15 Beauty Treatments After Pregnancy And When It's Safe

They say that pregnant women glow during pregnancy, but they might not exactly be saying the truth with this statement. Ok, sure, there is a certain type of glow that pregnant women obtain. But this glow is more due to the constant sweat streams trickling down the body, right down to the swollen and puffy ankles.

It’s a nice thought to think that you’ll glow throughout pregnancy, but you might just have to settle for an internal glow. And let’s be real, this glow is much more meaningful.

As for the external glow, you might be better off giving that a miss for 9 months. After all, pregnancy is the best excuse for any comment on your physical appearance. All those types of questions ranging from ‘oh, are you a bit tired today?’ to ‘are you still fitting in those jeans I lent you?’ you can answer with ‘I’M PREGNANT’ and there will be no need for further discussion.

Basically, no one excepts a pregnant woman to look her best. Yet, everyone is going to compliment you regardless, stating that you’re doing such a good job or you’re handling pregnancy so well and so on and so forth. These are comments that really make you glow, much more than how you’re looking on the outside.

All that being said, once the baby pops out of your belly after 9 long months, you’re entitled to want to get your physical appearance back on track. Thanks to your hormones and bodily changes, you’ve experienced weird things happening to your hair and skin and everywhere else. No wonder you’re looking straight into beauty treatments post-pregnancy. Find out which ones you can (and should!) enjoy, and how long after baby has been born.

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15 Get A Massage ASAP

Not only is a massage safe during pregnancy, it is also recommended. It is even more recommended, and encouraged, after giving birth. Massages are designed to be relaxing and new moms actually deserve to relax after what they’ve just been through.

During pregnancy, you’ve experienced pain and discomfort along the way. Your bone structure has actually physically changed and your pelvis has been stretched and contorted in ways you didn’t know it was possible. Not to mention actually giving birth – that’s next level pain right there.

Therefore, a massage is an excellent thing to invest in after pregnancy. It is great for your stress levels and your deep muscles that have been affected. It is also important for your emotional state as it is really important to invest in ‘me’ time once you bring baby home. Just be sure to let the masseuse know that you’ve just given birth so that they can talk you through the tender areas and let you know when things might hurt. They’ve got this, you just have to sit back (lay down) and relax – literally.

14 Fix Those Gross Fingernails And Toenails

So remember how no one ever claims that pregnancy is glamorous? Well, it’s just about to get a whole lot less glamorous, especially when the fingernails and toenails are bought into it.

During pregnancy, hormones are pretty much going crazy throughout the body. This, alongside vitamins and minerals increasing and the blood flow rapidly spurting through the body, makes your fingernails and toenails grow faster. You’re not going to end up with claws, but some weird stuff is going on with the nails.

Now, you can get a pedicure (and manicure - why not!) while you’re pregnant. There are certain risks involved since the chemicals used are pretty intense. You just have to make sure you’re in a well ventilated space while getting nail care. It is better to wait until after pregnancy – especially so that you can actually look down at your toes and see the beauty without having to crane your neck around the baby bump!

13 The Legs Are In Reach Again! Exfoliate And Moisturise

As women progress through pregnancy, reaching the legs easily becomes a thing of the past. Gone are the days when one can simply bend down and scratch an itchy spot on the leg, can paint the toenails on the couch without any real drama, and shave the hair off like it’s no one’s business.

Yes, as the baby bump grows, there goes the easy access to the legs. This is a real shame, considering during pregnancy some weird things start happening to the skin down there. Due to the increased blood circulation and hormonal changes, spider veins become a thing and odd dark spots appear at their own accord.

As nice as it would be to exfoliate and moisturise the legs during pregnancy, it is simply too much effort. Therefore, after giving birth, feel free to rejoice in this daily beauty care regime. It’s going to change your life being able to bend down in the shower and scrub the legs easily – just like the good old days.

12 No Need To Wax – The Hair Is Falling Off!

By all means, women who have just given birth can wax their legs without any hassle. Using DIY in-home methods or going to a waxing salon is completely safe, but perhaps not all that necessary.

While you are pregnant and your hormones are having a big old disco dance party, something called androgens increase the rate of hair growth and causes hair to grow every which way. The increased estrogen in your body promotes hair growth and makes your hair cycle get a bit too excited. All of this means that during pregnancy, you’re essentially going to be a hairy beast.

The good news is, that after giving birth, the hormones are going to calm down a bit and your hair growth cycle will return to normal. The... good news?.. is that all that excess hair that grew during pregnancy is going to fall out. So sure, you can get the wax strips out, or you can just enjoy watching your hairy legs shed themselves. Gross but good?

