14Two For One?

Oh dear sweet Daddy. He seems to be trying to get a tattoo to remember his beautiful girls while they are still young and think he is a superhero. Well, looks like Dad got kind of screwed on this one! What in the world are these girls going to think

when they see themselves looking like little ghouls? How does one explain this??

Well, Dad, fear not. These little girls will probably think that this is the coolest thing ever, and they won’t even notice how they look until they are much older…so enjoy every moment. However, they will start giving you a ton of crap about your work of art when they are teenagers. That will be fun!

In any case, it could be worse. At least you can tell they are girls, they just happen to look like they may have rolled around in the dirt a bit before the tattoo was completed. It’ll be ok. They know you love them. That is the most important thing after all.

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