15 Of The Best Snapchat Photos Of Kids Misbehaving

Let's face it - kids are messy. And I mean extremely messy. But not only are they messy, they also somehow know how to get themselves into trouble. Big trouble. And usually those two things go hand in hand. They say it's good for  kids to get messy, that they need to experiment with messes and get their hands dirty. But, do they really have to get the freshly-vacuumed carpet dirty in the process as well?

As parents, we understand that we clean pretty much for the sole purpose of it getting dirty again and we have to overlook a few messes along the way. Yet sometimes, those messes can get our kids in tons of trouble (and the worse part is, they know it). Time outs, spankings, fits, and tears are just more of what makes parenthood parenthood.

It can be stressful at times, kids can make a parent absolutely crazy at times, and then there will be the times where mom or dad can sit down and smile as their kids are being cute and sweet and be reminded as to why they wanted to be a parent in the first place.

So, when those little ones aren't giving mom or dad that moment of peace that makes them smile, instead they're jumping on the bed or screaming at one another as they race around the house hitting the walls with toys, take a glance through these pictures and rest easy knowing that there are other moms or dads with wild kids who love to get good and messy (and in lots of trouble in the process).

15 Let Me Explain...

"Wo, wo, wo, wo, I can totally explain the entire thing...That flour just jumped at me from the countertop. You should have seen it, Mom. I could have died."

We all have that face and we know it. We know we did something stupid, we know we're about to get in trouble and we have to somehow come up with some great explanation to save ourselves...We just also have to figure that explanation out in the process.

We all also have that kid that has come up with that face of their own. And even though we want so bad to punish them for whatever disaster they just concocted in the living room, it's also really, really hard not to laugh at them when they pull out this face. I guess you have to pull the "I can't even look at you right now" trick so you can turn your back and laugh for a second before getting serious.

14 Kids Literally Get Into Everything

"Oh God I feel in! I actually fell in! I thought you were just kidding about that stuff but it can actually happen!"

How many times have we told our kid to be careful because they might fall in? I know I remember hearing that all the time as a kid but never really paying any mind to it. I mean, you can't truly fall into the toilet, right? That's just another lie your parents tell you to try to make you behave, right?

Apparently, this kid thought the exact same thing about that. But I guess for this poor guy, it turns out that it was actually fact. Although you could also argue that he might not be crying because he's actually stuck in the toilet. He might just be having a fit because his butt is really wet right now.

Or maybe he's just uncomfortable and upset that he can't figure out how this toilet thing works.

13 Can't Take Kids To Nice Places

"Dad, have you seen all these neat sticky things under the table?"

It seemed like such a nice idea to take her out for a nice dinner. But then again, it always seems like a great idea. We started out so good, all cute together. It usually does because it's still new and everyone is excited about it. And then she got preoccupied...with who knows what happened to be under the table.

As all kids usually do toward the end when they realize that the only thing they're getting out of this ordeal is some food and they have to mind their manners for an hour and a half. Although, in all fairness, I'm sure there is some pretty interesting things stuck to the bottom of the table.

Either that or she realized halfway through dinner that her feet were suddenly very hot and they needed to air out before she could finish.

12 Look How Shiny He Is

"I swear, I was trying to polish a shoe..."

And then you should have seen it. It jumped off the table and just ran away all by itself. So, I decided to polish myself. I started out with just my socks, since I lost the shoes and all, but this is a sticky mess and it just kept getting all over me. It made my socks really gross, so I decided to take them off and just polish my feet.

But then, it was like I couldn't stop myself. I got it everywhere. Turns out though mom, this stuff does not make you shiny like it does to the shoes and it actually tastes really bad. I don't recommend eating it at all. Although, I did think that if I got myself really shiny with it then you wouldn't make me take a bath...we're agreed on the no bath thing at least, right?

11 I Think I'm Stuck

"Hello. I've been expecting you."

Kids are so flexible for such a long time. I mean, they don't mind rolling on the floor holding onto their toes or curling up in on the smallest chair in the house. And on that note, for some reason they always manage to get themselves into the strangest positions and can stay completely comfortable in them like it's nothing!

Like this guy - when was the last time you got yourself stuck in the couch? And by that I mean on purpose, not all wiggled down between the couch cushions too far because you've been planted there for hours binging your favorite show. And now you can't get back up. No judgement; we've all been there.

Although, maybe this kid was trying to get his entire self into the couch for a serious round of hide and seek and this is all the further he could manage before he got stuck...

10 What The Crap Was That?!

"Everyone quick, duck for cover! It's that rabbit they told us can poop jelly beans. He's going to make us eat his poop!"

So, a lot of fun can be made from this picture of this poor kid. He didn't exactly pick the best hiding place to escape from the fuzzy "monster", but he tried. I have to admit, even I got a good laugh out of this picture. I think mostly because I can picture my daughter acting this exact same way over seeing the Easter Bunny.

And I have come to understand that it is not only the Easter Bunny who frightens kids on a yearly basis, but also Santa Claus. Even poor Ronald McDonald has been known to scare kids senseless when they see him.

I have previously thought that these beloved old characters were only supposed to bring joy, presents, and candy when they visited. So, with all these tears and screaming it has to make you wonder...do these kids know something that the rest of us don't?

9 Hang In There Kid

"I wasn't trying to get anything off the counter...I was, um...just sitting here when this happened."

This has to be one of those situations that you walk into and can't yell about for a couple minutes until you can get your head wrapped around just what you're looking at. I mean, the caption is perfect. How the heck is that even possible?