11 Choose Any Facial You Want

Facials are great, and they are even better after giving birth and giving the hormones a chance to calm down. It is probably best to wait a few weeks after giving birth to indulge in a facial. Most of the time they are perfectly safe, but there are certain chemicals that aren’t so great for the skin straight away after giving birth, as it is still tender from the hormonal changes.

Even after your baby has arrived, steer clear of aromatherapy, hot stones, and chemical peels perhaps until after you’re finished breast feeding. It is one of things that is better safe than sorry. However, organic and natural facials are totally a go ahead. Any DIY home remedy treatments will do wonders for you to. Facials are one of those things that help new moms relax and give time for self-care, which is super important with new baby around.

10 Feed Baby First, Then Get Inked

Plenty of new moms want to get a tattoo, whether to signify their pregnancy or have a living memorabilia of their new baby. It is totally understandable, however getting a new tat a week after giving birth is a big old no-no.

There actually isn’t a huge amount of scientific research on what tattoo ink does to the growing fetus or breast milk when the ink is drying on the skin. We do know that tattoo ink enters the bloodstream directly and it is not a natural process. Since you can’t donate blood if you’ve had a tattoo in the past 4 months, this is a good warning to keep in mind.

Tattoos are cool if you’re into that, but wait until you’ve finished breastfeeding to get your next one. It is best to play it on the safe side with having any chemicals entering your bloodstream, as all of this is going to affect your milk production. Your new baby is going to benefit most from healthy, natural, and nutritious breastmilk while they’re growing up big and strong.

9 Go Natural For Firm Skin

It is a natural response after giving birth that new moms wants their pre-baby body back. Ok, it is never going to be exactly the same, not after stretching so far and changing so much, but a girl can dream, right?

First things first, there are no quick fix solutions to getting your skin nicely toned and firm again. It is going to take time and patience, and natural solutions are simply the best way to go. This involves some good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating.

A proper diet plan and light exercise are going to help your skin firm up in the best way after giving birth. Not only will this improve your skin tone, but also help you feel emotionally and mentally happy with your new baby. Incorporating baby into your exercise routine, such as a walk with them in the pram for 30 minutes each day, will make a big difference. Even if it does take a lot of time. Everything about being a mom requires patience!

8 Natural Oils For Stretch Marks

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pregnancy is going to leave the belly with stretch marks. Oh, not just the belly, but also the thighs and chest and probably even the feet. It makes sense given how much the skin is stretching because this is where large amounts of fat are stored. Plus those hormones still raging throughout the body. Hormones have A LOT to answer for!

Stretch marks are going to be visible during pregnancy but quite frankly they are harder to deal with while you’ve still got that rotund belly. You can start some of these natural remedies while still carrying the baby, but the real fun is going to start when all that excess skin is loosely hanging around after popping the baby out, making the stretch marks even more visible. Nothing to be ashamed of, you’ve just had a baby after all.

Natural home remedies are really the most effective to get your skin close enough back to it’s former firmness. These are things that you can start doing day one after giving birth. Using things like oils blended with calendula, lavender, chamomile, and jam packed with vitamins A and E will do wonders any time after giving birth.

7 Hormones Change Everything - Forever

Like we’ve said, those hormones that are prancing around through the body at unprecedented rates are mostly to blame for what’s happening to your skin. They are the reason that everything in the pre-pregnancy beauty regime just isn’t working anymore.

Going back to your standard moisturise, exfoliate, wash routine, in whatever capacity from your pre-pregnancy life, might not have the same results anymore. This can be a little distressing for new moms and it can be endlessly frustrating when things just aren't working as well as they used to. It’s easier said than done, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself immediately after pregnancy – just keep on blaming your hormones.

It will take a few months after giving birth for your hormone levels to regulate and your skin to firm up again. You really need to approach it with patience and allow time for things to settle down again. Feel free to stay mad at the hormones though, they deserve it!

6 Go See The Hairdresser After 9 Months Away

During pregnancy, getting hair coloured or permed is pretty much a no-go. There are certain chemicals found in both permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes that are done in a salon or through DIY packets from the supermarket.

Basically what happens is that these chemicals are absorbed by the skin, and anything absorbed this way enters the bloodstream. The bloodstream directly feeds the growing baby through the umbilical cord. So for these reasons, although the amount of dye absorbed is low, getting your hair dyed or permed when baby is still growing isn’t in his or her best interests.

