14Morning Sickness

Yuck. I hate throwing up - who doesn't?! Nausea is the worst symptom of pregnancy, in my opinion. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute on Child Health and Human Development conducted a study with approximately 800 women and tracked their symptoms during pregnancy and the result of each

pregnancy and found a link that suggests that women who experience some sort of nausea can feel good about the discomfort because it indicates a healthy baby.

In an interview with CBS they said, "their risk for pregnancy loss is greatly reduced. It’s helping to tell them that they have a healthy pregnancy and that this is a good thing.” But they also make sure to tell women that the lack of nausea does not mean a baby is not healthy.

If you find yourself bowing before the porcelain god every morning or going to bed early with an upset tummy, you can excuse yourself with a frown, and then secretly smile to yourself when you're alone. This moment is fleeting and your body is developing a sweet child.

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