15Responding To Every Noise

The problem with having a baby monitor? Many parents respond to every sound they hear on the monitor.

Besides being overly attentive to babies needs, parents tend to over-supervise their baby. This means, parents will check on their baby quite often, especially during those first few months. The whole Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk has really instilled this fear in parents when bringing a newborn home. This

is why many parents opt for a baby monitor.

Baby monitors assist parents in literally watching over the baby when the parents are not in the room. This allows them, the parents, the flexibility of checking on the baby without physically going to check on them. This way mommies and daddies are not mistakenly waking baby up. Some monitors are both video and sound and others are just sound. They pretty much work like a walkie-talkie that is always on. There is one end of the monitor, the giving end, in the baby’s room and the parents keeps the other end with them or in the room they most frequent, the receiving end.

This constant checking causes the very light sleeping newborn to wake up. This leads to a pattern of interrupted sleep which then develops a not so good sleep routine in the baby. Let the baby monitor do its job.

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