Therefore, you can rejoice when after 9 months (realistically wait a few months to settle baby into the home before rushing off the hairdresser) when your hair colour is pampered again. There is little evidence to suggest that the chemicals in hair dye have any impact on breast milk production, so you’re pretty much in the clear. Organise a baby sitter (everyone wants to play with the new baby) for a few hours and relax at the salon at last!

5 Smile Whitely For The Dentist

Beautiful smiling cute baby

Getting the dentist or dental professional to white a pregnant lady’s teeth is pretty much off the table, even over-the-counter products for teeth whitening like standard toothpaste, should be steered clear off. These aren’t recommended due the chemicals required and the atmosphere in which professional whitening is done isn’t ideal for a growing baby.

Before you start panicking, you can still flash your pearly whites during pregnancy. Since you won’t be having any coffee, you don’t have to worry about those types of stains! Alternatively, you can make your own teeth whitening paste while you’re pregnant. Using strawberries and baking soda mixed together on your teeth and letting it sit for five minutes before rinsing will just as effectively break down stains thanks to the natural malic acid.

However, once baby is out and smiling on his or her own, you are more than welcome to head back to the dentist and get some professional whitening done, if you so desire.

4 Just Because You Can Wrap The Fat Off, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Now, we get it, pregnant women are a little fatter than they used to be. But hey, after carrying a baby around for 9 months, giving him or her a hospitable place to grow and develop inside the internal female organs, and then pushing it out into the world is a pretty good excuse for this excess fat.

There are plenty of ways to lose baby weight naturally. They just take a fair bit of time. So because body wraps are safe and suitable post-pregnancy, doesn’t mean that you should indulge in this supposedly quick-fit fat solution.

Body wraps are ruled out during pregnancy because they involve raising the body temperature. Since a pregnant lady’s core body temperature should never exceed 38 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit), body wraps make no sense.

The risk of rising body temperature goes away after pregnancy, but there are still so many better ways to lose the baby weight. Give it time and go down the natural methods for your long term health and the baby’s too.

3 Sweat It Out In A Spa Or Sauna

This is another one that during pregnancy is a no-go. What many don’t realise is that saunas can cause hypothermia. Normally we associate hypothermia with freezing temperatures, but it can happen when the body temperature is abnormally high.

Throughout pregnancy, the body temperature is known to rise. This is good news if you’re pregnant during the winter as you’re going to become your own personal heater. The reason the body temperature increases is because the blood flow circulation increases so much. Essentially the blood vessels are pumping blood out faster than normal, which makes you feel constantly warmer.

Therefore, getting into a spa or a sauna doesn’t seem necessary at all. Increasing the already increased body temperature is just non-sensical. However, after giving birth and feeling your body temperature drop back to normal (which now feels freezing cold), a day at the spa could be just in order to warm you up again.

2 Soak Up The Sun (But Do It Safely!)

Getting a tan from the sun’s rays comes with risks with or without pregnancy. If anyone is going to enjoy a tanning session, it really needs to be done responsibility, such as while wearing lots of sunscreen and going out in the day time when the UV is at its lowest.

When it comes to being pregnant though, tanning sessions should be ruled out. This has to do mostly with the increased body temperature that pregnant women experience. So similar to reasons to avoid body wraps and spas and saunas, anything that makes you hotter during pregnancy just doesn’t need to happen. Not to mention the risk of contracting skin cancer from too much sun. Your body definitely doesn’t need that right now!

After pregnancy, tanning in the natural sun or going to a tanning bed in a salon is safe. It has no impact on breast milk production. If it makes you feel good about yourself to get some brown pigmentation on your skin, you can go for it. Just remember, be sun smart and set a good example for your baby!

1 Home Remedies Are Always Safe

There is one type of beauty treatment to start immediately after pregnancy, and this revolves around absolutely any home remedy. Beauty regimes that are DIY and involve no chemicals, rather centre around organic and natural ingredients have the go ahead as soon as mom and baby are home.

Some home remedies that are excellent for postpartum weight loss, skin care, and general holistic health and wellbeing after giving birth include:

- Warm lemon water with a teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach to effectively burn belly fat.

- Moisturise the skin using shea butter and lemon juice to increase skin elasticity and improve circulation to get your skin feeling good again.

- Massage the skin with almond oil to treat saggy skin and stretch marks and help reduce their appearance quicker.

- Use some daily SPF based moisturiser on your skin to reduce spotted pigmentation.

- Try rubbing chamomile tea bags (once cooled down) to reduce the appearance of dark and puffy circles from the inevitable fatigue you’re facing.

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