaaayyyy to dark. The baby on the right has light skin and a sweet little twinkle in her eye. The baby (if you can call it that) on the left has a look of insanity in her eye, not to mention that she looks at least 8 or nine years older than the baby in the photo.

Looks like somehow Mom is being a good sport about the whole thing. She does seem to be keeping a smile on her face, but what else is she supposed to do? She is kind of stuck with this thing forever. Hopefully she can come up with a good story when her daughter eventually asks her who that is tattooed on her arm. Ugh.

14 Two For One?

Oh dear sweet Daddy. He seems to be trying to get a tattoo to remember his beautiful girls while they are still young and think he is a superhero. Well, looks like Dad got kind of screwed on this one! What in the world are these girls going to think when they see themselves looking like little ghouls? How does one explain this??

Well, Dad, fear not. These little girls will probably think that this is the coolest thing ever, and they won’t even notice how they look until they are much older…so enjoy every moment. However, they will start giving you a ton of crap about your work of art when they are teenagers. That will be fun!

In any case, it could be worse. At least you can tell they are girls, they just happen to look like they may have rolled around in the dirt a bit before the tattoo was completed. It’ll be ok. They know you love them. That is the most important thing after all.

13 Chucky's Little Sister

Oh what happened to this sweet and precious girl? She looks like she may be Chucky’s little sister!! (Reference to terrifying movie called “Child’s Play” where the main character is a doll that comes to life and kills people). I cannot even imagine the reaction when this tattoo was revealed to family and friends. How in the world did they maintain their composure?

As this little angel grows up, will she wonder if she was actually a hideous looking baby? Will her friends be aware that this tattoo exists on one of her parents? Oh my goodness, poor kid! Poor Mom and Dad as well. You have to wonder if they have plans to get it fixed or removed somehow. There is no way that they should be expected to live with this goofy thing forever.

In any case, enjoy your baby, but if you want to have him or her tattooed on your arm, please do your homework on the chosen artist before moving forward with a tat.

12 See The Resemblance?

The idea is beautiful, the reality…not so much. Oh my goodness!! If there was an award for most awkwardly incorrect tattoo this one would absolutely take the cake!! I am honestly at a loss for words with this one. I cannot stop laughing and shaking my head at the same time. Can you imagine??

Look everybody! Here’s my new tattoo. What do you think? Can you just see the look on everyone’s face? Umm….is that a picture of your junk? What the heck is wrong with you? You need the world to see that thing? It’s kind of small dude. Haha!

The scenarios could go on and on. My suggestion? I think that this dear old dad needs to include a bit of baby’s face to give some perspective on what this little tattoo is actually attempting to portray. Wow…this one will be around for a while!! Too funny!!

11 ET Phone Home

What the heck happened here?? Oh my goodness, you have to wonder if the tattoo artist was blindfolded while creating this little gem. How can a person take a gorgeous baby girl and turn her into a toothless, cross-dressing inmate on death row? That tattoo looks nothing like that sweet little baby. If that was my tattoo, it would give me nightmares.

Perhaps the studio where it was created was extremely dark? Maybe the guy had other things on his mind while tattooing this hideous creation on his innocent victim? Holy crap! This one is truly a hot mess!

Maybe Mom or Dad can get creative with it and turn into a tattoo of their little girl’s great grandfather or something. Draw an army helmet with a cigarette hanging out of the mouth and call it a day? I don’t know. Not a good situation to be in. Time to find a new tattoo guy!

10 Open Wide!

First of all, I’m guessing that whoever chose this picture as their tattoo must have a fairly decent sense of humor, or why in the world would they choose this kind of ridiculous photo? Seriously? It is adorable as a Facebook post, but forever memorialized on your skin? That’s just kind of bizarre.

In any case, photo choice to the side, what the heck is going on here? That picture on the right does not appear to share the same adorable expression as the original on the left. Not to mention that the contour of the child’s head is a bit scary in the tat. Looks like an image that may be reflected out of a carnival mirror. Not exactly how you want to remember this sweet picture of your little girl.

Maybe they were happy with the job, who knows. To each their own, but for my purposes here, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks for the giggle.

9 The Baby Joker

You seriously have to wonder what makes people do the things they do. Why on Earth would this tattoo artist accept this job if this was the best that he could do? There is no way that anyone would have been happy with this crazy rendering of that adorable little boy!

I went back and forth, first thinking that the tattoo looked a bit like the Heat Miser from Santa Clause Is Coming to Town, but upon further review, I think I’m leaning more toward the Joker from Batman. That hair!! That crazy mouth!! …and oh my goodness, the bizarre little crooked ears!

What the heck is that crazy little cloud collar is gracing the bottom of this sweet boy’s face? Can’t even tell what the heck is going on there. All in all, this is just a joke of a tattoo. Unfortunately, somebody most likely did not find any of this very funny.

8 Penguin Or Baby?

What?? Ok wait…WHAT?? How the heck did they turn that gorgeous little baby into an absurd version of Danny DeVito from his role as The Penguin in the Batman movie? Seriously? The photo on the right looks nothing like that sweet little bundle on the left. What could have possibly happened here? I thing part of the problem is the hideous shading. This artist really did not take that into consideration when completing this hideous tattoo.

My guess is that this is not a typical customer for this sub-par proprietor. He probably should have passed on the job instead of scarring a person for life with the likes of The Penguin. There’s quite a difference when it comes to tattooing a human with a photo rendition, versus a dragon or heart or skull.

