15 Best Reactions Kids Have To Eating Lemons

It is super exciting when baby is showing signs of readiness to eat solids. We get our cameras out and collect endless amounts of video as they sample each new food. It can actually get pretty addictive watching them “taste test” different things and seeing their precious little reactions ranging from pure pleasure to absolute disgust!

We love to see our babies reacting to the new foods they experience. We love it even more when they enjoy what they’re eating.

But, we’d be lying as parents if the lemon test didn’t cross our minds at least once, we want to see hilarious reactions they have and catch it all on film to show our family and friends, and even our kids once they get older. After keeping mom and dad up for months, crying, and pooping everywhere, don’t we at least deserve a little entertainment? I mean if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry right?

The lemon test is a sure way to put a smile on anyone’s face, the kids are so adorable as they timidly snack on the sour yellow fruit, surprisingly enough, some aren’t turned off by the flavour, and some although they hate their first bite, go back for more!

It’s a fun experiment that will give mom and dad the giggles and if the photos turn out pretty good, they have themselves the makings of a hilarious photo mug that will brighten all of their mornings! Check out 15 of the most adorably hilarious kids trying a lemon for the first time. It will give moms a reason to smile today, if not for this entire week!

15 Gavin Is Grossed Out

Poor Gavin, so trusting, it’s clear that he’s successfully had food before because he takes the lemon and is so excited to try it! Unfortunately his taste buds are less excited, like much less excited.

You can see the moment that the sour taste registers in Gavin’s mouth, he’s drooling trying not to swallow the sour lemon juice and his face is just too priceless, something between a silent scream and a need to barf! Squeezing his eyes shut trying to spit the flavour from his mouth you can tell he’s thinking “what did you just feed me?”

When his parents ask if he wants to try some more, he hilariously shakes his entire body! That’s a definite no from this little guy, he’s not willing to attempt that again! After a few more gags and repulsed looks in his parent’s general direction, Gavin has already forgotten about the yucky taste of the lemon and moves on with his day.

14 Third Time's A Charm?

Oh my goodness! This baby is a brave one! He tries the lemon, not once, not twice, but three separate times! Either he forgets how the first time went or he is slowly starting to acquire a taste for the little yellow fruit. Hey some kids like sour, perhaps he’ll be addicted to sour candy like I am!

His first attempt doesn’t go so well, he squeezes his eyes shut almost trying to forget the horrible taste in his mouth, shaking his body as to say, "Nope! This is not for me!" As he continues to roll the flavours around in his mouth he starts to giggle, it is a funny flavour after all! After a brief giggle sesh he shakes his head rapidly, telling mom that that wasn’t too tasty.

The lemon makes its way back over to him and after eyeing it skeptically, he tastes it again and seems less disgusted but definitely moves it away from his mouth quickly. The final attempt has him squeezing his eyes shut and even rubbing them, nope, sorry mommy, it’s just too sour for me to handle!

13 Don't Make Me Laugh!

Ha! This little guy is not having any of this lemon tasting business! Watch as mom squeezes lemon juice into his mouth while out at a restaurant. His curiosity is peaked, but only momentarily, after the sour flavour really hits him, he reacts with a sort of giggle-cry that really means “No, absolutely not something I want to try again!”

Mom does attempt to ask him if he would like some more lemon, but he responds with that same laugh-cry as if to say, “Ha ha, you must be joking mommy! I’m not trying that ever again!” If that wasn’t enough of a signal, he turns away from the lemon that mom continues to offer and even looks as though he wants to escape from his highchair immediately!

With a final giggle cry, mom gets the message, no more lemons for this little man, he wants to know what else is on the menu!

12 Like Or Love?

Ryan has the cutest laugh, so laughing through the entire lemon taste test is to be expected. So maybe it’s not the first time this little guy has tried lemons, but dad wanted to recapture the moment since the first time went so well. Apparently Ryan likes lemons, but in this video he seems a little unsure, he definitely doesn’t mind them, but does he love the taste? That’s to be determined.

He keeps going back to try the lemon wedge over and over again, almost as if he thinks it will taste different each time. He doesn’t make a sour face, but he does look shocked and laughs as the flavours take over his tiny tongue. Time and time again, his reaction remains the same, taste the lemon, look surprised, and then giggle with excitement over the strange taste.