How exactly would that even come to be? I'm sure even if we all thought long and hard about it nobody would even come close to the factual answer of how that girl got her pants stuck on the drawer handle.

The worst part is, we all know that kids aren't the only ones who somehow manage to get themselves into sticky situations similar to this that leave everyone else in the room wondering what happened to you. And usually, even though you just went through the disaster and are now the one stuck, you don't know how to explain what happened either.

8 What's Up?

"Hey, Babe. How you doin'?"

I feel as though this may have been a young Joey Tribbiani. And without a doubt, this kid definitely has some serious swagger. Look out, Mom and Dad, you're going to have a real lady's man on your hands. I would say in a couple years, but apparently he's starting out already. He even has the adorable player smile down already.

It's obvious that he's not even trying to look this adorable! It's makes you wonder if there's a cute girl sitting across the aisle that he has his eye on, and he knows he has the whole flight to catch her attention. Although, the worst part of the entire situation may be that there are some grown adult men that think they have more swagger than this kid.

And they aren't even close.

7 But Mooom!

"After all day, this is the only cool thing I found to play with in the whole house and now you're telling me I can't even take it with me?!"

When we have a kid, we buy them all these cute, adorable toys with flashing lights and music that sing and dance thinking to ourselves: "Who wouldn't want to play this?" And usually, they do play with these said toys. For about a day. And then they discover that they have already found out everything that this silly toy does and now they need something new to play with.

And the new thing they almost always find is a household object that should have zero appeal to a kid. But that stupid thing is now the greatest thing in the entire world and it is the only thing that they want to play with anymore. It is also the only thing they want to take with them anywhere you need to go but obviously, they can't.

The cute stuffed bear your got them is stupid compared to the unwrapped tampon. Seriously, what were you thinking?

6 First World Problems

"But Mom, we took them out of the container and then put them in the oven. What do you mean I have to wait for them now?"

To be fair, as adults I think even most of us wish cinnamon rolls were instant. But it is true that 2-year-olds can find little problems in everything. Things that we as adults want to brush off as not a big problem at all but they find it completely Earth-shattering.

Because while we have all these big, grown up problems, they don't really have much to worry about other than what color crayon to use right now. So when something little makes a hiccup in what they were thinking it was going to do or what they were planning, it's an enormous problem that we're all going to have to hear about.

Ah, to be 2 again. Simple cares that someone else will solve for you if you wait long enough. And it's still okay to cry about everything.

5 The New Window Cleaner

"Aren't I cute? My daddy says I'm cute. Don't you think I'm cute?"

You know, when you first see someone else's kid your initial thought is that they are cute. And then you spend some time with them and you get to know them and realize that they may not have been as cute as you originally thought they were.

Then you find yourself thanking the Good Lord that they aren't your kid and you don't have to take them home with you to. Thank goodness they're going home with someone else.

But then, you get back home to your kids and you realize that all along, all kids are pretty much exactly the same and the only reason yours are so much better is just because they're yours. And also a little because you can rightfully yell at them.

4 It's The Thought That Counts

"I've been hit! I've been hit! Someone help me - I've been hit!"

Kids always start out with such great ideas. They know what they're going to do, they're excited to show you what they can do, but as soon as they start into their great idea and they realize that it's a lot of work to do anything, they fizzle out and quit.

And that usually ends in the result that us grownups have to step in and not only finish what they started, but we also have to clean up the mess they made in the process of their great plan. Although, that is okay. Because they usually give you something that's really worth it.

If not a cute handmade thing then a really funny picture of their mess that you can caption and laugh about and share on social media.

3 Just Like Mom

"But, Mom, this is how you do it."

We always try to teach our kids the good basic life skills. It's cute when they stand there below us and try to do the things we're doing. We want them to follow in our footsteps and when they grow up be ready to take on all sorts of things in the world, hopefully without too many problems.

The only thing is, sometimes they see the things we do just a bit differently than we would like them to. And fun sometimes gets in the way. Sometimes, it makes us wonder what the heck they see us doing when they start to copy us. All we can do is hope that after they make all those messes they somehow learn the right way to do it. We can hope, right?

2 Why Moms Like To Shop Alone

Daughter: "I'll tell ya' Mom. This is the nicest picture I have ever seen of myself. Aren't I adorable?"

Son: "Ha, ha, ha. Smoochy face, smoochy face, smoochy  face!"

When kids get an idea into their head there is no erasing it. And when they see a mirror there is just no stopping them from making faces at themselves in it. However, to be fair, she does almost look like the little girl in the picture. You know, if she cut her hair off they could potentially be a match. Almost maybe. I mean, they do both have bangs after all.

As for the little boy, well, he's just testing out that mirror for in his room. Just in case he's told that he's allowed to have it, he really wants to make sure that not only is it good for practicing his funny faces, but also his smoochy face.

1 The Help

"You asked me to help in the yard. I'll use my fire breath, Mom."

Either he is really serious about using his fire breath to help out in the yard or he was just really hoping that by dressing up in this he was going to get out of having to do yard work at all. Although, if you want to get technical and you really think about, this kid really did think ahead.

The costume is full-body coverage. Not only does he not need to bother wearing any sunscreen, but he's also protected by the thick padding from any biting mosquitoes. He even has extra padding on his feet to avoid ouchies from rocks. You know, the more I think about this, the more I'm convinced he truly knew what he was doing when he picked this outfit.

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