15Dollar Store No-No’s!

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The dollar store is great, it is a great place to get a good bargain. When you are a parent, there are few things we like more than a great bargain. The dollar store may be a great place to get DIY supplies

and dish towels, it is not a great place to get toys. The toys are usually meant for much older children, and even than they are not the best quality so I would be concerned about the quality.

There was a news story recently about a mom who bought her daughter a “princess” wand at their local dollar store. It was labelled “Evil Stick” (which would have raised my eyebrow, but it was placed among all the other little girl toys. It was a wand that had a silver paper in the center of a large snowflake topper. When you peeled the paper back, there was a picture of a young girl slitting her wrist. Your best bet at a dollar store would be a book, those are safe, right?

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