Poor kid. Hopefully there isn’t any mental scarring that goes along with this huge hot mess. Next time, if there is one, I hope that this artist does a drawing on paper first to get a little practice. Sheesh.

7 Santa Is Not Impressed

Ummm….Not even sure what to say about this one. Obviously somebody wanted a holiday tattoo year round, but I’m assuming this is not exactly what they had in mind. The baby on the right could not be more adorable in their little Santa outfit. The baby on the left however, looks more like some sort of alien elf than anything else. WTF?

I can’t even imagine how this came to be without somebody catching on mid process. Seriously? Was nobody paying attention? The eyes alone are enough to signal that the artist is somewhat spatially challenged. Add to that the weird contouring that look like worms imbedded in this poor kid’s face and voila! There you have it!

Christmas just won’t be the same for this kiddo when he’s older. He may indeed end up with a strong dislike for Santa’s little helpers. Yikes!

6 Why Does He Look Dirty?

Bahahaha!! Oh my goodness!! This cute little guy has been turned into some sort of bizarre version of Pigpen from Charlie Brown!! What in the world is going on here?? Not only does the baby look filthy dirty, but it doesn’t even look like the pic of the kid on the left at all!!

Let’s just start at the top, shall we? That hair!! What in the world is going on with that side mowhawk? The baby on the left doesn’t even have any hair!! That is clearly inaccurate. Let’s move down to the sunken eyes with big dark circles underneath. Adorable right? How about the crooked nose, lips, and chin? Gorgeous…Not!

Add to that the fact that it looks the kiddo was just playing inside of a sooty old fireplace and voila!! A masterpiece. Wow. I really hope that the parents were able to do something to fix this one. Eek!

5 Missed The Mark

Soooo….how does one jump from the picture on the left to the picture on the right? I don’t understand how this happens!! If an artist does not know how to copy a photograph into tattoo form, they should really be honest with their clients!! Is it really ok to make $100 or $200 bucks at the expense of somebody’s “look” for the rest of their lives? This mama says heck no!

The pretty little face on the left looks nothing like that tattoo!! …and what is with that completely out of proportion sailboat necklace just hanging there? It’s the only bit of color on the entire thing, and looks kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

Obviously this tattoo is not reflective of that sweet little face, but hopefully that little girl grows up knowing how beautiful she is in spite of it. Sheesh.

4 Whose Baby Is That?

Not only does that tattoo look nothing like the picture, the two babies don’t even look like they could be related!! Was there a mix up in the tattoo parlor? Did the artist want to create a tattoo of his own child to live forever on somebody else? What the heck? Seriously no resemblance whatsoever!

Check out the hair. One straight, one curly. The eyes? Nope not even the same shape. Ears? Cheeks? Chin line? Nope, nope, aaaannd nope. Not even close. I do hope for their sake that their second child miraculously looks more like this botched tattoo than the first one does. At least that would help a little.

In any case, once again, this appears to be the result of an artist biting off more than they can chew. Baby pic tattoos are obviously not a skill that everyone possesses. This guy is no exception.

3 Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!!

Seriously?? Once you stop laughing, take a good look at that face and tell me they did not use Curly from “The Three Stooges” as the model for this insanely funny tattoo! What in the world is going on here? That does not look anything like that sweet little angel that is pictured on the left.

Hopefully, the owner of this tattoo just happens to be a huge fan of Curly, because if not, they will surely have people making Stooge comments every time they see this work of art for the first time. I can’t even imagine Grandma and Grandpa’s first reaction when the lay eyes on this little gem.

As for Junior, start playing those old episodes of The Three Stooges for him now so you don’t have too much explaining to do as he gets older. There is no way that you want your child to think that they were born looking like a chubby 50 year old man from the black and white era of television. Too funny!

2 Is That A Fork?

When I first looked at this pic, I seriously thought that the artist had included a knife and fork on either side of this adorable pudgy cheeked munchkin’s face. Upon closer inspection, however, I think that this awful artist was supposed to include angel wings in his rendition of the sweet little boy.

Of course I don’t know if the boy has passed, but if by any chance he has, that makes the shoddy work done by this tattoo artist absolutely inexcusable! That picture on the left shows an adorable and innocent little baby boy with a beautiful face. Obviously, the picture on the right does not! From the hair, to the shading, to the odd looking lips, this tattoo does not appear to be an accurate reflection of that sweet little angel face.

If Mom and Dad went to this person to help them memorialize their infant angel baby and this is what they got, I certainly hope that someone, somewhere, ended up helping them to fix it.

1 The Cartoon Character

What in the world is going on with this one? This adorable little boy has been transformed into crazy little cartoon character for all of eternity! There is truly nothing about the photo on the right that accurately represents that sweet little face on the left. What happened here? Oy!

The hair, the eyes, the crazy droopy cheeks? His ears are uneven and not even in the correct proportions? His lips are absurdly large, and have a crooked look to them as well? What were you thinking about, Mr. Tattoo man? This is an absolutely crappy job!! I have to wonder if he was having a bad day, or if there are many people running around with their skin permanently damaged by this incompetent dumb-dumb.

In any case, let this serve as yet another example to do your homework. If you want to get a tattoo, check out many samples by the artist of your choice before making your final decision. Couldn’t hurt to talk to some satisfied customers as well (if they exist!).

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