I’m not sure who’s more entertained during the video, me, his dad, or Ryan himself! His laugh is just far too contagious.

11 Ugh Gross

If babies could talk, oh man they would have much to say about this whole lemon thing, I can tell you that much! This little guy doesn’t even need to speak to tell us what he thinks about his first taste of lemon. It’s an immediate, “Oh god what is this?” followed by an, “Ugh, this is the worst thing you’ve ever fed me!”

He wouldn’t be wrong about that reaction, lemon doesn’t exactly constitute as a food. Poor little guy made the mistake of placing the lemon all the way into his mouth, so it wasn’t just a quick taste is was an all or nothing moment, making it quite the sour experience indeed!

After trying the lemon and showing his disgust, he hilariously looks around almost as if to ask, “Why do you guys eat this stuff?” You can’t blame him for wanting to know, it’s not as tasty as his other foods, that’s for sure!

10 Lemon And Lime Time

Baby Betsy starts off looking pretty concerned before the lemon even touches her lips! Her quick taste test is followed by a confused look and then nearly head-butting the lemon slice. If that wasn’t enough, her parent’s give her the lemon wedge, which she curiously takes and tries again.

Another quick taste and she throws it on the ground to get it far away from her, but it’s not over yet, Betsy gets to try a lime next! The lime doesn’t go much better, no surprise there. Poor Betsy just looks at the lime with shock and disgust!

She still decides to grab the lime out of mommy’s hand and seems to like the rind which might feel nice on her gums if she’s been teething, but then there’s that weird taste again and Betsy is squinting trying to work through the sour flavour. She soon seems to be enjoying the lime, sure it’s sour, but it looks like Betsy might be okay with it now.

9 Just Call Me Giggles

Most kids look repulsed after tasting lemons for the first time; it’s a shocking flavour and definitely extra shocking to those tiny taste buds that haven’t really experienced many different flavours just yet. Then there are the few munchkins that adore sour treats, those that don’t even flinch at their first taste of lemon juice.

Check out this adorable little girl as she smiles through the entire experience. With camera ready, her parents squeeze quite a bit of lemon juice into her mouth and yes she flinches a bit, but not nearly as much as you’d expect, she mostly just laughs. You can see that she finds the sour flavour quite hilarious and can’t stop the giggles after each taste!

This most adorable reaction to trying lemon for the first time just goes to show that lemon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this little girl certainly loves it.

8 Like A Boss

Sour lemons you say? 10 month old Brooklyn doesn’t care, instead Brooklyn says bring it on! Watch as Brooklyn chows down on a lemon wedge like a boss! To mom’s absolute surprise, she loves it! Mom just continues to laugh as Brooklyn remains unfazed by the sour treat, she just keeps eating and licking her lips like it is the tastiest thing she’s ever ingested in her whole life!

Looks like someone will be a fan of sour citrus. Mom should invest in a juicer now if she hasn’t already!

Brooklyn pretty much polishes off the inside of the lemon slice, only leaving the rind behind, and even that’s not enough! She keeps licking and sucking on the rind hoping to find more sour lemon juice somewhere on it! Brooklyn keeps looking over at her mom and wondering what the big deal is, this is great food, no complaints here!

7 Shudderingly Sour

This poor unsuspecting little guy is handed a lemon by his father and he might just have the most unique reaction of all the kids on this list today. Watch his intense reaction as he takes a small bite of lemon. All I can think about while watching this video is that it must be one of the sourest lemons ever, because this kid is trembling from the sour flavour attacking his taste buds.

Poor guy, his body is literally shaking from the sour shock of the lemon’s flavour and he just can’t handle it. Looks almost painful as he squeezes his eyes shut trying to control the shaking. He then opens his eyes wide once the shaking subsides a bit, but it doesn’t end there, he completes the video with a gag and making sure to rid his hands of the lemon.

He’s definitely not going to give it a second try.

