15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets TLC Producers Don't Want Us To Know

TLC is known worldwide as one of the leading channels for reality television shows. Some of the most popular TLC shows have included 19 Kids and Counting, Cake Boss, Little People, Big World, Kate Plus Eight, Say Yes To The Dress, Breaking Amish, My 600-LB Life among many other shows. We see whatever the producers of these shows want us to see, but there are a ton of things that go on behind the scenes that we never get to see or hear about (and these are things the producers definitely don't want us to know).

TLC was originally called "The Learning Channel". But let's face it, just Like MTV (Music Television), TLC has definitely strayed from its original broadcasting name. When TLC was originally founded, it was meant to be an educational channel sponsored by NASA and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare back in 1972. Learning documentaries eventually changed into more reality-style educational programming, which then led to home improvement shows in the 1990's.

During the 2000's, the channel took a completely different turn. They decided to get rid of educational programming (with the exception of your home improvement shows here and there), and began to air dramas and reality shows. TLC followed in the direction of a lot of other channels at the time, changing from its original programming to what the consumers, us, really wanted to watch. Channels like TLC, CNN, The History Channel, MTV and others are consumed by their ratings. They choose their line-ups based on their audience and what is going to get them the highest ratings.

Shows come and go on all channels, but there are some secrets from behind the scenes that producers definitely do NOT want us knowing about. Unfortunately for them, the internet exists and it is easy to find information on what goes on behind the scenes of these channels and their shows.

14 Cake Boss

We've all heard of Buddy and his amazing cakes on the TLC show Cake Boss. His cakes are so elaborate that it's amazing that so much time and effort can be put into them to make them look as spectacular as they are. The show first aired in 2009 until it ended in 2016. The show took place in Hoboken, New Jersey, where the shop is named "Carlo's Bakery". Each episode generally shows how Buddy and his team, a great deal of which are family members, prepare two cakes for different types of events. These events can include receptions, charity events, theme parties, weddings and birthdays. Depending on the complexity of the design, cakes can range dramatically in price. Options generally range from a $300 cake all the way up to a spectacular $30 million dollar cake they once created.

The shows consists of mouth drooling over the wonderful cake designs as well as the drama that happens in the kitchen, but what happens behind the scenes that TLC doesn't want us to know about? One time, Mr. Buddy Valastro got pulled over, where he was driving while intoxicated. He was arrested for DWI. Of course being a reality TV star, he tried to use this to his advantage in order to get out of being arrested. He even told the officers who pulled him over, " You can't arrest me! I'm the Cake Boss!".

Apparently if you're a reality TV celebrity you should be able to get away with breaking the law. Except, well, not.

13 The Cake Boss's Brother-In-Law


We've already learned that the Cake Boss himself was arrested was driving while drunk and got slapped with a DWI. However, his brother-in-law got in a heap of a mess that makes Buddy's DWI look like a walk in the park. During the earlier seasons and episodes of the show, Buddy's sister, Lisa, was married to a man named Remy. Even though the show portray's a family business run through teamwork, there was a huge secret that Remy hid from the rest of the family.

While Remy was still married to Buddy's sister, Lisa, he did something unspeakable. He was allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl who was only 13 years old at the time. According to the investigation, these assaults allegedly happened between 2009 and 2010, just as the show hit our television screens. Luckily Remy was caught for his crimes against the young girl, and was sentenced to serve nine years in state prison.

Hopefully we won't be seeing anymore problems from this family.

12 Breaking Amish


Breaking Amish was a TLC show that ran from 2012 through 2014, with no new episodes up to date for premiere. Amish people generally tend to live in small communities with their own people, never leaving to travel to the"outside world". One of the hardest things to grasp about this show is the character's backgrounds. We really don't learn much about the Amish community and where they came from. All we know is that these 5 young people decided to "leave" their Amish home behind in order to see what the rest of the country looks like. Traveling to New York City, these young Amish people get a glimpse of what the big city is really like in comparison to their homes.

What the producers of TLC don't want us to know though, is that they entire show is basically fake and completely scripted. They are forced into fake situations based on figuring out where to live, how to support themselves (let's face it though, you know TLC paid them and they had a place to stay), and whether or not they wanted to pursue further education and how to go about doing so.

However, one of the Amish cast members who was in his 30's, claimed to have left his Amish community for the show. What producers didn't want us to know, is that this particular cast member had actually left his Amish community several years prior when he turned 18. This tells us that he actually lived in our society for over a decade, and this was all faked for the show.