6 This Kid Can't Even

Wow! I know lemons are sour, but this one apparently packed some punch.This poor little girl is knocked out by the powerful taste of lemon juice. To be fair giving her a bunch of citrus juice on a spoon seems like a more potent way to experience it, which might explain her intense reaction to it! Watch as she gleefully goes for the spoon only to find out it’s not what she was expecting at all!

Confused and unleashing her pouty face, she searches her memory for what that flavour is, but before she can put her finger on it, the power of sour hits her, causing her lips to pucker and her face to scrunch up.

The sour flavour is so powerful that it knocks her backwards onto the floor, where she stays for quite some time, I guess hoping she might not be noticed and have to try another spoonful! Talk about an experience escalating quickly, this is definitely one of those moments!

5 This Lime Is Yum!

You can already tell that this little guy is at that stage where he’s curious to see and do everything as he crawls around the kitchen exploring his surroundings. When mommy offers him a lime to try, his eyes grow big with curious energy, so of course he’s going to try it!

His first attempt goes really well, he seems interested in the flavour and barely reacts to the sour citrus fruit. In fact he looks extremely intrigued. He decides he likes the taste of it and crawls towards it for a second sampling, this time we get the adorable pucker face, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the taste.

Pucker face or no pucker face, he licks his lips, still ready and willing to have some more. This little guy is one of the rare few that actually like the sour flavour, it doesn’t faze him much at all.

4 Curse These Lemons!

This reaction is too funny for words! Watch as this little girl looks about ready to spit out obscenities at her parents after being fooled into trying a lemon wedge for the first time. She is super mad and it shows! What makes this taste test even more adorable, besides the baby rage, is that they give her the lemon wedge on a fork at a restaurant.

She looks ready to sit down to a fancy dinner, but to her surprise, citrus is the only thing on the menu and she wants none of it! Having the ability to work a fork is clearly exciting for her, but when she tries to bite into what’s on the end of that fork her face says it all!

She scrunches her face at the sour mystery food, and then immediately after showing some brief disgust, she seems upset and ready to yell “what the heck did you give me?”

3 Absolutely Horrified

This little girl tries the smallest dose of lemon juice and has the most intense reaction to it! As mom dabs her finger on the lemon pulp and then places it in her mouth, this little baby’s eyebrows migrate north and she makes the most hilarious face of terror I’ve ever seen! She almost looks appalled that her mother tried to feed her something so incredibly yucky!

She doesn’t even want to close her mouth, you can tell she wants the flavour out and that there is nothing she loves about lemon juice. She continues to look stunned and appalled until the sour flavour begins to wear off.

Everyone is giggling as she holds the look of shock on her face, one thing’s for sure, everyone got her message loud and clear and they don’t attempt to have her sample anymore lemon juice. You wouldn’t like baby when she’s angry.

2 A Love-Hate Relationship With Lemons

This kid is hilarious, he’s given three lemon wedges to try while out at a restaurant with his family. He’s not hesitant to try them at all and doesn’t even back down after the first bite! Realizing the how sour the lemon is, he has to wash the flavour out of his mouth quickly with some water, but it doesn’t end there.

He goes back for another taste and the second round goes much better than the first, he even starts licking it, looking like he might actually enjoy the sour lemon wedges! He gets a little braver and takes bigger bites from the lemon, well that’s a little too much for him, watch as he scrunches his face up and clear his taste buds with some more water.

I think little man knows he’s very entertaining and is playing along, he even offers one of the wedges to one of the adults at the table, they decline of course, because who simply eats lemon wedges?

1 Sour Faces

This final video is an adorable compilation of many adorable babies trying their very first taste of lemon together. It’s absolutely hilarious to see the contrasted expressions of each little one. What makes it all the more hilarious, besides their reactions of course, is the fact that it’s all done in slow motion. Is there anything funnier than watching someone’s expression in slow motion? I think not!

The kids all start off with much the same expression, a little bit confused with a hint of shock. The shock slowly evolves to disgust for most of them, some of them even shaking their heads or entire body, rejecting the flavour entirely. Some hate the flavour so much that there are tears involved! We get a few puckered lips from the sour flavour and surprisingly a few smiles.

The horrified looks that some of them have as they are handed a lemon wedge again had me gasping for air I was laughing so hard. This is one of the cutest videos I’ve seen in a long time! Enjoy!

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