11 My 600lb Life


My 600lb  life began as a series to help morbidly obese people lose weight in the right, healthy way. The show first aired back in 2012 through 2017. If you've ever watched the show, then you've seen first hand that the show has actually helped a lot of obese men and women lose the weight they needed in order to become healthier human beings. However, you can't lost hundreds of pounds overnight, so for the show having such a short running time, it can be hard to keep up with the time lapse, as cameras rolled for months filming these individuals. While most of us know that exercise and the right healthy diet is the correct way to lose weight and get healthy, TLC's producer's formula wasn't always right.

In the episode with James King, he had a lot of motivation to want to lose his weight and no longer be an obese man. His father's health was seriously declining, and he knew that he needed to lose the wight and become healthy in order to care for his father. Apparently, what we saw on TV during this episode is not what really happened with James in real life. Unfortunately for James, where the show did show him making progress with his weight loss, he actually wound up gaining more weight in real life.

10 Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World was a documentation revolving around the Roloffs. It was a huge hit when it first aired on TLC, running from 2006 until present day. In the family, there were little people along with average sized. The parents, Matt and Amy stood only 4 feet tall, but had determination to succeed in life despite the fact that they were extremely tiny people. Matt was a very successful business man, closing deals with very well known companies. Amy was originally a stay at home mother until she decided to get two jobs, As a stay at home mom, she raised their 4 children. Their two oldest were twins (Jeremy and Zach), where Jeremy was average sized and Zach was a little person. Their other two children, also of average stature, were Molly and Jacob. As a family, they owned and operated their farm, which sat on 34 acres of land in Oregon.

One of the things the producers of the show didn't want us to know was the history of Matt and his drinking and driving. Back in 2007, while driving on a Washington County Road, he was pulled over by a sheriff deputy. The deputy performed a sobriety test on Matt, who failed the test. He was arrested for DWI, which was his second arrest for drinking and driving in the past 4 years.

9 The Mysterious Amish Baby

There seems to be a lot of controversy behind the show "Breaking Amish". We've already read how scripted the show really is and how some of the people in the group had already left their Amish communities well before the show started. One of the biggest secrets that producers didn't want us to know (but let's face it, we always find out the truth), was about the romance between the two younger people in the group.

With the cast members constantly being together, it's no surprise that they would get to know one another pretty well. And when you are with the same person (or people) for quite some time, and with similar backgrounds, it's no surprise that a romance has the potential to begin. In the show, we se the two younger cast members start a relationship with one another, starting out as a development of affection towards each other.

The only issue with this, is that Jessica and Abe, the two cast members, were already in a relationship with one another well before the show even aired! Therefor, their "romantic interests" in one another that was built up in the show was totally scripted. It's also alleged that the two already had a child together, which was easily found online.

8 The Roloff's Lawsuit

Once the show Little People, Big World took off, people began flooding to the farmhouse of the Roloff's where they were given tours of the property. However, an incident happened back in 2009 that producers did not want us to know. We've all heard of people who will "purposefully" injure themselves in order to sue to get money, and this kind of sounds like the case of one visitor of the farm.

The incident included a woman who was taking a tour of the Roloff's farm. In October of 2009 during a group tour, a woman was accidentally bumped by another visitor in her group. After she was bumped, she fell over the picnic pavilion and claimed to have suffered several injuries. According to the woman, she had a lengthy stay at the hospital with a bill that totaled around $100,00. Of course, she went on to sue the Roloff family for $1 million dollars. Her and her lawyers deemed that the woman sustained her injuries as a direct result of negligence to the Roloff couple. It's unclear as to whether or not the still allow for tours on their property, but I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped after this incident.

7 Cakes Aren't Their #1 Seller?

While watching Cake Boss, there are always scenes with lines out the door and customers looking at everything they have to offer on their shelves. The premise of the show is based around the elaborate cakes made, but did you know that their cakes are not their number one selling item? I don't know about you, but I definitely don't have a couple hundred or thousand dollars to drop on a cake, so this kind of doesn't come to much of a surprise that cakes are not their best sellers.

Of course, TLC producer's main focus in on the amazing detailing that goes into making the cake. So would they really want the audience knowing that most people who go in don't come out with a thousand dollar cake? Of course not! The entertaining part of the show is watching how the cakes are made, not how cookies are made. Most of the consumers who visit the bakery wind up walking out with items like lobster tail pastries and pignoli nut cookies. The show wouldn't be very entertaining if all we watched were people buying cookies all day long.

6 Missionary Work


We all remember the episode when Jill and her father Jim Bob travelled to Katmandu where Jill and Derek met up together. Derek was in Katmandu for missionary work, and Jim Bob made sure to keep a close eye on the two due to their religious beliefs. Once Derek asked Jim Bob if he could Court Jill, their lies changed forever.

The two are now married with children of their own, where they live in a house in Arkansas. The couple has always portrayed themselves on people who take pride on their missionary aspects of their faith and relationship. Back in 2015, the couple asked for donations to support their upcoming missionary trip to El Salvador. However, fans and others who donated were misled, when the couple returned a few short weeks later. What happened was they were kicked out of the missionary trip, due to lack of qualifications. Fans believe that they actually paid for the couple to take a trip for themselves to Central America. Since then they have refunded the money to their rightful owners.

5 Jeremiah


Jeremiah, being one of the older cast member from Breaking Amish is known for leaving his Amish community over a decade before the show even started airing. At some point in time, Jeremiah was married to a woman who he abandoned along with any children he had with her. Of course, the producers of TLC wouldn't want for us to know that Jeremiah was married at some point in his life, along with this next piece of information,

His ex-wife decided to take her anger to the local news station, telling them about how Jeremiah is a liar, abandoned her and her family and still owed more than $20,000 in child support. They were married for six years and had three children before getting divorced (in the "real world"). If this news got out to the fans, producers would have been in for one hell of a ride. Somehow, someway, the majority of the child support did get paid. It is unsure of how, but with TLC paid his ex-wife off or he used some of the money that he earned from the show to pay off his old debts.

4 The Homophobic Duggars


It's no news that the Duggar's are extremely religious people. Due to their religious beliefs, they have often been accused of being homophobic. One piece that supports this is that they took to Facebook one day, asking for couples to post pictures of them kissing their significant other. When a gay couple posted pictures of themselves kissing, the Duggars immediately took to Facebook to delete the post. Also, Michelle's sister happens to be a lesbian, which is why she is never featured or even brought up on the show.

When the filming began and crew members along with producers began setting up in the Duggar home, Michelle Duggar learned the sexual preference of one of the crew members, and she was not happy when she found out he was gay. She forced the producers to get rid of him, where he was kicked off the set, fired, and then transferred to another production team. I'm not too sure that someone's sexual orientation has a direct impact on how they do their job, Michelle...

3 Plagiarism


We all learned in grade school, high school, college and any other type of institution that plagiarism is a HUGE no no! So what does plagiarism have to do with Cake Boss? Apparently well before the show was created and made its debut on television, the name had already belonged to a software company based out of Seattle, Washington. The name of the company was actually called Masters Software, but they had named one of their softwares CakeBoss. They even had a domain name called cakeboss.com

At some point Masters Software decided to sue the television show, even though the fields of each company involved have nothing to do with one another. Many people began to confuse the two, considering they had the exact same name. In 2010, Masters Software sued TLC. Later that year, Masters Software and TLC came to some sort of settlement, which were never released to the public. I guess it's safe to say that since the show Cake Boss never changed its name that the resolution went fairly well. Still something TLC never wanted the public to find out about.

2 Naomi Debunks Breaking Amish


Jeremiah has definitely been in the spotlight from the show Breaking Amish. Between the fact that his entire role in the show is scripted, he continually lied to viewers, claiming he had just left his Amish home to live in the real world, when in reality, he has been out of his Amish community for over a decade. Even when he left, he met his now ex-wide Naomi, who he had 3 children with. Due to all his lies, Naomi has had enough and decided to exploit Jeremiah for who he really is.

It is known that in Amish communities there is a lack of technology. No computers, no cell phones, no cars and no internet. However, Jeremiah was very open about talking about how he had never encountered any type of technology until he left his Amish home. This was, again, another lie told by him. His ex-wife, Naomi, decided to exploit him (and the fake show) for who he really is.

Jeremiah claims that before coming out into the real world, he had never driven a car before. According to Naomi, this was another one of his lies. She reported that when Jeremiah decided to leave his Amish community when he was 18 years old, his parent's bought him not only one, but two cars in order to help his start his new life in the outside world. He also allegedly had a Myspace account as well as appearing in Facebook photos.

1 Assault On A P Star


Josh Duggar is a name that we hear quite often, as he is not ashamed to stay out of the spotlight. Generally though, all the spotlight that has been on him over the past few years hasn't been the greatest publicity for him. Between his Ashley Madison account and the accusations of him molesting 5 young girls, 4 of which were his sisters, he certainly has bad luck getting caught doing terrible things. His wife must truly love him to deal with all the heart ache he has put her through, although according to their religion divorce is not an option.

Among that many allegations that Josh has been accused of, another one is Josh assaulting a porn star. The adult film actress was paid hundreds of dollars by Josh for her services on many different occasions. What she does claim, is that while they had relations with one another, their encounters were passionless and extremely rough. She took the roughness as being sexually assaulted. The adult actress filed a $500,00 lawsuit, but unfortunately for her it was dropped because Josh Duggar claimed she lied about any type of assault happening.

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